12-20 point “Workin’ It” If you have some money to invest You are a clever marketer

who is juggling multiple priorities and requires technology that can handle an array of channels

that require minimal expenditure. With the list next section, look for technology or

Services with two or more service names with asterisks (**) on the words with an asterisk next to.

at least 20 percent “Fit And Fabulous” The high-visibility business will require that every

The role of your organization must be in focus on the key elements of communication that help create

the most memorable the ultimate. But, you have to stay within the limits of your

the group’s efforts in implementing plans to ensure that a consistent voice and brand are

maintained. In the this section search for services or technologies that have one

(*), 2 (**), or 3 Asterisks (***) on top of them.

Knowing what technologies or services You Might Need

Once you’ve determined the purpose of your email program and your objectives you want to achieve, it is time to set.

You want to achieve what you want to accomplish, you can start to determine the technology that will help you achieve your goals.

best to support your best support your.

This is a good time to reread Chapter 2 to gain some important insights into

email delivery providers. Remember, though delivery services aren’t the only

the technology available. Below are the various types of email tools (outside of

the email providers) that you should look over. You’ll find contact information for each

the vendors that are included in the various categories in Appendix A.

Data along with best practices:

Email the Experience The Council’s Whitepaper Room**

Center for Media Research*





Forrester Research***


Email-specifi c design or design analysis:





Guatemala Email Database