Chapter 03: Creating a Digital

Advertising Plan


To determine which is the best fit for you, it is important to know where you are.

where customers hang out, and which advertising platforms best suited to the kind of

marketing that you are doing.

Most of the time it’s likely that you’ll begin on Facebook as well as Google. According to

Business Insider, and these two websites are responsible for 80percent of the referral traffic, which is more than the rest of the

Other platforms combined.

Facebook along with Google are your primary sources for paying traffic

However, this is dependent upon what it is you’re trying achieve.

Google Is Similar to the Yellow Pages

Since Google is an engine for searching, people begin their search there when they’re looking

to get details. It’s similar to for information. It’s a lot like Yellow Pages.

Chapter 03: Designing a Digital

Advertising Plan


To increase traffic on Google to increase your chances of gaining traffic, you’ll have to bid on keywords that can help people.

discover you and bring you to a perfect conversation with you to sell.

Facebook is like a billboard

The process of scrolling through your Facebook feed is like driving along the

highway. When you scroll you’ll see ads posted by companies, sponsored posts along with random


If the you as a company would like to be paid, your message will be included in

the newsfeeds of your intended the audience.

With Facebook you can pay whatever you like and still grow your reach.


It’s a social network and they gather data about our habits

Every day, they learn the most about each day, they are able to learn a lot about. The amount of information they have is what makes them the best

powerful ad platform available today.

You must target your ads with precision and you’ll draw the attention of the right people.

Your message.

YouTube Is Similar to Television

The most important metric used by YouTube is the amount of time spent. Their aim is to

Keep you on the website, watching videos, which is why they work much like traditional

TV, showing ads on the video and interrupting viewers’ viewing.

It’s disruptive, sure But with YouTube your advertisements, they remain relevant.

This is because you can place your ads to YouTube channels you are on.

viewers like, the kinds of videos they enjoy and the type of content they’re looking for.

What are the top three pay-per-click sources? Where is the best starting point?

Are you using paid traffic for your campaigns?

Facebook, Google, and YouTube Three of them provide high-quality traffic from

those that are looking for your offer.

Chapter 03: Designing a Digital

Advertising Plan


This provides a solid background for the approach we’re going to

discuss. Let’s explore the techniques that you’ll employ to implement an effective ad campaign.

Methods of Effectively Implemented Digital Advertising

We’ve found that paying for traffic is the most efficient (and the most cost-effective) method

to drive traffic. Let’s discuss how to make ads that draw attention

your best customers.

Note: We’ll concentrate mostly on Facebook advertising, however you could apply

The same procedure applies to the platform you’re on.

Two Ideas for evaluating Your The Audience You Want to Reach

What do you know about what kind of ads you need to be running and what you should do to make them happen?

What are the best way to target advertisements? It boils down to two fundamental concepts: the customer

travel and travel and “temperature.”

Concept 1. The Customer Journey

The Journey of the Customer keep in mind, is the journey that people take as they

Build a strong relationship with your business build a relationship with your business from the initial contact until the final sale.

The three major steps in the Journey are:

Awareness. This is at the top in the funnel which is when prospective customers first begin to notice

your brand’s name is known and you can assist them in solving their issues.

Evaluation. This is where you are in the middle of the funnel. It is when prospects are taking their time

Are you thinking about buying a home. The main question to ask is whether or not you’re

best source.

Conversion. It is at the end in the funnel the point at which individuals take action and

Buy an item from us.

Chapter 03: Designing a Digital

Advertising Plan


The three phases in the Customer Journey

Concept 2. Traffic Temperature

Each stage in the customer Journey your customer has distinct needs.

Relationship with the person who is. In the middle of the ladder they have no idea about you , and could have a

Not even knowing the terms you use to describe what you do. However, as they go along the way, they discover

know more about you and be more loyal and committed.

It is possible to say that you could say that they “warm and embrace you.” That’s why we use this term

deeperening the relationship deepening relationship “traffic temperatures.”

Chapter 03: Creating a Digital

Advertising Plan


Traffic is offered in 3 different “temperatures,” and each is correlated with a distinct

The customer Journey.

Cold Traffic. Usually, it is brand new traffic coming from people who are currently in the

Awareness stage. These are excellent prospects for your company, but

Have not heard of you, or your name.

The purpose of cold traffic is to educate your customers. You’re looking to expose your

introduce your business to new audiences and keep the customers coming back to come back.

Warm Traffic. Warm traffic comes from those who know you but

We haven’t purchased anything yet. It is aligned with the evaluation stage.

The goal of warm traffic is acquisition to convert a visitor to leads.

