# The Five Types of EMAIL

Figure 1.6 Hotels.com email to convert

Write This Down: Customers are more likely to buy something else from you

company as soon as they have completed the initial purchase. (Source: DMA)

If you’re looking for the top seller in this area you should take a look at Amazon.

The email that is shown on Figure 1.7 is a great example of not just communicating a purchase

as well as inviting feedback and making someone eligible for an up-sell, cross-sell or up-sell.

Conversion emails do an excellent job of creating a sense of a real reciprocal connection between customers and companies. This can be paired with the current positive feeling of a

The customer receives when they purchase something they enjoy You have the potential for a win-win scenario.

12CHAPTER 1: Understanding EMAIL Marketing Today #

Figure 1.7 Use email from Amazon


Like usage emails the loyalty emails are only sent after a transaction or sale is completed.

exchanged in between your client. It’s the difference that emails are a powerful tool for communication

The customer is encouraged to use the product or service that they bought, and the emails encourage customers to share their experience with their friends and family. This allows

Make the most of profit from “high” of purchasing something they like to create the power of viral marketing.

The emails that are branded as loyalty have a longer duration. They must be kept by someone

Engaged with either your service or product throughout the entire duration of your connection with them (or

until it’s time make your new purchase).


# The Five Types of EMAIL

What is the significance of this kind of email? crucial? There is one thing that is certain: It has more than 41

emails that are snaking into your customer’s inbox every day and you’ll need a loyalty email to

Keep your brand in the forefront of your consumers’ minds.

The purpose of loyalty emails is straightforward: maintain your business and the company’s

A sense of value at the at the top of their minds. They are often referred to as e-newsletters they don’t promote and they are a celebration!

My email newsletter every month is an essential element of cutting down on attrition and driving excitement.

Richard Maggiotto, CEO, Zinio

VIVmag is a lifestyle magazine for women. VIVmag does a great job of building loyalty

emails in between issues. In the email in Figure 1.8 You will see that there are

Content isn’t too commercial, but rather focuses on creating relationships and

informing readers that they have made the right choice when they purchased the product and service at the first place.

Figure 1.8 Emails to customers from VIV

14CHAPTER 1: CONSENT EMAIL Marketing Today #

The Three Key Points to Remember

Before we get to discuss the economic impact that email marketing could affect your company, we’ll review what you’ve learned to date:

* Email was not initially developed as a marketing tool It was a method to establish real-time communication that broke down geographical barriers.

* The email message, in the consumer’s perspective, is not about advertising; it’s about personal significance. Personal

Business and personal messages are merged within an inbox. They compete to be noticed based on the way

in a positive way, they could positively affect the reader’s lives.

* After everything is done successful email marketing doesn’t begin with the most beautiful design.

created message. It begins by delivering one of the five kinds of emails delivered to the consumer’s

inbox, and triggering the appropriate reaction from the user.

Understanding the economic impact of Email

Let’s talk about money. You’ll learn the fundamentals throughout this

Book and mail marketing can be a strenuous and high-energy task. Do you think it is an impact?


We have a tip to be sharing with us here: Email is driving your offline and online

growth! It’s true. While many marketers have been focussed on sales and revenue being

generated by other channels, like other channels, such as Web or stores, and even direct-response television ads,

It is email that has changed over time to become”the “super internet user.”

It is the most efficient marketing tool for companies

today. For instance, there are marketers that leverage subscriber behavior and then use this data to

segment and target their clients to mailers that are nine times more effective on the table than peers who just broadcast. Direct Marketing Association reports that their subscribers are nine times more profi table than broadcasters. Direct Marketing Association reports

that every dollar spent on email marketing generates an additional $48 revenues. It’s a distinct

A study conducted of 2008 conducted by Datran Media found that 80 percent of marketers believe that emails are important to them.

Their top-performing media purchase ahead of display and search advertisements.

The lesson is not to consider the utility of email only as an opportunity to communicate.

of earning money; you could also make use of email to cut down on operating costs.

For instance, broker firm Charles Schwab discovered that by the sending out of

personalized market-day summary of the end of the day to their customers within 90 minutes from the end of the market.

Record This Information: Customers who have been subscribed to receive marketing email messages from your business will spend an average of 170 percent more than who are not in your database of marketing that aren’t

receiving emails. (Source: Ogilvy)


Test your knowledge

Market call can cut down on the huge amount of calls coming into their call centers.

Schwab sends out hundreds of thousands of customized emails to its clients, containing information on the portfolios they have and pertinent information about their holdings.

Since launching the campaign in this manner, Schwab cut back on the number of calls (costing from $5 to $10).

each) and increased the reliability of its customers on the internet by over 30 percent. To

To date, this program has brought an additional $635 in professional to each subscriber for the year.

The company.

While Schwab enhanced profi tability it primarily used email to reduce costs.

reduction lever, but not solely an income generator. To comprehend the different strategies are available,

and time you should invest and effort you should put into your email marketing campaigns first know

What the significance that an email account to your business.

Write This down: Based on an email that contained 4.1 million messages and standard responses, the value

An active email address of an active email address is $118.09. (Source: Email Experience Council ROI calculator)

It is possible to calculate this number using a variety of methods using the following methods:

Acquisition Cost as Email Address Value A simple method to determine the value of an email address is to determine its value.

address is to make use of the cost of getting that address is to use the cost of acquiring that. The flipping of that cost into positive

value will reveal the worth of the email address.

Monetary Value per Client A different common method used by retailers to establish the value of an email

value is to consider the financial value of that value is to look at the monetary value of that. By using the annual total spending of

An email subscriber will be able to highlight the amount they spend. The total revenue generated through your subscribers’ emails by quantity of email recipients can show you with the information needed to make a decision.

with an individual revenue number per subscriber to utilize as a proxy for the value.

