This is about making sure that your marketing gives your customer the best possible experience.

chance to gain value from your business–and to be able to enjoy it

value right away.

It can be as simple as an onboarding email such as this one from

Productivity app, Evernote:

A successful onboarding campaign is an easy method to increase the value of your business immediately

After the purchase.

Evernote is an app for note-taking on the cloud which you can use to transfer notes

Between your phone, computer or between your tablet, phone, and computer. It comes with a variety of useful functions but it’s not perfect.

Evernote is aware of this to truly draw new users in and turn them into

loyal customers, they need to ensure that new customers succeed by

The application.

This is why Evernote provides you with these informative emails after you sign-up for

Create a new account. The emails are filled with tips that can help you gain more value from

The app will make you feel more enthusiastic about it which makes you more likely utilize the application. This will make you more enthusiastic about it and be more likely to use.

Digital Marketing Disciplines That Cause Excitement

In order to increase consumption within your business, you must implement methods of marketing using digital media are the best.

The skills you must be able to master or hire

* Email Marketing

* Content Marketing

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


* Copywriting

Step 6 Step 6: Ascend

At this point in your Value Journey, you’ve sunk time as well as money and resources

to gaining leads and customers, and ensuring that they gain benefit from this

Business with you.

It’s quite possible that up to this point you’re yet to make profits. Actually,

If you’re in a highly very competitive marketplace (and who wouldn’t be?) there’s a chance you’re losing money

the beginning of this process is to gain the initial customers.

It’s totally acceptable. this is the reason:

You’re investing in your future earnings.

Remember that it costs more money to gain a new client than it does to sell to them.

to an existing one to an existing. This first sale isn’t about profit. It’s about changing to a

potential customer to begin with a lengthy (and lucrative) customer


The idea of buying customers at their fronts is smart business however, only if it is possible to

You can monetize these customers at the back end.

The Ascend stage of your Value Journey is where your client will be ready for

Buy more frequently and more frequently. If your business offers an offer that is a part of the core then this is the best location to

Create the offer. Once your customer has purchased the core offer you can

provide them with additional relevant promotions.

The Value Journey worksheet represents the Ascent stage.

a ladder. That’s no accident. This is actually an opportunity to climb a ladder which will hopefully eventually lead to

multiple purchases in the span of time.

Examples of Marketing Strategies That Cause Ascension

Some examples of ascension could be:

A couple who are dating rent convertibles at San Diego and pay extra for satellite

GPS and radio.

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


* A father-of-two purchases a digital camera at $2,495 with an lens kit camera

bag, tripod and the purchase at a discounted price of $699.

A woman with an all-new Mercedes purchases the unlimited car washes

at $40 per month instead of having to pay per car wash on its own.

Let’s see what happens when Southwest Airlines creates ascension by offering a price that

Enhance your experience and enhance you’re transaction’s value

Southwest’s offer of ascension is a cost-effective addition that will improve their

customer’s experience.

If you do this step correctly, your clients will be thankful for your efforts.

offers. Southwest customers of Southwest Airlines who wish to get on the plane earlier are eligible for

We are happy to pay an additional $15 to avoid crowded taking boarding.

Digital Marketing Disciplines That Cause Ascension

In order to increase the ascension rate of your business, you must employ the strategies for digital marketing you require

to master or hire may include:

* Email Marketing

* Copywriting

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


* Digital Advertising

* Content Marketing

Step 7 Step 7: Advocate

Now you have a very satisfied client who made a number of profitable purchases

From the perspective of. The next step in your Value Journey is to create marketing strategies that

Encourages your most loyal customers to promote your company.

Advocates are people who has a positive opinion about your company’s image.

Advocates are what you could call an “passive advertiser.” They don’t

It is not necessary to promote your business in an your business in a way that is active, but when people ask you about your business,

they will react positively.

Examples of Marketing that generates Advocates

The two final stages (Advocate and Propel) are frequently believed to be

beyond marketing’s control, however that isn’t actually the case. You can make

marketing strategy that is designed to create more supporters and promoters.

