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The alignment of your strategy with Your Tools

Though a variety of vendors and applications offer the ability to send emails, not all aren’t

more effective for certain kinds of email marketing over others. To determine

the tools and applications features you need in order to determine your own category of

email and what it is for as it is related with your strategy for marketing. The kind of marketing emails that is used varies on the type of company that is conducting the marketing. For

For instance, newspapers and other publishers may decide to concentrate on newsletter marketing. To them, maintaining an ongoing connection with their customers is suffi effective. Another

The category of promotional emails is where services and products are promoted; this is done

mostly in the retail industry. The utility and banking industries tend to focus more on service-based or transactional emails. These kinds of email need different tools or even at

The least effective way to use features for email marketing, such as personalization on a frequent on a regular.

For example, newsletter marketers generally send out the same weekly or daily newsletter.

for every subscriber, decreasing the requirement for tools like streaming or capability

to send the sending of messages based upon a subscriber’s behaviour. A strategy that is in line with

Your marketing campaigns need tools to permit you to divide your lists into

various types of subscribers and modify the content of an email to make sure that it will be of the correct type for you.

is the best match for the subscriber’s personal information. No matter what your email type that follows

This guideline applies to all email types.

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Determining Your Tools 10 Point Strategy

Based on the factors we’ve laid out, each marketer who uses email must perform

Ten important steps to decide the right tools to their marketing strategy:

* Start with the goal in mind, and incorporate testing and frequency caps. Be sure to use caps.

that marketing email campaigns are focused on goals and incorporate regular tests in marketing strategies. Testing should be focused on the variables that can be used as levers

(for instance frequency, for example, frequency, timing of day, or (for example, frequency, time of day, and) to achieve the goals

(for example, conversion). Retracing steps back from a particular target will help ensure

Optimization practices like testing are an integral part of the process of mailer.

Also, figure out what the most number of that subscribers will receive.

In a particular month, you will receive. This is known as the frequency limit. Typically, marketers send out mail once every week, however you must devise a strategy to contact your customers that is a good fit for your needs.

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Incorporates frequency rules to prevent “burning off” subscribers. In Chapter 5

and 7 and 7 provide our readers with practical examples on how to integrate testing into your plans.

into your email production process. At this point start to pinpoint the issues

objectives and messages that you could consider testing further in the future.

Write This Down The May 2006 JupiterResearch executive survey revealed that email was the biggest challenge faced by email users.

marketers were “knowing where to start to maximize their marketing.” (Source JupiterResearch)



* Add value to email addresses. In Chapter 1, we discuss the value of email addresses If you do not recognize the value of the management of email addresses, or subscribers to emails then you

It will be difficult to present an argument that is convincing for more investment in email

marketing strategies (for example, for space on the site to email marketing or making use of offline resources to collect or activate mail addresses).

To determine the importance of email addresses is dependent on knowing about the cost of acquisition for email addresses and other metrics, such as the average amount of revenue per subscriber to email. More

A more precise approach could mirror the calculations of customer lifetime value by incorporating specific recency of the customer and frequency as well as financial values. The concept of frequency, recency, and monetary score is usually known as RFM analysis.

This technique is used to separate customers into various groups according to

the frequency of their (monetary) spending and frequency of purchases, as well as the frequency of

their final purchase. Marketers typically use this method to form groups of six-month

buyers, i.e. buyers who bought in the last six months. This

This approach can be applied to clicks on emails or site visits for those

customers who might have clicked on the site within the last six months. Chapter 5 contains

You will be provided with many ways to calculate the value of an email address.

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Create Reactivation, acquisition and retention plans. However, most marketers will immediately begin to develop periodic newsletters or retention-oriented programs

Mailings, our experience shows that acquisition and reactivation programs are effective.

They aren’t well-thought out. You should be aware that a lot of them

Email addresses that are in your files will eventually go bad (that is, it will turn), with one-half

between two-thirds and two-thirds of lists not responding. Sweepstakes, surveys and polls (if they are brand

suitable) is a great way to get an answer from dormant subscribers. Make use of the

The value that an email address can provide in selecting the appropriate and cost-effective methods of reactivation (for instance the use of call center interventions or postal mailers). Create a subscriber preferences center page to assess the best way to use it.

the new addresses and unsubscribe requests are how new addresses and unsubscribe requests are processed. Remember

You want your for your email to be a conversation with your customers; you

Want to establish an environment for dialogue. In the next chapters, we will talk about the best subscriber

Pages of the preference center.

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Create key performance indicators. While rates for click-through, open,

Delivery, conversion and conversion are important to understand as they are the essential elements to develop an engagement metric that can be used to gauge the performance of a mailing list.

or segment over time. or segment over time. with the above metrics include or segment over time. Add

complaints rate as well as new subscriber rates and hard bounces to form a percentage that shows the direction of the effectiveness and reliability on the list. Each submetric is able to be assessed, but combining all of them into one measurement is

A simple method for marketers to assess the health of their subscribers over time. Check out the

“Calculating An Engagement Metric” Sidebar for an example of how submetrics can be combined into an engagement Metric.


How to calculate an engagement metric

An example of a estimation of the engagement metric can be described as follows Consider all the important performances

indicators and then score the indicators on a scale of three points, with the value of 1 if you are in the middle of your

benchmark average benchmark average. The value of 2 if you’re less than 2 percent over your benchmark as well as the number 3 when you’re 2 percent or more above the benchmark. Make use of this

approach to all your primary performance indicators and then sum them up. The more significant the number,

The more effective your list is performing. This indicates that your target customers are interacting with the content you provide.

