This is the Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing


This is the perfect guide for beginners to advanced digital marketers.

seeking to improve your techniques or improve your already-developed ones.

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing is full of knowledge and strategies

entrepreneurs, marketing professionals students, business owners, and everyone who is looking for

improve their skills at the moment and keep up-to-date on the latest developments in digital marketing.

What exactly is Digital Marketing?

The digital marketing process is the practice of marketing the sale of products or services

using online marketing strategies using by leveraging online marketing strategies such as social media marketing by leveraging online marketing tactics such as search

marketing along with email marketing.

If you’re just beginning to learn about marketing on the internet, it could seem overwhelming.

We know this…

However, in many ways digital marketing is not any different from traditional marketing. In

Both, intelligent organizations strive to build mutually beneficial partnerships with

prospects lead, customers, and potential customers.

Then, think about the most important buy you’ve made. Perhaps you

bought a house, employed an expert to repair your roofing, switched the paper supplier

in your office.

Whatever it was you were looking for, it is likely that you began with a search on the Internet to

Learn more about the process and locate your most suitable options. The ultimate purchase you made was made

Based on the reviews you read, the reviews of your friends and family you talked to, and

the features, solutions the features, and prices you’ve looked up.

Today, most purchasing decisions begin online.

That being the case, an online presence is absolutely necessary–regardless of

the products you sell.



This is the Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing


Being able to establish a strong digital presence will benefit you in many ways:

It makes it easier to raise awareness and engage both prior to and after

following the sale.

* You can turn new buyers into rabid followers who are more likely to purchase (and more).


* You’ll reap all the benefits of word of mouth as well as social media sharing.

Be aware that the landscape of marketing on the internet is constantly evolving. Gurus,

Podcasts, bloggers and podcasts declare an instrument or tactic as in one week but are dead the next.


Today digital marketing is not so much concerned with “digital” and much more

concerning “marketing,” largely because the digital age has brought marketing to the digital age. It’s

The fundamentals are already established.

DigitalMarketer’s mission is to clear the air about tactics. DigitalMarketer Our goal is to dispel the doubts about the methods.

that are effective and how you can make use of them to increase the growth of your that work and how to use them to grow your. We are against those

“gurus” who advocate for”their” next “shiny object” that is believed to cause death

Email marketing, digital advertising as well as SEO for search engines.

We’re here to talk discussing the basics.

As you’ll discover in the following guideline, these essential areas that comprise digital marketing are

crucial to the growth of your business both today and for the future. Every day

These of these disciplines of these disciplines will be addressed in a chapter in the Ultimate Guide to

Digital Marketing as seen below.

What You’ll Learn

Chapter 1: Your Digital Marketing Strategy Template

The Value Journey of the Customer Value Journey is the strategic basis of all we do.

Here at DigitalMarketer. This is the template that DigitalMarketer has based that every other digital

The discipline and tactic of marketing is developed. Learn about the eight stages and how to use them.

and create an effective plan for your business.

This is the Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing


Chapter 2: Designing an Content Marketing Strategy

If done correctly If done correctly, your content marketing can not only draw in new customers and customers, but will it will also

Move them through a marketing funnel to increase sales and boost your business.

business. Learn how to create the content strategy for your business, and how to implement it.

Create “perfect” content that is “perfect.

Chapter 3: Creating the Digital Advertising Plan

The secret to effective internet marketing is to use traffic. If you are able to master the art of traffic

With this acquisition, you are able to increase sales, traffic, and eventually growth. Here,

You’ll discover the secrets to creating a digital marketing strategy that actually works.

Chapter 4: Understanding Social Media Marketing

“Going Social” isn’t only an active presence in Facebook as well as Twitter. Be aware of the ways to be successful.

The Social Success Cycle, and the ways you could utilize it to attract fans and

Followers, engage them and even offer them products.

Chapter 5: Observing Email Marketing Good Practices

Do not believe any stories that claim otherwise. Email is alive and well. it is a fact that you are aware of

How to utilize it to assist you to exponentially expand your business. Know the

the role of email in the growth of a company and how you can utilize it to move quickly

potential customers and prospects through the customers and prospects through the Customer Value Journey.

Chapter 6: Designing Your Search Marketing Strategy

The way that search marketing is conducted has changed dramatically over the past few years. However, we can see that

It’s a good thing! Today, it could improve your website’s visibility and increase the trust of your visitors

helping you with other marketing disciplines in digital and other disciplines of digital marketing. Be sure to learn the correct method for supporting your other disciplines in digital marketing.

to do search engine optimization here.

