1. Introduction

A website is a key tool to present yourself professionally.

To reach potential customers and increase company’s visibility

You can learn more about a product and then decide to buy it. However, the hardest part is creating a website.

Your website must be at the top search results page in order to be found by users

You (not including searches when a user types in the name of the company) when you are

Most likely to be first.

A displayed list of results is generated when users search for a phrase or word using the search engines.

Search results. They look through the list to find the right result.

Actually related to the phrase or word that was used in the search query. But, they are based

More than half of respondents to the researches will only read the first few results.

They are more likely to click on the first one. This is why you are at the top

If you want to reach users, it is important that you aim for the search result page.

This discipline explores various strategies to help you achieve better positioning in the

Search engine marketing is a way to promote your business online by using search engines.

Definition of SEM

Search engine marketing (or search marketing to be more concise) is a collection of keywords.

Actions that increase visibility of a site in search engines via both

Both paid and unpaid processes. These processes are designed to improve the visibility of your company.

Website traffic to increase sales and conversions. Search engine marketing

Marketing should be an integral part of a company’s marketing department.

It can significantly boost a company and collect data about customers.

Market analysis.

Search engine marketing is therefore a complex strategy that will include everything.

Goals and planned actions should be taken in order to achieve them.

goals. Depending on the type of strategy, the actions required to realize it will vary.

It is used for search marketing.

There are many tools that can be used to analyze the data, in addition to the different strategies.

Performance of the website, and efficiency of the strategy being implemented. Tools

Both paid and free search marketing require them as they allow for different realizations.

A series of actions that will assist in achieving the goals.


This e-book aims to both explain the importance and the main points of search marketing.

Strategies and tools that can help you rank higher in search engines.

The SEM terminology

Before we move on to the next topic, it is important that you are familiar with some terms.

Used in search engine marketing

SEM – Search engine optimization is a component of internet marketing that uses search.

Engines result pages are used to promote websites using both organic reach and paid reach.

SEO – Search engine optimizations is a process to improve visibility of a website on search engines

Engine result pages via organic reach

PPC – Pay per Click – This is the paid reach part of search engine marketing that you will need.

Pay each time someone clicks your ad.

CPC – Cost Per Click – This is the price you pay per click for your ad. It is specific.

In the advertising campaign settings.

CPM – Cost Per Mile – This is the cost per thousand impressions. It is one of the most important advertising terms.

Payment plans where you pay per thousand views

Keyword query, or search query, is the phrase or word that users enter into search engines.

To find out more about a specific topic, click here

SERP – Search engine result page is the listing of search engines’ results as the

Response to your search query

ROI – Return On Investment is a ratio that helps calculate profitability. Compare ROI

Investment and results to determine the benefits of the marketing campaign.

Conversion is usually defined as the conversion of a website visitor into a customer. However, sometimes, it can also refer to websites.

Other metrics than sales may be used, such as signing up for a newsletter or visiting a website.

certain page, etc.

A landing page (also known as lead capture page) is a page that appears after the user clicks

on the link shown in the search engine result pages, regardless of whether it is an organic listing or not.

Paid ad



Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) are two types of search engine.

marketing. Both of these approaches have the same goal but are two completely different.

To improve the site’s position (i.e. Visibility of a website on search engines. The most important difference

The type of reach that you desire to have is determined by which SEO or PPC method you choose.


Search engine optimization can increase search engine reach. It means that you should be working on

Search engine optimization is a way to increase traffic to your site.

Search engine: “Naturally”

Search engine optimization’s main objective is to use a variety of strategies and tools while optimizing search engines.

Following the recommendations and best practices, with the aim of improving your position

The website should be able to relate to certain keywords or keyword phrases. This is crucial for these.

Keywords must be relevant to your business. Therefore, keyword selection is one of the most important tasks.

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing search engines. Your goal in this instance is to improve the search engine ranking.

Your website will appear in search results based on keywords that you believe the users are searching for

You would look for.

If you are a Paris-based bike rental company, for example, you would like to be ranked higher.

