This paper is primarily focused on the importance in Email marketing as well as E-commerce. Marketing via email is among the most advanced methods and methods of marketing worldwide. Modern technology of information and communication enable the sending and circulation of electronic messages that are of the finest quality and precision. Additionally, Email marketing campaigns help in increasing sales of goods in electronic stores and also to reach customers effectively and legally. But, despite the advantages of Email marketing however, there are a lot of negatives that can be a significant challenge to marketing and promotion using this method of communication. This research focuses on analyzing the main benefits and drawbacks of Email marketing and then analyzing the key factors that make this type of marketing, avoiding these drawbacks and gaining these benefits. Keywords E-mail marketing: advantages of marketing campaigns, drawbacks and factors that determine success 

1. Introduction E-mail is thought to be the most reliable method for commercial and commerce electronic. This is by far the most efficient method of exchanging digital messages via the internet. It could also be possible to record messages that are received within the boxes of recipients to view when they wish to. In light of the fact that marketing via electronic mail is one of the best strategies and also the oldest and most efficient has never been seen in the daylight of time when it was discovered thanks to the growing use of networks over the internet, which includes websites for E-mail, with the most prominent of which is Yahoo, Google Gmail. The Email marketing is becoming increasingly acknowledged as a powerful tool for marketing on the internet (Rettie 2002). 

The promotion of products by electronic mail is a better method of commercial marketing Journal of Economics and Technology Research Vol. 2, No. 3 2021-15. Published in 2021 by SCHOLINK INC. among proponents as well as the global companies electronic. The world-wide research in this area proves that the new richest of the world is capable of operating to attract and promote customers via social media or through electronic mail. The use of a high-quality, legal and professional electronic communication has reached hundreds of dollars per month for each advocate or group of people who market their products as well as their work through the internet. In general, marketing of e-mails is seen as a method of marketing effective in attracting customers and the groups targeted by their email and also to persuade them to purchase the product based on their needs and preferences. The collection of databases of customers as well as the addresses of their e-mails is the primary factor in order to select the most relevant category for the domain or product, that’s located for promotion. 

Additionally, it could be the source of commercial promotions of a particular product to specific categories of data, through an intermediary commission or through the affiliation system or partnership, or to sell an item directly to an individual customer who is referred to purchase this product. Electronic mail campaigns can be a major marketing instrument used in a proper manner as well as in the correct time and classification is used correctly and timely. Marketing via electronic mail is seen as one of the primary tools for communicating via the internet, as a result many customers remain in constant contact with electronic mail applications or on handheld devices like phones or on office computer automation , to keep them updated on messages that they have received. Targeting customers to get the most amount of them in buying a product needs the expertise and organisation in the selection of the database, which allows to get outcomes.

Every person on the planet has their own concerns, needs and desires within a particular area. You need be identified, thereby the purpose and the products for each customer is established. It is well-known that email is a popular choice across the various categories of internet users It is essential to operate it correctly and be able to avoid methods that are sent randomly and the annoyance of the user with these messages of advertising and advertising of goods. In turn, it is important to differentiate between the difference between marketing via electronic mail and via e-mails that are randomly distributed and inconvenient. Kaur Singh R Singh G (2017), presents a novel approach to marketing on the internet in electronic commerce. They show how marketers need this new approach for success. E-marketing doesn’t just of promoting marketing on the online, but also aids in marketing using e-mails or wireless channels. 

Marketing via email is thought to be as the most modern of techniques and strategies of commercial marketing, and is most effective of which is designed to boost sales and target clients effectively and legally. It is believed that the most prosperous of the world are those with the ability to effectively target those who are in need and advertise the goods of global that reach millions of people daily. This article is an examination of the benefits and disadvantages , as well as the success aspects that affect the success of Email marketing. This is why it is necessary to examine all steps involved in the execution of this kind of marketing campaign in order to reduce time and growth in sales and positive impact of these services. Also, it must identify the best ways to conduct the methods of marketing through electronic mail. 

The operation to identify the most advantages of Email marketing with the basis of Journal of Economics and Technology Research Vol. 2, No. 3 2021 16 published in 2021 by SCHOLINK INC. profit and the growth in customer numbers to take part in the of the prairie. However, the biggest drawbacks of Email marketing are the infringements which leads to the poor utilization of Email to turn into an instrument for harassment is if the user hasn’t made the best option. It is therefore essential to use reliable methods to ensure the securing of the elements for success in this type of marketing via electronic mail. 2. The Most Important Benefits that come with Email Marketing The main advantages of Email marketing form the principal foundations of campaigns launched by commercial marketing and advertising. The top of these benefits is the following: 2.1 The Ease of using the Email Marketing marketing can be used to directly reach out to consumers via electronic mail (Kaur and Singh 2017). 

