1. Introduction

The blogosphere has completely agitated the web. It’s been something that has

people were accustomed to in the 1990s, however, by the 2000s the world of the internet had completely changed

Changes in the blogging world are due to the impact of blogging. This was due to the influence of.

As the number of blogs began to appear and grow, so did the number of tools for blogging. The

The methods were also evolving. The roots of blogging to the diary-style online journals.

blog posts were posted on the internet in the 1990s, using dial-up internet in the 1990s via dial-up. In time, the subjects of blogs have changed.

The number of blogs grew. Personal blogs in the form of online diaries are still in existence However, the variety of types

of blogs have now become part of the of blogs are now part of the.

Blogs that are available on the internet is growing quickly, and as more users

gained online access as well as having the ability to write as well as manage blogs. In the past, bloggers

The process of creating a blog is an undertaking for which you’d need the help of a professional.

Also, you will require instruction on how to upload and manage content. These days, you can easily

You can create a blog in just the space of a few minutes with no technical expertise at all.

From the beginning of the internet and blogging until today many things have changed.


Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/alphabet-arts-and-crafts-blog-conceptual-459688/

Today, blogging is normal. It’s become the norm since the year 2000.

Today, blog readers read blogs every single day. Indeed, it is a huge proportion of people have blogs (even it’s not a blog)

They do not tend to blog often).

On one hand there is the online community, which has relied in large part on blogging

an information source ideas, entertainment, and information and more. People begin following blogs they enjoy and

They use blogs to stay up with their topic of interests. They also communicate with the blog’s owners.

by way of the comments.

On the other hand there are companies. The majority of companies have one goal in common : reach

Online users. Because of the enormous popularity of blogging, and due to a specific search engine

Update by Google update by Google, dubbed Panda (you can find more details about “Panda” in the next book),

They are beginning to understand that blogging must be taken to a completely new level. Benefits of

The benefits of blogging are obvious however, the art (or more importantly, the craft) of blogging has developed significantly over time.

in the last few years, companies have been putting a significant amount on making and managing the content

Blogging is a marketing strategy that can be used to promote your business.

Panda Update and Panda update

To comprehend how we’ve come to the point where blogging is an essential element of our lives.

In order to live your life, you must know about the web in the Google Panda update. The two have affected

blogging, which is now the thing we are today.

Content has been in use since the very beginning in the age of internet. Content has been utilized to establish the position of a

Websites are searched for keywords relevant to the site. There are a variety of methods used to check a

for this reason. One of these was the an old, infamous practice called keyword stuffing. The gap

the distinction between a site between a website and blog more extensive. Businesses and brands also had their websites.

as bloggers controlled their blogs.

The number of internet users has been increasing rapidly and they are all seeking

Somewhere online. They were trying to find details. In order to do this, individuals were

Utilizing search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo using search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo. Users enter a search query.

These search queries could represent something that the users are attracted to.

The relevant results would be displayed on the results pages. The two causes were two.


In the beginning, companies have come to recognize that they are not able to keep up with bloggers

content, because they contained not enough content, which made these less likely show on the search engines.


result pages. This is the way blogging has become an integral part in the world of business. Once reserved only for

Journalists, writers, and critics blogging has entered the business world at a rapid pace. The

the result of this is evident the result of this to the present day. Any business wanting to be successful and succeed will see the

a respectable name, and will attempt to achieve this through blogging.

The other thing that came from the rapid growth on the web is that content

The data has begun to build up. The search engines are having a hard time to sort through the results as

webmasters employed devious methods and techniques to get their site to the very top of

the results of a search. The the search results have become filled with keywords

stuffed content. The problem was that the bulk of the content was junk. It was just content.

The content was written with the intention of fool search engines into believing that there’s something of value to the topic

the website, but it was actually not. It was just a trick that was used to get online users to sign up.

It was during this time (back in 2011,) when Google released the Panda update. This was a Google search

engine update was created to identify low-quality content and eliminate them from the

Search engine result webpages (SERP). The aim was to find high-quality sites and to award

they will be able to rank them highly. Being able to determine the quality of material allows Google to

improve user experience since the search engine will provide relevant results

which can actually give a relevant answer to user queries. The update is constantly evolving

over time over the years, but what ultimately did is change the way we think about web content and

blogging in general.

As blogging has grown into an effective method of reaching internet users, keeping this latest update in mind

Bloggers are aware that only high-quality content will achieve this objective. Techniques like

“keyword stuffing” does not work anymore. Today, the focus is on high-quality content.

Blogging statistics

Being aware of the current state in the market can be helpful. Below are some useful information.

intriguing results obtained by various research. These studies show the current blog’s current state and

online marketing. It helps you realize the significance blog posting as a marketing strategy as well as

how it could be integrated into an online company.

A blog that is the primary element of your website gives an average of 434% greater likelihood of

getting high rankings in search engines. (Tech Client)

B2B marketers are more likely to make use of blogging (75 percent) in comparison to B2C marketers (75%)

marketers (61 percent). (Social Media Examiner)

* 70% of marketers have plans to increase their utilization of blog. (Social Media Examiner)


* Businesses that published at least 16 monthly blog entries received close to 3.5X more visitors

as compared to companies who published more frequently than companies that published 0-4 posts per month. (HubSpot)

* The majority of bloggers (53 percent) publish at least every week. (OrbitMedia)

* The majority of bloggers (64 percent) are on multiple blogs. (OrbitMedia)

* The mean word count of the most popular content on Google is between 1,140 and 1,855.

words (SearchMetrics)

* More than 409 million users browse over 22.2 billion pages per month. (WordPress)

* There are more than 4 million blog entries written every day. (InternetLiveStats)

* 83% of B2B marketers attribute their greater performance over the past year

Content creation. (Content Marketing Institute)

52 percent of B2B marketers believe that blogging is a strategy that is crucial for the

Overall success of content marketing in 2017 overall success in the field of content marketing. (Content Marketing Institute)

* Ninety-two per cent of respondents stated that their company considers content to be a

assets for business. (Content Marketing Institute)

One of the most popular ways to make money from blogging is through advertisements that display,

affiliate marketing links, as well as advertisements on search engines. (Tech Client)

* There has been an overall increase in the usage of promotional channels. Search emails, email, paid and

Influencer marketing is all the rage. Social media is the most widely used method

to spread the word. 93 percent of bloggers share their posts through social media.