It is possible to search for a bicycle to rent in Paris using a search engine. Keep this in mind

The SERP displays organic results below the paid results.


Search engine optimization can be a complex process. It requires a lot work.

This will result in a higher visibility of your site in search engine result pages. This is a great way to increase your website’s visibility in search engine result pages.

SEO is considered long-term because the long-term benefits are more durable than paid reach.

White hat Vs. Black hat

SEO is about distinguishing between white hat SEO and the black hat SEO.

Black hat SEO. White hat SEO follows the best practices and recommends for conducting an SEO campaign.

Optimization of a website. It also includes actions suggested by search engines, such as things out

Your website could benefit from these practices, which is why you should follow them.

The webmaster guidelines are the best practices to help search engines find, index, and report on webmasters.

Websites can be ranked. These guidelines consist of three main sets of guidelines:

* Guidelines for design and content

* Technical guidelines

* Quality guidelines


Black hat SEO refers to practices that are intended to mislead and

To increase your ranking in search engines, you can manipulate the algorithms of search engines. Uses of black hat SEO

These are the types of practices that search engines do not recommend.

Negative effects on your website can lead to penalization by the search engines


Penalty can have a negative effect on a website’s ranking. Search engines want to deliver the best possible results.

Quality users have a positive experience, and they attempt to find spam via algorithm updates and manual.

actions. Penalty could lead to a drop in rankings, traffic decrease, conversions, and so on.

Sometimes, the website may not be listed in the search results page.

There are many reasons why penalties can be imposed, including:

* Search engine guidelines not followed

* Hacked website

* Spammy structured marking up

* Hidden text

* Keyword stuffing

* Clotheking

* Unnatural links to your website

Although search engine optimization is sometimes referred to free search engine marketing it can still be used.

It can take a lot of your time or you could even hire an expert to assist you.

tasks. SEO is not free. SEO requires some time.

It takes time to optimize your website and get it indexed by search engines. This will extend the life of your website.

You will need to rank quickly, but you’ll get paid much quicker.


PPC on the other hand uses paid reach to reach customers online. Paid reach is not a good option.

Although search marketing is often called PPC (pay per Click), it can also include other types of marketing.

Payed marketing such as CPC (cost-per-click) and CPM(cost per thousand impressions).

Paid search engine advertising requires you to pay for the ads that will appear in the search results.

engines. There are many ways to improve your position.

Websites can be created organically. Instead, you just need to create a campaign via an

Advertising program. Your website will always be the first paid result.


When a user searches for a keyword related to your keywords,

Create a campaign.

If a user searches for Paris bike rentals, the results that are paid will be displayed first.

results. These results are ranked high in the search results. This increases the effectiveness of your search.

Users have a greater chance of finding your site. Paid results will be displayed over organic results.

They can be found on the right side of the search results page.

Search result page.

It is also possible to compare the reach of different search engines. We can, for example, use the

The same keyword phrase (“bike rentals Paris”) was used in all three search engines.

Search engine Google


Search engine Bing

Yahoo! Yahoo!


Both Yahoo! and Google have paid search results. Both Yahoo! and Google show paid search results at top of search result

These pages are then followed up by organic reach. Bing, on the other hand shows no paid results

This is the search query.

You can compare the results from different search engines to find out what your website is doing.

Ranking in search engines and which websites are paid results

Keywords that are relevant for your website.

Internet changes

Keep in mind, however, that the internet is constantly changing. There are many.

Every day new websites are created and search engine marketing is being used by people to promote their sites.

You can compete online. There are also those who quit or choose to be different.

Instead, focus on projects. It is therefore important to monitor the internet to keep track of the situation.

Keep up-to-date with the latest recommendations and best practices to keep you ahead of your competitors

Increase the visibility of your site.

No matter what type of search engine marketing method you choose, you must monitor your results.

Work and performance to assess the effectiveness of SEM. Paid

Search engine marketing allows you to track the campaign’s performance through

The advertising program that was used to create the campaign. SEO is something you will need to use.

External tools to monitor the performance of the website as well as organic reach.