Marketing via email is a well-known method used by businesses to connect with their customers. Marketing via email is the use of emails to promote services and products. It aids in building connections with potential clients and customers. Marketing via email is one of the segments of online marketing. With the aid of Email marketing, an business sends a marketing message to an audience. It is summarized in standard methods and is to communicate and receive messages, however, the technical aspect of marketing demands the use of advanced tools to run advertising campaigns via electronic mail. The research conducted by Payne A as well as Holt S (2001) base and review of the literature has demonstrated that the notion of value has its origins in a variety of disciplines, including psychology, social psychology management, economics, and marketing. 

This study also shows that many of these concepts are interspersed and blur the differences between various forms of value. Based on the data and research conducted worldwide that have utilized in the context of professional marketing, it can allow those who promote it or for an electronic community to earn significant profits due to the rise in the sales of items at a global level. Also, we could send commercial messages, promotional or advertisement to multiple recipients. 2.2 The low cost compared to Other Means Consumers who have the option of selecting an intermediate cost will get less calls, and are more tailored to their preferences and will receive compensation for calls they do get (Ayres and Funk 2003). Permission marketing is an improvement from direct-marketing, specifically employed together with Email (Tezinde Smith, Tezinde, Murphy, & Tezinde 2002). It is a method of combining databases of customers who have agreed to receive marketing communications with low-cost, custom Emails which aim to cut through the clutter of advertising, draw customers with more support, and influence behaviour. 

The typical cost of sending electronic messages is cheap or free of charge and top quality distribution of information to the customer in accordance to their preferences and needs. Subscriptions to paid websites and servers allow for the sending of large amounts of Emails typically at a very affordable prices compared to utilization of social media. Journal of Economics and Technology Research Vol. 2, No. 3, 2021 17,. Published through SCHOLINK Inc. 2.3 The customer targeting of the correct way Phelps J.E. Lewis R, Mobilio L, Perry D and Roman N (2004) examine the findings of three studies that investigate the consumer’s responses and motives to send Email. The implications of target selection and message design are discussed for those looking to implement viral campaigns as well as suggestions for future research related to the interaction of consumers with computers are provided for academic researchers. With the increasing number of users of Email is it possible for the electronic marketing provide an excellent opportunity for promotion for a less expensive cost. 

Additionally it is possible to send a message that contains video or text, or images and cards. Through the Email can identify the category and the target customers to promote their products or send messages electronically taken care. Then, you can split the list of shipping options (by age or specialization, the name, the description for the country, geographical location, the behaviours) to make sure that you have the necessary information and also the timeframe for the delivery of your commercial messages for your targeted customers. To focus on a specific installment, you need to define the message and the contents of the electronic messages . They will be redirect customers to purchase this product. The research qualitative indicates the fact that Email marketing has been growing at a rapid rate and is a must-integrate part of the overall communications mix (Rettie 2002). 

Interviewees also suggested that Email marketing is more effective as a retention tool instead of an acquisition tool, since its interaction facilitates two-way communication. Experts interviewed pointed out the importance of targeting and permission lists. Since the latter differs from company-specific double opt-in lists to opt-out lists that are pooled It is probable that the quality and specificity of permissions will affect the rate of response. It is a matter of Winer R S (2001) given the analyses, the decisions on the best customers to target and the tools to target customers and ways to develop connections with the customers you want to target. 2.4 Review the calendar for the Management and Control of campaigns Electronic Announcements Online marketing is also known as internet marketing or web-based advertising, is a type of advertising and marketing that makes use of the internet to distribute advertising messages for customers (Loganathan, Kumar, & Devi (2017). 