Here are some examples:

A woman participates in an online contest to win new lip gloss made by an industry-leading beauty brand

by capturing a video review of how much she loves the one they have.


On request the Warehouse Manager from the company that supplies produce

reviews with glowing praise the local courier company she uses to deliver

local fruits and vegetables.

Designer Shoe Warehouse knows the significance in the Advocate stage of the

Customer Journey. This email was designed to engage advocates by asking for


Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


DSW actively encourages customers become advocates.

Digital Marketing Disciplines That Create Advocates

Advocates are important as it can help increase awareness and confidence,

and confidence with a wider and broader audience. This helps you get more customers

and expand your and grow your.

To increase the number of people who support your business, marketing efforts that you have to make are

The areas of work include:

* Social Media Marketing

* Email marketing

* Search Marketing

Step 8 Step 8: Promote

Promoters are distinct from advocates in the sense that they actively seek to propagate the

spread the word about your brands or products and services.

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


In other cases it is because the promoter had a wonderful encounter with your company.

and want to tell their story to their family and friends. In other situations they

promote since you’ve created incentives for them to take action.

Your message is put before a whole new audience. The fans and followers.

Friends who are also supporters of the advertiser. Also, because this new crowd is hearing about the promoter, they are hearing about

If they get their information from a trusted source that has already been a part of their lives, are more likely to

Customers can become customers for themselves.

Examples of Marketing that generates Promoters

Making sure you have more promoters in mind is crucial since it helps create an army

of salespeople, whether paid or not, disseminating information about your products.

Here are some examples:

A person who hosts a podcast on fishing earns a 20% profit every time.

Every time when one of his fans purchases fishing equipment through an affiliate hyperlink.

* A woman can attend an event for free as she organized five of her

coworkers to go along with.

* A marketing agency works with a marketing automation program

the company to resell their software in exchange for the benefit of a commission.

As you can imagine, promoters can help you gain more customers for a lesser cost. Therefore

even when you pay promoters even when you reward promoters, it’s a win-win.

An excellent example is Dropbox. It was in the beginning stages of starting out as a brand new

A company that is in a brand new field and realized that the importance of being discovered.

Their the success of their. They therefore created the referral program, which gave their customers a solid

incentive to advertise the service to other people.

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


With generously rewarding users for promoting Dropbox Word quickly spread

About the new cloud-storage services.

By encouraging your acquaintances to test the service Dropbox it could help you boost your

Own online storage space starting that ranges from 2 GB to 16 GB of storage space. It was a very attractive

Offer, many new customers are recruited their families and friends and helped turn

Dropbox is now a software company (valued by 2014 at 10 billion dollars).

Digital Marketing Disciplines That Create Promoters

In order to increase the number of promoters for your business, you must increase you must use marketing strategies to

the work that is being done includes:

* Email Marketing

* Copywriting

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


How to Transform Prospects Into The Value of the Customer


Now that you are aware of customer value journey is what’s the next step is to understand what the Customer Value Journey is.

The most important thing to know is:

How can you effortlessly and discreetly guide customers and potential clients through

every stage that is part of the Customer Value Pathway?

The answer is simple: You design marketing CAMPAIGNS are INTENTIONALLY

transfer individuals from one place to another.

Campaigns and deliberately are important in this case. This is why

Let’s break them down one by one.

What is a marketing campaign?

The first step is to discuss what a “campaign” really means.

A marketing campaign consists of two essential elements:

* An appeal to take action

• A source of traffic

Call to Action is the thing you would like people to do. If your marketing campaign is successful, it will be.

Your creation is geared towards the”Subscribe” phase in the customer journey your

The call to action could be to encourage individuals to download a whitepaperor checklist or

Video source. If the campaign is in the Convert or Ascend stages, you can make a call to

The goal could be to purchase the product or action could be to purchase a product or. If your campaign is designing

is an awareness stage. and the prompt to take action could just be as easy as a listen to

an episode of a podcast or reading blog posts.