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To illustrate for illustration, your engagement metric calculation could appear like the following.

(Please avoid using these measurements as benchmarks; they are provided for illustration purpose only.)

Rate of delivery = 95% Score =3

Rate of open = 24% Score = 1.

Rate of clicks = 12 percent Score = 2

Rate of conversion = 1.5 Percent Score = 2

The percentage of the list that clicked within the last month equals 50% Score = 3

Opt-in rate = 3 % Score = 3

Spam complaint rate = 10% Score=1

Unsubscribe rate is .01 2

(Note Note: With regards to the unsubscribe and spam complaint rates, the greater the number of these measures,

The lower the score must the lower the score should.)

The overall engagement score for this case is 17.

While each metric is an important performance indicator it is important to combine the metrics into an assessment system

Like this, it will provide you with an overview of the performance. If there’s a major variation from

From mailing to mailing, it is easy to determine the individual performance indicator is moving

We’ll let you can get. In the next chapters we will give greater insight into the methods for measuring

and then analyzing the performance of your mailer.

Concentrate on the behaviour. The behavior of subscribers should be the primary focus of any segmentation strategies. Set up rules for engagement (for instance, the amount of subscribers).

having clicked at least one of the links within the last three or four mailers versus those who clicked more often (or who are not clicking at all). This method will lead to

A behavioral segmentation framework that will drive subsequent mailers and remarketing efforts, which to provide an efficient way of focusing.

For instance, Travelocity sends subscribers email according to their most recent actions on

the website, regardless of regardless of whether you were saving an itinerary in anticipation of a purchase in the future or

buying. We will give more details on the best way to go about making a purchase.

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Segmentation will come later however, at this point, ensure that you are beginning to sketch out the way you’ll

Separate your subscribers into distinct categories and how this can affect the tools you will require.

Write This down Each six-month period 17 percent of U.S. Internet users create new email accounts.

addresses. (Source: JupiterResearch)

* Develop/tailor landing pages. The goal of directing subscribers to the main site is the most popular strategy of the majority of marketers. Certain programs, however, may not be the best choice.

Reactivation and welcome campaigns may need the development of specific

landing pages. Making landing pages more specific to support email content , which can be further

will drive subscribers towards an desired result could be required if companies decide to

to customize the user experience according to subscriber segment or user. In the meantime, think about

You may have to create that you may need to have a few static landing pages on your site. These

They will also cover other campaigns, such as welcoming new subscribers as well as getting old subscribers back on track. Examples from these chapters in Chapters 5 and 7.

* Optimize the content. The management of content and creative frequently is the biggest

Part of the production part of the production. Take note of the method you convey your message.

render in various email clients, with support for Wireless Application

Protocol (WAP)–enabled devices like mobile phones with email. Tools like

Free HTML-to-WAP converters that may be located with the help of a Google search

Make this easy by understanding the content and rendering component of your

Your email strategy is essential to achieving success with the aspects that are branded-oriented of your

email, as described in Chapter 2.

* Make seed lists. You can find people in your organization to put on

Seed and proof lists of proof and seed. This guarantees the test results you want to receive. coworkers will have access to tests

different versions of the email for proofing , and the actual mailer when it is delivered.

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Also, create seed lists that include the wide range of Internet services to assess the speed of delivery and message placement (for example, the largest

folder) that spans a variety of domains. Vendors including Pivotal Veracity,

Return Path and Lyris provide seeding solutions to ensure delivery (see Appendix

Contact information for A).

* Determine the use of multichannel marketing early in the stages of the planning process.

Certain companies might opt for marketing via email first, as it’s quite

affordable and makes coordinating and integrating email marketing campaigns as well as data

with marketing across other channels is a long-term strategy. If that’s your plan, it’s crucial to figure out how you’ll make multichannel marketing

As early as is feasible when planning the to begin the planning process as early as is possible. For instance, the way to plan

the data on marketing email is kept and organized and could bear a particular significance


about the amount of effort needed to set up the integrated multichannel marketing. In this regard, marketers might wish to employ something different than email.

address as an unique record identification. Utilizing the generic identification number for customers as

The unique record number can provide the benefits of data management if data come from

other applications and channels are connected with the marketing information from emails. It

Also, householding is possible (the possibility of rolling up several customers) to

One email address or several email addresses in one household) in the event that

record identifier isn’t an email address, but you may have multiple email addresses

that are associated with the household’s identified by a customer record. You must prepare for

your email marketing campaigns to become an integral and integrated component of your

general corporate marketing. Making a map of the information you’d like to collect as well as the best way to do it.

the way it is organized it is essential to ensure effectiveness and success on the way.

* Create continuity campaigns to increase leverage. A side benefit of making use of

Sequenced strings of messages are the majority of the work is involved in the process of creating

Each campaign’s individual message can be reused and leveraged. This allows

your email to be activated through an event, like a click-through by a client or an event.

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Elapsed timed events are called a triggered mailer. Once you tie multiple

triggers are combined, and this is known as the continuity campaign. This is a good way to pair this

The approach with the mentioned approach to behavioral segmentation will give

allows you to create mailers which are triggered by certain behaviors or events that allow you to reuse messages

intended to be used by different designed for other. This method is often employed in welcome messages designed for new subscribers. They could comprise three or four standard messages

which are applicable for the new subscribers of all types. (You’ll be able to learn more about welcome programs

in Chapter in Chapter.) This method is also used to deal with some operational and

Opportunities for service that we have discussed earlier in our chapter. Except for the case (for the majority of email marketers) of welcome emails that are triggered, we also discussed the triggered in the same way, there are

campaigns are something that you should be aspired to but not needed on a daily basis.

launch. Yet, you must understand the purpose of trigger campaigns is an important method to

Email strategies will assist in creating a successful vendor selection process.