People view online advertisements as a distraction that has limited benefits, and have switched to blocking ads for many reasons. The time of launch of ads is thought to be one of to be the most important factor in the effectiveness of a campaign for promotion via Email. With the help of a couple of tools and websites for marketing through Email as well as a comprehensive collection of options for effective control of quality of the timing of cease their announcement campaigns and the effective operation of promotions. With the suite, you can create an agenda of the time frame first for each campaign, to announce the targeted customers you are seeking and to automatically reply to your messages, and finally to announce their plans for the specific public. The purpose of the study from Cruz D and Fill C (2008) is to remedy the flaw and determine the primary criteria marketing experts consider essential to assess viral marketing campaigns. This is important as commonly agreed framework of evaluative criteria can assist both campaign and Journal of Economics and Technology Research Vol. 2, No. 3 2021-18. 

Published in 2021 by SCHOLINK INC. cross-campaign measurement and encourage greater effectiveness and efficiency. 2.5 Monitoring and Analysis of the effectiveness of Announcement Campaigns. Different types of modern-day marketing such as online marketing, email marketing and online advertising helping businesses succeed (Salehi, Mirzaei, Aghaei Abyari, Mirzaei, Aghaei, and Abyari 2012). Today it is not necessary to visit a shop to search for what we require. It is possible to find what we require, and not waste time or money by a simple click and a search engines. The research of Huang C.C Lin T.C and Lin K.J (2009) result could be beneficial for marketing professionals who are looking into Email marketing, particularly for those engaged in selecting the top Email users or developing advertising campaigns for products to increase the effect of eWOM. It is possible to follow by following the announcement made via Email who are able the ability to communicate with customers due to being aware of the many people who track the electronic advertisements. 

The aim of an Email is designed to help you assess the results of your marketing campaign by studying the effectiveness of the campaign, or the efficiency of announcement. Thus, the analysis of the campaigns used to announce via electronic mail reveals the success rate of the follow-up campaign for the targeted audience and the level of participation by buyers and error rates for the distribution of information via electronic mail, and also to determine the amount of money required for the purchase of the product in marketing. 2.6 The focus on the trademark of the consolidation of Broadcasts and Broadcasts. In the study by Jain Yu and Garg A (2014) Dynamic contents and specific fields are identified as personalization tools used the most frequently. This was demonstrated in various ways, including improved segmentation and targeting instead of the increasing volume of Emails. Enhancing the quality of customer databases instead of expanding lists of customers. Personalizing Emails that are based on user behavior rather than increasing volume broadcast Emails. It is essential to place the idea of a service which promotes the beneficiary, so that you can win customers more effectively and value for the purchase. 

The enhancement of conscience of customers by using a trademark does not just affect is in the interest of society, and the growth in sales from the online shop that is specific to the however, it also has an impact positive on those of the business in addition to the transactions that are conducted through the internet. It should be able to incorporate the various aspects that influence the design of campaigns and their diffusion, particularly trademarks that are common to most of the objectives and also places emphasis on the superiority of product through using logos, the names of the company as well as the sponsors and electronic signatures that is unique to you. It also allows you to disseminate the information source. 2.7 The creation and Development of Relationships with Customers The system supports various personalization engines which run in the component of customer interaction (Ansari, Kohavi, Mason, & Zheng, 2001). The rules formulated by the marketing user can be utilized to provide discounts to customers as well as displaying particular items or content to specific types of visitors. 

Considering that, the Email is a friend of the environment so that the marketing process does not through the paper, which helps to reduce the greenhouse effect thermal heating and therefore the Journal of Economics and Technology Research Vol. 2, No. 3, 2021-19, published through SCHOLINK INC. process has been made more sophisticated to get positive outcomes. It’s possible for the user to send electronic messages as well as the length of messages in the message list. The core of the new information technology and, more specifically using the World Wide Web is the possibility for companies to decide the manner in which they interact with customers (Winer 2001). The web lets companies establish stronger relationships with their customers that was previously only feasible in the offline world. The development of a base and list of addresses requires an account in their database of potential customers. 

The account is comprised from their list of current customer on your list of messages as well as their relations with them. They must know what they are planning to offer their customers prior to the delivery of electronic products that are required. Furthermore, they should be informed of the latest update for your business and the product that is designed to facilitate the efficient development of the process of marketing and distribution. Email marketing is a method of distributing messages to customers. Email marketing process was designed to develop lists of messages to refine, and improve the relationship with customers quickly and with top quality. It also allows for the monitoring of results, and satisfy their wants and requirements. 2.8 The speed of the management of campaigns and the Measurement of the results As a result of this expanding channels of communication marketers are beginning to realize that they can duplicate offline methods of advertising on the internet (Chittenden and Rettie 2002). 