Whatever the future holds and whatever search engine algorithms are used, it doesn’t matter what.

Websites will compete for top positions in the future, despite the fact that they are constantly changing.

in search engine result pages. As they change, the tools and best practices may be in flux.

Search engine marketing has been a part marketing for many years.

This activity will help you promote and grow your business.



Search Engines



2. Search Engines and Marketing

A search engine is a program which searches for a specific item in its database.

Present the results that match the query. Search engine database

It is the list of web pages that have been indexed by the search engine. Internet users perform a

Search by entering a word or phrase into the search engine.

Search engine marketing aims to manage advertising activities through the use search engines.

engines. The idea of search engine optimization is to be able to use paid marketing and search engine optimization.

You can influence search engines so that your website appears at the top of their results.

Search results. Search engine marketing is an important part of internet marketing.

A successful strategy to improve the site’s position in search engines.

Search engines

Search engines use their algorithm to locate the best results for the query they are searching

Your own database. When determining the most popular list, different criteria are taken into consideration.

Relevant results include keywords, influence, and meta tags.

Search engines are often used to refer to programs like Google, Bing, or Yahoo!

These search engines are also the most popular, with Google the most frequently used.

Users use search engines when they want to search online for something.

Search engines employ multiple metrics in their algorithms to determine which keywords are most relevant.

Relevance of a website to a specific search query is search engine marketing.

Different aspects can be used to assist search engines in including your website on the SERP.


We will discuss the process of indexing websites in one of the chapters.

How search engines match your website to a specific search query.

Market share in search engines

Many studies and surveys have been conducted to help determine how search works.

Engine market share varies and different reports give different figures. They all however share the same basic characteristics.

Google’s dominance over all other search engines is what they share in common. According to

August 2014 comScore Results: 67% of searches were conducted through comScore.

Google search engine. Bing has a 19% share of total searches.

Yahoo! Searches account for 10% of total searches.

Other search engines are less popular than Google, such as Ask Network.

AOL, Inc. has approximately 1.3% market share.

Based on the same report.

Besides desktop searches, Google, Yahoo! Mobile search is also dominated by Bing and Google, Yahoo!

share. Google has a greater market share than Yahoo! on mobile devices, with a majority of users using them over 80%. With

Bing has approximately 6% market share, and approximately 10% of Bing.

Also, consider the geographic distribution of market share and the use of these markets.

Search engines are different in different parts. Google is the most popular search engine in the world.

Baidu holds over 60% of the market in China for search engines, which is more than half the market share of Google in the USA.

Google is behind at less than 5%


Yahoo! will become Mozilla’s default search engine for the United States starting December 2014. Which

The following period could have an impact on the market share of search engines.

This is why it is important to know the market share for each search.

engine refers to the fact that search engine marketing relies on certain search engines being used

In the interest of reaching users.

Major search engines offer help centers that provide additional information.

Search engine algorithm and best practices to use to increase search engine rankings

Visibility of your website.

You should also consider your own statistics, which are not only industry reports.

Inside your Google Analytics account. Here’s how and where to see the percentage of your Google Analytics account.

You will get a list of all the sites you find through each search engine. This means you need to focus your efforts.

In terms of search engine optimization, a specific search engine is discussed.

Strategy or running a paid advertisement campaign


Advertising on search engines

Each search engine comes with its own advertising program, which often includes campaigns.

Manager through whom the advertising is being set-up. Explore your options and

You can choose which search engine you wish to use for advertising. Then, visit the website

Learn how to do this. In order to use the site, you will need to create an account.

To access the campaign manager, click here to create and publish search engine ads.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords Platform allows search engine advertising. This will be your responsibility.

First, create a Google Account. Then visit the website to sign-up for Google AdWords. Since


Google is the most popular search engine. It processes over 3.5 billion searches per day.

Its advertising program is the most popular when it comes search engine.


Bing Ads

All Yahoo! All Yahoo!

Marketers can now take advantage of both advertising opportunities.

