1. Introduction

In this moment, as we all are watching the growing influence of marketing via digital channels, we have not

Don’t let the importance of that content marketing plays in today’s world. It is now an essential element of every

digital marketing strategy. It’s a support system for all efforts to make your brand more visible

Your brand will be visible on the market and be successful in achieving your business goals. It is no longer possible for a business to be successful

and build a connection with the intended audience, without having any type of content.

The whole thing started in the 90s. When the internet first took off, but there were less people

online. Indeed, it was reported that 100,000 sites were the month of January.

1996, in contrast to the 1.1 billion websites that we are currently using (Source). In 1996, there were fewer websites than even

Google was a concept that was not yet fully developed and it was not possible to write an update on statuses or

Chatting with your followers on social media.

Image: http://www.internetlivestats.com/total-number-of-websites/

in his article “Content is the King” in the year the year 1996 Bill Gates explains the significance of content in

The modern world as well as how technology is transforming how we design and publish and distribute information.

consume media. He believes that the internet will be used as a medium was at the time a relatively new technology, will continue to

and others, will transform the way that people receive information, as well as the manner in which they


This was just an outline of what was to transpire in the years to come. The internet was a huge part of that.

All over the world as did the content as a way to reach users on the internet all over the world.


connect, attract people, and even engage, attract, and. It began with websites that showcase their services using some of

websites. This kind of static web page was in the past outdated and there was a need to improve the quality of

Dynamic communication with the intended audience has, which is a way to communicate with the target group. The past was when it was possible to make the possibility of creating

Your website, and then sit back just waiting for people to get in touch with you. This method of doing business is now so outdated.

In the present, however will produce no outcomes.

It is now expected by website owners to keep their sites active, to post new information regularly and

to continue to introduce the latest to keep introducing new. This is the reason why lots of websites run blogs. Blogs are now a method to communicate with visitors.

to ensure that this approach is always dynamic to keep it going and ensure that the latest content is released

often through this type of platform. The benefits of this method are numerous, beginning with

increasing traffic, positioning for certain keywords, and expanding reach via social media shares

and finding new leads.

It is clear that the function of content has changed throughout time, and neither have the contents.

Production methods and types. Writing has developed by adopting new styles types and production processes, but

the use of visual content is also becoming more important in recent few years. The

The concept of storytelling was presented as a more sophisticated content strategy.

The more content is there the more vital it becomes for content stand out. It’s important to be unique.

It’s as easy straightforward as that. There are many websites and a lot of material published each day.

that it is now extremely difficult to create content that is distinctive. It is difficult to be successful in

If you want to market content, you have to think beyond the creation of content and consider management

optimization too. With advanced search algorithm or social media algorithms and

filtering out spam emails Content distribution is also confronting some issues.

The content has proven its use in all aspects in online advertising, it is now possible to create the content

Marketing strategy has evolved into an essential aspect of the job, and must be

performed with care and with clear objectives and a clear vision.

Marketing statistics for content

Content’s role in the world has evolved over the last few years, making it difficult to comprehend the growing importance of content and to know how

Content affects online businesses with regards to strategic planning and decision making Look around

Check out the following marketing content data:

2. Million blog entries are published every day. (MarketingProfs)

60 percent of marketing professionals agree that the creation of blog content is their primary marketing goal inbound.



A third of marketing professionals agreed that they believed that visual advertising was their most crucial form of content that they could create for

Their business is second to blogging (38 percent). (Social Media Examiner)

* Businesses that posted more than 16 blogs per month received around 4.5X greater leads.

businesses that have published quarterly posts with 0-4 words. (HubSpot)

* The size of an typical blog article is 19 %…about 1050 words. Shorties are everywhere.

the decrease: the proportion of posts with under 500 words are about half the percentage that used to be.

Two years two years ago. Posts with a lot of content are increasing in the proportion of posts with a date of 2000or more

words long has doubled each year. (Orbit Media)

* 41 percent of B2B marketers believe their company is aware of what content to include in they will be promoting.

the success or effectiveness of the program success or effectiveness looks like; 59% are not sure or uncertain. (Content Marketing


The majority of marketers attribute their an increase in their sales to the creation of content that includes

greater quality and faster higher quality and more efficient. (Content Marketing Institute)

* Email, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are the 4 most popular channels utilized by B2B companies to communicate with customers.

content marketing distribution. (Content Marketing Institute)

* 83 percent of B2B marketers utilize newsletters via email to market their content. Content

Marketing Institute

* Brand awareness and lead generation in this order are the two most crucial

The goals of content marketing are common to all B2B marketers. (Content Marketing Institute)

B2B marketers point to the quality of leads on their websites, lead quality and sales as the top 3 priorities

important metrics. (Content Marketing Institute)

* A majority of B2B marketers agree that producing captivating content is the main obstacle they face.

face (60 face (60 percent) face (60%) followed by assessing the effectiveness of content (57 percent) and creating

Content that is consistent (57 content consistently (57.7%). (Content Marketing Institute)

72% marketers agree that the creation of more engaging content is a most important to them.

(Content Marketing Institute)

Marketers will make more use of videos (73 percent) as well as visuals (71 percent) and blogging (66 percent),

live video (39 percent) live video (39%) and podcasting (26 39%) in the same order. (Social Media Examiner)


We are incredibly good in retaining images. You can hear a sentence and then three

Days later, you’ll be able to recall days later, you’ll remember 10% of it. If you add a photo, you’ll recall the event for 65 percent.


76% of users utilize their Facebook feeds to discover interesting information. (HubSpot)

* 615 million devices now use adblock. (PageFair)

These numbers should give an idea of how marketers perceive content and what relevance it is to

their strategies for business. The principal conclusion that we draw from the data are


* Companies that make use of content marketing experience have higher results.