Smaller businesses with blogs can generate 126 percent more leads. (Tech Client)

Blogs on websites are indexed with 97% more hyperlinks. (Tech Client)

After having read the advice on blogs 61 percent of U.S. online consumers made an

purchase. (Content Marketing Institute)

A whopping 43% readers admit to reading blog posts. (HubSpot)

3. (76 percent) respondents use marketing emails technology to help manage

Content marketing strategies. Other marketing techniques for digital content employed

include CMS, content collaboration/workflow software, marketing automation

software, etc. (Content Marketing Institute)


The main points that can be drawn from these stats include:

* The amount of blog posts posted each day is huge. Quality has been a priority.

need to be noticed and connect with your readers through blog posts.

* Blogging is more popular with B2B firms than B2C companies.

A regular blog can assist you in meeting your goals in business.

* Blogging can influence purchasing decision making.

If you read this guide, you’ll discover more advantages of blogging. You will

See how this marketing strategy is becoming the primary method of reaching

and can affect users on the internet.



What is blogging?


2. What is blogging?

What began as an online platform to share personal thoughts online has grown into a vast network of online forums

is one of the primary and most efficient methods used by marketers to conduct online advertising. It has become one of the most important and effective tools used by marketers for. The

The way that blogging has developed in the last decade has amazed everyone. In the last decade, the way that blogging has changed has been awe-ins

In the last few years, we’ve witnessed hundreds of blogs across the world, from both businesses and individuals,

as well as personal, and turning into highly profitable pursuits. We can safely say that blogging has evolved into something both personal and professional.

“big business”.

The background of blogging

The beginning of blogging today was called weblog. The term was invented in the year 2000 by Jorn Barger in

In 1997, it was used to refer to the personal blog as well as an online journal or diary. It was

Most often, writers and journalists to express their thoughts. For a better understanding of this

It is important to communicate one’s thoughts in this manner, you must realize that this is the right time that you could not do so without

Facebook and forums, the days between Twitter as well as Facebook.

The term was changed into blog when Peter Merholz came up with the idea in the year 1999 The term blog is currently used as an

noun (to define an online platform used to blog) and also as an adjective (to write or to possess).

A blog).

Being able to have a blog during this time period meant that there was the technological knowledge to set up and create a blog.

the blog. The blog’s optimization was not something that people gave any thought to, since

the algorithms of search engines were only beginning to index websites but they were still trying to be taught how to use them.

to interpret online content.

The latter part of the 1990s was the time when blogging began to grow. By 2004 , blogging had become a mainstream activity.

It became popular. It was mostly due to the popularity of the well-known

Content management system was introduced as WordPress in 2003. WordPress is a platform for free that was launched in 2003.

allows everyone to blog. Even for those who do not have the most technical capabilities.

A growing number of people started blogs and more and more were reading the blogs.

This pattern accelerated so fast over the next couple of years that we are preparing a new blog out

each second.

What has influenced this rapid growth is the following:

It is much easier and more affordable than it was in the past.

* The number of users who use the internet is constantly increasing, which means that the internet is becoming more popular.

The number of people who watch it is growing


* Blogging has been deemed as a profession that is sought-after in the 21st century.

There are many opportunities for making money from blogging

* An opportunity to increase networking opportunities

Blogging has now become an integral part of both offline and online companies.

How do you define a blog?

The term “blog” refers to a website , or an online page that is frequently refreshed with new material. Content is

They are categorized as blog articles or blog posts. These are typically displayed as posts or blog articles. They are usually shown in reverse chronological order as a result.

The newest ones are first visible.

Image: https://pixabay.com/en/blogging-blog-social-media-428955/

In the early days of blogging within the online world the blogs were typically managed by an individual or an organization.

Small group of people. Apart from blogs operated by individuals, we also have collaborative blogging projects that are run by a

that bring together several that have multiple. Businesses have realized the importance of blogging too,

A lot of them have incorporated blogging on their websites. A lot of businesses

or have hired either a full-time blogger, or a group of bloggers that is in charge of the content

Creation and promotion of blogs.

The majority of blogs allow users to leave comments as well as to share blog posts via social media. This

is the main thing that differentiates the blog entries from static web pages is what makes blog posts distinct from static website. This is one of the main reasons


the reason why blogging is regarded as to be a form of social network platform. It lets you connect with others.

Author and readers. Blog posts are a great way to engage with the audience element, and that’s the reason why they are

is a crucial asset for engaging visitors to websites.


The term “blogosphere” was that was coined to encompass all blogs, and how these blogs function is

interconnected. The blogging revolution began to gain acceptance by people of all ages, and also the sheer number of bloggers increased, so did the number of

is gradually increasing, bloggers started to view themselves as part of a larger

community. This is the reason why the term blogosphere came to be used in 2002. It implies that

Each blog is connected and constitute a collective. The concept of blogging as part of a community.