Evaluating Vendors

Once you’ve got the most important elements of your strategy laid out, it’s time to get started

Looking for a supplier or an application that will run your email program. There are

Many vendors are involved in this industry many vendors in this sector. They are known as Email Service

The Providers (ESPs). These companies provide a solution that is hosted and accessible via the internet

browser. Certain ESPs also provide production and strategic services that allow you to

outsourcing all of emails for your email marketing to an ESP.

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The ESPs are broken down in the categories below:

Self-Service Solutions for Small to Midsize businesses These ESPs offer only a few features

Strategic and tactical services, and tactical services, but also let you log in to an application that is simple to use and upload

your list of subscribers and incorporate creative your applications. Based on the size of your list,

The cost of these services can be less than $20 per month, or less if you need more features or

bigger lists, they could have an average of $400 per month. ESPs that are targeted at marketing professionals looking to

Spend less than $100 per month. Constant Contact and VerticalResponse. ESPs

for medium-sized companies that cater to medium-sized businesses EmailLabs, SubscriberMail, and many more.

other companies like ExactTarget that cater to corporate customers.

Self-Service Solutions for Enterprise-Class Businesses These ESPs provide flexible, strategic and

Strategic services that allow they can be utilized when needed, or utilize the software as a self-service application with no production support from the vendor. What are the characteristics that make

The main difference between these vendors and those that cater to small businesses is their capability to integrate with other software or data sources in addition to the variety of features they offer.

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Their applications provide. Typically, they provide services to large retailers as well as banks as well as

They can create very personalized mailers. Some of the vendors involved in this

The categories include Responsys, Silverpop, and WhatCounts This is a vendor who also

The company can implement its technology on premises.

Full-Service Solutions These companies mainly serve enterprises as well as their

Customers are usually consumer-oriented media and goods companies because

Historically, these companies have very limited internal management of customer relationships

(CRM) technology. These vendors can handle email in a full-service fashion on your behalf

or through some type of or in some form of collaboration with or in some form of collaboration with. Vendors who fall into this category include the e-Dialog

and CheetahMail.

Write This Note: Email spending on the United States will grow to $2.1 billion in 2012.

(Source: JupiterResearch)

Accessibility, personalization capabilities and account management assistance justifi –

It is likely to be the top of the list of factors that influenced why marketers choose their most current ESPs. However, there are a handful of

They were focussed on their integration capabilities and the capability to automatize mailings. However, they were also focused on integration capabilities and the ability to automate mailings.

It is imperative to focus on the ease of use of the software, but you must also look at areas that could improve efficiency, such as time-consuming tasks like reusing

cloning mailings versus automating recurring mailings.

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A Checklist for Maximizing the Process of Choosing a Vendor

Once you have this fundamental knowledge of the categories used by vendors with you, you are able to enhance your

Selection procedure with this 10-point vendor checklist. Take note of the

3. GETTING Ready to BUILD your email marketing efforts #

These elements should only be considered when concerns about potential vendors their reputation, scalability and reliability satisfy your corporate and internal confidence to a certain degree.

Account Management based on the degree of service for the account required (for instance full or

collaborative) decide if service is included and if additional charges are charged.

incurred. If you need comparatively more tactics and strategic support look into

how big the account management team. establish service-level guarantees, request the most reliable and dedicated support for your account and inquire about the knowledge and experience of the team.

The account management team.

Asset Movement Be aware of the method by the process that content and data are transferred

integration into the system, and the option of exporting after-campaign will result in further

analysis or sharing of information. More than one-third of ESPs are reviewed each year by

JupiterResearch do not provide the ability to upload multiple images simultaneously to the

system, and one-third do not have support for file transfer protocols.

Automation Control The strength of marketing via email lies in the capacity to respond quickly on

information , and trigger follow-up mailers in response to performance and behavior. Find

determine the method used by an ESP for automating and triggering and, in particular, figure out the extent to which

Automation triggers are restricted by the internal events of the ESP or may be specified by

external incidents (such as the user deciding to abandon the shopping cart) or details that are external to

an engine for commerce) or a calendar with a set time. The ability of ESPs to automate

Items are often linked to the integration capabilities of the item to further highlight the need

to understand the process by which assets are transferred through the system to clarify how assets are moved into and out of the.

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Compliance Support Find out how the ESP can help ensure that messages are in compliance

with the CAN-SPAM protocol and the wireless regulations of the Federal Communications Commission.

Domain registration (see Chapter 5 for details regarding the legal rules). However, the

The burden of compliance lies with you, the marketer The burden of compliance rests with you, the marketer.

utilized to ensure the compliance with the necessary laws. For instance, the CAN-SPAM

The law requires that an opt-out is included at the bottom of each advertising message. Find out from the potential ESP partner if their system is able to guarantee that opt-outs are included in every message.

The necessary element is at the bottom of these messages. The required element is located in the footer of those. This is not required, but it is essential to ensure

marketing messages, opt-out isn’t required for messages related to service, but it is required

will require flexibility from the potential ESP to provide various requirements for compliance assistance

for different message types, (e.g. transactions and promotional).

Data Interrogation Even though all ESPs contain standard reports based on behavior (for

for instance, opens and clicks) for instance, you must determine what data within the system are accessed.