“Lead generation” is by far the most important goal of content marketing

* The visual aspect improves the effectiveness of content

* Video and other visual content will be given an even greater importance.

* Social networks and email are the main platforms for distribution of content

* Posts that are longer generally work better

* Creating engaging content and consistently producing content are just a few of the

the most frequent challenges faced by marketers are the most common challenges. However, they are also the top concerns for the majority of marketers.

marketers since this is the path that leads to success using content marketing.




The basics of Content



2. The basics of Content Marketing

What is the definition of content?

Content refers to the information, the concept or the story you post on the internet. It’s anything you

Create and publish your content with the purpose of distributing your readers with the content. The content’s format

It is usually text, however, it could also be audio, visual or video.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/4m66VBr8zns

In the world of digital media the definition of content is:

* Very useful

* Easier to eat

* Shareable

* Original

* Relevant

* Compelling

* Timingly

* Personalized

* Authentic


* Engaging

* Educational

* Fun

* Insightful

* Telling the story

* Contextual

When it comes to marketing for businesses, content can be utilized to direct contact with the intended audience.

group. Each of these attributes are designed to improve the quality of the material you provide

to potential clients, and the primary goal is to increase them to take an interest to your

commercialization by using this content.

Because the content is designed with a specific goal with a specific goal in mind, it is required to be planned well and

meticulously designed. Content creation requires creativity and skill using

Transmitting your thoughts and ideas by using marketing via content is accomplished with

Specific goals, so it’s a good idea to consider carefully.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on the creating and distributing content online

Materials that directly or indirectly are used to promote brands. Direct promotion is the development of

Content and promotional materials are that are used to promote. This kind of content is generally

It is used in paid advertisements (SEM) and affiliate link (affiliate marketing). Contrarily content is used in paid ads (SEM) or affiliate links (affiliate marketing

Marketing is often devoid of any direct advertising. The goal of this type of content is

Simply to raise interest in the services or products you offer. In this way, content marketing is a way to indirectly

draws prospects and clients.

In looking at the world of online marketing one can conclude that marketing through content is one of the types.

It is a common thread across all types of marketing as it creates a foundation for the other types of marketing because it creates a base for.

Content can help in the placement of keywords and SEO for websites. For email

both marketing as well as social media content is created to increase curiosity through these two

channels. The same is true about paid advertising (SEM).

The main reason for the value of digital marketing via content, is the fact the majority marketers will be

focused on, and that is the reason they are working on creating additional content. Nonetheless, quantity

doesn’t have to be a deciding factor over quality.


In the context of the marketing of content, it is thought to be an essential aspect. There’s a lot of content

online. It’s so much that it’s impossible for anyone to consume all that information without feeling

overwhelmed. This is the reason quality began to become increasingly crucial. Today, people are

They are very selective in the blogs they follow, and which article they plan to publish on social media platforms,

what links they click which links they will click on in the emails. The creation of quality content is will help

by achieving your business’s goals.

Though producing high-quality content is among the issues many marketers view as an problem,

mostly because it requires more resources in terms of time and money spent on research and

production, it is frequently emphasized the fact that the potential for such production is immense.

Companies that employ a content marketing strategy have seen more effective results.

to achieve their objectives. Incorporating the quality standards in this strategy , it will help

As long as the content matches these standards, and the result will be superior. The

the possibility of achieving goals is increased when you have high-quality content. That’s the reason this is an

essential element of a company strategy. The quality of your products and services is the most important thing in today’s business world in business, and you must be able to meet the criteria to be successful, you must

If you’re really successful with content marketing , and you can see the advantages it brings to your business, consider

in creating content that is unique in its high-quality.

What do you have to consider when you create content?

In the business world the creation of content does not happen in a random manner. It’s not about creating the content you enjoy,

Personally, I enjoy watching or reading about the viral video that everybody is talking about. It’s not about anything I write

you think of.

Content creation is more than simply being aware of the subject. It’s an art

plan-of-action that is intended to provide your company with certain success, that’s how you

It is important to think about all factors that can assist you in creating material that will lead you there.

goal. Beginning with the audience you want to reach through optimization of search engines Here are the essentials you should know about your

you should think about.


The importance of user experience has been stressed time and time again as well as in the context of

Content is important, and this means you need to keep your readers in mind while making content. You must consider your audience when you create. After

In all, you’re creating content that is intended for users first. No matter what type of content or the content’s format, it is important to remember that

the method employed to distribute content, the content you produce has to be able to connect with your audience.

target group. This means you need be thinking about the following factors:

* Determine your target group


Consider their potential questions, issues or dilemmas.

* Know the kind of information that will assist in these situations.

* Create material that is relevant to your intended audience

Use the language that the target group is able to recognize


The term “niche” in marketing is used to refer to the selection of a specific area that is related to the desires of the customers.

of the target audience you are targeting of your target audience, and also to of the products you sell. You would like to target

in the hope of become an expert in the particular area and eventually become an expert. by

Choosing your topic by deciding to concentrate on a narrow subject to help you decide the path to take.

to implement your content marketing strategy.


Following that is to identify the sources you have. These resources are essential to create content

Marketing strategies, they need to be developed and assigned to the creation of content just like any other

Another strategy.


It is undisputed that being unique is an important element of content creation however, it is never a bad idea to

Find out what your competition find out what their competitors are doing. This will help you stay on top of current trends in the industry.

and the standards.


In the SEO field Content is the most important aspect. One of the main responsibilities of SEO is

especially the optimization of specifically optimization of. The primary goal of optimization of content is to draw in new customers.

search engine crawlers and have the web pages indexed. This boosts its visibility

and assists in increasing the website’s and helps improve the ranking of websites in results of the search engines.