Are you ready to take the first step? We’re, too. However, we can help you reinforce the things you’ve learned

About email marketing to date the email marketing we’ve seen so far. We’re closing this chapter and the subsequent chapters with the conclusion of

A brief self-test.

Test Your Knowledge

We’ve thrown a whole lot of terms and information at you. You can check your progress by checking the number of questions you are able to answer correctly. Score of 4 out of 4.

Four of them will ensure that you’re on your way to success in email marketing.

The percent of the U.S. online consumer population mentions email as their top choice of communication.

Why do they connect to the Internet?

* Who is credit with the creation of email in 1972? What is the date?

What are the five functions of email? What are the five roles of email?

* This is one method you can gauge the impact on your business of email marketing



# THE CRITICAL FIVE Elements of Every Email You create


The Five Essential

Elements of Every

Email You Create

In the very first chapter, we looked at the different kinds of categories.

of emails you of emails you send of email messages you will send use, conversion of emails, of the types of emails you send: awareness, consideration, conversion, usage, and loyalty. This

The chapter is focused on the most important components to take into consideration

For any of these types in the design of an email

campaign. To become an experienced marketer of emails,

It is important to know how to keep improving your outcomes in the course of time. This chapter can help you to do this, and

We hope that it becomes one you bookmark

Future reference.

Chapter Contents

Making Brand Impact

Incorporating intelligence into your design

The driving force behind the Purchase

Creating Transactional/Service Messages

Adding Viral Marketing Elements

18CHAPTER 2: THE 5 Elements of every email you create #

Making Brand Impact

What brand influence will your email have on the brand? No matter the goal of your

In your email and one thing is certain that the email you send will have an impact

to be influenced by the power of your brand’s image. If the impact is positive,

your email program can boost credibility and build a sense of confidence with your customer and is one of the major elements of brand value. This brings you one step towards

to engage with the people in your company. If the impact is negative it could be that you be a victim

Your company has completely destroyed the likelihood that a reader will never ever have to do business with your business again.

What is the strength of a brand? The lessons of history, Matey

When captain John Smith looked out the port side of the ship the captain could feel his heart beat faster.

Land! He saw land! What an amazing feeling. He knew it was only going to be a matter of time

before he could look at his newborn daughter once more before he could kiss her again and hold his daughter within his arms. Captain

John Smith turned and walked across the deck of the vessel.

When he gazed out on the front of the vessel and saw his heart beat faster. This time, however it was to

There is a different reason. Here’s what he observed:

There are no phrases, no taglines or even a sound. It’s just an image for a brand. The image quickly became a part of the brand.

In the captain’s mind at the captain’s head: the captain’s head was ablaze with death. The pirate’s brand was quite evident: “We are here

We will kill and rob to rob and kill you. We’ll succeed. Also, with each success we achieve, our name will continue to grow stronger.”

The scenario we shared with you could have happened years before the email was sent.

even existed. It is, however, the most clear illustration of the reach and power of a brand’s existing influence that we could imagine. The expectation of the brand and the influence is the most powerful and influential.

The way that your email is delivered to the reader’s inbox. It’s no any different. When you first see of a company’s name

The logo or viewer or logo, the reader will form a set of assumptions about the intended purpose or the logo.

quality of the information of the content of the. This is an essential component for every

the email marketing professional to be remembered. Design of emails can enhance your overall brand image

and the brand equity of your company can influence the level of engagement with your email marketing campaigns. The two are inextricably linked.



Write This down: Ninety percent of users use email to interact with and evaluate the worth of an

Relationship with the company.

The Determination of How Much Brand Equity Your Emails Have

Every email that gets into an inbox will receive some form of consideration. Typically,

The recipient can look at the From name and/or text line of the subject to figure out if the recipient is

It is highly recommended to open the message either immediately, in the future, or even not at all. While many studies have

The study was conducted to find out if more research is being given to the From

Name or subject line but their findings aren’t conclusive. There are many factors at play.

For instance, the device where emails are read and the surroundings

where emails are read have an impact on determining which of these two is important

The areas of the email get areas of the email receive attention. However, it is important to determine the extent to which brand equity

the emails you currently send out are a crucial part of your marketing via email


A Heatmap to Determine Your Current Brand Equity

It’s virtually impossible to assess the brand’s equity “live” method; instead, it’s almost impossible to determine brand equity in a live manner.

You must develop tests. One method that is cost-effective to determine the brand’s equity is to conduct an eye-tracking exercise called heatmapping. This method involves the sample of users are exposed to an email inbox that contains several messages. The message is then analyzed.

where they examine different items in the mail and the amount of time they spend looking at the inbox and how long

The amount of time spent looking at each are observed by recording the watching behaviour by using eye tracking

machines. The results are then aggregated and a heatmap is generated that clearly shows the zones

of influence. It is essentially a way to determine the amount of time people look at your

information to determine if they will be interested in your company’s contents to see if they’re interested in your. Though you are unable to calculate the amount of brand equity that you have with the customers based on this but you can figure out

whether your brand’s image resonates with your audience. Also, whether it has an equity or value.

In the example in Figure 2.1 In Figure 2.1, you can observe how people deal with the inbox

for a sequence of emails that were sent.

No matter what type of messages in this inbox it is the brand name that of business always draws attention. Brand names that are well-known and popular create a strong brand recognition

equity in their targeted sector. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your knowledge in a particular area, you could do so by acquiring

and a well-known business and a well-known company in the same sector and a well-known business in the sector, and you didn’t know what

the text is contained inside the email, would you not give more thought to opening it compared to opening an email?

from an unidentified sweepstakes verifi from an unknown sweepstakes verifi

20CHAPTER 2: The FIVE Elements that make up every email you create #

Figure 2.1 A heatmap for the inbox

The price of these services could range between the range of a few thousand dollars per test up to more than $100,000 per year based on the scale of the study, and the

Specific audience requirements for your audience and the amount of tests you would like to conduct. But,

even if you choose to conduct an insignificant research, we’ll guarantee you that the investment is worth even if you only do a small study. If you choose to do

If you choose to go ahead with the idea of heatmapping, let us give you a cautionary note: Although many companies claim to offer heatmapping, you must inquire as to which ones you will receive.