If they’re not in a format that is acceptable. For instance, find out the ESP’s preference

ability to report and the accessibility of response data that can be used to create segmentsation attributes. Many ESPs collect data from polls but don’t connect the information to customer profiles.

which renders the data useless as the segmentation attribute.



Statistic regarding Email marketers and email ESPs

In 2007 JupiterResearch conducted a survey of companies that were using marketing by email to find out what they were using for their marketing.

the strategies that they’re currently employing and what modifications were they making, if any, were considering in the near future

12 months. In 2007 the year 2007, 56 percent of businesses had been working with outsourced ESP provider.

Here are the planned modifications to the deployment of email marketing:

Plans for Changes to

Marketing Emails and their deployment













0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%

Make use of the On-Premise Application and ESP

Change ESP Vendor

Change On-Premise Vendor

Outsource Email Technology

Create Email Application Internally

Switch to ESP with lower cost

Make use of an ESP to backup your data

Outsource Email Labor

Switch to an On-Premise App

Switch to a less expensive application

Change the way that email is handled in-house

None, Do Not Anticipate Any Changes


Data Orientation A lot of ESPs store the data they collect in relational databases, which allows the data to be replicated more easily and recycling. Even with this system however,

Many are working with subscriber information primarily as a single list. Such an approach makes

It is more difficult to create segments as it requires lists of additional items to be made,

The database is created with multiple segments that can be used to recall at any time.

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While a list-based method is a good choice for a lot of marketers (for instance newsletter marketers) However, it can be a hassle for marketers who intend to do

deep segmentation. Determine if subscriber information should be stored in one record

that is added to the data set expands or if the subscriber’s record is stored in multiple tables each one focused on a particular kind of data and

Only linked by only a unique ID of the record.

For instance If subscriber contact data is stored in a single table, it will include

A primary key that links to the history of purchases made by the client for this instance could be

A separate table is maintained and linked to the common record key, or via an

Mapping of one table into another.

3. GETTING Ready to BUILD your email marketing efforts #

Focus on Deliverability Inspect the approach of the ESP to deliverability tools and any possible fees related with the use of these tools. Large-scale senders should insist on using an IP that is dedicated to them.

address, and marketers should make sure their ESP ESP they select offers domain-level

Response reports Identity records (for instance, sender policy framework) bounce

flexibility in cadence (the capability for you, the marketer to change the cadence rate and frequency of cadence)

times when bounced messages are sent again before being identified as failing) and delivery tools for tablestakes such as Inbox Seeding, content Scoring and bounce/compliance

handling. In the coming chapters we will give you with specific information on

the technical nuances and ins and outs of email delivery. At this point you should know that it is essential to assess a prospective vendor’s ability to deliver.

The depth of features when evaluating the worth of an ESP, make certain you are aware of the range of the features

it provides. However, understanding the fullness and utility of these features is also crucial.

important. Consider, for instance, the way in which the dynamic content mailers important. For instance, focus on the way in which dynamic content mailings

constructed, verified and measured, not based on the presence or absence of dynamic contents. Similarly,

things like items like a Forward to a Friend button as well as a Click to View button (so subscribers are

being able to read the email through web browsers) are fairly similar, yet there are large distinctions

are inherent in the ability of an ESP to tailor these features to its users or change the way forwarding messages are sent to

Reset the opt-in and opt-out language. For crucial features, such as testing, make sure that you have the ESP

It provides a reliable method of testing and test flexibility (for instance, the ability to test the quality of items

in dynamic content elements within dynamic content). There are many theories of thought regarding dynamic content elements.

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when it comes to testing methodologies. While you don’t need be a statistician to

professional, you must become familiar with the basic concepts of multivariate testing.

split-path testing. We will demonstrate how to implement these concepts in practice in the upcoming chapters, but you can also do some study on the techniques used in these types of

modeling, search for sources to models on the Internet for models, such as Wikipedia.

Recycling Flexibility Almost all companies permit the recall of previous campaigns

and copied, the true worth of salvaging any existing mailers is typically limited to the original source.

Parts, not the whole. Determine the way in which the ESP permits mailing components to be reused and saved. For instance just one-half of ESPs (53 percent) looked at

Each year, JupiterResearch annually by JupiterResearch. They allow each year by JupiterResearch allow with these to be released

Be saved and remembered independent of the email. Look for systems that offer features that allow for saving and recall.

for templates that can be reused and templates and template elements.

The Selection Process Utilize a well-defined selection procedure that includes an example of a scenario-based demonstration where the prospective ESP must design an example mailing with

dummy data you provide. Maintain strict control over this procedure, for example keeping track of the

time it takes for a company to prepare and send the mailing , as well as creating an appropriate standard

A list of questions that reveal the ESP’s method of handling the previously mentioned nine items.

Beyond this 10-point checklist Numerous other sources can be helpful

select a vendor. Industry analyst fi rms, marketing association like the Email

Experience Council and the Direct Marketing Association as well as online discussion



forums like The email marketing roundtable that is on Yahoo are fantastic sources

to determine if you’ve selected the correct service for your email needs.

The Organizational Readiness Toolkit: Resource Needed to be Successful

Marketing via email has many components. In the coming chapters, you will get more detail

in the various aspects in email marketing as well as their effects on an organization.

But let’s look at the components of the marketing email continuum.

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Strategy It is the completeness of the process of producing emails however, from a tactical perspective.