How do I begin to get started with the concept of content marketing?

For the first time to begin with the process of content marketing, you’ll require a strategy. Just start your own blog and posting

Content isn’t enough. Instead you should think of marketing through content as a way to help you reach your goals.

Goals, regardless of whether it is increasing sales, creating new leads, etc. These are the most important goals

as they impact the kind of content you intend to create, as how you’ll

distribute content.


Consider your audience and the kind of content they’d like to be able to. It must be

Something interesting, useful as well as engaging and relatable. It should be top-quality piece of content.

Begin by brainstorming concepts that come to your thoughts Then, you can select those you like best.

will most likely bring lots of visitors, i.e. lots of conversions. When using external

sources, make sure to choose reliable sources and be sure to reference them to the source in a

Form of a form of a.

There are numerous types of content and the different types of content serve distinct goals. For

Example “About Us” page is an example. It should be informative and contain information about yourself and your

company. However it is a “how-to” kind of blog is one that includes instructional text that is ideally

with videos or images.

What should you keep in your mind at all times regardless of the kind of content you select to

The reason for this is that each piece is component of the general content marketing strategy. Therefore,

It must be in line with global standards and must adhere to the same principles that your company follows.

is taking.

When it comes to marketing content branding is another factor you must consider. Branding

It is the process of creating a distinctive brand name and image for the product. This usually involves

in their advertising campaigns, to establish a distinct presence in the market and also to create

It helps a product stand out the rest of its competitors. In terms of marketing through content, it makes

you to develop a branding strategy. It lets you convey a story about your brand and develop

influence with influence through high-quality influence through high-quality.

Then, following the creation of content, there is distribution to distribute the

influence of this influence and ultimately allow the content to accomplish its objective regardless of whether that’s

gaining conversions, leads, visits, etc. There are a variety of methods to promote information,

that will be described in a separate chapter but what is important to think about is in the context of

Content distribution refers to one of the following:

* Data from previous campaigns

Look over the information from previous campaigns to determine the distribution channels used.

gave the most effective results. For the best results, be sure to analyze the results.

performance and the impact each channel had on your company’s performance and how each channel impacted. For example, if you notice a large

the number of visits to Facebook However, with very little conversions, perhaps Facebook isn’t the one to be used.

approach to take for you. But do you observe that your email marketing campaigns have produced excellent results, this is the

Results in the past, ensure that you have this channel in mind when you are planning the distribution of content

the future campaigns to come.


* Current trends

Anyone interested in advertising their company online needs to be aware of current developments.

The internet is changing constantly. Certain social media platforms are gaining popularity.

Certain are adding new functions, while search engine algorithms are being updated, etc. Because of all of

These, as well as numerous other factors influence the distribution of content, and you have to stay on top of the latest trends in

Situation and be aware of the trends that are emerging as these can impact

your content marketing strategy.



Content types


3. Content types

You can distinguish between three kinds of content. Each one has its own distinct

features that are suitable for a variety of methods and distribution channels.

Written content

The kind of content you are likely to see most frequently is written content. It’s information that is published

Written in written format, usually as blog posts or articles. The primary benefit

Written content is unique among other kinds of content is that it is “seen” by the search engine.

engines. This means that search engines are able to comprehend and read what is written, and this makes it possible for

they can index these websites and display it on the results page. Each website is designed to

To be prominently displayed on result pages of search engines It is normal to utilize written text to

do so.

With the purpose of search engine crawlers you create content to showcase your website’s content with the intention of attracting search engine crawlers.

in a manner that it is linked to appropriate search phrases, which leads to relevant web pages.

When you create content, it is important to consider the content in SEO terms however, you must also consider how to

consider your audience. These are two factors that influence content creation the most.

Optimizing content for search engines is vital however not at the expense of disrupting the user experience.



Image: http://marketingland.com/library/channel/seo

The following are general rules that you should keep in your head when creating the content you write:

• Write to the masses.

The content you write should be written primarily for those who will read it.

The contains. Keep this in mind when writing your content. ensure that your text is accurate as well as consistent and understandable. Avoid

interruptions, digressions or statements that are repeated. Utilize formatting options to visually

The text is presented in a more coherent manner.

* Write for engines of search.


Written content is usually intended for readers however, you must consider search engines when writing.

also. This is especially true for blog posts and websites as well, which is what you should are expecting

Search engines will crawl through your site and index your website’s content. Find out more on the writing process on

For SEO for SEO in chapter optimizing content.

Stay focused

Every piece of content must be based on a particular topic, and, once you have decided on it keep your eyes on it.

Your blog and website should be able to stand on its own that you are dealing mostly, but you should make sure that every blog post

is a distinct unit that is meant to be focused on the subject matter that is extremely concentrated

A subset of that vast topic we refer to as niche.

* Word count shouldn’t be fixed in the stone

Despite the fact that statistics indicate the existence of a tendency of articles that are 1,000 words or longer,

There isn’t a magic number that you must be aiming at. It doesn’t matter if some data show an increase in levels

of engagement, on average, of engagement for the length of articles that exceed 1000 words of engagement, but this isn’t an overall norm. Of course, if you want to know the

The message is the most crucial. When the content is concise and succinct, there’s no need to try to convey it.

Make it longer by using redundant words in order to be more consistent with the standard.

After having discussed the notion of written content you can discern between a variety of

kinds of written types of written. Each one has its own distinct particularities and are utilized in different ways.


Content of the Website

The very first article you’ll write when you set your website will be the entirety of your website’s content

without the blog. The content is split into sections or pages that are focused on a specific topic.

specific section like the homepage, the about us page pricing pages, contact page particular page like the homepage, about us page, contact page

description page, etc. The primary characteristic of this kind of content is that it’s

informative. Through this information you will be able to share details about yourself and what you do.

of services or products of services or products you provide. Also, you need information that is practical like contact information.