Chapter 03: Designing a Digital

Advertising Plan


Hot Traffic. Hot traffic originates from those who are in their Conversion stage.

They are buyers those who are waiting to buy or have purchased

Something from you.

The goal of the hottest traffic is to make money by selling a premium product to your customers.

The best customers.

In the end, you want to take individuals from being cold into warm, making them feel fresh

turns into loyal customers ready to buy from you again and repeatedly.

This is done by aligning your message with the prospect’s level of interest.

In the case of cold traffic it’s not necessary to offer the possibility of a sale. It’s more likely that you’ll be spending longer

developing relationships. With hot traffic, your relationship is secured. You

Talk more like a friend and make offers in relation to the subjects you’re familiar with

They’re interested in.

It’s true, these two concepts will dramatically enhance your capacity to

develop successful traffic marketing campaigns that are successful. simply interacting with people according to their

Temperature, you’ll establish trust and build engagement.

Let’s look at the five elements that comprise a successful advertisement.

The Five Elements of a High-Performing Campaign

Each ad campaign is comprised from five main elements The offer itself as well as the text of the ad

as well as design (which we call “creative”) and design (which we call the “creative”), the advertisement scent (the cohesion of the look and

The overall impression of your impression of your campaign) and the target that you choose to target, or to whom you promote your campaign to.


1. Your Offer

Your proposition is not identical to what you offer or the service that you provide. Your business is

constructed around a particular product; your advertising campaign is constructed on an offering.

What exactly can you say about an offering? It’s the exclusive combination of your service or product together

Other bonuses or add-ons including the full specifics of your promotion:

Chapter 03: Creating a Digital

Advertising Plan


* The deliverables

* The cost

* The schedule

* How it’s being delivered

* and more

You may have one productto sell, but you are able to sell it on many different ways.

methods, resulting in many different kinds of possibilities for offers.

This instance, for example is a coupon that offers huge savings on your first visit

Coupons are great deals that focus on savings.

Chapter 03: Creating a Digital

Advertising Plan


This one, made by Survival Life, offers a useful product for one penny:

Another tempting offer: a quality product for a massive cost reduction.

Your proposition is also the premise of your ad campaign. Be sure to make it perfect and

Everything else is likely to all else will eventually.

The reverse is as true: make an offer that isn’t worth it or ad, and it won’t get noticed.


Chapter 03: Creating a Digital

Advertising Plan


2. Your Copy

Your ad copy is the messages you include in your advertising campaign. It must be clear and concise.

Be clear and convincing to are clear and distinct. Both the advantages of

taking part in the ad’s message and taking the action you’re seeking to get.

A well-written copy will have an emotional hook. It’s engaging and persuasive with no

Relying on hype.

In general, you’ll want to begin your ad by talking to a problem that you will be targeting.

you are dealing with. Your solution should then be made out in the form of a solution.

This Hired promotion comes with a issue: “counting down the hours until

you can go out of the workplace.” Should someone connects with the issue they’ll

Be eager to find the solution.

Chapter 03: Designing a Digital

Advertising Plan


Take an example like this from WINC:

If shopping is an issue you’ll be enticed right from the beginning.

3. The Creative

“Creative” is the term used to describe graphic parts in your advertisement: the image, video or

Carousel images.

Don’t fall for the word “creative.” The word “creative” does not have to be a snobby, elitist term

imaginative. Creative thinking conveys your message visually with just one sentence.

Second or second or. This helps and improves your existing copy.

We at DigitalMarketer we prefer to be a bit literal when it comes to our advertising creative. When we can.

If it is possible, we show the deal, so that people are aware of possible benefits are.

Deliverables are.

Chapter 03: Creating a Digital

Advertising Plan


Consider this ad to get an idea. The advertisement that we promoted the offer is located on the left.

The resulting ad appears to the right.

Your design should convey your message visually within 1-2 seconds.

This one, where we pushed our 60-Second Blog Plan:

“Literal” creative conveys its message clearly.

Chapter 03: Creating a Digital

Advertising Plan


In both instances the creative process is literal, capturing as closely as it is possible

Download we’re offering.

4. Ad Scent

Ad scent is a reference to congruity also known as “sameness,” throughout your campaign.

What is the significance of this?

Since trust is a major convertor. If your customers feel secure with your

If the offer is valid offer, they’ll be able to seriously consider your offer. Don’t do anything to raise doubt

or in fear, and then they’ll leave or frighten them, and they’ll leave without taking or action.

Here’s how an ad’s scent functions…

Ad scent

Chapter 03: Designing a Digital

Advertising Plan


Each time we click we employ simple visual signals (or smell) to make sure we’re in the right spot.

the right spot. If we’re lost at any time and we start to think that we’re not in the right place.

area or we’re being manipulated. When that happens we leave and walk away

returning to the place we began.