The blogosphere is a further reason blogging is as a form of social network.

Contrary to owners of websites, who tend to be focused on interaction between owners and

visitors, and only in the past couple of years have begun to think in terms of social media

blogging has always had an aspect of social networking since the beginning. Bloggers are social as well as with other bloggers.

They share content with each other They comment on each other’s content on each other’s blogs, and they have blogsrolls (the lists of blog sites they visit

and suggest). The general rule is that blogging is mostly focused at the level of an individual, and on these topics.

Individuals who join the blogosphere.

Blog vs. website

It is crucial to distinguish between blogs and websites since this is something that the majority of people don’t know.

It is difficult to complete. The most difficult part is the fact that both of them are employed for publishing.

content. But, how the content is presented and what function it serves is what defines content

There is a distinction between the two.

The frequency of updates

The most obvious difference between a blog and web-based sites is the regularity of updates. Blog

Content is updated regularly content is regularly updated, which means that pages (also known as “blog content”) have more

more dynamic than web pages. They are more dynamic than website. Blog posts can be updated with shorter or more frequent intervals. To make it easier for

As an example, blog posts could be posted every week, either once or twice and even a couple of times

in the course of the during the day. This is contingent on the kind of blog as well as the author(s).

However websites have static pages that contain content that could be

Changes may occur, but the pattern usually changes over an extended time.


Engagement level

In terms of engagement levels, web pages rarely create any kind of engagement. They are not engaging.

principal goal is to present information, present an idea, or concept, etc. The main goal is to provide information, to present a particular concept, etc.

Communication is regarded as a one-to-many kind of communication. This means that the page

It is designed to display the same information to all visitors.

Blogs facilitate a better connection between the writer and users. It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger or not.

Interaction is accomplished by signing up to RSS or commenting on a blog post, or taking part in the discussion.

poll, the most important thing is that blogs promote the interaction of users and enhance the

engagement level. The benefits of engaging can be numerous, starting with creating an interest

on your brand, increase the credibility and influence on the internet.

Search engine friendliness

Blogs are thought to be more user-friendly for search engines due to various reasons.

* Updates

Search engines are in love with new content and constantly add with new content to be indexed whenever they

You will notice the pattern of frequent updates. Google states the fact that 15 percent of search results include

The content has never been previously searched for so updates to content are always welcomed.

The latest content allows search engines to increase their databases and locate relevant

Content to be displayed on results of a search engine. Content that is new is often supplied to the

search engines by means of blogs.

* Traffic

Blog topics are far more diverse and cover many topics that are able to be presented as

Organic traffic results. For instance, if there is a query “how to improve the performance of the blog post””

It is more likely there is a blog post pertinent to this issue more than a site. The idea

Blogs also provide the opportunity to write articles that include related words,

synonyms, or even to coin terms that relate to that topics, or to create new phrases related to the. This is all about providing an incredible opportunity to create synonyms, or to coin different phrases related to the topic.

potential to increase the amount of organic traffic that your blog receives from subjects that draw on the

Use of keywords and pertinent words, which will attract those who are interested in your


* Links

Another reason blogs are considered to be search engine friendly is their possibility of building links

of their blog’s contents. High-quality content in blog posts will be more likely to attract curiosity


and hyperlinks to and links from other blogs or websites (also known as “backlinks”) rather than static web pages.

Furthermore, blog posts typically includes a large number of external links that are both internal and external.

External, which aids in finding and indexing new content for search engines possible through this

This page is much simpler.

Blog types

Blog types can vary just as the different topics are possible.

There are numerous blogs to choose from on the internet, but the most popular are


Personal blog

The concept of blogging was born from the personal blogs that were created in the 90s. This

The format of content is something that has remained in the top ten most popular blogs.

types you can find.


The purpose of the private blog is that you publish your thoughts and experiences on specific topics.

Content is posted by an individual who might or may not have the qualifications of an authority on the subject but it is

definitely someone with an experience and has opinions on it. One could earn money

by using this type of blogging, however it isn’t a universal practice. For instance, a person may

Blog as a hobby.

A personal blog could be about playing guitar or running. Another instance

A parenting blog could be that provides insights from parents raising their children. There are many

Travel blogs written by individuals. You can observe that the topics can be very diverse.

Business blog

Blogging for business has evolved into the most popular type of blog in recent times, and includes two

important concepts.

The blog of the business may be managed by a blogger working for an organization.

The company promotes the business through blogs. Another alternative is for a business to manage the business

blog, and later include many writers who contribute articles for the company’s blog. In

in this instance, they represent a group of bloggers who blog for the business.

The business blogs is typically specific to a issue that is closely related to the business of the company.

strategies in some way. One example is a company which provides software and services to various businesses and

agencies. This business can write blogs on running a business, thereby increasing sales, and

the way this software could be integrated into a company.

Niche blog

The principle behind the concept of niche blog is that you concentrate on a particular subject. This strategy gives bloggers the chance to

focus on a particular topic and get highly targeted visitors. When it comes to creating an online blog that is niche it is essential to

it is important to select a subject that you are enthusiastic about. You should choose a subject that you are knowledgeable about and

that is connected to the business you run (if blogging is element of a strategy for business).

Some examples of niche blogs include the food blog, parent blogs technology blogs, blogs for teachers beauty blogs, and more.

blogs, etc. Different strategies for monetization can be included in this type of blogging.

The biggest benefit that niche blogs offer is the ability to tailor blog content to the targeted segment.

greater conversion possibilities.

