Goostrey is an “old world village that has an incredibly modern look, according to Polly Berkeley reports.
Goostrey shows that the village is not over. This is the message of the lucky ones to reside in this place. Is there an active community? Goostrey isn’t to be beaten in terms of its variety of activities and involvement from the local community.
Of course, it’s an idyllic spot with two church buildings, a bustling primary school, and plenty of pubs and shops like the gorgeous Red Lion, but it is also a thriving community that doesn’t hesitate to embrace the modern world.
One of the reasons for it not being missed is that the place was back in 1975. The site was the site for the first documentaries that looked at The Women’s Institute and their involvement in the village and is considered to be relatively modern.
Locally owned shops and fantastic local-owned facilities for sports are excellent models of the way communities flourish and thrive. Despite its historic half-timbered buildings and beautiful weathered Cheshire brick homes, the town hasn’t been sunk into the past. Indeed, Goostrey was one of the first towns within the UK to establish a profile on the social media My Space. My Space.
The roots of this small farm community are reflected in its architecture, church chapel, and beautiful location, just a few minutes away from Jodrell Bank Observatory.
Another thing to look forward to is the tradition of local gooseberry throwing and an annual gooseberry display. In 2007, Goosfest was established as an arts festival with a full schedule that includes stand-up comedy traditional, folk, and modern music, photography of pottery, and art. The festival is held at the Red Lion, the village hall, the Crown Inn, and St Luke’s Church.
For those who would like to discover Goostrey and its area, the Goostrey community has put together More Goostrey Walking and Strolls, including maps and pictures of nine walks around the village.
An excellent place to visit is the forested valley in Red Lion Brook on the northern edge of the village, also known by the name of The Bongs and is featured in Alan Garner’s production, Holly From the Bongs, which the children from the town staged in the 1960s in collaboration with the BBC. Alan Garner still lives in the village is a 16th-century house that is now known as Toad Hall.
What isGoostrey is an old agricultural village located in the area of unitary authorities in East Cheshire situated off junction 18 of the M6 Motorway near Jodrell Bank observatory?
Parking is accessible at Goostrey Station.
What to eatSoaking in the atmosphere at the local pub is an attractive option to spend time in Goostrey. A Red Lion’s Grouchos restaurant has an extensive restaurant and can cater for anything from a simple lunch to a buffet-style event. Crown Inn Crown Inn also has an excellent reputation for its superb food and great ales.