Chapter 7 Application of Website Analytics to your Digital Marketing

If you’re not interested in numbers then we’ve got your back. Analytics on websites are an

A powerful tool to help you determine the things that are working to determine what’s not working and the best way to fix it.

to do next. Find out the method we employ on DigitalMarketer, an easy-to-understand method that anyone can apply.

This is the Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing


Chapter 8 Utilizing Conversion Rate Optimization to drive


Conversion rate optimization might appear difficult It’s not, but it doesn’t have to be.

This is crucial for your achievement as a digital-based marketer. We’ll teach you how to

Implement a framework that guides everything you create as an online


Each chapter will go over four key elements of the strategy we’ll be discussing:

* The Methods are the processes and strategies you’ll employ to develop your strategy

and apply it to your own company. This is the main point of every chapter.

since in the world of digital marketing, the way you manage your strategy is vital. This is especially true in this

Guide, in which we explain the exact strategies we employ on DigitalMarketer.

* The Metrics are the numbers you’ll use to gauge your progress and

Find areas that require tweaking (or could be worth working on).

* The Lingo is the term employed by experts, you can speak to experts.

effectively (even even if you’re not sure if you’re an expert).

• The roles: employees in your organization that are most likely to be involved in

The responsibility lies in the planning and execution of every strategy.

This Guide is organized in a sequential order. You can still leap, you can’t jump.

Around, learning the techniques around, learning the tactics in any order that you are in need of them.

We recommend reading the chapters sequentially.

Make sure you take your time. Learn and study each chapter one at a time. Use what you have learned.

When you’re satisfied that you’ve got your methods down and running, go onto the next step.

The next chapter.

You’ll be amazed at the speed at which you can put into practice these techniques if you are focused

Each by one at a. When everything is working then you can

concentrate on improving and optimizing your processes to increase your growth.

Are you ready to begin?

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)




Digital marketing is the place where it starts and ends…

Through the Customer Value Journey, which effectively builds relationships with brand new

potential customers and turns them into loyal, long-term customers.

This is the process each prospect has to go through in order to make the transition to an entrepreneur.


This is how people who aren’t familiar with your business become customers and, in the end, customers of your company.

The truth is that marketing isn’t an easy procedure. There are eight steps to marketing.

the steps you need to account for when you are making purchases and promotions.

However, I have some amazing information for you. If you are aware of this strategy of digital marketing, you will be able to make it work.

(a.k.a. “the (also known as the Customer Value Journey) If you want to, you can design your own Customer Value Journey

the business in a manner that it can move people in a predictable manner through the stages

This template.

Also you’ll no longer have to wonder whether you’ll be able create leads.

You don’t have to keep your fingers crossed and pray for customers. If you

Know the customer value Journey review and referrals can be a part of it.

become automatic.

The Value Journey of the Customer Value Journey is the strategic basis of all we do.

Here at DigitalMarketer. It’s the base template on that every other digital

Marketing discipline and tactic are developed.

We are confident in making this bold assertion:

Marketing’s job is to transfer prospects and customers efficiently and efficiently

subtlely traverse each step of the Customer Value Journey.

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


This chapter will begin with a top-level overview of the Value Journey of the Customer. Value Journey.

After that, we’ll go over each step of the eight and discuss the strategies you’ll have to employ.

help people move through the Journey to help them along the way, and then look over case studies to ensure you can visualize it as a whole.


A brief overview of the customer Value Journey

Now that you are aware of why it is crucial… Here’s what the Customer needs to know.

Value Journey can be described as:

Just click the picture above (or visit here) to download your write-able copy of The

Customer Value Journey

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


Let’s go through the 8 steps to designing your digital marketing


Step 1: Awareness

Before someone buys directly from you, they must to be aware of your existence, right?

That’s the first step on the Journey to Customer Value.

The process is fairly straightforward This is the point at which the individual is made aware of

you. For one thing, nobody was born with the knowledge of the names of Apple or Amazon are. Somewhere, there is a point.

The point is that they must be aware of these businesses for them to become an employee.


Similar is the case of your business.

Examples of Marketing that creates Awareness

There are a variety of ways that a potential customer can be aware of your

the company, its products and services, products, and. Three scenarios are possible:

The father of two spots the advertisement of a brand new children’s summer camp

on Facebook.

A manager at the office searches Google to locate a new coffee provider.

* A college student views the Instagram footage of her friend exclaiming about the importance of

A brand new line of noise canceling headphones.