What this means is. This section (and throughout the entire book) we talk about heatmapping as what

services offered by businesses that actually collects the refl the ection of retinas of viewers.

activities as they browse websites. Certain companies will claim they offer heatmap services, however they will be doing it by collecting click activity and displaying heatmaps

of the places of where people click. Though that data is valuable of the places people click, it’s not what you’re looking for.

A successful heatmapping research relies on the outcomes of being able capture

the place people go at and the order in which the elements of your website are displayed. currently there is a difference in the order that visitors look at your page and the

The top two companies that offer global heatmapping and mapping services are the two largest companies providing heatmapping services in the world.

Eyetracking (www.thinkeyetracking.com) and Eyetools (www.eyetools.com).



How important is understanding brand equity?

Knowing the brand’s reputation prior to designing your email marketing strategy is crucial.

It tells you what kind of challenge you’ll have to overcome in order to open your email it let you know that

by itself. The success of your marketing emails depends on how well you get

Your emails are opened. A company with an insufficient degree of brand awareness or equity (aka

You can trust that) is that it will have less open rates. A major mistake made by people who are new to email marketing

Make is to believe that your offer is the most important element of your campaign’s design. The most crucial element of your marketing campaign is going be influenced by the degree of

Brand recognition and equity. If nobody is open to your email, it’s because they aren’t aware of it or

Be confident in your brand. If you don’t, your email marketing campaign will not be successful.

What To Do When Your Brand Equity is At a Low

When your equity in the brand isn’t high It’s likely due to either of the following reasons.

* Our company is brand new and doesn’t have a well-known brand. It’s Y

* Our brand is associated with the impression of trust and low value. The brand is a sign of low value.

The new companies face an interesting problem. They have a low level of brand value simply because they’re not well-known product. It is not a matter of whether a company is a brand new participant in

An existing field (for instance, a brand newly opened retail shop) or a brand-new business that introduces a new

Concept in the world (for instance when ATM cards first appeared to market) It was a

must use the same methods like a company already in existence which has low levels equity

with the consumers base.

The main point is that If your brand equity isn’t high the approach you take to emails must be

quite different from if it is different than if it were much different from if it was. You cannot be sure your email being secure

open rates, you’ll have to concentrate on building the brand’s credibility and establish a relationship in the event of an open rate.

People are signing up to the email services you offer. In this scenario the combination of the preference center as well as an email to welcome them is essential. This is on the webpage on which someone is

in the process of providing the email address of your choice, you must clearly explain the choices for email addresses

The frequency of their messages they send out; this can help build the trust and credibility of their customers. Follow-up with the welcome email which clearly outlines the benefits

in exchange for consenting to receive emails. The expected frequency of the emails will also assist in increasing


Write This down: Don’t look for a huge return when there is little brand equity or brand awareness.

Travel and leisure businesses appear to be at the bottom in the process of building equity

improvement programs for enhancement. American Airlines is one of the best of the bunch in terms of

to strengthen brand equity by using its preferences center and welcome emails. As you

As you can as seen in the figure 2.2 In Figure 2.2, the airline adheres to all the essential best practices.

22CHAPTER 2: The FIVE Elements that make up every email you create #

Figure 2.2 American Airlines preference center

Incorporating intelligence into your design

After you’ve cleared your inbox and your mail is opened, your brand’s reputation will be boosted.

remains crucial. Every time a user open an email they are setting expectations for

offer or content that are based on previous online and offline brand experiences. Your role at this point

The idea is the goal is to create a feeling that you’ve read their minds you anticipate exactly what they

need. This is the challenge you’ll need to prepare for when you step into in the realm of emails

marketing. What can you do to be prepared?

Essential Elements of Intelligent E-Mail

To create an effective email, it is essential that you begin with an knowledge of the reality of consumers. What is the definition of reality for consumers? It’s what consumers are thinking or expecting.

When they get your when they open your. The email is not the thing that your marketing department, or anyone else are reading,

Work for your company work for your company, imagine what that it will happen.

Keep in mind the four essential aspects of an effective email when creating a marketing plan for email:

* Don’t think that the mail recipient is aware of the TV or printed advertisement. Cute

extensions of a TV ad or print advertisement in an email, with no any reference to the original advertisement may confuse the viewer and damage the reputation of the company. Once, a high-tech company

A business-to business (B2B) campaign. The campaign featured an amusing TV commercial that showed an

forklifts emptying rooms full of servers in preparation for the future server.

The company responded with an email containing the forklift in a photograph by

by itself, right next to the logo of the company. The moment this was delivered to recipients’ inboxes, it was the

People wanted to know if the firm was currently selling forklifts.


# Designing with Intelligence

* Your email recipient won’t have time to read all of your messages. Jeanniey was once taught this by a friend.

the hard method. She founded the organization she started was called it is called the Email Experience Council (EEC),

Sends out weekly emails every week. Every week, the team would be working on new content to make it appear fresh and fresh. They didn’t realize that those that

The people who receive these emails live their lives. Some weeks, recipients were on vacation .

Didn’t open their EEC email, and other times they were off with illness or at work on an

big project. It is true that once the EEC staff realized that there was a need for crucial messages and opportunities

They received low responses, so they tried some experiments. The average email user had to get a crucial message within three emails in succession in order to be effective.

go through the content one time and this got the most response. Recalling that

The fact that your email reader doesn’t have time to read your emails is a difficult fact to accept however, it’s a fact that you must accept.

It pays off in it pays off in the end.

* The copy you have in your email may not be working. This is among our top elements that we use to

Share with others. In most cases either you or your copywriters are working hard to make sure that you share your message with others.