The source of traffic can be digital clicks from advertisements email sites, social media or

search engines , such as Google. Offline marketing may consist of direct mail television or

radio advertisements printed ads, radio advertising, or any other form of advertising that puts an action call the front

of your potential customers.

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


Now that you understand what a campaign is we can discuss what a campaign actually is.

is supposed to do.

The goal of a marketing campaign is to consciously move individuals away from

The first step in the Value Journey to the next.

For instance:

The campaign may be aimed at getting people to sign-up for your emails

List (going between Engaged and Subscribe).

A different campaign could be aimed at getting new customers to become enthusiastic

regarding the purchase (going between Convert on Excite).

Again, take note that a campaign is purposefully moving people around the

Value Journey. That term “intentionally” is crucial.

Intentionally guiding customers through The Value Journey

Anyone who’s ever been an employee of a business has gone through

it’s the Value Journey, whether that company deliberately made it happen or not.

Sometimes, people travel through their Value Journey on accident.

Imagine that you’ve never had any idea about Dropbox prior to. And then, you discover that Dropbox is a thing.

Day, a friend informs you that he utilizes Dropbox to keep all his files online and

We recommend checking the site out.

At this moment, you as well as your friend have made progress through the Value

Journey. You’ve moved to Step 1 Aware Your friend has been moved to Step 2.

8, Promote.

This was not the result of any action Dropbox did

intentionally. It was the result of an accidental comment or informal conversation

between you with your with your.

Compare that with Dropbox’s advertising campaign that offers extra space for

clients who refer family and friends:

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


Give rewards to people who take the actions you want them to do.

In this instance, Dropbox is moving people through the value-added journey.

Intentionally, by creating a program specifically for that particular


This is a crucial distinction to be made.

Once you’ve figured out the way, you can influence people by virtue of the Value

Experience using advertising campaigns. You see that you’re able to

increase the success of your business by improving the areas that your customers can access


In this instance, I’d like to make clear that there’s one error that’s commonplace that many

companies commit when trying to guide prospects and customers through the

The Customer Value Journey.

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


The most common mistake marketers make when creating campaigns

When a company is aware of their Customer Journey they will become super thrilled

regarding the possibility of moving people to strangers

Promoter to advertiser in one step to promoter in one step, all within one program.

This is not possible.

It’s impossible to design a campaign to make people aware of your brand,

They are enticed, get them to sign up and convert they are excited, and then ascends

them, and later transforms the advocates into promoters and supporters.

In addition, you must make multiple campaigns that are specifically designed to

help people move between one point to move them from one stage to. (Or in certain cases the campaign may

Most likely, people will go through two or perhaps three steps in a row at the same time.)

The most effective way to present this is through few examples.

Value Journey Campaign Case Studies

A Case Study DigitalMarketer

The Campaign’s Goal is: To Be Aware to Engage

* Content Required Content Needed: Branding Video

* Source of Traffic: Facebook Ads (Video Views campaign)

“Call to Action”: Stop the conflict between marketing and sales… check this out


When we design an exciting fresh campaign for DigitalMarketer We always begin

by taking a look at using the Value Journey map and identifying any steps that we can identify

Need help. In this instance we realized that we were doing a great job, we

of making people aware of advertising on Facebook of generating awareness through Facebook ads, we didn’t make the most of it.

engagement campaign in place.

We decided to make some video content (a video of branding) which was designed to

Get people to be involved by using DigitalMarketer:

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


This video is known as “Valentine’s Day Battle about Sales & Marketing.”

As you’ve guessed that just making videos isn’t enough. Also, we had to make a decision.

How we would convince people to view the video. We decided to make an

A Facebook ad campaign (with viewers of videos being the primary goal) to drive visitors to the

video. This was the “Traffic” part of our marketing campaign.

Here’s the way that one of the advertisements appeared to be:

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


Advertising is the best method to draw attention to your content at all levels of

The Customer Journey.

Since the purpose for this campaign is make people more engaged with us, we have a call to action

The way to take action was quite simple: “Watch this video!”