Platforms for organizing a search engine marketing campaign. Yahoo! / Bing Network now

provides joint advertising option. These can be used to conduct up to 30% of all searches

Bing Ads is one of the most important search engines depending on where you are located.

Search engine advertising



Google AdWords


3. Google AdWords

Google AdWords, an online advertising program that Google offers, allows for advertising

Through Google’s search engine. It was launched in 2000 and has been used over a million times.

This company’s main source of revenue.

This tool is specifically designed to assess the relevancy of a search query relative to the potential ad.

This program places ads on search result pages. You can place the ad at the top of the search result page or at the bottom.

The search result page will also be located on the right-hand side of the page. The order of the

AdWords determines the paid ads based on keywords and relevance.

Also, the campaign budget will be taken into consideration.

Google AdWords offers pay per click (PPC), advertising. Cost per click (CPC) and cost

Per thousand impressions also known as cost per mile (CPM) Google AdWords also offers

Site-targeted marketing includes banners, text and rich-media ads as well as remarketing.

Google AdWords has a great potential because you can reach large numbers of people online.

Users due to the high volume of Google searches performed every day. The problem is that the

Program itself has many advertising options that are appropriate for different types of media.

Google advertising is a network of many campaigns. You should be able to understand the process before you start.

We are available to run ads and create campaigns.

Google Search, Google Partners, and Google Display Network

The AdWords program provides advertising, in addition to the ads that appear in search results.

Google Display Networks and Google Search Partners will help you expand your search results.

Your ads will reach the right people. You can maximize your chances of reaching users by using the following

There are many platforms available in Google AdWords. Selecting the network

Depending on your business and the campaign type you are running, where your ads will be placed will determine which location you choose.

It is easy to build, because each network has its unique features and is superior than the others.

Attaining certain goals


Google Search advertising

Google AdWords’ main advertising type is search engine advertising.

A list of related terms is displayed to the user when he types in a phrase into the Google search box.

Search results and ads related to this phrase are shown in the search results. This is Google Search



Google Partners

Google Partners also offers advertising.

Google Partners are websites that use Google search engine to their website.

They can present both organic results and paid results on the website. You can also expand your reach.

Google AdWords allows you to expand the reach of your campaign. The most well-known

Google partner is AOL.com. However, there are many smaller companies that use Google Search.

Their websites.


You automatically get opted in when you create a campaign using Google AdWords.

Google Search Partners allows you to track conversions directly from your account. You might be able to see that

Google Partners may not be providing enough conversions and could therefore be wasting your time.

You can always choose to opt out of your budget. It is impossible to separate the two.

Optimize the campaign for Google Partners. Instead, optimize the campaign for Google Partners.

Google Search is the exact same search engine used in Google Partners advertising.

Google Display Network

Google Display Network is the third component of Google advertising. It represents

Advertisement with banners on websites that use Google AdSense Google AdSense

Google Ads allows websites to place Google Ads on their website.

Displayed next to the website’s content. An ad appears when a user visits a site.

In the designated place by the website owner.


It is possible to create unique campaigns for Google Search or Google Display.

Networks and networks require different optimization elements. This is why it is highly recommended

You can create different advertising campaigns for each type of advertising. You can create a

Campaign with Google AdWords: You can opt in for either one or both.

Although it may seem easier to use the same campaign on both networks, you should keep in mind that

these networks require different approaches. If you want to optimize the effectiveness of your campaigns,

To maximize the impact of every campaign, it is important to tailor campaigns for at least two networks.


There are many options when it comes time to choose which advertising network to use.

These are based primarily on where your ad will appear.


Search Network, including Search Partners, tries to match search queries with relevant ads.

This type of advertising allows you to place text ads. This type of advertising is called text ads.

Campaign is recommended in cases where your ad would appear in search results.

Results only if users search for terms that are related to your business

Google Display Network allows ads to be matched with content on the website.

This campaign offers targeting options that allow you to target specific demographic groups and pages.

You can specify the topics in which you would like your ad appear. Formats of ads

Display Network offers text, image and rich media as well as video ads. This is a type of

Advertising is recommended for those advertisers who have more experience using AdWords program.