The text flows well and has a rhythm it that energises your readers. The email is well-written and flows.

Copy is poetic, don’t you think? But, if the text you’re employing in your email is poetic, then it’s a good thing.

Not aligned with the terms people type in when they go to your site do not match with the search terms people are using when they visit your site,

We are not seeing the importance. For instance in the year 2000, when IBM first announced its laptops,

It decided to name it decided to call them it decided to call them ThinkPads. It was a name that offered IBM an image of a competitive advantage. A lot of marketing spoke to the product as a whole.

as an “ThinkPad,” not as an actual laptop computer. However, outside of the IBM walls, it is referred to

A person was searching for a laptop via the Web for all or the IBM

website, they mostly searched for the word laptop. Because the ThinkPads weren’t

Laptops are often referred to as laptops. the search results were tinny.

Note: Place your bookmark in the book below and contact the person with your results from the search engine. Check out the results to see the way

How closely they line up.

The words you find from your search box on your website, or by way of advertisements

Search, refer to and elucidate the terms that people use to identify with the brand. Make sure to keep this in

your mind while creating email copy can shift the message’s impact up

A few notches higher through creating synergy the text your reader reads and what they read

They were thinking.

If this is the first time that your email is read, it might not appear within the email inbox. This is because of the

the proliferation of devices that users carry with them to improve their digital lives,

There is a greater possibility that your email may not be the first time the first place

The email inbox. The email inbox. RSS alert could be sent to readers or an SMS alert could

can be sent to a mobile device, such as a BlackBerry, iPhone, or any other handheld device can

24CHAPTER 2: THE 5 Elements that are essential to every email You create a #

You can hold the message, or the message could be sent to a social media application. Handheld devices handle emails differently than your inbox on a computer. This can result in difficulties with reading and clicking. This is in addition to

the specific challenges of devices, users who read “on on the on the go” typically tend to

A distinct degree of attention and attention on their messages. In keeping these factors in mind

Your mind is a resource for you.

A 2007 study conducted by JupiterResearch asked the public about the technologies they’d previously used

Year for personal communications, in lieu of email:

* Eighteen percent stated social networks.

* Twenty-seven percent of respondents said SMS texting as a method of communication.

The current rate is 4.4% of people who email within the United States subscribe to RSS feeds.

When you are creating content, be aware of the size limitations as well as the capacity to read, or

Interact with messages, or simply the attention paid to the message’s content

The way you read “on the go” All of these factors play a part in the way that the reader absorbs the email message.

Utilizing This Information to your Profit

To make sure you get the most advantage from the knowledge we have shared thus far, we would like to share some of our insights with you.

I would like to invite you to begin to think about your email marketing campaigns in a different way. Do not make assumptions about your email campaigns.

the email you send will be seen by the person who reads it in the inbox, from where they

will give your message complete your message’s full. Many users are taking their time reading email on an

mobile-friendly environment. Additionally, it is recommended to suppose that when you receive an

When they receive an email from your company the company, they may have been exposed to or heard of your business through

another media element. Perhaps it was your site or an ad banner that you placed on another media element.

search. Yes, when you are designing your email marketing strategy, begin with the assumption that prior to

If your email has been delivered, the recipient might be inflicted with other media that relate to the specific product or service whether via mobile or search. Additionally,

suppose that after they have get your email, they’re not likely to purchase at once and

visit the Web to look for reviews from customers, products that are competitive visit the Internet to find customer reviews, competitor products, and more.

Use these ideas to move your email program one level and

make an email that is a hit with the reader and is not only effective, but also insightful. When you’re done,

When you are reading the next section that follows, you’ll be able to do so, therefore, continue studying.

Integration of Search/Email/Display

Not only will recipients have expectations of the email based on its appearance.

At from name as well as Subject line however, once they open the page they can read the text



with preconceived notions about what they might or may not have experienced through other

advertising and marketing elements that the company is running.

You may not be aware that you are the one who holds the key to appearing like the real deal.

You can be a rock star in your client’s mind by integrating your email application with your search engine

and show and display. There are two methods to getting this to happen by establishing

with your own in-house company or with the display ads you have created. The choice is yours. This is the place to be.

is how they function.

Beginning with your In-House File

To make it easier to visualize the process, imagine that you’re mailing an email message to food enthusiasts:

1. If an email is received from you, leave an anonymous, non-personally identifiable

the tracking cookie on their personal computer (not identical to the cookie that you use to identify

whether or not an email was opened).

2. If this user goes to your website’s search engine, runs an online lookup, or presses on a

If you view a display advertisement, you’ll discover what they are engaged with (for instance, the fried

Chicken recipes).

3. Make use of this information, which includes the search terms they have used to search, and/or the

copy of the banner that they clicked to create an active content block your next

home email account that gives them access to the information they’ve been searching for

(for instance, “New fried chicken recipes are now are available.”)

Beginning with External Intelligence

The procedure is the same as the previous one, however it starts with the dropping of the cookies

the search landing pages , and/or the display ads on those pages:

1. If the user goes to your site’s search page, runs an online searches, or opens on a

If you look at the display ads, you can know what they are involved with (for instance for example, fry chicken


2. If they visit your site and opt-in to receive your emails, tell them what you’ve learned

It is then passed on to you and included as a included in the welcome included in the welcome. It is now possible to communicate with confidence of the welcoming email, to establish expectations and provide offers that appear to be included in the welcome email.

get inside the subscriber’s head. (For instance, “Thanks for signing up to our service.

recipe emails! We hope that you’re an avid fan of fried chicken since that is our feature

Recipe this month.”)

Figure 2.3 shows the work flow of both scenario. Based on the proprietary

The research conducted by the authors in this area, firms who employ this approach are seeing results grow by up to 300 percent in comparison to content that is not targeted.