Any method of communication that is less expensive, easier or faster always has a high popularity, and the internet provides all three. The speed at which messages are sent of messages, the process of sending messages is completed in just a few seconds, and an option to notify the sender of delivery or not have access to the electronic messages, with the following of the campaign as well as their outcomes. Also, it is possible to evaluate the efficacy of the messages that announce. A specialist in environmental issues conducted an online marketing campaign that is this is later known in the “Advocate” (Artz and Cooke 2007). Email marketing urged coworkers to adopt environmentally responsible actions at home. As a form of communication that is one-way, Email was used to encourage consumers to take action and also to present the act as a norm in society. 

As a type of dual-channel communication Email could be used in order to gain the consent of users. Additionally, we can evaluate the speed of delivery of messages to the public via Email and also to guarantee the acceptance from the message. The procedure of sending an email or to manage the operation of a distribution campaign many Email over a period of time dependent on the transmission program or speed of the transmission server during the process of sending through the amount of Email sent per the day. The significance of Email is that it allows for that is quick, efficient and quality administration of marketing campaigns via the web. 2.9 The Decline of Time and the Location of the Management of campaigns of Announcement The most significant feature of electronic marketing include an effective way to learn the views of the target audience through follow-up campaigns of announcement, which are marketing is of the highest quality. 

This allows the advertiser to permit customers to share their feedback as well as their wishes and suggestions regarding electronic advertisements or product-related prairies of him. The launch of Email marketing campaigns require smartphones or computers or an internet connection. Email marketing Journal of Economics and Technology Research Vol. 2, No. 3 2021 20, published through SCHOLINK INC. involves directly sending a commercial advertisement to a specific group of people via Email (Loganathan, Kumar, and Devi 2017, 2017). It is generally possible to are able to implement your campaign in the form of an announcement. You can also use it to reach out to clients from anywhere and at any point they’d prefer to manage the operation of the campaign. 2.10 The performance and the Expansion of Automatic and Voluntary Marketing through email is a kind of direct marketing that utilizes electronic mail to aid in the process of distributing fund-raising or commercial messages to a target audience (Fariborzi and Zahedifard 2012). 

It offers returning mail that can be accessed by users which is a fantastic opportunity to spread electronic ads. It allows the user to select the message via email or commercial option he wants to participate in on a voluntary basis , or automatically through the participation of the execution of the choice and discussion of the product that is the subject by marketing. The study of Hennig-Thuran T and Klee A (1997) involves a critical examination of the satisfaction-retention relationship, and the development of a more comprehensive view of the customer’s quality perception. Satisfaction of customers with the offerings or products is usually considered to be the most important factor in the success of a business and its long-term competitiveness. A way to improve the effectiveness of an advertising campaign is presented (Wardell 2006). Initially an analysis of client’s transaction records is carried out. The process of sending messages indefinitely automatically and to all customers who are targeted is one of the most effective methods of promoting efficiently and with high-quality. 

The importance of marketing via electronic mail is ascribed to the use of electronic mail that is governed by the techniques of advertising products on the internet to review the principal benefits and advantages of this type of marketing process in the following areas. The price is not prohibitive in the process of running advertisements and announcements as well as to gain new customers every day. to grow their numbers continues in order to boost the amount of visits to your site and your advertising by electronic mail sending out newsletters to adjust to changes in circumstances, to answer the inquiries and information requests of customers. As a method of achieving the objectives of corporations due to the speedy transmission from electronic communications, speed of access to the analysis of the campaigns to announce using email, and the convenience to communicate with all customers specifically, and to send ads of your career or your services in electronic messages as well as the speed of the execution of advertising campaigns. electronic marketing is not a source of any criticism, and would not make advertising high. 

The low cost of managing of marketing budgets and campaigns and the promotion of products via received messages that reach in the millions each day, and this is to establish a market for global electronic commerce that is extended to all goods which will be promoted. Journal of Economics and Technology Research Vol. 2, No. 3, 2021 21 . Published in 2021 by SCHOLINK INC. 3. The most important disadvantages from Email Marketing The research conducted by Ellis-Chadwick F . and Doherty N.F (2012) analyzes an extensive array of elements that execute in a selection of e-marketing campaigns that are permission-based. This research offers important new information about the strategies used to execute Email marketing campaigns, but it is afflicted by a range of shortcomings. 