Blogs of affiliates

When a blog is this type the blogger focuses his actions on an Affiliate marketing plan.

The purpose is to promote products or services using affiliate links.


Inspire visitors to click these links, and ultimately purchase the items. This allows the

Bloggers can earn commissions without needing to own any products or services to market. Reviews of products

These are usually posted on this kind of blog, but there are also other kinds of content like lists, guides to how-tos

and tutorials may also include and tutorials can also include affiliate and tutorials may also include affiliate.

To maximize the performance for an affiliate site, it’s suggested to develop an affiliate with a specific niche

blog. This means you’ll need pick a topic you want to write about, and then start an affiliate

marketing strategy that can be incorporated into the blog and its subject. It is essential to select an affiliate

Programs that offer products that relate to the niche of blogs. An example is a tennis blog.

where you could promote equipment for tennis players by using affiliate links.

Understanding what blogging is and knowing the various types of blogs that are out on the web is useful to investigate

the possibilities of blogging for your particular situation. No matter if it’s your hobby or a job you

You should be focusing on, blogging provides numerous opportunities to connect with online users. The blogging industry has seen a lot of success.

changing over time changing over time, and continues to evolve as time goes on. It is

It is possible to uncover even more ways to get promoted on the internet.

via blogs.



Blogging Platforms


3. Blogging Platforms

The initial step to create the blog is choosing the blogging platform. A blog platform is

Software you can use to build blogs and post content. It’s a form of content management software.

System (CMS). There are a variety of blogging platforms available online that offer an array of blogging

Tools and services that offer everything you require to start and manage your blog. A platform could be

either for free or for a fee.


More than 15 million websites on the web make use of WordPress that’s almost 30% of all websites.

around the world, making WordPress the most used CMS platform. There are more than 76 million users

wordpress.com blogs.

The main two motives for the massive WordPress popularity is the fact that it is a very user-friendly

and as a search engine and search engine. This implies that you don’t need a lot of knowledge in

either web design or code for creating web design or coding to create a WordPress blog. Additionally, WordPress is compatible with a wide range of plugins

and extensions to make the blog to make it more efficient and include functions that aren’t part of the blog’s core

platform. This is why the search engines are able to index such websites and then present them to

Their users are a response to a question.

If you’re curious about exploring WordPress as an option, you’ll be able to select two options

From: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. The WordPress platform is the same in both instances, however these are different.

Two different options for bloggers.


Image: https://wordpress.com/com-vs-org/


By choosing this option, you’ll have your own website or blog. If you visit WordPress.org you will be able to create your own website.

download the software for free, which is required to be downloaded and installed onto your website server. Once you have done this, you can

You will be able to create and personalize your blog. You can set up and customize your.

This is a great option if you wish to be more in control of your blog’s content and have more the flexibility

When it comes to the design and layout of blogs. But, it comes at the added expense of blog

hosting. You’ll also require knowledge of technology to set up this blog platform on your server.

Although this isn’t difficult, it might be a bit to handle for someone with no idea what it is.

Experiments having it.



If you are looking to start an online blog that doesn’t need to manage hosting and installation of a web server You will

Use the WordPress.com alternative. For the creation of this blog, you must visit the home page of

WordPress.com and then sign up for an account. This can take just a few minutes.

The advantages of this platform for blogging include an easy and free installation and is

ideal for novices. The platform also comes with paid upgrades, including domain

the registration (allowing you to delete wordpress.com the domain) However, all overall, this

The option is not as flexible to control and customize the platform.

The decision to choose between the two is based on your goals in your blog.

If you own personal blogs or blog, the free alternative without hosting from your own server could be sufficient to aid

You can transfer your ideas onto your you transfer your vision to a. But, you should know that the possibility has many advantages.

limitations. If your goal is to blog for business, making money by blogging, and growing your blog

Your blog (by adding new authors, a team of managers and subscriptions, etc. ) It is recommended to utilize

WordPress.org since the beginning.

A few of the reasons bloggers prefer to use the WordPress platform (both .com and .org) include

The following are the reasons:

* Platform installation as well as management and optimization does not require much effort.

technical abilities

It works well with social networks as well as other platforms like marketing

Automation software such as email marketing software, eCommerce website, etc.

* There are a variety of plugins to improve the performance of your blog and improve its features.

The platform is simple and simple to learn to

* It is believed to be extremely safe platform

There are a variety of options for personalization and templates are offered.

There’s a strong online community, which is excellent to get help and assistance

As an open-source platform WordPress keeps getting updated that fixes bugs that could be causing problems and

introduces improved and new features.



Another well-known blogging platform. It is operated by Google and allows the creation of blogs using

blogspot.com that is used as a element of the domain’s name. A custom domain could be registered to

Remove the blogspot.com from the name . Google lets this free of charge. To start the blog

To use this platform, you’ll require to have a Google account.

Image: https://www.blogger.com/

A chance to set up a blog for no cost and to quickly create the blog are the most common motives for

choosing this platform for blogging. But, it has fewer options to customize

With hardly any templates for blogs with which to pick. Blogger has a number of templates available. following templates


* Add location to posts using geotagging options

* Country-specific extension within the URL


This blog runs on Google servers that are considered to be extremely reliable (but does not offer any

Option to upgrade to self-hosted solutions)

* Drag-and-drop templates editing interface

* It is compatible with Google’s AdSense service that allows bloggers to make money from


It is able to be easily integrated into Google+ encouraging user engagement

The mobile application * is now available for blogging management

The description of a blog is restricted up to 500 words (HTML markup isn’t allowed)

* Blog pages for individual blogs are restricted to 1MB.