26CHAPTER 2: The FIVE Elements that are essential to every email You create a #

5. The recipient is notified this email

and purchase as the content is displayed

to meet their current requirements.

Step 1. The user is notified an email

to which they have signed up.

Step 2: After opening the email,

A cookie (tracking pixels) is put in

on their personal computers.

Step 3: Afterwards, the user returns to the

Internet to look up the product, and it ends up

The website is now back up and running for the business from

that they are sent which they receive via email. They do a search on

the website that sells the item they are looking for.

Step 4: The business employs the search engine

the information it gathers the information it gleans to insert the information it gleans to insert

dynamic image that corresponds to the

Recent results from searches.


Figure 2.3 Integrating search and email

The driving force behind the Purchase

The content that is included in the email doesn’t provide enough. Effective emails can contribute a great deal to

Making your readers feel like they have the feeling of having a connection with your brand

the company you work for, however on their own they’re not nearly enough to turn your email into a success.

Marketing program that is that is successful.

A fascinating phenomenon is unfolding in the world of email today. It is a sign of

Marketer of emails, you must to know about it, but learn to master it. We

We have reached the level where we have reached the number of emails that we receive in our private as well as business lives

Our capacity to process the content with the highest degree of understanding.

JupiterResearch reports that the average user receives 41 emails per every day from their email inbox.

We’re going to go on a an oath to say that any person in the field of marketing via email most likely

Three times as many people receive it (on an average day). Readers of emails are now faced with a challenge

with checking their email at the speed they can regardless of when and where they

could be, just be able to catch up with the raging floods.

The unfortunate result from this flood of emails is that it’s a lot more difficult to understand.

to engage in a to have a meaningful conversation with your to have a meaningful conversation with your. The term “quality conversation” is commonly used to describe this phenomenon.

often referred to as to be known as ADD to be referred to as “email attention deficiency disorder.” It is believed that each

Write This One Down: JupiterResearch reports that 26 percent of all emails that consumers receive within their inboxes.

the primary messages in their inboxes is messages from marketing that they opt into receiving.



Three words you type into the email. Only one word gets taken in or read. It is a terrifying fact

for email marketing for consumers for marketing emails to consumers, and even more so for businesses.

Reality Check Reality Check: The Reality Check: ADD and its Impact on the industry

Here’s a short story from Jeanniey.

Following my recent acceptance of a new job and travelling on business I was contacted by a friend

The invitation to a dinner party was very warm and inviting. I was ecstatic.

The invitation was contained in an email sent as response to a discussion we were in with an email user

group. The header information was similar to this:

From: John Doe [mailto:jdoe@mymailsystems.com]

Sent to: Thursday 14 February 2008 at 10:15 pm

To: davidandjeanniey@gmail.com

Subject: Re”Inbox Insiders” So…How’d everyone react to the show?

I was so thrilled to receive the invitation I didn’t even know I was not in the right place. wasn’t

specifically, about specifically about dinner. That evening, my colleague from the same company emailed me the address as well as the time, I was

the time to make contact, he responded to the same string with identical subject matter.

In the midst of a busy schedule at my new job I decided to take a break to read the messages from the user group and then went to work

with the day. I was done with my day. afternoon, I was convinced that the man was busy and wasn’t able to make it I was

I hadn’t received an email with additional details regarding evening, therefore I came up with alternative plans.

One week later, when clearing out the old email messages, I finally went through the entire email thread, and

I was able to attend a fantastic night-time event that was organized for a bunch of us. It was a shame that I didn’t get to it.

After emailing him, I asked him to apologize for his profusely apologized by emailing an email Subject line with this subject line:

From: Jeanniey Mullen

Sent on Sunday 03 March 2008 1:29 PM

To: ‘John Doe’

Subject: I have changed this subject line

This email was sent to me as a the reply:

From: John Doe [mailto:jdoe@mymailsystems.com]

Sent to: Monday, March 03 08, 2008 at 4:48 pm

To: Jeanniey Mullen

The subject: MeetingWas: RE I have changed the subject line

We have a small convention that we employ internally. I’m supposed to use

More – when a topic (like “so how would everyone be enjoying the show”) is repurposed to an

In a different direction (like “meet for a drink”) People from MyMailSystems tend to

Change the subject line to that mentioned above, replacing it with the more pertinent one first, and then add a

dash and “WAS:” in front of the not anymore meaningful subject line.

Making the necessary changes to the subject line so that people were aware of the topic was an improvement.

Excellent suggestion and one that could have saved me time and effort. It also prevented me from missing out

an amazing evening.

28CHAPTER 2: THE 5 Elements that make up every email You create a #

Engaging in an War Against Email ADD

In this digital world In our digital age, email ADD isn’t going to improve. Knowing the effects for email ADD is just the beginning step. Understanding how to deal with it is the next step.

within the confines of constraints to deliver efficient and effective messaging is how you will make sure you are successful.

control over the conversation.

Here are three crucial techniques:

Make sure to put any new content into context before the user clicks delete. If your email

Readers have no context for the information they are reading. Your message worth is at

risk. This means, for example when the email you sent to Joe with fresh content but no notes for him to reference (reminders of previous conversations such as links, reminders and so on)

and Joe reads the emails on his BlackBerry while waiting for an express train

D.C., your message equity has decreased down to 33 per cent or lower.

However, if the message contains notes (content callsouts, links or

other details) and you have a better chance of getting your message delivered to the right person.

Be resonant and respond to.

* Define the benefits of the email to the reader in terms to the readers longer-term goals. If your email

isn’t clear and concisely explain how the message will assist the reader in achieving

their long-term goals and meet the needs of the future, they are likely to be a sign of poor understanding. Some examples are “Get access to it when you require to” or “Save this for later.” If they fail to meet

This message is for times when you’ll have to …”

Create a the language that is short and clear, and describes how your reader will be

The benefits over time, and will yield many times.

