Road Closure of A50 and New Platt Lane – Friday 28th February to 1st March 2020

We have today received the following communication from Sibelco regarding the works on the A50 and New Platt Lane.

For your awareness and onward communication within the community, we now have detailed programme of works for the A50 and New Platt Lane road closure.

The road closure has been publicised through the signage and matrix signs.  The A50 will have a full road closure from 19:00 hrs on Friday 28thFebruary through to 17:00 hrs Sunday 1st March (subject to any delays or cancellations caused by weather).  The works will be managed by Dutton Contractors and will have full time traffic management marshals available.

Detailed programme as we have it:

Closure commencement Friday 28th February*

  1. Fri 19:00 – Fri 20:00               A50 road closure
  2. Fri 20:00 – Sat 02:00              Cold milling & excavate traffic sign bases
  3. Sat 07:00                                  Emulsion application and road surfacing & install traffic sign poles
  4. Sun 07:00 – Sun 12:00           Fix traffic sign heads
  5. Sun 13:00 – Sun 16:30           Stud fixing and white lining
  6. Sun 17:00                                 Re-open A50

*Subject to weather

There is an emergency contact provided from Dutton Contractors.  A map of the closure is also provided, detailed below:

  • Chris Ackroyd:           07834 697057, Works Supervisor
  • Paul Collins:                07825 547842, Emergency contact if Chris cannot be reached


Village Hall and Playing Fields Foundation (VHPFF) fundraising at Waitrose Knutsford

The VHPFF has now been setup up at Waitrose Knutsford for charitable donations.  Make sure you ask for Green Tokens when you shop at Waitrose Knutsford and drop them in the VHPFF box!

For social media users the VHPFF has a facebook page with all the information about the facilities it provides.

Go to  to find out what’s happening at the VHPFF.

Letter from Goostrey Parish Council to All Residents Goostrey Former Railway Sidings – Link to Online Survey

The following communication will be delivered to all households in the the Village today.  We are sending it by 1st Class Post to the outlying properties where it should be received tomorrow.

If you wish to respond online click link to access the online

NOTE:  You will only be able to complete the survey once on the same computer.


A Letter from Goostrey Parish Council to All Residents

Goostrey Former Railway Sidings

Dear Resident,

You may have noticed that the land which contained the former railway sidings is up for sale.  It is a total of 6.4 acres.  Goostrey Parish Council is considering whether or not to make an offer to purchase the land.

The main benefit is that we could preserve the land as an open space (as it is now) and it would be owned by the Parish Council on behalf of the residents.  Over a period of time we hope to be able to open it up for other uses by the community.

Unfortunately, because the land is being sold by a Receiver, the sale needs to take place in a very short space of time.  Consequently, we do not have time to fully examine the state of the land and we do not know the extent of remediation needed to allow other uses.  For this reason, the land would not initially be open for general access.

If the Parish Council is to make an offer, we would need to take out a Public Works Loan, which the Government makes available to bodies like ourselves.  The loan would have a low and fixed rate of interest.  To cover the repayments, we would need to raise the Precept (ie that component of the Council Tax that you pay to the Parish Council) for a 25-year period.  To allow scope for negotiation, we need flexibility on the size of the increase.   We are proposing that for a Band ‘D’ house the maximum would be 54p/month (the maximum levels for the range of Band ‘A’ to Band ‘H’ would be 36p to £1.07/month).

Any offer that we make could of course be outbid by another prospective purchaser.

We would like to get your view on whether or not you are in favour of the Parish Council making an offer and raising the Precept.

Please could you complete the slip (on the copy of the letter you receive) and return it to the Village Hall letterbox (or The Trading Post) or complete the online survey at (see the link at beginning of this post) by 10pm on Monday 27th January.  The overall response will be reported to the Parish Council meeting on 28th January where the way forward will be decided.  Thank You.

Sharon Jones  Clerk to Goostrey Parish Council

Goostrey Former Railway Sidings. 

The land for sale is within the red line boundary.  It is situated to the West of Station Road.  The southern entrance is directly opposite the station car park.


Next Parish Council Meeting 28th January 2020 at 7.30pm

The next Parish Council Meeting will be on Tuesday 28th January, at 7.30pm in the Village Hall Lounge.  This meeting will be preceded by the Planning Meeting at 7.00pm.

Agenda will be posted on the web site on Thursday 23rd January and can be viewed from the Document Panel (bottom Left of the Home Page) or as an attachment to the Events Calendar item for the Meetings.