Also, if you wish to increase the interest of online users and improve your position

brand. Product placement is one type of campaign that Display Advertising can benefit from.



All options available for advertising: Google Search (including Search Partners), and Display

Network is often recommended to beginners who don’t know how or if they should.

Benefit from a specific type of advertising This will allow you to maximize your reach.

Your campaign should target both users who use the online search engine as well as users who are not.

You are simply browsing the internet and visiting other websites. You can choose to use both.

Budget is distributed across both networks. Text, image, rich media and

Video ads

Campaign subtypes

You will need to select from different types of subtypes when creating a campaign.

campaign. Keep in mind that Google Search, Google Search with Display Network and Google Search are two different things.

Display Network only campaign does not include subtypes such as “Standard” or “All features”, but it does contain “Standard”, and “All features” versions.

Only the subtype “All features” is available.

The standard subtype is a better option for beginners because it offers fewer options.

settings. This campaign type includes basic bidding, location targeting and basic bidding.

Budget settings, location targeting, common ad extensions.

You can also choose to customize your campaign.

You should choose the “All features” campaign for more options and campaign settings.

subtype. This option gives you access to experimental and social settings that are more advanced than the standard.

Advanced location options, advanced keyword matching, scheduling and ad delivery methods


Types of special campaigns

Additional campaign types are available that can be used for specific purposes and are called

Specialized campaign types

* Dynamic Search Ads are only available with Search Network. This type of advertising is not available elsewhere.

Instead of using keywords to target ads, you can use your website content. These ads are

Displayed as text ads with title, content, and landing page selected dynamically

From your website.

* Mobile apps – This type of campaign can only be done with Display Network.

Mobile applications allow you to display images and text ads.

* Remarketing – To show your ads in text, images, or video.

Remarketing is a way to reach people who have visited your site before.


Display Network is the only way to access this subtype of campaign. This type is used

Advertising is basically showing your ads to people who have visited before.

Your website should be designed to increase the brand’s influence.

* Engagement – This type of campaign allows interactive rich media ads formats.

Display Network campaign only. This is helpful if you wish to use different

Instead of using text ads, media formats can be used to promote your brand.

Although it is possible to switch between campaign types, this should not be the case.

Certain settings and features may be affected.

When you switch to another type. This could also impact the campaign’s performance.

Only some changes can be made between campaign types.



Google AdWords



4. Google AdWords account

To begin using Google’s advertising program, the first thing you should do is create an account.

Google AdWords Account. Visit the website: https://www.google.com/adwords/ to do so.

To proceed, you’ll need to create a Google account.

If you have a Google Account, log in to your account and click “Sign In”.

In the upper right corner of the page, click on “In”. After entering your password, you will be asked for confirmation.

You will then be redirected back to your Google AdWords Account.

You can create and track campaigns using several tabs in your account.

Advertising program. Let’s start with the home tab. Here you will find all the information.

All details about the campaigns that you are currently running. You can track clicks and impressions

You can compare performance graphs with different metrics such as clicks, budget, and more.

vs. impressions, CTR vs. costs, etc. This overview shows the account activity.


The second tab in the Google AdWords Account provides information about the campaigns that you are involved with.

Running, so you’ll use this tab to monitor AdWords campaigns. You can also use this tab to monitor AdWords campaigns.

This section contains detailed information about the campaign in terms of clicks and CTR. This section of the website contains detailed information about the campaign, including clicks, CTR, costs and so on.

You can access your settings, ad groups and keywords by creating an account. To access the settings, ad groups, keywords, etc. use the menu to the left

You can view the details of the campaign. You can also monitor campaigns using the following link:

You can choose a specific time period (e.g. last week or last month) or a custom time.


The default page for the Google AdWords campaign tab is typically set to Campaign tab.

This is the page that you will see when you log in to your account.


This tab is called Opportunities and does not display any information until you have at

You must have at least one campaign open, and you must submit billing information. The

Opportunities offer personalized suggestions to your account that will improve your performance.