Blog content

A blog is a space where you can post updates regularly as well as news and content related to your area of expertise. It

can be beneficial for SEO. It also assists in improving engagement and traffic. Content

Formatting is crucial for blogging since it emphasizes various aspects of the text

It makes it more user-friendly it is also it is SEO-friendly. Blog posts may be visual or not.

elements, like videos or images, are included.


Image: https://yoast.com/seo-blog/


In a way an ebook can be compared to the blog post. It is a subject that is relevant to your readers,

It is designed to boost engagement and visitation as well as formatting is an essential element of formatting to increase engagement and visits.

A good book. It is different from a blog post. an ebook is not posted on your blog, but rather it’s

A file that you can download from your blog or website. An ebook can be downloaded from a blog or website.

The layout of the design. In terms of word count, there aren’t any specific guidelines. The word count is up to you.

The ebook is as brief or long as you wish and require. Its primary goal is to give you a resource

informative information for readers and generate interest for your business. ebooks are also an excellent source of information and can provide

material to generate lead.


Visual content

According to statistics that visual content is more effective in performance than other types of

content. Content that is visually appealing grabs visitors to their attention faster and also the details

If presented in this manner, it will be more likely to remain in the minds of viewers than if presented in the traditional way.

The form of form of a. In addition, visual content is much more likely to get shared via social networks.

media, which increases engagement as well as traffic to the blog or website. This increases the number of visitors to the.

With the focus on the superior performance of visual content, it’s obvious why there are different kinds of

This content is constantly employed to create the content. Visuals are frequently used when creating content.

Together with along with. In this way, they function as attention-grabbing pieces, as well as they help to illustrate the principal

The idea is presented idea that is presented in this article.

There are a variety of kinds of visual content that are frequently used:


Images are among the most popular as visual content. Content creators may utilize their own images

photographs, they can pay for or download for free or take screenshots of other

Websites or apps.

If you are using images, be sure to:

* You are granted permission to make use of the image.

* Link to an external image source in the event that it is necessary.

* This photo is linked to the content of the page.

This image will be suitable for the audience you are targeting.

* You can add your own company logo when the image is yours (Optional)

When you select one or more images for your text, think about the impact the image will have on the reader.

The article will be a source of. What kind of impression will readers get when they read it for the first time? What will they feel?

Are they intrigued by the picture? Are they going to be impressed and therefore continue to read the text? Understanding your

The audience is presented in a way that allows you to select the most effective photos.


Website homepage with images and graphics: https://www.emarketinginstitute.org/


Graphics are images that typically feature a visual representation of data.

forms of charts, text symbols, etc. Sometimes, they combine all of the forms of charts, text, symbols, etc. In the context of content

Graphics for marketing are generally designed for use that is, they are made up of sections as well as

data is presented in a deliberate an approach to emphasize specific features. When designing a graph,

There is a objective in your the mind of yours, something you wish to accomplish with it. You can create an advertisement to

Announce an event, in which you’ll mention the date and location for the occasion. It is possible to

Present the results of your most recent research, in the case of a chart, or pie chart could be a good choice.

The graphic includes an element.

When creating a graphic, consider:

* The goal you wish to reach

The most important details you’ll want to include

* How you will describe the idea

* Adding additional elements, such as photos, text or an illustration


* Include your logo/company name (Optional)


Infographic, also called information graphic is an illustration of information. This makes it somewhat similar to

Graphics are similar to images, but the major difference is that an infographic is an assortment of data. It’s

The primary goal is the purpose of presenting the information or data in a simple, easy-to-read method. This is because the goal is to present information in a clear, easy-to-read

You basically summarize the information which would otherwise be presented as text however

are likely to receive less engagement as compared to using graphic elements.


Image: http://www.socialmediatoday.com/marketing/visual-history-content-marketinginfographic

Infographics visualize information, statistics, maps, time frames, hierarchies, etc. They can be used to stimulate

The readers are provided with the visual representation, produce a collection of data and numbers appear more appealing.

well-organized and easy to easily compare to one another. Considerations to keep in mind when designing an


Choose fonts, colors and illustrations that are easy to read and clearly visible

* You can put a caption at the beginning of the informationgraphic

Note: If you’ve got data that can be split into segments, be sure you separate the

informationgraphics in such a manner

* If you make use of information provided by external sources Include the sources that you use at

at the lower part of the infographic.

Include your logo or company name

They take the longest time to produce compared to other kinds of content with visuals,

However, as the data indicate, they are more likely to bring about the highest level of engagement

and shares, and that is the reason it’s worthwhile to consider making use of them in your and shares in.

Video and audio content

Video and audio content is generally regarded as the most difficult types of content to create.

In addition to being a fact it requires time to contemplate the idea and ways to present it it

It also requires time and expertise to record and edit. This generally means that you’ll require

software to edit videos or audio and the knowledge required to make use of the software. This is the principal reason

Why many businesses and organizations aren’t convinced to utilize this kind of content and

It is best to avoid it.

But, bear the idea in your mind that this kind of content is extremely well-known on the web,

particularly on social media. It is often shared, and generates lots of clicks,

likes. We will discuss three kinds of video and audio content that you might consider incorporating into your

content marketing strategy.


A podcast is a kind of audio broadcast that is made available on the internet. They are similar to

radio shows, however in lieu of songs, the shows offer something of a narrative.


Image: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-marie-forleo-podcast/id1199977889?mt=2

The contents featured in a podcast may include:

* A story about an issue

* Question and Answer session

* A discussion with experts in a specific area or with business leaders.