* Blogger Product Forum is a service that provides online assistance

In general, this platform is popular with beginners and people who see blogging to be an activity.

hobby. Many limitations and inadequate options for customization are the major reason for this

Bloggers and professionals and companies seeking to be more flexible and

upgradable solution.


This is a different, easy-to-use blogging solution that is free of extra monthly fees.

The platform itself was created as a micro-blogging platform which includes a blog with a shorter form.

articles, quotes, images, etc. The chance to follow blogs of other bloggers and to gain followers offers an opportunity to share quotes, articles, images, and other content.

social flair, thereby increasing the amount of engagement. In December of 2017, Tumblr reports having

more than 381 millions blogs.


Image: https://www.tumblr.com/

When you sign up on this platform, you are given an additional domain of tumblr.com. There is a way to delete

You can do this by using this and use your domain’s name but you’ll need to sign up for the domain name with

Another service online.

A few of the benefits of selecting Tumblr:

* Excellent interactions through Twitter and Facebook You can automatically publish on

Tumblr, or vice in reverse

It is one of the most rapidly growing platforms for blogging.

There are plenty of possibilities to customize your blog, including the possibility of HTML


* Text or email publishing system that allows you to publish quickly and easily

Live feed updates you with the latest blog posts by users you follow . This increases the number of followers.

Engagement and visibility of content

Tags for content improve the chance of being found


A simple dashboard that is easy to comprehend and utilize

Tumblr is a popular blogging platform however it is not for everyone. There are some amazing

Companies have established themselves as highly by utilizing the Tumblr blog, leveraging its social element in

In particular, however the platform is made for personal blogs, or for creative blogs.

show off your the work online.

LinkedIn blogging

The possibility of publishing blog posts on LinkedIn was made available with LinkedIn Pulse, but as at the end

In 2015. Pulse has ceased to exist as an individual platform as of 2015. Instead, it’s primary features as well as

functions are integrated features are integrated LinkedIn platform, allowing stories and articles to be

Accessible directly from the feed for news that is part of a LinkedIn account.



To begin writing on LinkedIn all you require is an idea of content and a plan on what you want to make it into

the article they are likely to be reading. Additionally, you’ll need to have a LinkedIn account.

Just only a click away from having your blog’s content published and that’s just one of the

the main motives behind choosing this as the best way to blog. The other benefits of making use of the LinkedIn platform include

The benefits of blogging include:

An enormous user base, which is your target audience

Possibility of reaching online users without directly promoting your business by using

Social Network Visibility

* A chance to increase your credibility as a professional on the platform with the help of an important


Add value to your portfolio on the internet with content that is publicly accessible on the web

* Very beginner-friendly

Yet posting on LinkedIn is not without disadvantages. Beginning with the lack of control over the

platform that is not able to gather email addresses. With no SEO benefits in direct terms that is a sign of

That you must consider whether LinkedIn could be a suitable platform that adds to your

blog and assist you to achieve your goals.


Medium is a different free blogging platform that allows users to begin blogging in a matter of minutes. All

It is easy to sign up for an account and begin with writing. The platform is awe-inspiring in its importance

Tool that can support various formats of content, easy use of images, and a lot more

Options for formatting. This allows you to produce professional-looking content. It also allows you to begin

Gaining readers via the platform.


Image: https://medium.com/

There are a variety of reasons people select Medium for blogging are:

* A large base of followers

* It is connected to the accounts on your Facebook and Twitter accounts to help you discover connections

Other social networks

This is also helpful in increasing the number of users.

* A strong social element that includes features like following the author, save the article,

Clap when you are feeling like an article, story, etc.

• Engagement statistics for articles

* A simple platform that has a myriad of formats and options, and a quick

Integration of visual content via the use of a URL


Despite many of the advantages that Medium offers, such as LinkedIn Pulse Medium has a third-party model that means

There is less control and opportunities for customizing your blog.

Selecting the right platform

As you will see this is the first choice you’ll have to take before you begin blogging is to decide if you want to blog,

is directly related to the selection of the platform that you make use of.

More control and more flexibility

On one hand are platforms such as WordPress.org which gives you total control over your blog

Management and personalization. The CMS platform is basically your personal CMS platform that you can use for management and customization.

Create blogs. Other CMS platforms that can be used to blog include Drupal,

Joomla, etc.

You’ll have to come up with an advertising strategy to spread your blog’s content and increase its reach.

Online readers. In contrast to using third-party blogging platforms controlling your personal CMS involves

You won’t be able to access an online community that can immediately help you with

getting people to visit your getting visitors to your. But, once you’ve got people to visit your blog, you’ll get an

chance to convert them and get their email addresses by means of your own

blogging platform.

These kinds of platforms that offer greater control, are typically the best choice for those who are writing for

company, as they offer you more flexibility and potential to convert your customers,

to be converted into clients or subscribers.

There are no costs and it is easy to set up

On the other side, there are online platforms, like Medium which provide everything one could possibly need

to get started blogging right away. The major benefit of these platforms is the social aspect that makes it easy to get started.

can help you expand your reach. When you publish content using this platform, you can increase your reach.

immediately get an audience. Even if this audience may be small (by the sheer number of

your followers (if you’re just beginning your journey) It is also more than what you’d have at the beginning

Blogs that are not independently published.

However, when you are blogging for business purposes or involved in marketing campaigns for brands These platforms could be used to

Sooner or later, they will become too restrictive. The choice of which platform to choose be made carefully.

Be based on the kind of blog you’d like to build. Consider your blogging goalsand strategies, as well as strategies for the future, and your plans for

The future and the direction you’d like to follow.