* Make use of attention nodes. A attention node can be described as a kind of formatting used within the

Emails that catch the attention of the reader. When it comes to marketing it is

The most common method is with typically, a callout button as well as an action tag/button or some other type of image. It is

A text message for personal email Attention nodes could be any inventive way to use spacing or

Character keys that in determining where focus needs to be. for

In this case, you can employ for instance, three Asterisks, for instance, (***) to signal the importance. In general the way we communicate is that we

You are lucky if you read more than the contents in the node of attention is actually read.

Combining these efforts, and using 3’s power and you’ll be successful. Based on the results of our proprietary tests that we’ve carried out over the past 10 years, we believe that three is the ideal amount of times that you need to present your message to of your readers in order to increase the effectiveness

clicks. It is also the maximum number of emails that a new subscriber must go through to decide

how long they’ll stay with the email marketing program of your company. Three is

the amount of email subscriptions an individual chooses to sign up for in the particular class.

Accepting that all emails (personal and business-related) should not be deleted.

Only fight not just reputation not only battle delivery, relevance, and reputation but now you also have to fight the battle of email ADD and knowing how to harness your power people to help you accomplish that, can give you three

the steps to take in establishing the right discussion.


# DRIVING the Purchase

Beyond the Content of Your Email What You Need to Be aware of

Once you have mastered the techniques, you will be able to fight your inbox, and get your

You have received your message, but you have a long way to go before you can achieve your goal. A fully optimized

The purpose of your email program is to remind you that the function of an email is to trigger actions at

A different location could be a physical location as well as a virtual or even a spot where someone

Imagines the world in their minds.

In any case it is important to keep in mind an important aspect here the branding.

the content you send out in your emails must be consistent with the same branding and the content on the front page of the official

destinations pages. The whole user experience has to be consistent to ensure that interest and actions are maintained.

Figure 2.4 illustrates an email sent by the cable provider Optimum. This illustrates

How doing it outside of context can make an excellent email into a low-performing performance driver.

The content that is creative in this email is compelling and clear in its message and a clear purpose. However,

If you click that link you get lost on the landing page that includes ten links, as well as the ability to click on a

A different logo that makes it feel like you’ve arrived in a totally different place and distinct


Figure 2.4 This email (top) advertises the sweepstakes and redirects you to a microsite for rewards (bottom)

with an alternative logo as well as nine other options which could make it difficult for the reader to focus.

30CHAPTER 2: The FIVE Elements that make up every email You create a #

In some instances these kinds of uncoordinated user paths have led to as much as 80 percent of the users.

percentage reduction in sales. The likelihood of abandonment is higher in cases where your reader isn’t instructed with a simple

and consistently. A way to ensure success is to keep it consistent

Between images and copy. Remember, too, the distinction between copy and images. Your email’s creative must adhere to be

The messaging and creativity should be consistent with the message of your brand’s overall message. This is the connection that binds

solid when people stop using your email to go to your retail store or website.

In certain situations this may be diffi difficult to achieve. Figure 2.5 is an illustration of a top-quality women’s digital online magazine that does an outstanding job of driving readers from one place to another and back.

Vivmag Cover

Vivmag Email

Vivmag Website

Figure 2.5 VIV is a successful way to take readers from the email page to magazines pages.

The lesson to be learned from this section is that compelling content on its own won’t be enough.

Maintain your success with your email program keep your email program running smoothly, even when it’s used with expertise and

targeting. Utilizing imagery that preserves and enhances the brand image of

Your email experience is vital.

Creating Transactional/Service Messages

You may have had an marketing coach One thing they likely advised you to do was “Hit

the message while their credit cards are in use.” While the precise and consistent blend of copy, intelligence, and creativity are essential for all email messages, there’s a certain kind of

This email allows you to wander a little away from the rigid guidelines of creative, strategic and strategic design. This email is a transactional or service-based email.



Transactional/service-based emails are not used primarily for marketing purposes. They are designed to inform or inform the recipient of an action they took

is actually happening. This is what the intention behind these messages was always more in with with

the kinds of messages that you get from the customer service department of a firm is different from those you receive from the types of messages you receive from a

marketing division. To keep this distinction intact and ensure that they are able to provide the right information in these

emails are still focused on the purpose of service The federal government has enacted an act known as the CANSPAM Act of 2003. The law took in effect on January 1 in 2004, was later modified

in effect on July 7th, 2008, it is detailed in Chapter 5, however we can summarize the changes

the most important requirement here is:

The CAN-SPAM Act mandates that businesses follow these steps:

* Label commercial email as an advertising C

* use a true and pertinent subject line U

* se a legitimate return email address U

* Provide an address that is valid and physical.

* provide a working opt-out option

* You can request an opt-out within 10 business day P

While the intention of these emails might be service-oriented, a number of clever

Marketing professionals utilize these emails to promote up-sell or cross-sell purchases. Why? It’s because,

In the mind of the reader in the reader’s mind, these messages refer to the purchase or action that has been taken.

Thus, they are more quickly read and at greater rates than advertising messages. In

In certain cases the email messages can be read by the buyer to confirm the purchaser that the purchase transaction has been completed

Was recorded in a proper manner. Can you imagine having to delete the message in your

Your preferred airline will inform you of your purchase of a flight to Hawaii and only to find out later that you have purchased a ticket.

when you get to the airport you find your ticket to Newark? Federak Express seems to have

discovered how to navigate the fine line that separates email marketing and transactional

emails. In Figure 2.6 it is possible to look at an instance of a transactional email which also

shows other ways to collaborate with Federal Express without crossing the line.

giving it the appearance that the primary purpose of an email to market you other items

and other services.

Write This Down: Seventy-five percent of transactions are read and opened within three hours.

of the receipt.