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


It’s important to mention that we didn’t want to persuade people to sign up , or

You shouldn’t buy anything (at at the very least, not immediately) as that was not the intention behind this

campaign. The aim was to create an interest, and it did extremely well.

because it was solely focused on engaging the audience.

A Case Study of ModCloth

Campaign Goal: To Engage People to Subscribe

Content Required Content Needed: Blog Post

Source of Traffic: Facebook organic traffic

Action Join ModCloth’s newsletter for amazing offers and good news!

Here’s an illustration of a campaign having an entirely different objective. In this instance this is the goal is to increase awareness of

clothing retailer ModCloth sought out customers who were already involved with

their content, and then sign up to their mailing list.

The content required for this campaign was fairly simple: it’s a blog.

post. When you visit ModCloth’s blog ModCloth blog you’ll be able to read several blog articles that can be helpful

Similar to this:

ModCloth made use of on this post’s blog to promote subscriptions.

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


Because ModCloth has many active Facebook fans ModCloth was able to get their Facebook followers engaged.

to make use of organic and free Facebook traffic as their primary traffic source. (Remember that you

You don’t have to always pay to use the internet.)

This means we have content and an opportunity to drive traffic. What’s next? What’s our need to do?

You’ll see that when you’re browsing through the blog, you’ll be welcomed by

This pop-up

Popups have proven to be a powerful tool for the Subscribe call-to-action.

It’s possible to not see this as an actual marketing campaign but in reality it is. It’s a certain

Action: Sign up for ModCloth’s Latest News and Fantastic offers! and

whenever someone fills out this form, they are moved on to the next step in the

The Customer Value Journey.

Sometimes the most effective marketing strategies are the most simple.

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)


Case Study: Honest Company

Campaign Goal: To Engage People to sign up to Convert

Content Email Copy as well as Creative

Google Adwords: Google Adwords

Take action now Special Offer! 25 discount on your first purchase

This is an illustration of campaign which takes people through two stages in the

Value Journey: From Engage to Subscribe, and the final step is to convert.

Let’s review this campaign from beginning to end. The main source of traffic is

Google Adwords targeting the keyword “buy organic diapers.”

Here is the AdWords advertisement:


When you click that advertisement, you are taken to the landing page, which prompts you to


Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)



After you’ve opted in and sign up, they’ll send you the coupon via your email (about 24 hours).

several hours later (assuming you haven’t made purchases):

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)



I’d like to ask you to pay focus on this call to move This is an exclusive offer! 25%

Save 10% Off Discount on Your First Order. This discount is only applicable to your first purchase.

This is because the purpose in this campaign doesn’t aim to create repeated purchases.

it’s to convince the person to make their first purchase. It’s been tried and tested over time.

Effective method to turn people into new customers.

Chapter 01: Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Template (AKA The Customer Value Journey)



This Journey of the Customer Value Journey is the basis for the strategies you’ll master

in this guide. If you’re interested in learning about the subject of content marketing and online marketing or anything else, you’ll find it in this Guide.

analytics or any other subject be sure to keep this idea in your mind.

Don’t worry, though. We’ll go over it several times to ensure it’s fresh on your mind.

mind. By the time you’ve finished this guide you will probably have it permanently etched into your


Once you’ve mastered the Customer Journey It’s time to address the most important aspect.

method you’ll employ to attract individuals at all stages using Content Marketing.

Chapter 02: Making Content

Marketing Strategy


It’s a big goal that it will be the an ideal content marketing.

It is, however, possible when you are aware of the way content is integrated to your overall digital

marketing strategy.

When done properly If done correctly, your content marketing will not just draw in new customers and customers, but

Also, you can move them through a funnel for marketing to increase sales and increase your business.


This chapter will go over the fundamentals of the successful implementation of a content marketing program,

including metrics and methods and the roles of business that are responsible for your

Content marketing, and the language you’ll use to discuss it.

Methods of Content Marketing that are Effectively Executed

Let’s begin by having a clear knowledge of the meaning we use when we talk about


The truth is that most companies do not take advantage of opportunities due to their

The vision of content marketing is not enough.