* A review of a product

* An interview

The course is lesson

No matter what the topic they are an excellent method to share information online in the form of a podcast.

Other that writing other than written. This is an easier form to read because it is a form that can be used in addition to written text.

You can access it anywhere on the go access it on the go, without having to read or navigate through text using mobile devices.

Instead, they plug in their headphones, press the play button, and they’re in.

Subscribers online to podcasts in the same manner as they sign up to blogs, which is

They will be informed when the new podcast goes live. Podcasts are available every day,


that is great for people who like to hear them out whenever they can and time.

rather than setting a target for a certain rather than aiming for a specific.


Similar to images, videos work great to present content visually ideal for social media

engagement, and the use of video ads. These advertisements usually include the audio narrative or music throughout the

Visual content makes this kind of content entertaining and fascinating to watch. Diverse

different kinds of videos, like video clips, short clips commercial videos, instructional videos and review videos.

offer a variety of ways for companies to learn and make use of this medium to the

the purpose of the purpose of. Technology advancement and mobile devices with the ability to promote

camera, and the popularity of sharing platforms like YouTube has facilitated this growth

of video content, so companies are increasingly looking into using videos.


In creating content, it will require more skill and patience.

Sometimes, it requires longer time for planning and getting everything ready. This is why

Despite the fact that it’s extremely effective and effective in bringing results, video is an ineffective and unproductive method for bringing results.

The most infrequently used forms of content.

Live chat

This is a type of video content that’s been very popular recently, especially since live streaming was a popular choice.

is one feature offered by a variety of social networks, such as YouTube, Facebook,

Snapchat, Instagram, etc. The primary distinction with these types of videos is that it typically requires

There is less preparation involved as compared to a normal video. It’s a bit informal, spontaneous and in-the-moment. It’s also

It is quite flexible as it is possible to start live chat from any place anytime. live chat is very flexible because it is

A little more interactive kind of video, as comment comments can be updated in real-time this means that you can watch the

The person who broadcasts the video may actually respond and see the comments made by the viewers.


What kind of content should you pick?

The kind of content that you’re going to use on your site is contingent on many factors. The first is

All you have to do is to evaluate your budget. For instance, making videos will require more

expense, due to the equipment required and the hiring of someone to edit even if you don’t have the

ability to accomplish it.

Also, you must be aware of the time. It is important to be able to realistically plan the creation of content. There is

There is no reason to write a new piece every day if you do not have the time write it, nor

Do you have enough funds to purchase these many articles.

Think about your target readers. Do they really gain from a new article every day? Or perhaps

You might think that a thorough weekly blog more valuable? Also, you should consider the manner in which

Your audience reacts differently to different kinds of posts. When posts that contain images are more engagement, your audience will respond.

Engagement level, ensure that you are focusing on these engagement levels, make sure you focus on such. While videos can have high engagement, it is important to focus on the

Engagement in general, but perhaps engagement in general, but perhaps it’s not the case for your company. Finally the whole thing comes down to

your company. Certain types of services and products require videos, while

Images can be very effective in different types of images.

The best method to begin is to write content first. It is really a beginning point because you

You will require content to build your website , and you’ll need content to build it. You can also begin with blogging prior to

If you decide to incorporate other kinds of content in your marketing plan. Be sure to


Always evaluate the effectiveness of each kind of post and attempt to identify the general pattern of what

works best for your business.

Blog posts of different types

Because blogging is the primary method of creating content, we’ll discuss a few types of blog posts

you can publish your blog.

News post

In this article it will cover the most recent developments and news, as well as the latest developments and news. It’s a lot more

A dynamic type of blog post However, the content is often time-sensitive. For example, announcements about the latest

Search algorithm updates are definitely something you can be able to share on the blog in your news area

But it also gets old-fashioned quickly, when the new version is released after a few weeks.

Yet they are popular as they provide the latest information on

They provide information on the subject and enable readers to keep abreast with the latest developments.

How-to post

It is an instructional article with the primary goal to offer details and provide a reference

instructions on some thing, for example, how to use a particular product or where to find the best option for you, or how to find


software, etc. In this article, you basically instruct readers on what to do so these posts

They are extremely useful. The language must be practical and easy to grasp. Readers are awestruck

This is especially true when you use images to illustrate specific aspects since you are basically

They will be able to solve their issue. They receive the information they require. SEO-wise they receive these

The posts are also fantastic because you incorporate keywords naturally in your text.

Informative post

This article is somewhere between the two types of posts: a news article and a tutorial. In this instance you pick an

The topic should be explained and include information about the subject and provide information about. It may be a trend that is currently in fashion or topic, and therefore the blog post could be related to the

for the news type of post, or include instructions and an explanation.

This would correspond to a how-to article. In the main, an informative article gives more

details about the subject. If you are choosing a subject, ensure it’s closely linked to your

your business, and something that your target audience will appreciate and find valuable. It is also beneficial to incorporate

keywords that are used in this type of post, particularly within the post’s title.


Reviews are also popular for the details they offer. They

are very popular with prospective buyers due to the fact that they offer information about the product,

opinions, experiences, etc. So, this kind of article has a lot of power in the minds of

Customers, especially those who read positive reviews from credible websites. Many

typically, reviews take the form of blog posts However, there is a rising trend to create video

Content intended for such purposes.


The name suggests that links post contain links to other sources. The concept behind this type of

The key to a successful blog post is to select the right topic that is appropriate to your audience to find a high-quality

Resources from which your visitors can profit. Beyond an email address, it’s recommended to offer

Comment or provide an explanation of why you’ve decided to hyperlink to this particular source.


It is a highly regarded kind of post, mostly because it’s practical and the structure is simple to

Read and follow. The lists are appropriate for a variety of businesses. Sometimes, they

may overlap with links post could overlap with links post, for instance the topic you are discussing might be top five marketing blogs. It is not the case.