From a strategy perspective, this strategy is used to segmentation and targeting. The goal is the

integration of your segmentation list to the contents or offer that is placed on top

of in this sector. Furthermore, in this strategic perspective, the tactical purpose is the primary reason for the email program, as well as the methods of acquiring email such as reactivation, testing, and reactivation. The details about strategy will be discussed in Chapter 4.

Creative Design In most organizations the role of creative design is part of the job with other activities of marketing that involve interactive technology like the creative website however, in larger companies which email is an integral part of the process, it is

essential and tailored, this is an essential role in the marketing team for email.

(Expedia Expedia, for instance uses this model, for example.) (Expedia, for example, uses this.) While inventive elements (logos and

etc.) is often a way to leverage by other stores of content within an business for example, for instance, email

is increasingly requiring the creative elements to be optimized for a range of various

email clients (for instance, Outlook, Gmail, and AOL) and platforms like mobile

devices to ensure that email content renders correctly. The chapter 5 describes how to use these

We provide you with the markup and creative basic information, along with highlights of suppliers and

tools to aid in the process of creativity. Lisa Harmon of Smith-Harmon has an online blog, Make

It Pop! (, which is a good reference for

keeping up-to-date with the latest best practices in creative design.

Production Production is the place where the entire mailing process comes together. The person in charge of this

Should be proficient in HTML code and database scripting because they combine

the email. (Note that the process of coding HTML in an email is different than coding an HTML web

page. While the tasks are not identical, they are similar enough to be useful for the programmer to have

HTML web page developing skills, look for someone with previous experience

working with HTML in email.) This person is responsible for everything starting with

making the list and linking sections to the offers verifying the email to make sure that the email is correct.

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The links work properly. The person who sets them up will also arrange tests, for example subject-line tests.

testingthat has been designed for the mailing. The scope of the mailer, there are a variety of tests that have been prescribed for the

Marketing program, production and other tasks may be assigned to experts (as with creative)

or to their partners. For instance, some marketers just outsource their or to partners.

requirements (which serve to provide personalization and targeted advertising) to their suppliers,

While others depend on less complicated or usable applications that do not need the same features.

advanced knowledge of programming.


The deployment process is usually handled by working with an ESP, this job will be performed by

the vendor. This includes any final proofing or seeding, and also the deployment of

Actual tests (such in subject line tests and the like) ahead of the mailer being

deployed. In addition, this position is charged with organizing and sending the final mailer.

Reporting and Analyzing One of the great things about email is its instantaneity with

where you can check the results of the mailing. Within a couple of hours or a few days you’ll be able to start

to gather a variety of reports and conduct analyses of the performance of your mailer. A lot of

This can be used to determine analyze strategies for feed segmentation, assess the performance of your content and template and perform more operational tasks including understanding how your

Deliverability of emails to your top domain’s recipients. Reporting on delivery

and effects of delivery on the process and deployment could need to be addressed further

specificization and expertise outside of the above-mentioned vendors, including return

Path. We will go over the issues of delivery via email and offer you some suggestions and tips to

Avoid the spam folder in the later chapters.

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The above description has discussed the various the roles. Do you think that means you require several people to carry out the tasks?

Do you use email effectively? No. In fact, the majority of businesses implement their email marketing strategies

with only two and a half full-time equivalents. However, companies like Wells

Fargo has many people who are responsible for marketing via email and other businesses, including

as Petco has only one-and-a-half full-time employees who manage and execute their

email programs. But, in order to be successful you have to take the staffing levels and internal

The expertise of email is taken into account. Marketers with smaller resources are generally less likely to succeed.

to utilize personalization and targeting techniques that boost results to use targeted and personalization tactics that result in higher results, simply because

They don’t have the resources to produce the different content types and segments.

such an approach requires. marketers working with ESPs generally have an average of

staff members because they have the ability to draw on the expertise of an ESP and resources whenever they need.

Figure 3.1 illustrates the average annual salary of dedicated marketing email employees for

B2B against B2C marketers, and for businesses with annual revenue exceeding $500.

million, versus businesses with smaller revenues. Figure 3.2 is the proportion of the

the total number of marketers with various salary levels according to JupiterResearch.

You can clearly see that the email salary and budgets are comparatively tiny when compared with other

Marketing channels and disciplines. The positive is that this makes email more

Affordable, and as it is a new field is able to locate reputable email sources without breaking the bank. A 2007 JupiterResearch

study revealed that the median amount of money companies invest in personal budgets for email is about the same as that of a company’s personnel budget

marketing, which is $182,067, up from $169710 in 2005. The good aspect for email marketers is that their salaries have increased from the average of $50,526 in 2005.

to the current average of $63,547.



$0 $200,000 $400,000

Email Marketers with annual

Earnings of $500 Million or More is $405,403





Email Marketers with annual

Amounts in the $500-$500 range. Million

B2B Email Marketers

B2C Marketers who use email

All Marketers for Email


Figure 3.1 Average annual pay for all employees who are dedicated to marketing by email

From $50,000 to Less

More than $100,000:


$200,000 or



$100,000 to less

Greater than $200,000


More or less




Figure 3.2 Percentages of annual salaries for all staff members dedicated to marketing via email

The chapters to come will arm you with the necessary knowledge to master every aspect of the

The process of mailing is designed to put your business and you on the path to success with email.

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53CHAPTER 3. GETTING ready to build your email marketing efforts #

Budgeting for the future

How much do you need to allocate to different functions of email?

Budgeting for email is a difficult task when you don’t have a home list of emails

Subscribers or be aware of the number of subscribers you have. Your budget is primarily driven by staffing costs and other requirements mentioned in the previous paragraph and through the amount of subscribers you have.