At the conclusion, it’s essential to point out the fact that there is no law that states that you can only have one blog. It is up to you.

You could create blogs across a variety of platforms and discover how each one

helps you achieve your objectives. You must be aware that a plan to achieve your goals will need more

It takes time to establish a presence on all platforms however, it is possible to be attempted on an initial basis. It takes

It allows you to test the platforms in person and discover the advantages they could bring.




Blogging Essentials


4. Blogging Essentials

There’s a list of things to consider before you begin blogging. This includes

blogging fundamentals for blogging, i.e., everything you’ll require to establish and run your blog. A list of this kind is ideal for bloggers.

This one can be extremely helpful to organize everything right from the start and plan your

Blogging strategy with greater positive results.

The first thing to pick is a blog platform. After that, you’ll also require the



Hosting, also known as web hosting, can be described as a type of service that permits both companies and individuals to develop

and create blogs and websites accessible to online users. It’s an online archive that allows you to store your data online

You can use CMS to store your blog’s information, beginning with CMS installation, and continuing to all the images and files you wish to store.

to post to your blog.

Platforms such as Medium and LinkedIn don’t require hosting, as you will receive one once you

Create an account. It’s one of the options these platforms provide to store your personal data and to make it available to others.

accessible to online users. Being able to access your own web hosting account gives you more control

and adaptability and flexibility, which is the reason and flexibility, which is why a CMS like WordPress.org can be a great option and flexibility when you are deciding

a platform. Of course, hosting comes at a costthat can be paid on a monthly basis or

each year, based on the hosting service and the plan you select.

The best method to decide is to research hosting companies, the features they offer, and

Prices they provide for plans. Some of the most popular hosting companies for bloggers are:

* InMotion Hosting

* SiteGround

* BlueHost

* GreenGeeks


Image: https://www.bluehost.com/special/wordpress

Domain name

Domain names are element of the URL that is used for accessing the blog. It could or might not be a match.

the blog’s name, but it is recommended that it is in line with the blog’s name. If you

start your blog and host it on the web hosting service of your choice. To host your blog, you must provide the

The domain name for your blog’s domain name.

The entire URL begins with the letter www. and follows by domain names. It is concluded with the letter “A”

Domain extension is the most popular .com However, you can select other extensions, such as

.org, .blog, .net, etc.

It is possible to use an online tool like this one to do a search for domain names and determine if the domain name is registered.

The domain name you’re looking for is cost-free.


It is also necessary to register the domain through an online business This could be a good idea or not.

This is the domain in which you have your blog hosting registration.


Blog template layouts are pre-designed pages to build a blog. Install

the template once you have installed the blog platform, or you gain access to a variety of templates (or

There is often there is only one layout) when you select hosting for your blog. WordPress is usually

The broadest range in blogging template (also referred to themes)

which includes both premium and free templates.

In selecting a template, you must take into consideration the layout of your blog. It is largely dependent on the

the kind of content you would like to develop as well as the format you would like this content to be presented

The blog. One method to reduce the search time for the perfect template is to use

filtering feature to sort results according to:

* Layout – Commonly employed layouts are Grid layouts, single-column layout two-column layouts

layout, etc.)


• Features: You are able to sort templates by attributes, such as editor style and post formats.

Microformats, full-width templates menus that are custom, etc.

* Subject – Because templates are pre-designed They are usually tagged in accordance with

what subject they are appropriate for. The topic you’ll likely be interested in the most is

Blog, but you may look into other categories if have a specific niche.

Image: https://wordpress.org/themes/

Gravatar image

Gravatar means the word “Globally Recognized Avatar. It’s a picture that represents you online and it

It appears when it is used to connect to other WordPress appears when you interact with other WordPress. It is a no-cost service that appears when you interact with other blogs.


It is a part of WordPress.com. For Gravatar on your own blog it is necessary to install an extension

that connects to the service.

This method is ideal for highlighting blog authors and giving them more influence with

those who read the blog. In addition to the picture the profile can also include: Gravatar profile could also contain:

* Name

Additional profile (such like social media)

* Short description

Image: https://en.gravatar.com/



Comments are also among the blog’s fundamentals since they permit you to connect with

Online readers directly. Some of the features for commenting may be element of the main platform.

There are plenty of plugins to improve the user experience and include some new features, like

you can post comments using the option of posting a comment using a Facebook account, or via an online commenting host for blogs

services, such as Disqus.

Comments are beneficial for many reasons. One of them is the potential to boost the engagement of visitors and motivate them to visit.

to communicate with the blogger’s creator via the comments section. You can then be able to get feedback from the author,

Positive (or positive or) reviews, any additional comments or questions from your followers, etc. It

could help you improve your overall blog strategy.

Commenting on a post does not mean you must be on the lookout for this section and moderating it

To ensure that you do not allow spam from being publicly published in the comment section to ensure that spam is not posted in the comment section

your blog. It is also important to make time to respond to any questions that you could be asked on

comments. Because the goal is to interact with people who visit your site, be sure to respond to those

Quickly answer any questions.

Mailing list

One of the most effective methods to make money from your blog is to use mailing lists, which is why it is crucial.

for bloggers. Think of your readers as an asset. If someone decides to sign up

To the blog is a sign that someone is keen to receive more updates from you.

Following your updates in the future. We value your opinion and would like to hear from you in the future.


The meaning is that you are able to influence your subscribers. All it takes is

creating trust and establishing a reputation however, once you have done this, you’ll discover an opportunity to improve

the visitors.