This does not must be true since you could have topics like 5 methods to improve your

Email marketing campaigns, in which you could share your own ideas and tips about this subject.


Podcast/Video notes

The reason that transcripts of video podcasts or videos are highly recommended is due to SEO.

Search engine crawlers are unable to search for content in video or audio format. This means that you must

You can provide a transcript for the content you are looking for in the form of blog posts. There are times when people may

Also, it is useful having a transcript on hand for reference, particularly when you are quoted by someone else.


Interviews are collaborative posts that you can use to ask questions to an individual or a few

readers about the subject which is relevant to your people about the topic that is relevant to your. Although this could be viewed as a kind of blog posting

for video and audio videos, however, this isn’t always the case since there are many interviews.

The form of an article written. This is the case when it’s easier to manage all the details because you are able to

Communicate via email, and you can communicate via email and you don’t have to set up recordings at all. It is possible to communicate via email.

Interviews are a fantastic way to obtain an opinionated article from industry experts, industry experts and

individuals who are thought to be as an authority by the target people in your target. The impact of these posts

It could be more so because of the popularity of those you interview and the reality that they

Most likely, they will have to share the post by themselves.

Case studies

If you are looking to dig deeper into a certain subject to present the subject in impressive details, a case report is an excellent option.

The kind of article you should choose. In case of case studies, they’re likely to be done by a professional.

by the top industry executives and those who have access to a certain kind of information on specific topics. Industry leaders and others who have access to information.

In this regard, they may appear a bit complicated for small-sized businesses. One of the benefits of

The reason for the case studies is their complexity and the large amount of data, which is claimed to be

The purpose of this post is to draw conclusions and studying behaviour. This implies that a post can be used to draw conclusions and analyze behavior.

You can earn lots of money through links.

Guest post by guest

This is a second post that requires collaboration. The idea is to invite the guest writer write for your blog.

It is recommended that the guest be respected and well-known to your targeted group. It’s important to note that it is

it is beneficial to know if the guest blogger an expert on the subject since this will ensure that you will get an expert opinion.

useful piece of information that you have posted in your valuable piece of information shared on your. The reason behind this collaboration might be

This could include mutual promotion or payments. In both instances it is crucial that the guest blogger as well as the blogger are both in agreement.

The blog that hosts the guest post are similar to, or even the same audience, for this reason.

promotion activity is success.

These are the most popular and popular kinds of posts. There are different groups too.

However, what you’ll see is that many of them have overlaps. For instance, you might have a guest


Posts that include lists that includes a list, which makes it an article with a list. An informative article can include

some tips for how-tos, while cases studies could also contain videos with notes on video.

It’s completely normal for posts to blend and overlap into different styles However, we must consider what we can do to prevent it.

The conclusion about content creation that is successful is:

* Content creation demands time

* Planning is a method to ensure that content is high-quality

* Content must be current

* Content must be relevant to the target segment.

It is beneficial to mix different types of content to give a variety



Content Creation


4. Content Creation

Creation of content can be described as a procedure that begins with an idea and finishes with a completed piece of

content, no matter if it is written audio, visual or video content, no matter if it’s written, visual, audio, or video. If you are creating content,

There are a variety of choices.

Large companies typically have an entire department, typically within the marketing. This department is usually

Be in charge of the creation of content as part of the content marketing strategy. Small-sized businesses

It is possible to hire someone to join their team, the main focus being content marketing , or perhaps one of the

Team members who are already in the company can be able to create content. Sometimes, business owners

Choose to employ content creators for a specific project for creating content instead of hiring them to work on a project of their own.

Involved in the entire process of marketing content.

No matter if you create content by yourself or provide instructions for someone else to do it

It is crucial to know the process of creating content and how it flows from one

From one phase to the next.

Consider the objectives

Content marketing assists you in growing your the performance of your business. This is the ultimate goal that you

It is not clear enough. If you set a goal like this you’ll have an issue determining what you

Examining the strategy. To make this marketing strategy work, you should

Set out more specific goals.

One of these goals could include:

* Sales increase

* Generate leads

* Increase your followers on social media

• Improve the image of the company.

• Work to improve branding

* More visits are available.


If you have set goals that are concrete Try adding some form of measurement, to help you achieve them.

Comparable and quantifiable. You can choose to use specific numbers (generate 1000 leads)

and percentages (increase visits by or percentages (increase visits by). The ability to quantify goals is great to report on and analyze

The strategy is to compare the results against previous campaigns. Overall the end, this will greatly

enhance your business and how you manage not just content marketing but also the whole

Online marketing.

Beyond reporting and analysis which is actually what happens at the end of the day but goals are equally important in the

beginning. They assist you in determining what type of content you’ll produce. For instance the case

If you’re looking to increase leads, then an ebook would be an excellent option. It is a way to offer an ebook in exchange for

In exchange for a free email address, and simultaneously, you expand your mailing list. In the opposite

On the other hand, if you are looking to increase the effectiveness of social media it is possible to gain from images and



Select a subject

The next step of creating content is choosing the subject. By planning and

In your thinking about goals, you have likely chosen the kind of content you want to create and now require to think about the

topic. The subject does not relate to the title of the article the title is just an area you’d like to research within

the particular piece of content regardless of whether it is an article, video article, or graphic. This is the case for

In this regard, you should be focused on three key aspects.


The subject matter must have relevance to you company as well as your blog or website. You’re trying to draw attention

those that are looking to learn more about your company. It doesn’t matter if they are brand new customers,

social media followers or site visitors or followers on social media. It means that you must always need to take into account your

Choose a target group and select the type of topic pertinent to their needs.