Email is usually priced on the cost-per-thousand (CPM) basis. Cost-per-thousand (CPM) for mail is average.

marketing practices from within ESP vendor community is also not always consistent with vendor

to the vendor, therefore take care not to set your budget solely on what your competitors could be spending.

spending. Cost discrepancies between suppliers are mostly due to the method of

The features and services offered by the application cost. However, for an average business-toconsumer promotional email marketer, a ClickZ/JupiterResearch survey found that

List sizes were averaged to be around 3 million subscribers, and that is the price average for an

the average self-service deployment of email marketing through an ESP was about $4.80

per 1000 subscribers (costs more than twice as much the cost for full service engagements). CPM will cost you approximately $1 per thousand subscribers.

reduce as the volume of lists increases increase, however, average marketers might be sending 1 million to their customers will decrease as list volume increases.

In a month, you could cost around $4,800 dollars per month to send

that a lot of email. It is crucial to know the various costs that come with the vendor’s

solution. For instance there are many ESPs offer additional monthly fees to add users to

the account. In this instance two users could be able to raise the $4,800 each month.

The fee is around $5,200 a month.

Dominican Republic Consumer Email Leads

Figure 3.3 shows the annual budgets for 2007 as provided by companies that were who were surveyed by JupiterResearch for retention, acquisition, and innovative. Marketing via email is extremely efficient and effective however, as you will see, budgets don’t correspond to the effectiveness of email marketing.

The strategic importance companies are placing or should be placing on the strategic importance that organizations place on email marketing.

Most marketers give less than $250,000 to each of the distinct

Email functions include retention, acquisition, as well as creativity. Additionally, market research shows

that email marketing budgets have remained fairly constant every year.

For instance, the proportion of companies that annually budget at least $250,000 for retention email is the same at 6 percent.

It is essential to determine upfront what the objectives of your email marketing strategy include. These goals could include brand impressions and revenue, store trafficfi C,

conversion, retention, decrease of paper-related costs, the list goes on. The process of setting up these

The goals you set will enable you to track the progress made towards reaching goals over time.

Write this down As per Internet Retailer, 50.6 percent of Internet retailers say that at least 6 percent of their revenue comes from email marketing. another 25% say that this percentage is greater than 11.




Amount of Email Marketers by

Budget Limit for the Type of Marketing







Contact for Acquisition Retention Email Marketing Creative













I’m not sure


$250,000 or More

Amount Less Than $250,000 Source: JUPITERRESEARCH

Figure 3.3 Budgets for 2007 for retention, email acquisition, and for creative

To figure out your budget, examine the size of your list as well as personnel requirements

to run the programs that to run the programs you want. Utilize the benchmarks mentioned above to help you

when you are setting your budget, remember it is Direct Marketing Association has found that Direct Marketing Association has found

the email will return $57.25 per dollar you spend on it. Wow!

Justification Selling Your Boss on the return on investing in email

Your boss is likely to want to know how much profit could be made from marketing via email. Begin with explaining how the price of sending only one message is just a tiny fraction of a cent;

even for marketers who start out with less extensive lists. However, for marketers who are starting out with smaller ones, this could make a difference of

several hundred dollars each month. It is important to explain that the true costs are the people who need to be there.

to optimize and execute these mailers, but also the variable costs associated with the

technology for email and sending email will be accelerated in relation to the expansion of your

Email list and overall sending volume. Make sure to impress you boss with your suggestions for the following suggestions.

Dominican Republic Company Email Database

statistics – these are the gems that will get the attention of the bean counters:

According to JupiterResearch 90 percent of users use email to communicate with A

and determine the value of a partnership with an organization. ESP Merkle reports that

40% of email subscribers will spend “out to the extent” to purchase from a company that offers email services they enjoy.


A majority of buyers purchase online or offline in response to the email address H

they get. This is right, email is just as efficient for driving offline as it is in-store

purchases , which is the driving force behind online purchases. In addition, Forrester Research

According to reports, email subscribers are spending 138 % more than those who don’t.

by using email.

A Case Study Borders

Borders is a bookstore chain. Borders utilizes email to help drive their loyalty reward program. To boost the

The number that are Borders Rewards members, Borders offered incentives based on the proportion of Borders

Cashiers can earn rewards for every cashier working in its stores. The cashiers who were at point-of-sale thus

It is encouraged to gather email addresses, sign up clients in the programs and notify customers to sign up for the program.

to use their credit cards every time whenever they make a transaction. The company employs five associates on full-time basis.

involved in developing Borders Rewards program, handling the production and planning aspects of the program.

mailing. Since the program’s beginning on the 1st of June, 2006, over 12.5 million customers have joined.

Each email is responsible for generating millions of dollars in sales to stores every single week. Email is a major source of revenue for retailers.

It has become a hugely successful tool to help Borders.

* Study that David conducted with JupiterResearch in 2005 revealed that marketers who use

start to target their customers and leverage their subscriber behavior towards the very end

They can earn 11 times more revenue by distributing email newsletters than their competitors.

marketers who send the same message to all recipients. Even

taking into account the additional personnel needed to perform more segmentation.

targeted specific programs, they were found to produce more income and also be more effective.

more profitable than sending one email to all their subscribers. This is more profitable than sending one email to all of their. The

The key important to note is that you can petition for additional staffing , even If not immediately, but about six or twelve months in time, as your email program develops and you

You can start to recruit the staff needed to use these strategies that boost the return on email

even higher.