So they’re producing content, but they’re not getting the best results. In addition,

Here’s the reason: Content alone isn’t the primary factor that drives traffic or sales.

Your content must have the quality of “perfect.”

What do we refer to by this?

The best content doesn’t focus on you your brand, your name, or your goals. It’s about

providing the correct information to your customers precisely at the correct time in

the journey of the customer.



Chapter 02: Designing Content

Marketing Strategy


For example for the software firm Freshbooks This web page is a representation of

the perfect content marketing prospective buyer who is in need of pricing information

Make an educated buying buy.

Content is information that will help keep your funnel full.

A pricing page is a content.

The most common misconception is that blogging is a form of content marketing.

While blogs are a key element of content marketing, they’re just

It is a small part of the overall part of the bigger. In reality, in the majority of instances, blogs are not the best option.

Content marketing is a lucrative method of marketing.

Chapter 02: Making Content

Marketing Strategy


We’ll get back to it.

The first step is to clarify the characteristics of perfection in content marketing.

Why it’s crucial to start.

(NOTE NOTE: At the conclusion the chapter you’ll gain access to the tool that we use to create

A perfect way to plan your content is easy.)

1. The perfect Content Marketing strategy is Full Funnel

I’m aware that it’s Marketing 101 stuff, but stay with me for just for a moment before I

learn more advanced concepts in content marketing that we’ll cover.

To be a client they must travel

by completing three phases:

The 3 steps that all customers must go through to get to becoming a buyer

Chapter 02: Making Content

Marketing Strategy


1. Awareness – The person who is contacted must first be aware that there’s a problem

and it is likely that YOU or your business can come up with a solution. (This is where you

blog excels.)

2. Evaluation – All those who go into the Stage of Awareness need to

Now, you can evaluate the different options they have, including your

the solutions of their competitors and, most importantly doing nothing whatsoever to resolve the


3. Conversion – The people who move from the evaluation stage are at

the moment to buy. DigitalMarketer is DigitalMarketer our aim in this moment is

to turn prospects into regular and premium customers. This will help convert leads into frequent buyers.

A cold prospect will not be able to examine your offer until they become aware of the

Problem and problem and your. It isn’t possible to convert until you have a prospect.

The first step was to evaluate the potential ways to proceed.

To help a prospective client move through the marketing funnel it is essential to provide them

Content specifically designed to meet the needs of each of the three levels.

Or, in other words…

* They require information at the very top of the funnel (TOFU) that

Increases awareness.

* They require content at between the channels (MOFU) which facilitates


* They require content that is located at lower levels of the funnel (BOFU) which facilitates


Does this make sense?

Blogs are great for spreading awareness, however they do poorly at it.

aiding in evaluation and conversion. and, in the event of highlighting

The obvious is that the obvious, but evaluation and conversion are crucial to your business.

to move prospects to the top of the funnel, between the middle (MOFU) and to the bottom of the funnel

(BOFU) (BOFU) types of content.

Chapter 02: Designing Content

Marketing Strategy


It’s as if it did…

We refer to this as The Content Lifecycle.

Let’s examine each step of the funnel as well as the content required at each stage.


The Top Of The Funnel (TOFU) Content Marketing

The potential customers who enter the funnel at the top are unaware of the information you provide.

Solution, and often totally unaware of the issue.

Chapter 02: Making Content

Marketing Strategy


Therefore you require content that has an entry barrier that is low there is no barrier to entry at this point.

at this point, they are lacking or no motivation to get involved on the table (such as the giving

Your contact details or the amount you want to pay).

It is essential to have content available for free on the upper end of your funnel (TOFU) that…

* Entertaining

* Learns

* or inspires

… And you must make it available to the public by using content types such as:

* Blog posts

* Latest Social Media Updates

* Infographics

* Photos

* Digital Magazines/Books

* Audio/Video Podcasts

* Microsites

* Print Magazines/Newsletters (You’ll need a bigger budget here.)

* Primary Research

Do you really need all these types of content in the middle of your funnel?

No way.

Chapter 02: Making Content

Marketing Strategy