Your customers will always feel that they’re in the right direction.

This is done by creating a flow, visually, in your message as well as in your website.

the presentation of your offer – from the ad, through your landing page and on to every

Another element part of the campaign.

To ensure consistency, concentrate on three elements:

The design should use the same images and colors on every element that makes up the campaign.

* Text messaging: Use the same phrases and gain.

The offer must be identical throughout.

Ad scent is low-hanging fruit in digital advertising. When you master it, you’ll increase your profits.

Your conversion rate will be lower and you’ll save costs.

Check out what Whole Foods does it in this advertisement:

Whole Foods maintains good scent.

Chapter 03: Designing a Digital

Advertising Plan


The ad states “FREE Instacart delivery,” and after clicking the link, they are taken to an

Page with the same headline as it’s headline “Free delivery credit.”

When the page was talking about how to keep your fruit fresh, or another topic

In no way related to free delivery it could confuse people and they’d leave the site in the absence of

Engaging in actions.

It’s essential to create a strong smell between all the components of your


5. Targeting

The last element of the most effective advertising campaign is the target this audience. It’s

essential because even the best offer will not be successful in the event that you don’t put the offer in front of

an audience that is not right.

Use these two rules of thumb when determining your target.

First, be as precise as you can.

The specificity of your target is dependent on the research. When you plan your targets be sure to learn about the area as

as much as is possible as you can. It is important to understand the most you can about your audience.

The audience is so diverse it is easy to pinpoint particular interests this group of people has, however, it is not possible to pinpoint specific interests of this group.

that no one else could have.

Then, make sure you get the message correct for your temperature.

The temperature, as we talked about in the past is related to being in line with your

Your message should be based on the connection that you maintain with your audience.

Here are some tips to ensure the right temperature.

Cold Traffic. This is where you’re trying to introduce yourself to new people and, therefore, you

We have three objectives (none of them is to be sold):

* Indoctrination. The goal is to create trust and credibility through communicating

useful information at no cost.

* Pixelling. Once they are on your website, pixels them to make sure you can run more

advertisements to them, and then get them warm.

Chapter 03: Designing a Digital

Advertising Plan


* Segmentation. If they visit a blog article on email marketing, we are aware

They’re interested in this topic and we can tailor our offer to an offer that is more relevant to them.


What kinds of offers can you offer to attract the cold crowd?

* Blog posts

* Updates on social media

* Videos with content

* Podcasts

* Lead magnets

* Quizzes

* White papers

* YouTube ads on the content

* Twitter ads for the pillar of content

* Infographics

When you pay to get cold visitors, you’ll have to pixel users who interact with your advertisement or

Click through for the free content. You must give them something worth their time so that they start to appreciate your work.

Your brand. Make sure you are engaging, inspiring and informing everyone who comes across

Clicks through.

Warm Traffic. Think of warm traffic as friends that have been able to show

an interest in exchange. It’s not a fully developed relationship at this point but there’s been some

connection. Therefore, you’ll send the following people with these ads:

* Leads who opted-in to the email lists you have created. (You’ll add this list to the traffic


Chapter 03: Designing a Digital

Advertising Plan


* Visitors visiting your site and have been captured by pixel.

* Twitter followers, Facebook fans YouTube channel subscribers etc.

Your objectives for warm traffic is to:

* Generate leads

* Drive low-dollar sales

What kinds of offers are you able to make to entice customers?

* Lead magnets

* Surveys, quizzes, or questions

* Webinars for free or with a fee

* Flash sales/low-dollar discounts

* Product demos

* Branding videos

* Book (free or purchased)

* Free trial

Hot traffic. These are your customers. They could be those who have chosen

In and in and are undecided in the matter of buying from you and are unsure about buying from. They might have an additional

products in the shopping cart, but never bought. They could have bought

Something from you in the past, but you haven’t replied to your recent offers.

Your objectives when the running of ads for this group include:

* Activation. If they’ve not bought from you for some time be sure to remind them that you’re

There is a sign.

Chapter 03: Designing a Digital

Advertising Plan


* High-dollar sales. Sell lower-priced items to buyers.

What kind of deals do you put out to attract traffic?

* Events

* Webinars with a fee

* High-dollar deals

* Done-for-you-services

Warm, cold or hot, achieving the right temperature allows you to set your

Your campaign will be in front of the appropriate audience. More precisely, you can place your

your advertisements will perform better, and the more effective they’ll be.