Dominican Republic Corporate Email Database

Last but not least, explain to you boss what ways email may be utilized to achieve other goals of the company like collecting more information regarding customers through surveys. This will help further

customer relations goals and lower costs related to corporate communication

announcements, including transactions and service announcements.

In the following chapters, we’ll share strategies for cutting the waste from

your email consumption increases as your email list expands and you need to decide when you should stop sending emails to people who do not respond or with names that are underperforming.



Test Your Knowledge

We’ve thrown out lots of terms and other info at you. Check your

improve by observing your progress by determining how many you can be able to correctly answer. Score of 3

Out of 3 options, you’re on the way to email success in marketing.

* The frequency cap is also known as a cap. Why you should utilize it? What is it?

* The size of the hat does JupiterResearch project that the market for email marketing will be W

What is 2012 like?

* The engagement score, and what important performance indicators should you be considered W

Included in the score?


What happens after you SEND AN E-MAIL


What happens once

Send Your Email

Before you can begin your first campaign you

you must be aware of what you can expect when you’ve hit the

Click to send. This chapter will assist you to in ensuring

ensure that you have the correct report and analytics structure in place and you are using the correct

The amount of money you have in your marketing budget for email.

We also discuss the top three most frequently occurring catastrophes

for brand new email marketers and demonstrate how you can

Avoid them, or at the very least have a Plan B in place.

Chapter Contents

Definiting the Analytics Framework

What Should You Do If Things Go Wrong

Re-examining Your Budget

It is the Email Marketing Database and Future

Multichannel Efforts

Five ways you Are able to fumble things

If You’re Not Becoming Careful

58CHAPTER 4: WHAT GOES ON when you send your email #

Definiting the Analytics Framework

The previous chapter was focused on the things you should think about when choosing an email marketing service or service, and also how to setup your program .

staff. The elements that you have read about are crucial to the achievement in your plan.

Dominican Republic Corporate Email Lists

But, you can’t afford to overlook how email marketing integrates within your company and the various elements of analytics that you’ll require in order to figure out whether or whether it’s

Not only the efficacy of your marketing emails including rate of open as well as clickthrough rates but also the impact of your email marketing efforts on your business’s

comprehensive efforts.

Case Study: Fantastic Email Marketing Results, Add zero to the bottom line

A small non-profit organization that we’ve collaborated with have decided to start an email marketing program

Program to assist the company to increase membership sales and its reach. The employees participated in the

Everything goes well all right in terms of locating a technology service, developing plans for campaigns, and securing

The team. They also forgot the most important thing: they’ve never developed a method to evaluate how closely

Marketing through email has influenced the behavior of other efforts. For instance did

Are frequent readers regular readers become

After 8 months of running an effective email marketing campaign on marketplace, company discovered that

the number of messages read was significant, however, any action that required participation with the organization or

the monetary commitments were low. I’m not sure the way this could be possible, but this company hired an

analytics firm to aid in determining the cause of the issue.

The research found that the type of people who joined the email service were

those are interested in following the group’s efforts, but not at the same level as

decision makers who are able to make a financial investment right now. This means, their

The email program targeted the wrong people.

Dominican Republic Corporate Email Leads

In the past, the majority all of its marketing funds and time the development of this email program this

The company was challenged about how it could reach its annual targets.

At the end of the day the email system of the organization was divided in two parts. “Lurkers” continued until

Get regular email messages with information and updates However, a new program was created that was able to match

the general target audience of the organization and member growth activities. Within six months

The company was on the right track and the lessons learned by staff was, according to them, likely to be “transformational” for anyone who is involved in the field of email marketing.



Begin with your Email Marketing Strategy And then Add Your Growth Plan for Your Business

We’ve discussed why it’s important to incorporate your marketing email strategy with

Other marketing channels that are part of the overall growth strategy of your business. The following tasks

are essential:

Create a map with locations for entry and exit into an email list. M

Decide how you will evaluate the impact of email marketing on D

Your overall performance.

Mapping the Entry and Exit Points

The idea of asking you to create a map may sound ridiculous, but it will aid your email marketing efforts

tremendously. Marketing via email is often misunderstood. A lot of people be of the opinion that

that email marketing works best when it isn’t paired with other forms of advertising.

and marketing strategies. In reality, it’s an point of entry and exit for nearly all marketing channels. It can have an impact on your business and is affected by all other activities within your

offline or online advertising efforts.

Dominican Republic B2B Email Database

The average website contains at least seven entry or exit points that allow users to exit.

You can give the email addresses, call the company, or give other contact details.

Figure 4.1 illustrates two entrance points that are at the very top of VIVmag’s

homepage. Your email marketing database must be able to connect with these fields at some point.

It is important to make sure that the conversation can be sustained, so that you can maintain contact with the person via email point, and that the person will continue to reply by email.

clicking. Request the email address of your visitor on every page on your site!


Figure 4.1 Examples of entry points from the media to email

60CHAPTER 4: What DO YOU DO after you have sent your email #

The Analytics Plan

When you have an idea of your location (either visually or in your mind) you can draw a map that contains your entry point and exit.

ways to begin an email marketing dialog You will notice that it increases the impact

of your marketing emails quite clearly. of your email marketing efforts pretty significant. 4.2 illustrates an illustration.

New Leads from


Emails Remind Us

Lead Formulas



The Process Is Begun

Sales Team

Chooses Leads

B Leads


Lead Forms




Lead Level

Are You Qualified?



Email Workflow

and Content

A Leads

Highly qualified

Leads are Obtained

Emails via




Figure 4.2 Sample email marketing road map

It is no longer sufficient to decide whether your current efforts to send emails are effective.