Ads on Facebook are the best vehicle to raise awareness about driving. In this instance,

browsers are offered to a home security firm:

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


If you’re not aware of Canary This Facebook advertisement will make you aware.

Digital Marketing Disciplines that Create Awareness

To raise awareness about your business, you must implement the digital marketing techniques you need

to master or hire may include:

* Digital Advertising

* Search Marketing

* Content Marketing

* Social Media Marketing

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


* Community Management

* Copywriting

Step 2. Engagement

Your potential customer is aware of you, they know who you are, but you’re in

the beginning of developing a connection with them in the beginning stages of a relationship with. They haven’t yet met them, and neither do they know

or and.

The next step is to begin building a relationship with your potential customer.

Stage 2, Engage is the point where you begin talking with your potential customers. It is where you begin to engage with your prospects.

Engage them with a variety of content that is entertaining,

information or both.

Engagement is something that should be maintained throughout the Customer’s life.

Journey. It’s not something that you can just do once and then move on.

Examples of marketing that creates Engagement

Engagement is usually in forms of either content or communities. Here are some examples of engagement.

A few examples to get your thoughts flowing for your business:

* A five-year-old grandfather receives an email through his adviser in the field of finance.

offering a number of options to save money for your child’s tuition costs and thereby decreasing the cost of college.


* The proprietor of a boutique wine shop participates in Facebook

community of wineries as well as other retailers of wine.

* A new mom looks at a video on YouTube from Johnson & Johnson showing

Her the best way to bathe her infant bath.

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


Engagement is often triggered by valuable pertinent content.

Let’s take a look at another instance of engagement by Modcloth An online retailer selling

women’s clothing. This is a fun and informative piece of content

Modcloth has one of its most profitable customer segments: those who attend


Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


It’s possible to increase engagement by creating content that is equally entertaining and beneficial.

Digital Marketing Disciplines that Create Engagement

In order to increase the engagement of your business, you must implement strategies for digital marketing you employ

The skills you must be able to master or hire

* Content Marketing

* Social Media Marketing

* Email Marketing

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


* Community Management

Step 3: Submit

Now, you potential customer has a sense of who you are, and has already partnered with you.

in some way or another.

If you were unable to find the person’s contact details, chances are good

They’ll never speak to you never again.


Since people are bombarded with content and marketing making

an absence of attention. Simply because someone has read your blog post

Today doesn’t mean that they’ll be able to remember to visit your website in the near future.

You must instead make sure that the person is able to go to Step 3 of the Value

Journey, in which case you must join Journey.

The person here gives you their contact details and when they do they grant

you are allowed to reach them in the future.

The majority of times, this type of transaction is an exchange. It is sometimes called an

“ethical corruption.” You advertise an excellent offer, but instead of soliciting money,

You request the contact details of your prospect. When they provide the information to you,

You do not just give them access to the product, content or service that you provide, but you also grant them access to the information, product, or

As promised, you can also added them to your list of subscribers.

Examples of Marketing that generates Subscribers

The primary requirement for your offer is that the intended customers are able to access it.

valuable. Here are some instances from a range of industries:

* A professional in the midst of their career sign-ups for an online seminar hosted by a local realtor.

regarding the best practices to follow when buying your first home.

* A student submits a questionnaire on a blog in order to get the opportunity to try a sample of new

Face cream.

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


“The Human Resources manager of an accounting firm of a medium size is a signer

to show a demonstration of a new program which he can utilize to oversee the hiring of new employees.


In every instance the potential customer fills in an application, and provides their contact details,

and receives information on how to get access to the offer.

• The professional who is young will be given the time along with the link to the webinar.

* The girl from college has been received a thank-you note informing that the cream for her face is included in the


* The manager will be called to set up a demonstration.

It always begins with the form. For example, here’s a way Salesforce creates

Whitepapers can be a great way to attract leads.

Salesforce’s offer is ideal for the Subscription phase of their

Customer Journey.

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


Digital Marketing Disciplines That Create Subscribers

For more subscriptions for your business, you must use the digital marketing techniques you employ

The skills you must learn or hire includes:

* Content Marketing

* Email Marketing

* Digital Advertising

* Community Management

* Optimization of Conversion Rates

* Copywriting

Step 4 Step 4: Convert

In the event that your subscribers acquire in the third step of your journey stay engaged, you may also find that you may find some

Many of them are ready to improve their levels of commitment. They will appreciate their commitment to the

the information you provide and have gained trust in your advice, they’re now prepared to make a decision

In one of two ways in either of two ways: either money or time.