Transactional emails might not be the most gorgeous email, however they appear to be

get the maximum amount of interest receive the most attention from readers. When you combine this with the legal obligations to keep the content clear and clear and the message can be delivered quickly

The messages are viewed, followed by a deleted, or even led. This can help combat the user’s constant inbox with the inbox

excessive email that can result in an increase in the number of emails that could lead to ADD.

32CHAPTER 2: THE 5 Elements that are essential to every email you create #

Figure 2.6 Effective emails for transactional purposes

Typically, transactional messages are sent after a purchase has been completed, they can also be sent when a purchase is

Other types of service emails is important to mention because of its impact on you.

Brand equity. This email is referred to as”the welcome” email.

As with confirmation emails Welcome emails have traditionally been a significant part of the process.

Higher open rates than regular emails. These messages are essential in setting expectations

with new subscribers and promoting the promise of the brand. However, 28 percent of the major

online retailers aren’t sending welcome emails to customers. In the latter part of 2007 the Email Experience



Council carried out a research study on welcome emails sent out by 122 of the largest retailers. Here are the results.

Some of the most important findings from the study include:

* Thirty-two per cent of welcome emails offered discounts, rewards or an incentive. T

The majority of welcome emails urged subscribers to be whitelisted by S

including an email address in their address book by adding an email address to their address.

Nine percent of retailers send HTML thank-you emails. The rest of them S

The welcome emails were sent out in text only. However, the majority of welcome emails are sent in HTML. HTML welcome emails

They were “HTML light,” making extensive use of HTML text to ensure the contents could be read, even if the user has blocked images from their inbox.

* Fifty-three percent of welcome emails contained hyperlinks for the store’s privacy page


Five percent of welcome emails featured the brand name of the retailer in S

Their topics.

The welcome emails are delivered to a person just after they have extended their hands to allow you

Know that they are eager to have a conversation with you. They are crucial to

Establishing a professional relationship with your business. It’s not just about that, but also it is also a great way to welcome your customers.

emails and purchase-confirmation transactional emails also have an important role.

They can transform readers into advocates through the instigation of an email campaign that is viral.

In figure 2.7 you will see an example welcome email sent by Petco.com which manages

to include all of these important to cover each of these key. Once you have received the email you received, it is possible that you might need to include

Additional information about you include, and then forward this information to a friend or pet lover.

Image 2.7 Petco.com welcomes additional conversation.

34CHAPTER 2: THE 5 Elements that make up every email You create a #

Adding Viral Marketing Elements

In the past I was at a conference with approximately six customers from the same business. The topic of discussion was the idea of sending an email that was viral. After a couple of

After a few minutes of the overview about a minute into the overview, a senior client paused the discussion and stated, “I absolutely do not want to distribute viruses for our users.” At this point that all the others

We realized that we were all talking in “inside of” terms. Since then, we’ve all been using the term “inside business.”

The term “viral” when it comes to marketing campaigns is now a commonplace term in marketing. If you

If you’re not experienced with it, but we can confirm that it isn’t something to worry about. An email that is viral or the word “viral” is a good description.

effort, meaning it’s something that resonates so well with people that readers want to are willing to share it with others.

with numerous others in a short time with others, similar to the way viruses can spread.

The real benefit to include viral components into your email programs that you already have

It has been an hot issue of discussion for quite a while since. People who support viral email have remained unshakeable

They believe that an attractive email is sent to a person who has a positive opinion of you

Company, may and will be sent out to at the very least, a couple of members of the reader’s social group. In

Many times, these customers are the primary readers and stakeholders your company is desperate to contact for the purpose of building relationships and ultimately sell.

People who are skeptical of viral email say that it has no effect on sales in the future.

in any level that has significance. The group believes that the effort aren’t measurable due to the fact that

Many people prefer using their Forward button within their email client, rather than

An email form is a type of form. Unfortunately, for email marketers there is no technology to

A point at which elements that aren’t part of the content of the email can be monitored and reported.

Some companies, like Iconix are working on ways to help marketers

keep track of the fate of emails after they are in the inbox. many people aren’t capable of

Know if an email marketing message has been deleted, forwarded or is being led.

The group also believes that the most effective type of marketing that is viral is not sales-related. They believe that people will send humorous emails , or even emails with none of the sales

marketing and advertising included.

We’re in the first group. We believe that, when utilized correctly and at the right times within the context of the relationship, viral elements can trigger concrete responses and

Therefore, they should be considered for being one of your primary recipients of your email. They are a key influencer of your


Here are some numbers that might convince you:

A*, according to the Management consulting company McKinsey around two-thirds of all

Economic activity within America. United States is influenced by the opinions of others about a

Brand, product, or service.

According to KnowledgeStorm less than half of B2B buyers are researching A

IT solutions use the word of mouth as a key source of information for decision-making and

nearly 40 percent specifically refer to online communities and forms.



* Influential people (meaning the you have in your life who’s opinions you respect)

particularly) are more likely to be sought-after for purchase on computers.

the decision (34 percent of the population vs. sixteen percent in the population).

About half of all marketers online are involved in some kind of word-of-mouth

or viral activities. Indeed, there are there are many Fortune 500 marketers like those who work at Coca-Cola

are reported by the press as saying that their viral marketing strategies enable them to make connections

with their objectives with their targets in ways that wouldn’t be considered “traditional” venues.

Two Strategies to Increase the your Viral Marketing’s Success Strategies

If you are creating your email marketing strategy (and the later chapters in this book will follow)

for more details on to more details on) In the end, you’ll need a reason for you to prove your point.

In the case of viral marketing, one most important thing to be aware of is that you have the ability to leverage two kinds of

success. There isn’t an easy or consistent way to evaluate the impact of word-of-mouth advertising

marketing, you must take a look at both qualitative and quantitative measures. The initial kind

The first type measures clicks and pass-alongs. The second type is a measure of the buzz of the community.