With the volume of content available today it’s difficult to stand out and be original. However, it isn’t impossible.

That said, keep in your mind that “in 2016 there was 15% of the new daily searches that

Google has not encountered before” (Source). If you do decide to choose a subject that

someone else has already shared about something similar to it, but you can create your own uniqueness by using your own unique



The topic should meet your target audience wants. The content should be helpful and provide solutions to

an issue and provides a solution problem has been demonstrated to be highly-performing content that performs

best. It is the most popular and helps in putting your site on results of the search engines, and it

Also, it helps you get the attention of people who are interested in this type of topic. It also helps you attract people who are interested in that kind.

Create a list of ideas

If you consider the subject, plenty of ideas pop into your mind. Your mind is a powerful tool is a big factor.

There are a lot of phrases and terms that are related to the subject that are simple clutter.

with no structure. This is the starting point. Note down any ideas that you’ve got. You can use them later.

For instance, you can think of chapters in the ebook or paragraphs from the article. Inscribe the words you think of.

connect these terms. Create essential phrases or terms you’d like to use.

If you’ve got everything and everything is in order, it’s time to organize. Try grouping concepts and ideas that are similar.

Create sections of content and classify them. This is the goal of this exercise to use these concepts to create a framework.


structured. So you can have an organized structure that you can follow when beginning with the content


The aim of brainstorming process is to collect the best ideas you have. It is possible to use the

Repeat the process to gather more ideas. This is the point where there’s no reason to begin with the content

Presentation promptly. The goal is on developing the idea that will serve as a base

framework for adding more material and advancing the subject more in depth.

Content presentation

This was a stage of preparation. Now it’s time to begin the actual creation of content.

In this way, you can present your content, and this method is based on the kind of content that you


Writing process

If you’ve got the concept and idea in place then the next step is actually writing.

The process could involve the involvement of a number of people and it all depends on your company’s needs and


complexity of the task. In essence, we can distinguish three kinds of writing roles for individuals

Writing process.


This person creates the content. In a business it could be a participant in the online

marketing department or be a freelance writer on the project at hand. In small-sized

businesses, and sometimes, the team members or owners members are able to create content for their companies.

Ghost writer

Another option for writing is to hire another person to write the content on behalf of you.

The problem with ghostwriting can be that content isn’t attributable to the original content

writer, as per a mutual agreement. A different person could be portrayed as writer (one

of team members (for example). of the team members, for instance) as well as the contents could be shared without reference to the author.

Ghost writers typically isn’t part or team but rather a writer is employed for a certain


Guest writer

The Guest Writer is contracted writer who owns their personal blog. They have earned an online reputation as

a writer. The hiring of an author as a guest can be a fantastic way to extend your reach and build an ongoing basis.

promotion. While additional promotion is certainly one of the primary reasons for employing a guest writer, this is not the only reason.

It is also a good option when you need specifically targeted content as well as the topic is addressed by an experienced expert in the area.

In this scenario the guest writer isn’t a part of your team, however, they are identified as the

The author of this content.


Contents audio and visual

With images it is more complicated. The process of preparation , and final editing

The same applies to all types of content, which includes written content, but with various ways of

the presentation of each. There is a distinct task group that is included in the process as well as

One or more people could be accountable for the assignments. One or more people could be responsible for those.


Certain types of content that are visual have written content. This is the case with certain kinds of

podcasts, like. This type of audio-based presentation needs to be prepared ahead of time using the format of

written form first. This is the first step, following the stage of preparation, but prior to the creating of

visual/audio content.


The next stage is the design. If we are talking about graphics and images it is the primary component of content

creation. In addition to hiring the person who will design and creates the material, it’s important to make use of tools for design

for this reason. In this way it is essential to keep the basic concept in mind and also


as the primary goals of content creation as well as the company’s as well as the company’s reputation. The final product must meet the goals of content creation and company reputation.

Your vision of your company is in line with the method you intend to promote your brand online.

This visual content.


With video and audio information, the following stage will be to present the information in a recording.

Technology advancement has allowed for easy recording of video and audio content. It’s much

This is much easier as it was previously. Any smartphone can be used to do this. It’s much simpler to do it now than it was previously.

However, for professional content creationprocess, it is advised to use the appropriate

equipment. When recording process, it’s crucial to be aware of the manner in which you present

the information. A captivating and engaging presentation is equally important to the content’s quality.

content that is shared this way.

Editing and proofreading

This is the final phase that will precede the publication to the internet of information. This is the time to make sure that the objective is

to review the content which has been developed. This section isn’t duplicate. It is a good idea to keep it in mind.

On the other hand, proofreading and editing particularly in relation to written content, can be a challenge.


similar, if not more time than time it takes to create content. By editing, you can save time.

and by proofreading, you ensure that the document is formed to match your vision,

Without any mistakes in grammar, accuracy spelling, editing video without any errors in accuracy, grammar, spelling, video editing.


At the end of the day you will be able to publish the final version. After you’re completely content with the final product

As it turned out, you’re prepared to share the information for the Internet users. In the case of

publishing using a platform using will depend on the kind of content you want to publish. If it’s a blog, the platform you choose to use will depend on the type of content.

The article you write, you’ll likely post it on your personal blog, or maybe on another blog on which you are

that is a guest writer. If you are the author that you are presenting, you are able to present other

options. You can host it on your own server or choose a more popular solution and then publish it.

the video on a hosting site like YouTube.

In the end, it’s recommended to publish on your own platform since this will give you access

by connecting to the servers, and ensure that the content is there, and without the threat of it being

removed. The main reason to host videos on YouTube for instance is that it’s

It is likely that you will get more people to join your site due to the social aspect of this site.