Let’s discuss…

Designing an Ad Campaign

How do you bring all of these concepts and components together to form an

Did you run a successful campaign?

The trick is to design everything ahead of time, all the creative, copy and

Targeting before you begin setting in motion your marketing campaigns. The goal is to develop

precise ads that are specifically to your intended viewers. Also, for

thatwe utilize to create the Ad Grid.

Advertising Grid: From Strategy to Scale

Ad grids are an effective method of creating campaigns that are perfectly aligned

in the interests and temperature of those that you’re trying to reach.

The idea is to know prior to time the kind of people you’re looking for and to determine the

hooks are the most likely to draw their focus, so be certain that you’re

making a great marketing/message match.

It’s possible to create your ad grid using Excel or Google Sheets. Google Sheet, but it will appear like something else.

Similar to this:

Chapter 03: Creating a Digital

Advertising Plan


Ad Grid Ad Grid helps you create highly specific ads. Create a different ad grid

for each campaign you create.

Once you have your spreadsheet in place Here are the seven steps you’ll follow to

design, implement, and then scale up your plan, implement, and scale your.

Step 1: Identify your avatars

A profile is a picture for a specific type of person who’s interested in your product

(example: entrepreneur, stay-at-home mom, consultant). The avatars you choose for your

Your campaign could be different than the avatars you use for your company, and it’s fine.

In each campaign for traffic, there will be four avatars. You may have additional avatars,

Of course, the more avatars you own the more time it will be to plan

Your campaign.

To determine which avatars you would like to see check out your offers (e.g. the lead

magnet blog post, webinar you’re planning to promote) and come up with a number of ideas

Different kinds of people be interested in it and profit from different kinds of people who would benefit from.

Chapter 03: Designing a Digital

Advertising Plan


Each one will be the avatar of your campaign. Connect them to the top row

Of your grid.

Step 2 Step 2: Determine the hooks

What is the most attractive aspect of your proposition? Every benefit or benefit of your offer

could be transformed into an effective hook to capture your audience’s attention.

Typically, you’ll design hooks based on these six results.

* Have. What do they get when they download and use your product? What will they get?

What do their lives look like in the past and do their lives look

* Feel. Do they feel more confident, more intelligent or more successful accepting

Your offer?

* Average day. How can you alter or enhance their average day?

* Status. How can someone rise up in the ranks or become a better person following

Are you taking advantage of your product?

* Proof/results. What social proofs such as case studies or testimonials confirm your

offer? What can you do to promote the sense of belonging people feel?

from joining the ranks of others who have replied?

* Speed and Automation. Refer to the speed or efficiency of learning

or using the information or using the information.

Don’t be tempted to make a plan for each of these outcomes. But do be

Be creative thinkers and create numerous positive outcomes or benefits that catch the attention of the

Pay attention to your attention to your avatars.

Okay now that you’ve got your hooks, you can put them into one of the columns in the top row.


Step 3: Design your advertisement copy

You will need to segment your messages for each cell in your spreadsheet, for each

focusing on one hook and an a persona.

Chapter 03: Creating a Digital

Advertising Plan


You can create the ad copy by yourself since the grid of ads clearly

The avatars and hooks are communicated to the people that you’re looking for, and you could outsource it to

a copywriter.

No matter who is doing the writing, you’ll need unique advertising copy

every segment: Avatar1/Hook1, Avatar 2/Hook1, etc. For each segment,

You want the text for the whole ad: headline, text description, and ad type.

If you have four avatars as well as five hooks, you’ll have to create 20 advertisements.

The Ad Grid tells you how the amount of copy you must write.

This segmentation level offers you the highest chances of success with your

campaign. Instead of making generic ads with a few hooks or avatars the campaign will be a unique

Create highly targeted advertisements aimed at specific groups of persons (avatars) by using

particular areas of interest (hooks).

If you follow this strategy the chances of obtaining the most value from the advertising you spend are high.

Gradually higher!

Chapter 03: Creating a Digital

Advertising Plan


A complete ad grid that includes distinct ad copy for each avatar and hook

Step 4: Avatar Research

After you’ve written your copy you can begin to study your avatars to find out the

the interest groups you’ll include in your advertisements.

For this, you must study each individual avatar, finding the solutions to each of these questions.


• Who is the authoritative individuals, thought leaders or major brands in your


* What books/magazines/newspapers does your ideal customer read?

What events do they go to?

Chapter 03: Designing a Digital

Advertising Plan


* Which websites do they use?

* Where are they located?

* What tools are they using?

What is special in this group?