There are a variety of different ways to monetize and marketing strategies that email marketing is a standout as one of the most effective.

one of the most successful strategies for the field of online marketing. It is a method that has the highest rate of conversion

rate. This means that the advantages you gain from having an email list are many.

Social accounts

Bloggers utilize a variety of platforms to promote their content and to reach people who are online.

Social networks are definitely one of the most popular in this category. As blogger you

It is recommended to create accounts on social media that show your blog’s image or your as blogger. You can


Also, connect social accounts to a blogging platforms to make use of features like

Automatic sharing on social media.

Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/apps-blur-button-close-up-267350/

Social media accounts are a way for you to share your content and connect with online users. They can also

give you the chance to establish a connection and build your brand. In addition to the obvious

Social accounts have benefits, but they require regular monitoring and management to ensure the success of social media

marketing strategy. Therefore, you’ll be required to investigate this aspect of marketing online and discover

the most effective ways to mix it with the most effective ways to integrate it with.


Images will improve your blog’s content substantially. Based on numerous study, blogs that are filled that include photos are the most effective.

get more shares, clicks as well as overall involvement. Images can be employed to:

* Describe the most important aspects

* Pay attention to the readers


* Divide the content into sections

* Give more details about the subject

Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/adult-art-artist-blur-297648/

When you use images in a blog post, be sure that you:

* Images are of excellent quality.

* Use the right dimensions when you are adding them to the post.

Images are pertinent to the topic.

* You are granted permission to use the images in order to keep copyright infringements out of the way

* Optimize the images , allowing them to be indexed by search engines. them.


Plugins are put on the blog platform, and they also add additional features that aren’t included in the platform.

of the platform’s core. One of the main reasons is that WordPress is such a well-known platform is the sheer popularity

blogging is that the platform has numerous plugins, both for free and paid.


premium. They allow blog owners to enhance and improve their blog by incorporating advanced capabilities

like memberships like landing pages, memberships forms and image optimization,

Backup as well as transfer, lead generation workflow for editorial and so on.

Image: https://wordpress.org/plugins/

While they offer many benefits, they may offer on your site, plugins can have negatives, too. The plugins you install may

can cause security issues to your blog when there’s an error in the code. That’s the reason you must

Only install trusted plugins that are reputable. In addition the more plugins that you add, the more slow your blog will be.

They will eventually become. It doesn’t matter if they are all reputable plugins, they’re an issue for

Your platform could result in pages loading faster. This is why it’s essential to upgrade

Make sure you check the plugins on a regular basis and disable the ones you’re not using.

Unique content

The main feature of your site is in the information that you provide. The primary characteristic of this blog is the content.

There should be a sense of uniqueness. Search engines do not like duplicate content. Also, you are failing in

delivering the readers with value when you duplicate content from other blogs.

Instead, your goal is on creating original content you develop with your audience in mind.

You should think about ways you can discover blogging topics that you can offer an even greater value to your blog. This

This is a way to gain an audience that is loyal and will increase your authority on the internet community.

Content is also what’s will help your blog stand out from the crowd and maximize the power of blogging.



Making connections in the online world can be more difficult than in the real world however, it’s still

It is an integral part of blogging is an essential part of. As you can see, bloggers are very active and

Strong, and provides an excellent opportunity for learning exchange of experiences, as well as finding new opportunities

collaborations. This is the reason relationships with other bloggers must be one of the most important aspects of


This list of blogging essentials covers everything you need to know to keep your attention on

at the beginning of your blogging journey at the beginning, whatever your niche is and the kind of platform you choose to choose to use. Start with

to develop your own strategy that includes the essentials, as well as the way you’ll carry each

in your blogging activities starting from the beginning.



Making a Blog



5. The process of creating a blogging Strategy

One of the primary requirements for success in blogging is the process of planning. If you take a methodical approach to

blog with a clear plan, this will guide your actions and choices while

making, managing and managing your blog and. Through a blog strategy, you develop the steps to take in

the place you are at and where you’d like your blog to where you are and where you want it to. No matter if you blog for a profession or as an activity or as a

If you are a hobbyist, or want to find ways to transform your blog into a full-time profession or even your own

The blogging method will assist you in achieving your goals, and also figuring out the most effective actions to take.

We can assist you in getting there.

Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/arrows-box-business-chalk-533189/


Begin with goals. Goals are an essential component of the planning process. It is interesting to note that a large number of

People start blogging with no objectives in their mind. People start blogging to see if they can make a profit.


Online publication, without plan for what the future might bring nor any ideas about how to make it happen.

marketing to help promote this content.

However, goals will help you organize your life and make you think about the creation of content more

efficiently. It is essential that blogs meet their targets include:

* Customize – Set your own objectives. Do not follow a standard or an all-inclusive business plan.

with general with generic. Instead, develop objectives that make sense in your current situation.

circumstances and ensure you’re able to reap the benefits of these objectives.

* Achievable – – As much as you want your blog to be an instant success however, there is no guarantee.

ensures that it is guaranteed that it will. However, you should be real when setting goals. Consider

your current situation, regardless of whether you’re starting from scratch or are in

A certain amount of followers. Consider your competition and what they’re doing.

All of this could impact the goals you could possibly achieve.

The ability to quantify goals you can quantify gives you a simple way to evaluate

The goals you set out and the results and goals. These comparisons will aid in understanding

Examine your performance, and discover strategies to boost your blogging strategies and evaluate your blog’s performance

The future. Numerical quantifiers are a great option. For instance, “increase the

increase the number of followers increase by 20 percent” number of followers by 20%””increase number of followers by 20%” “gain 200 new followers by 20%” or “gain 200 new”. You can also add the duration of your campaign.

time frame to allow the goal to be met. Thus, your goal is “gain 200 new followers.”

within 4 months”.