Your campaign should be focused on new keywords, budget options, and improving bids.


The last tab lists the tools that you can use to optimize your campaign.

Monitoring the results. Google Analytics allows you to track conversions by setting

Goals.Keyword Planner will assist with keyword selection, while Ad Preview & Diagnosis will be helpful.

This tool will show you the appearance of your ads within search results.

Before publishing ads, make sure to review them.


Google AdWords account settings

Access your account before you begin working with Google AdWords campaign campaigns

Settings to create account preferences that will allow you to track and manage your data.

Monitoring your campaigns. You will find the option to access the dropdown menu at the upper right

corner of your account

To access your account settings, click on “Account Settings” and select the preferences that apply to you.



Access to your account

This section of account settings allows for you to add users who will be able manage your account.

question. This is especially useful when more than one person manages the account.

One AdWords account. You can manage different campaign groups from the same place. One account

It will be designated as primary and will have administrative access. You can add other users by clicking here

You can select from different levels which will affect what you see in your account.

* Administrative access – The user has the ability to manage all aspects of the account.

* Standard Access – Users can make changes to campaigns.

* Only view campaigns and can create reports with read-only access

* Email-only access: The user can receive only alerts and reports by email.

Accounts linked

The second section of the settings allows you to optimize your campaigns, and provide even more support.

You can get better insight into campaign efficiency by linking to other Google accounts such as Google Plus

Analytics account, Google Webmaster Tools, or Google Play

Notification settings

You can set up alerts to choose the campaign data that will be sent to your email each week.

This is a great option if your campaign needs to be monitored regularly and you wish to be kept informed.

Learn about any changes that could affect the performance of your campaign.


This is where you can choose your primary email address, number format, and language

Preferences, as well the time zone. It is strongly recommended that you choose the time zone.

Time that will be displayed on your account statistics and reports.

Modalities for billing

Before you create a campaign or even begin creating it, you can add ad billing information.

You can also choose to do it later. You can access these settings by using the same drop-down.

You will find the menu in the upper right corner. Choose from:

* Country or territory in which the billing address is located

* Type of account (individual or business)

* Enter your name and address


* Payment method (automatic or manually)

* Information about credit or debit cards

* Billing communication language

* I accept the terms and conditions

Other options

Other options are available under the “Campaign tab” of your account. These include:


Library shared

You can create settings that can be shared with multiple campaigns and ad groups.

This option is recommended. This option allows you to create bid strategies, budgets, and shared ads.


Bulk operation

This option allows for automation of certain parts of your account in various ways. You can automate, for example,

Automated rules can be used to manage a campaign, schedule ads or upload bulk files.

You can bulk edit and create keywords. You also have scripts and bulk edits.


You can save and create reports to help you analyze your campaigns as you monitor them.

The performance of specific keywords and ads. The report can be downloaded or emailed. You can download the report or email it.


You should go to the campaign you wish to create a report for and click the button to get there.

The report setting.

Account limitations

There are certain limitations that you need to keep in mind when it comes campaign, ads, and keyword management.

mind. It is important to mention this even though most advertisers never reach these limits.

them. You can have as many as:

* 10,000 campaigns (this includes both active and paused campaigns).

* 20,000 ad groups per campaign

* 20,000 targeted items per adgroup (such as keywords and placements)

Audience lists

* 300 image/gallery advertisements

* 50 text ads and non-image/gallery ads for each ad group


* 4,000,000 active ads or paused ads per Account

* 5,000,000 ad group targeting items (such as keywords and placements) per account

Audience lists

* 1,000,000 campaign targeting items per account (such geo-target and campaignlevel negative keywords).

* Up to 500 locations targets per campaign (targeted or excluded).

Campaign proximity targets

* 20 shared negative placement lists per account

* 65,000 placements per negative placement list

* 11,000 shared budgets for each account

* 20 shared negative keywords lists per account

* 5,000 keywords per negative keyword list



Google AdWords

Account Structure


5. Google AdWords Account Structure

Learn about every aspect of AdWords before you begin working with AdWords

You have many options to optimize your work. To fully comprehend the AdWords account,

structure. This will not only help you organize your campaign but will also help you to grasp the basics of structure.