Measures that are quantitative Measures

* Monitor the operation of all materials that are pass-along, including videos, emails, and M

and other and other. (As described in Chapter 8 you can monitor and track

embedded forward to a Friend link, but it is not of much use since it is

A lot of people use the forward button this action cannot be


Rack pass-along rates for racks Click-throughs, open rates, click-throughs registrations, and downloads. T

If registered, keep track of the level of engagement with each piece of malware* or registered users, track their engagement levels with each piece of con

tent. The information could be transferred into a central repository

in order to identify customers and establish the appropriate business rules to follow-up


Qualitative Measures

Although it’s not a focus on email the majority of times, it works as a multichannel strategy This is a

Utilize technology that scans open community platforms, such as chats, blogs,

messages boards, emails lists and newsgroups in order to draw a important consumer

Data that consumers use to share their opinions, experiences, and

opinions, both negative and positive, about brands and associated products and


By analyzing this data, calculate the general buzz about the product or campaign

as a metric of effectiveness in generating word-of mouth.

36CHAPTER 2: The FIVE Elements that are essential to every email You create a #

The Best Methods to Create an Online Buzz with Viral efforts or words of mouth

If you’re trying to achieve incredible results with your email marketing campaigns,

Start with the goal in your mind. Are you trying to generate the attention of your business

Or product on a higher quality, or does it have to be driven by registrations or sales?

If you’ve got your the ultimate goal in mind, then you are able to design the manner in which you

viral initiatives will work with your existing strategy for messaging. Adding viral elements

It is not always necessary to have an individual email. However, it is not necessary to use a stand-alone. Many successful marketers use email to market their products.

It was discovered that their greatest success with viral messages occur in situations where their viral “ask” is only one aspect of an email. For instance the transactional email could read, “Thanks for your

recent purchase. If you refer a few people about this website We will offer you free shipping on your

Your next purchase.”

to help you become efficient in creating highly profitable emails as you can in

the book could be a good read and we decided it was ideal to close with a chapter with seven of the most popular

Practices tips learned from practices tips from Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) that

It is a complete waste of time and energy, focusing only on the viral marketing strategies. You should go through the remainder of the book.

We’ll keep you updated with many more amazing content as well as tips and tricks coming soon. Once you’re done, inform us.

Your colleagues and friends will appreciate how useful it can be.

WOMMA provides these suggestions to help you create viral campaigns that are effective:

* Take off your corporate-marketing-speak hat. Speak in customer language.

Avoid the typical procedure of crafting carefully-crafted copy that instantly

Be identified as such, and not be are not. Imagine how you’d speak to a friend, or

family member as opposed to an “end customer” to whom you’re selling. Even more

Important than being direct is being honest in your communication. Do your best to be honest or you’ll get a bad rap.

can cause mistrust and damage to your business.

* Find opinion leaders and form relationships with them. In every field there

are those who are knowledgeable and influence in sharing their expertise

with and. These individuals have a large network of influence and can effectively

Spread the word to massive number of people who are interested. Find these influential people,

and equip and arm them with pertinent information on your service or product.

• Make it simple to share the message. Do everything you can to help the spread of information.

of the message. From instant messaging, email and forward to the Friend buttons to text messages and even events make use of tools that can remove any barriers to creating conversations.

* Begin with your Big Idea. Avoid the trap of beginning tactically like “We

We need an email viral marketing” or “What kind of video could be created that will

How do you get your message out there?” Concentrate instead on your core goals in marketing and

Concentrate on creating with your Big Idea or core strategy that is in tune with

the goal. The most successful ideas are typically the most straightforward and should include an important aspect

little bit of information regarding the buyer.


Test your knowledge

• Join your marketing plan. Word-of-mouth and viral efforts

They can be awe-inspiring by themselves, but they’re much more efficient (and you’ll receive).

higher effectiveness) more effective if they’re linked with other elements of your greater efficiency) if they’re tied to other elements in your.

* Be open to the two-way conversation. Since viral marketing is frequently

“uncharted space” for marketers. We can overlook the fact that we are required to be attentive and responsive to the consumer on their individual terms. This means that you are

No longer are you only responsible for the messages that you share but also for the way you listen and evaluating

properly responding to the messages of thousands of customers, and


* Take a look at all of it to determine the good, ugly, and the bad. In all instances, customers will

They’ll tell them what’s on their mind. Actually, this is among the main motives for which many

Marketers struggle with the concept of viral marketing at the beginning. Every program has to be closely observed to be sure that it doesn’t just record the effects of a campaign

as well as to properly develop a two-way dialog. From a specific

Clicks to participate in community discussions an effective measure can be the difference

in the extent to which your program can be and the impact that it has on your


Test Your Knowledge

There’s an abundance of information contained in this chapter that’s essential to you to know. A

Score of 5 out of five will mean you’re on the right path to success in email marketing.

* What other reasons could be a cause for an unsatisfactory brand equity score? H

Do you think that heatmapping can benefit through eye movement or clicks?

What are two important roles the welcome email has?

* In what year was the first time CAN-SPAM was made available? When was the first time CAN-SPAM was introduced?

* Word-of-mouth or viral email campaigns are carried out only in the email that uses D

The link to Forward to a Friend Link?


# GETTING Ready to Build Your E-Mail Marketing Strategies


Preparing to

Create Your Email

Marketing efforts

In the previous chapter we looked at the importance of brand identity and how you can make use of email to increase your reach.

effectively across all aspects and

purchase cycle. What we will cover in this chapter are tools and resources that can be used to carry out the email

Marketing effectively. To become an expert marketer via email, you require the right tools to help you with

Your strategy your strategy, and these tools are at an expense. we

This article will give some helpful examples of how you can justify these costs and make the most of your

marketing dollars.

Chapter Contents

The alignment of your strategy with Your Tools

Evaluating Vendors

Organizational Readiness Resources

Essential to be Successful

Budgeting for the future

Justification: Sell Your Boss to the

Return on Investments in the world of email