To get the answer to your questions, conduct the Google search and then ask for help from the people you want to talk to

audience. It might take a while to determine the right answer but these suggestions can help you.

ensure that your ads are placed in front of those who are required to be able to. Make sure you make sure you

Do it correctly!

This is a not-so-well-known method…

We refer to it as”the “But No One Else Would” trick Here’s how it works.

Let’s say you’re aiming ads to golfers. You’d like to identify the interests of golfers that are don’t have any

Golf enthusiasts would be aware of this, therefore, nobody will click on your ads unless they are an expert.


Chapter 03: Creating a Digital

Advertising Plan


Even non-golfers would recognize Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson

There are many, but only golfers who are avid are aware of Bubba Watson. Therefore, when making a set

to your advertisement, you’d be looking to attract people who are who are interested to Bubba Watson.

This is the kind of thing you’re looking for in your research on avatars you can identify: the ones that are unique to

the most dedicated fans will be aware of their favorite sports teams, which means you’ll draw attention to your advertisements.

Step 5: Design or outsource the Ad Creatives

Your creativity will be the image that you incorporate into each advertisement. At the very least it should be a visual element.

Need a new and unique hook.

How should your designs be?

Perform an Google image search for the hook’s keywords and then see what results you get.

Pictures for Google”golf” tips search “golf tips”

Chapter 03: Creating a Digital

Advertising Plan


The most popular images will show you what people think of when they listen to

Your keyword.

Take it as an inspiration. But don’t copy. Create original videos or images that are your own.

Incorporate the images that associated with your keyword, but they also include images that have

your brand’s distinctive style and feel.

Step 6: Configure your ads and record your results

You have everything you require for your advertising campaigns. Now is the time to start planning your ads.

to create your advertisements. Make use of the ad grid to assist you in creating each advertisement:

Make use of the avatar to help with your target.

* Make use of the creative and copy that you’ve come up with to make your advertisements.

* Make use of your avatar’s preferences to build an audience in the area of half an

1 million to 1.5 million to 1.5.

After that, turn on your ads and let them run for every week. Once you start getting

Results, you are now able to begin making notes on your results.

Your most successful success measurement is based on the goal of your campaign as well as your

the temperature you’re trying to reach. It could be:

* cost per click

* cost per 1,000 impressions

* cost per acquisition


* Or any other measure that measures your achievement

Write that number in your ad grid under the advertisement copy for each avatar/hook.

Ideally, you’ll gather the results in 7 days 14 21 days, and at the at the end of

The campaign.

Chapter 03: Creating a Digital

Advertising Plan


Step 7 Step 7: Scale

Scaling is the process of figuring out the things that work and what’s not working, as well as what you can do to get

more powerful, more effective results.

There are two methods to make a campaign more effective:

” Horizontal: In the event that the results for your avatar are higher than the average, then you should buy

the traffic from other advertising platforms to increase your visibility to the targeted audience.


• Vertically: If a particular avatar or hook is performing particularly well, then create

More ad-sets to this set on that same platform.

Find your ideal avatar and hooks, and then scale them up. Also, you can refine your

process, resulting in more results in a shorter amount of time and with a lower investment in time

or or.

Optimizing Your Process

When you advertise on the internet it is your aim to draw cold traffic then warm it over

time, and you’ll be able to successfully draw people to your site, and then bring them on

Choose to join, and convince the customer to purchase.

To accomplish this it is necessary to create campaigns that feature ads that are appropriate for every temperature of your

target audience. The trick is to stay within your budget and still reach your

different segments. Here’s how you can optimize your advertising budget.

The formula to success is


Let’s say your budget permits the spending of $10 per day. The daily spending will be $10.

It’s like the following:

* $6/day on cold traffic driving traffic from cold temperatures to your website using pure content

* $3/day to convert hot traffic to leads, or even buyers

Chapter 03: Creating a Digital

Advertising Plan


* $1/day for retargeting and selling a product with a higher price

This ratio can change over time according to your requirements However, this is not a problem.

Good balance, which allows you to focus on the right temperature while ensuring

Control of your control of your.

Optimizing your Ads

When you’re targeting different temperatures you must adapt your ads to match the

degree of connection. These templates can help you get a starting point.

Cold Traffic Ad

Chapter 03: Creating a Digital

Advertising Plan


Warm Traffic Ad

Hot Traffic Ad

Optimizing a weak campaign

If your campaign isn’t working well, rethink the offer. If you’ve got an offer that isn’t working, you can change it.

an effective offer, other elements could be weak, and your advertisements will still be effective. However, if you want to make a

If the offer you are making isn’t appropriate If your offer isn’t right, it doesn’t matter what else you are offering.

In some instances advertisements might be strong at first but the results will decrease as time passes.