How AdWords works and how to manage and create effective campaigns.

AdWords Program is made up of three layers. They represent different levels of AdWords program.

The account.


One account can be associated with one email address, one password, and billing information. Even

You can still grant access to other users by using account access settings.

Accounts are always linked to one email address that is considered primary.


You can create campaigns by logging into your account. Each campaign has its own settings

Budget, which will help you decide how much to spend on this particular item.

campaign as well as the place and time your ad will appear.

If you have multiple products or services, it is a good idea to create different campaigns.

Advertise what you are looking for, and how you would like to maximize reach.

You can use the same product or service to create a different product. If you were a clothing company, for example, you might create

Different campaigns for men’s, women’s and childrens clothing. You basically have to

You can separate the products into different campaigns so you can use different settings.

Optimize the campaign to maximize click through rates

Each campaign can have a limited number of ad group.

Ad group

An ad group is an assortment of related or similar ads and keywords. Ad groups allow you to focus on specific keywords and ads.

Different products can be included in the same product. If you have created different products,

Campaigns for different types clothing would be focused on one type of clothing within an advertisement.

Ad group. You would create an ad group if the campaign was intended to promote women’s clothing.

groups for dresses, trousers, T-shirts, handbags, etc.


You must choose keywords that are relevant to your ads when you create an advertising group

Or the ad group.

Here’s a suggestion from Google on how to group products within AdWords


Even though account limits allow you to create more campaigns, they still limit your ability to place ads.

Groups and ads. A general recommendation is to create campaigns that include multiple ad groups. Each

You should place between 2 and 4 ads in your ad group. Also, you should advertise between 10 to 35 times.

keywords per ad group. This structure is recommended by Google as it’s easier to manage.

If you have a basic structure, you can manage your account. This will enable you to navigate quickly

You can access your account to monitor the performance and effectiveness of your ads.





6. Keywords

Keywords can be defined as phrases that will determine where and when your ad appears.

The keywords must match the search phrase that a user entered into a search engine. This will allow you to easily search for the keywords that match your query.

Search engines match the phrase to search engines and display ads that are closely related.

It is used in the search query.

Keywords are essential for creating ads using Google AdWords.

They are an important part of search engine optimization (i.e. Organic reach.

What keywords do you use?

You must use Google to make your ad show up in search results related to your business.

Keywords that best match these queries are the best. A list of keywords will be provided by Google.

You will create an AdWords account. The amount of money that you are

Willing to pay for clicks on these keywords.

Google Partner Sites and Google Search are based on the information that Google Search displays.

The search query. The ads that appear will be closely related to your search query. If you are interested in this search query, please let us know.

Google Display Network is an advertising platform that allows you to display ads using keywords.

Match the content of the webpage where the ad is displayed.

Advertising is a way to get people interested in your business.

You need keywords that are related to them in order to convert them into customers.

Your business. You must have an online shop that sells equipment for players of tennis.

To reach potential customers, use keywords that relate to tennis. It is not useful

You should not use keywords that aren’t related to your campaign. This will result in no profits.

Types of keyword matching

Understanding keywords is essential to understand the working of keywords.

Matching options. Matching options can be used in conjunction with keywords in ads to determine where they should be placed.

The ad will be displayed by the search engine. This will allow you to limit your target audience.

To maximize your campaign’s potential, increase the efficiency of your ads.

However, a poor matching option could limit your campaign.

It can have a negative impact on its performance. You should monitor keywords to find out.

Which matching option yields the best results?


You can use the keyword phrase “tennis gear” in an AdWords Campaign.

You should decide whether to focus on this phrase only or if you want it to be used in conjunction with other keywords.

You can use phrases like “equipment to play tennis”, “buy tennis equipment online”, and others. You can purchase tennis equipment online.

This can be determined by using various matching options for keyword. There are five possible matching options

There are many to choose from

Broad match

Your ad will be displayed in the event you select a broad match.