Particularly it was not possible to determine the efficacy of these campaigns from a consumer’s or the perspective of retailers. Additionally, Bucklin R.E and Sismeiro C (2009) analyze the characteristics of the click stream data and highlight the main advantages and drawbacks of this data for research in the field of marketing. Although the quality of the service offered by electronic mail for the promoters and electronic businesses However, improper application of this technique is certain to hinder and cause the failing for commercial advertising. Additionally, the flaws of marketing via Email constitute the primary negatives of this kind of marketing. So, we can summarize these drawbacks as follows aspects: – Some benefit from this type of electronic marketing mail receive messages randomly and result in lack of interest and removal of. • The use of excessive and illegal the list of addresses of clients. 

Conversion operations and marketing imaginary products that are not on the world markets. – The existence of fictional businesses claims ownership of a product that is well-known and of top quality, and this is done to deceive and the rhythm of the customer to deceive the user and ex-gratia payment. • The removal of messages, without affecting the consulting. – The operation of advertising and announcements are not organized , and who have sent messages to individuals who that aren’t interested in the product. The campaign’s targets are negative outcomes. The existence of a lot conservators selling the falsehood of online platforms that is why it is a wise decision before promoting of a specific product. – The operation of deceit and speed of the customers and proponents with the intention of making a profit without the any payment for commissions on the work or service. A reasonable amount of responses to Email polls and marketing through Email is typically thought of as a challenge (Brandal and Kent 2003). In general, and in compliance with the laws currently in place in the world, there exists in developed nations a security agency that oversees the global electronic demands of legality of working within the network of the internet, and the following up of all the extra. 

Every criminal act against a third party or business, if reported in the official law may be monitored in certain nations in the world. In the case of a victim is in an attack is from the United States and the aggressor is from Africa the electronic security body is capable of bringing the suspect to American justice system. Some companies are anxious to make procedures such as to compel the user to enter a mail already exists in the kind of check of the property and to include messages by link to remove the Journal of Economics and Technology Research Vol. 2, No. 32021-22, published in 2021 by SCHOLINK INC. subscription or stop the website that works with the user. Also, in the form, if there’s a legal violation, it identifies the complete removal of subscription as well as the website completely on the web’s networks and to avoid legal action for the evidence that shows an attempt to harm the user’s electronic mail in random ways and to highlight the actions that must protect your rights as a consumer, the CAN-SPAM Act, which was passed by the Congress of American in 2003, that requires marketers to pay legal infringement of a fine of about 11000 dollars for every user who violates its priority. 

Furthermore the security and system organs of the world electronic which safeguard the legal status of all work products, publicity and trademarks throughout the world, as well as the processes of electronic marketing and promotion?. The fact that these monitors are institutions of anyone in the world, if they were to be found as a result of any international complaint. 4. The main factors in the success of E-mail Marketing. The study from (Dheeraj & Pars, 2017; Kaur & Singh, 2017) reviewed the most important factors that drive people to shopping online. One of the most important advantages of E-mail marketing is the addition of data provided by their customers to the list of their subscribers and permits you to stay in constant contact and on a regular basis them via the directorate for marketing and promotions. In turn, the primary factors that send out campaigns via electronic mail are summarized in the following steps (Figure1): 4.1 The first step: access to Programs for e-mail Marketing initial step is to engage with and downloading marketing software via electronic mail. 

These programs form the foundation for the inclusion of information from your targeted customers as well as the one that collects Email addresses and other data regarding your customers who visit the website in exchange for something you offer for free or in exchange for a payment. Also, they are part of the network of the internet that contains a lot of software, which contributes to the efficient improvement of the management of promotions and marketing via Email to allow you to select from a variety of options that can be a good fit for your budget. The use of specific programs through the Email permits you to create the title list of electronic messages with a variety of customers, and then the creation and programming of these messages that are automated, that is known by the title of automated response or Email distinctive, and is typically used to manage marketing and advertising campaigns.

Also, it is possible due to these programs to monitor the stats and track the number of people who have read and opened your messages electronically and the interaction between them as a result of the subscription or purchase of products from the landscapes. It is important that the software used in campaigns via Email are outlined as the basis of promotion and arranged distribution to customers, ensuring that the message’s content is tailored to the needs of the user. Then, it should be able to consider the proper arrangement and collection of subscribers in your list of messages. Additionally, it should also be committed to equal time periods in the process of communication to customers to ensure that the task can be done properly.