The goals can be either short-term or long-term, based on the timeframe you’re taking as your goal.

reference. In the ideal scenario, you will have both short and long-term objectives

Planning helps your blog achieve an objective. It lets you know the goals you’d like to accomplish and how you can achieve this.

It allows you to determine your story, your message, and to find your voice.

Target group

One of the objectives of blogging is to build confidence and influence with the people who visit your blog. You wish to

Establish yourself as an influential person in the field and build a network of followers. What are you doing to

To assist with this, you should the process of identifying your target audience. The best way to do this is to be as precise as you can in your research.

this. You should try to narrow your audience to those you’re targeting with your content.


This means that you can develop content that is more suited to the audience you want to reach. This is not the only benefit.

The content is more popular with people on the internet, but it can also help you achieve your objectives.

Determining the target audience aids you in:

* Determine the blog topics

• Identify ways to make money off your blog.

* Determine the distribution channel for content

Explore possibilities for online marketing


The next stage in your strategy is determining your budget. Based on your blog’s objectives,

based on the way you wish your blog to expand depending on your goals, you’ll need an amount of money. The most amazing thing is

About blogs is that they do not require any investment to start with it, other than your own

time. There are blogs for free You can also use royalty-free photos, and joining social media platforms is

Also, for those who aren’t paying, there are a lot of tools for free for bloggers, for example.

However, if you are looking to bring your blog on the right track it is recommended to think about investing in it.

The costs associated with blogging that you need to include within your budget should include:

* Hosting and domain names

Templates for premium, plugins that cost money and other tools

A budget for advertising (search engines and social media.)

* Budget for the creation of content (it can be done to engage experts to proofread,

editing, the creation of visual content, etc.)

Ideas for content

If you’re creating a strategy you should come up with ideas for content to include on your website. This will

Let us give you an insight into the kind of content you can post on your blog. This will give you an idea of the kind of content you can post on your. Because you’ll also be

When you consider your audience It will assist you determine the content you can create to their needs.

Interest and expectations.

Begin by thinking about the formats of content first. Here are some suggestions:

* How-to articles

* Case studies


* Ebooks

* Guides

* Guest posts

* Interviews

* Lists

* Podcasts

* News from the company

* Videos

Look at the picture below for additional ideas regarding different kinds of

The formats accessible to you while blogging:


Image: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/content-marketing-plan

Also, think of the ideas for topics and think of at least twenty or more. The most effective

The best way to gather ideas for content topics is to brainstorm.

Begin by choosing the keyword(s) pertinent for your site. Then, expand the list by using synonyms or

Keywords that are related to each other. You can then add additional keywords to create subjects. A few suggestions are


* Top 5 (keyword)

* How do you [keywordWhat is the best way to use [keyword]

Five Things You didn’t know about [keyword* 5 Things You Didn’t Know About [keyword

* How does [keyword] Compare like [another phrase or keyword[other keyword or phrase]

* Why [keyword] Are They The New Black

What can Help You to [Succeed] or Understand Something/Get Better Results,


* 10 ways to use [keyword* 10 Ways to Use [keyword]

You could also use Content Idea Generator or Portent’s Content Idea Generator to help you.

with fresh content ideas.


Image: https://www.portent.com/tools/title-maker

The primary benefit of delineating the content concepts is that they provide opportunities:

* Create editorial calendar

* Create promotional and other events in advance

* Begin to work on ideas for monetizing blogs

Find out if you’ll require assistance in the creation of content and then engage a professional

at the right time


The final stage of your blog strategy must be the selection of the metrics you’d like to track and

monitor. These metrics allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your blog strategy, that’s why

They are an important element in any strategy.

If you have metrics to track, you’ll have an chance to determine if you can meet these goals.

If or not, what can you do to enhance your plan.

The metrics you define in your the blog strategy should be able to include the following: (or maybe every) of the



Engagement is a measurement that measures how effective you are in engaging your customers. It

It is possible to analyze various analytics data, such as shares, likes bounce rate,

average session duration, page views, signups, etc.


What this measure helps you decide is how effective you are in reaching out to your public. It

It shows your your success (or the failure) in engaging your audience that helps you redefine your blog.

strategy. It could be that you’re not addressing the right audience. You may need better quality content

Ideas and your blog may require a revamp.


This metric contains information on who is sharing your content and how. Utilize your blog

stats to get the specifics on the amount of clicks. What articles are published?

most? What is the source of this traffic from? Are they organic or are they social media-driven?


The purpose for these measures is to inform you the places your content gets being shared and in what way.

reaching out to your internet customers on your website. This can help you to find innovative (and more effective) methods to advertise your

content. It may also offer suggestions regarding using paid advertisements or increasing your influence on

Other distribution platforms for content.


Last but not least, the last measure you should concentrate at is your conversion rate. A conversion is an desired step.

It is often the scenario that a sale can be considered to be a conversion, in the case of blogging, it’s not.

There could be something else. For instance joining an email newsletter or downloading a free

Materials can be viewed as material that can be considered a conversion.

This metric will show an opportunity to increase as your blog expands. The capability to change your

Your influence is directly demonstrated by visitors and demonstrates your growing capacity to influence people your online

visitors. This is a measure of the success rate, which is the reason conversions are the measure you should be focusing on

Also, on.


Together, these metrics can help you calculate ROI and determine the value of

Your blog strategy for blogging. Make use of a free tool, like Google Analytics, to access your blog’s stats

and find out more information about these metrics and others that can help you evaluate your performance

of your of your.