Searches include synonyms, related variations, and misspelled words. This is the essence of what it means.

It is the most complete matching type available, and it offers many variations. Therefore,

Your ad will appear when someone searches for “equipment to tennis” (relevant variant).

“tennis equipement” (misspelled word), etc.

This option is automatically set when you create campaigns. Broad match is highly recommended.

You don’t want to spend a lot of time creating a list keywords that will be used as an exact match.

To avoid your ad being seen by broad match, use negative keywords

Being shown in irrelevant searches and gaining lots of visitors that you won’t be able to


Broad match modifier

You can add a modifier by using the plus sign (+) on your keyboard.

keyword. You can, for example, type +tennis or +equipment. Broad match is when you select

Modifier option: Your ad won’t be displayed for synonyms and related searches. It will instead be shown for synonyms and related searches.


Only appear if a search query contains modified terms that you have specified in the campaign


Broad match modifiers are recommended if you wish to improve the relevancy of your search.

This will allow you to add queries to your ad but it will result in lower traffic than if the broad match was used.

Match Phrase

You can target users searching for exactly the phrase you choose by choosing the phrase match option

Keyword or phrase People who use the keyword or phrase will see your ad.

Additional words may be added before or after the phrase. For the phrase, you should use quotation marks

You may want to use the phrase match. Your ad will look better if you use phrases like “tennis equipment”.

This phrase will be displayed to users searching for it, as well to users who type “buy”.

Tennis equipment” or “tennis gear for children”.

This option is recommended if you wish to increase your targeting options and reduce your target list.

target group. This will reduce the traffic you receive but it will still be a good idea.

This will help you reach the right customers and increase your conversions.

Match exact

If you wish the ad only to be displayed when someone searches for it, Exact Match is used

The exact keyword. You don’t want to add modifiers or other words.

You can then exclude any related searches by removing keywords from your keyword list. It is important to surround yourself with

Keyword with brackets such as “tennis equipment” Your ad will be displayed with exact match option

Only the exact phrase in brackets will be displayed.

When users click on “buy tennis equipment” or the “tennis equipment to buy for children”, they will be taken to the Tennis Equipment Store.

This option is recommended if you are looking to target specific ads.

This will reduce the number users who see your ad.

Negative matches

If you don’t want the ad to appear for certain terms, negative match can be used.

Before you exclude words, use a minus sign (-). Be careful

Negative matches should not be chosen as you should exclude keywords only when they are relevant.

You must be absolutely certain that your ad will not appear in those searches. Also,

Keep in mind that ads might be displayed for synonyms and other variants of the negative match.

Negative match is recommended in order to filter traffic and stop the ad from appearing in.

Unrelated searches can reduce unwanted clicks. General recommendation

Google will use negative match to block your ad from appearing in searches that are not relevant to you.


Not convert. If you are selling a product or service to customers, for example, you should use a

Keyword “free” is a negative match for those looking for a version of the keyword.

Your customers will not be drawn to your product or service. Other than “free”, words like

Depending on your definition, “course”, “class” or “job”, could also be considered negative keywords.


It is important to understand the differences between these match options as they allow you to be more creative.

You can control who sees your ad. Broad match options will display your ad.

People search for the exact word as well as misspelled words and phrases that are different order.

Match will only show your ads if the keyword is actually searched for. The first option is more popular.

It expands the target audience and increases the number of searches.

The difference is significant. The second option, on the other hand offers greater control over costs

It helps limit the number of people who can see your ads. However, it generates fewer clicks because it lowers the volume.

There are many searches.

Google suggests starting with one of these options if you’re in a quandary about which option to choose.

Broad match is a great way to maximize your potential for your ad appearing in search results

results. You should monitor the campaign closely to see if it is working.

The best option is the best. If you have multiple ad groups to run, consider using different matching options

So you can compare the results. After organizing several campaigns, you will be able to compare the results.

You have enough experience to be able to use your common sense when deciding which keyword phrase to use

Combination with a specific matching option. The most important thing is to choose the appropriate matching option

This will allow you to increase your ROI.