These phases help to make the whole process more structured and cohesive This is crucial for success

You want to produce high-quality content that is highly effective. Through each stage, you are able to concentrate on

You must focus on the task at hand while in mind your goals that you want to accomplish with this piece of material.



Content Optimization


5. Content Optimization

If you’re new to the world of online marketing it is likely that you have had a conversation about optimization. The

The word itself refers to making improvements to something, making it better in accordance with specific standards.

When it comes to marketing online this term is frequently used in the term search engine.

Optimization (SEO).

Is SEO a thing?

SEO (search engine optimization) is the method of optimizing a site keeping in mind the

search engine crawlers. Crawlers are utilized by search engines to locate as well as index any new information

online. If the content of the website is not indexable by these crawlers, it will not be displayed

the results from a search are not available to anyone, so nobody can locate the results this way.

Optimization is separated into on-site and off-site optimization. The reason for this division is the site

in which the optimization of search engines occurs. Off-site optimization is the term used to describe the use of off-site optimization.


external factors, such as linking to increase your search engine rankings. On-site search engine

optimization refers to the method of optimizing content and other elements on a site to improve the performance of your website.

The goal is to enable crawlers to discover and index websites efficiently. This is the aim of allowing crawlers to find and index the website.

Improvement of many aspects of the website , which affect the position of the site, but not just one of them is

The most important thing to think about is the optimalization of the content.

Content optimization

When it comes to optimizing content it is important to concentrate on ways to increase the quality of your content.

of the content, by following recommended practices and guidelines. The content is based on suggested practices and guidelines.

Websites, you directly communicate with the crawlers of search engines, “telling” them what you want to say on

content, and ultimately , the website, is about. If you can optimize your content effectively and the crawlers are able to find it, then the

is able to index the content and link it with the appropriate keywords. In this way, when you are searching for a

when the term you are looking for is entered into the Google search engine, your website is listed as one of the websites that are indexed by the search engine.


Being in the top SERP is guaranteed to get the most clicks, this should be your objective, which

the goal you want to achieve the best results by optimizing the contents on your website.


The most important component of content optimization is the use of keywords. A keyword is a term or group of words

You want to link the content on your site. Keywords should be relevant to

the subject matter of your website as well as your business. This is how that when a search is conducted, it is related to

If you use this phrase or a specific word the website’s content is likely to be relevant, and, consequently, will be found on the internet.

in the list of results.

It is crucial to only use keywords that are actually relevant to you, as

Otherwise, you’ll get zero outcomes. If the site is associated with a non-relevant, incorrect or inaccurate

Keywords, which will bring in irrelevant traffic , and you’ll not be able to convert these people. This

It could also lead to an increase in bounce rates, which will tell the web crawlers that the page will be a problem.

ineffective and/or in poor quality. In the end, this could result in a loss of position on the search engine.

engine result pages.

The keywords are utilized naturally in the content. It is also suggested to make use of the keywords in your content.

synonyms and the equivalent expressions. The only thing not recommended is using too many synonyms and the synonymous expressions.

keywords. This is where the keyword density shows as a measurement to keep you in the right direction.


Keyword density

Keyword density is the amount of times a particular keyword is mentioned on a webpage when

in relation to the total amount of words that appear on that page. Because keywords are indicators for the

Search engines, what the site’s content is and it could be it’s a good idea to utilize many

Keywords are important, and this is the reason why keyword density is an important measurement. Keyword density is a key metric for search engines.

declaring the content as spam in which the keyword is used in a large amount. This means that you should not use keywords in a way that is excessive.

A lot of keywords can do damage that is greater than the good.

There aren’t any official guidelines as to what percentage of the keyword should be considered a good keyword density

But the majority of SEO experts believe that it should range between 1 and 3 percent.

Utilize the formula below to determine the keyword density:

(Number of times a word is used or the total number of words used in the document) * 100

For example, if the keyword is used 12 times in an article that contains 1,000 words in it, what is the percent

It is calculated as follows:


This is equal approximately 1.2 percent keyword density.


When crawlers of search engines discover online content they must be aware of the significance of this

Content is about. In addition to words, these sites also make use of tags. Tags are the alternative to

Highlight specific parts in the content. Optimizing content includes the use of these options to

It is possible to tell search engines exactly which text elements are most important to search engines. The most important ones

the most frequently used option to accomplish this is heading.

The header tag, also known as the header, is an element of HTML code that differentiates different elements of text. It begins

with the h1 tag being the most significant tag. The tag is used to display the title of the page and also for the crawlers

Consider it to be the most appropriate phrase for the page’s content. It is suggested that the tag h1 be considered as the most relevant to the content of the page.

includes a keyword or keyword phrase, usually at either the very beginning, or at least as far to to the left as it is possible.

Then comes the an h2 tag. It is a highlighted text that is used for subheadings.

If the subheadings are further divided into divisions, the h3 tag will be employed, and so on. Also, the keyword

The use of text is encouraged, however, it is important to keep the text to flow naturally and not disrupt

Reading is a pleasure.


In the case of readers headings can be a great method of organizing the text. They can be used to allow

individuals to quickly scan the text prior to reading the whole thing. So, they can quickly find

the information they are seeking, or they might skim through the text to see the information they are looking for.

I’d like to know more about it. In both cases your website will benefit as it makes it easier to find

information and make understanding the text more easily.

It is typically automatically labeled as the h1 tag. To include other tags in the text, mark them as h1 tags.

phrase, then you can use the text editor option.

Bold and Italic

In addition to heading tags, that are considered as the most important part of text There are two

Other tags that are commonly used to highlight specific parts that comprise the text. They are also called bold

and and. They are regarded as less important than heading tags by search engines, however they are

They are still believed to have some value because they differ from the text. Much like headings

tags that include bold and italic styles can improve your user’s experience