This is an essential phase on the customer Journey and one that is frustrating to many

Business owners. The most important thing to succeed in this stage is to apply what we refer to as

“entry-point offer.” These are intended to provide the prospective customer an opportunity to earn points.

enormous value, without having to put in too many “skin into the sport.”

At this point, it is not advisable to solicit a substantial amount of money for a product or

Service would be over-simplifying the process, or too early. It’s still early stages of


In actual fact, it’s far too early to even think about concern your self with the possibility of profit. In fact, it’s too early to be concerned about profitability.

This stage of the customer Journey it is possible to be losing money with your prospects

You buy as you buy as.

Perhaps, this is the most vital instruction you need to learn in order that it can bear


Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


The Convert phase of the Value Journey for the Customer Value Journey is about acquiring

buyers or increasing the commitment level of leads you have already

have. It’s not about profits.

The most successful businesses all over the world understand that the most expensive

The marketing process your company engages in is the acquisition of customers. It’s the

Reason Sprint will buy you out of Verizon cellphone contract.

Give you a free phone. This is why GoDaddy gives domains for $2.95 and

It’s why VistaPrint offers 500 business cards for just $9.

The aim is to find an additional client. Profits come later.

Examples of marketing that creates Conversions

There are two kinds of offer that require entry points one of which requires an agreement

of time, as well as those which require time and money. Below are some


* The Vice President of Operations at an enterprise of size purchases large amount of money

The book of a management consultant is $8 from the consultant’s website.

The daughter of parents who are elderly plans a walk-through tour at the local

Retirement home for retirement.

* A man makes use of a $20 teeth-whitening treatment at the local dentist.

Pay attention to the price of each offer between $8 and $20.

The aim here is not to make huge profits. The goal is to convince customers to change their minds.

connection with your clients. As you’ll discover there’s a relationship between you and your subscribers.

If someone is a buyer when they are a customer, it is much likely that the person will be purchasing higher-priced, more complicated products and services, and more often.

Remember, this is one of the most costly (in time funds, time, and resources) marketing initiatives

Your business’s primary goal is the acquisition of new customers. The positive side is that

Once you’ve purchased the items, you do not have to buy the same ones again.

Here’s an example deal from GoDaddy that does an excellent job of buying

new customers who are extremely cheap on Domain registrations:

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


With a great upfront deal, GoDaddy easily acquires the client.

Making that first conversion done was the hardest part. Now they’re able to construct the

customer relations to generate profit in the future.

Digital Marketing Disciplines that Generate Conversions

To increase conversions within your business, use strategies for digital marketing you employ

The skills you must be able to master or hire

* Digital Advertising

* Content Marketing

* Copywriting

* Email Marketing

* Search Marketing

5. Excite

Now your customer has completed a transaction with you. A tiny

Yes, it’s a transaction it is a transaction, but still a transaction.

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


It is your responsibility to ensure that the transaction is successful and that you are able to ensure you are able to get the

The excitement that comes with buying translates into trust and goodwill.

The reason is straightforward: if the person isn’t able to benefit from this

In the transaction, they will not proceed to the next stage or purchase any more

costly items from expensive items from.

How can you ensure your customers are provided with a pleasant experience?

First, let us assume that the prospective buyer bought or gave away was valuable

Time for is excellent. The power of marketing can only speed up the rate at which

Your business will fail if you aren’t able to provide top quality offerings and products.

Second, the potential customer needs to be able to see value in their last interaction with you. The

The Excite stage in the customer value journey is a thing you have to return to

repeatedly. Every time, it is supposed to bring excitement.

This is the reason when a client or potential customer does what you request, it’s a sign of respect.

You can ask them to them to (attend to this seminar, purchase this product, or hire me to provide this service) You

You should design your marketing to maximize the chance that they become tangible

Value gained from the value from the.

Examples of marketing that creates excitement

Your objective in the Excite phase in the customer value journey is to be certain

your customer benefits from the transaction. Here are some examplesof how:

A couple who are married buys an Keurig (coffee maker) and enjoys the coffee maker for free.

servings and a quick Start guide to make the most amazing coffee in just a few minutes.

moments after being able to open the container.

* A brand new user of Spotify Spotify application for streaming music navigates through

Instructional walkthrough that teaches her how to make an playlist of her top songs


* A man of a young age is able to read three blog posts that are recommended

via email from his Life Coach, who he just hired prior to their first coaching session


Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)