You have a well-organized system It is also important to determine whether or not you’ve got the correct email marketing tools installed. The answer to this question is in the outcome of a thorough

Analytics program that runs on top of your marketing database for email and sets up an

A broader range of impacts.

What your Analytics Program Needs to Tell You

An effective analytics tool to help you market your email campaigns doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s a good investment.

Just needs to provide the following essential functional elements:

Dashboard Dashboard Analytics dashboard similar to that of the Google Analytics example shown in

Figure 4.3 lets you see results from campaigns by analyzing a variety of factors that are crucial to your company. Many analytics programs allow the user to personalize a dashboard to suit your needs.

to determine which the top-of-the-line elements are displayed on the front and you won’t miss any.

You will need to look, cut and paste reports.



Figure 4.3 Google Analytics Dashboard

Funnel Regardless of the industry you’re in, can count on a large amount of

the visitors who visit your site turn into leads. Leads eventually transform into customers.

Dominican Republic B2B Email Lists

Then, you can purchase additional, or more frequently and frequently from your company. An effective analytics program can

We will provide this overview of the funnel to you, which outlines the percentage of visitors who go to

Each stage.

Geo-spatial Targeting Understanding where the visitors that visit your website originate from (both the time and location) is an important factor to consider from an analytics standpoint. There are times when your products or services will

Be more attractive if are able to promote it at the time that your potential customer or client is looking at your product, such as marketing cereal during times when consumers are looking for a snack.

There will be hunger. For those living in America, for instance. United States, for example these times are different based on where you live.

East Coast than on the West Coast. Another instance is the general appeal, for example,

people living in the south of United States might be more open to the different meanings of words

copies than those found in the west United States.

Analytics Programs for Websites will reveal what website traffic looks like, including how many pages visitors view on your website, and what kind of routes they travel through

while visiting your website (how many pages they will visit before they leave) and on which pages they go to

and leave on.

Visits to Purchase/Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Analytics programs are now able to inform you

Not just how visitors access your site, but also the terms they utilized to reach your site and

what kind of terms you type into the internal search box that they use in order to get around (this is called

4. WHAT HAPPENS when you send your email #

in the form of SEM, or more often as organic in search (sometimes referred to as organic). It is among the most important reports you will ever read.

You can use this to help you with your email campaigns moving forward.

These crucial elements can help ensure that your email marketing plan is working to achieve important business outcomes for your business. It is important to know who is going to

your website will allow you to tailor your timing and the delivery for your emails. Being aware of

the words that people type in or click to go to your site will allow you to improve your copy

with relevant words that increase clicks. Additionally, knowing the exact process you can improve your site

how people browse your website will ensure that you get those needed

emails or conversions which can help to educate or motivate people to make a move to lower your

Sales funnels are faster or for larger dollars, than before.

The choice of an Analytics Program

Many people are just getting engaged with email, it can be difficult to decide the best analytics software to use is a difficult task.

Dominican Republic B2B Email Leads

The decision to make can become expensive and complicated quickly. This can lead to concerns about

“Do I really need an analytics software at all?” and, “Why should I be aware about it prior to

I start my email marketing?”

We, the writers of this publication we respond to the initial question with an unwavering

“Yes!” You need an analytics program before you can begin your marketing emails start.

These programs can help to determine how effective your efforts are, and

improve the effectiveness of every email-related campaign to increase effectiveness for all email-related activities, from opt-in renting to

the effectiveness of landing pages and dialog efforts. Also, starting with analytics, it doesn’t mean that you can’t improve the effectiveness of your landing page

have to be diffi cult or costly. Indeed, Google Analytics, illustrated earlier, does not have to be expensive or difficult to use.

A great free tool to get started.

Case Study of BuildDirect’s Sales Growth by 50 Percent by utilizing Google Analytics

(Source: Google Business)

BuildDirect is a worldwide online retail wholesaler and retailer of building supplies.

Dominican Republic B2C Email Database

Established in 1999 and with its headquarters located in Vancouver, B.C., Canada The company is able to conduct trade in over 40 nations across six continents with an array of products that include flooring and roofing, siding, countertops, and decking. Orders are comprised of containers that are shipped to ocean ports or inland terminals and

as pallet quantities that were delivered to any ZIP code addresses in North America. 2004 was the year that pallets were shipped to any postal code or ZIP code address in North

Profit magazine ranked BuildDirect as the second fastest growing business in Canada.

BuildDirect is a completely virtualized organization that allows to less overhead. The business

It attributes a large part of its success its success to the clever use of online advertisement and marketing.


While the company was growing quickly, the management was determined to increase the effectiveness of

its online expenditure, especially with its marketing budget, which exceeded $1 million in a quarter

In the beginning in the first few years.



Case Study BuildingDirect’s Sales Increased 50 percent by utilizing Google Analytics

(Source: Google Business) (Continued)

BuildDirect was a company with a marketing mix which consisted of a mix of search engine advertisements,

electronic newsletters and web-based sign-ups for customers. The goal was to improve the effectiveness of these strategies by better monitoring the strategies that were effective and which weren’t.

In 2004 BuildDirect changed on Google Analytics to replace an existing analytics program. In the year 2004, Google Analytics was able to replace a

It was a matter of months Dan Brodie, the director of operations, claimed that he had seen the marketing emails

The channel wasn’t performing in the way it would have been. The company was not receiving enough value from its investment in third-tier search engines which didn’t convert as well.


“Web analytics are crucial to any company that is online and have played a major role in transforming the way businesses conduct business.

Dominican Republic B2C Email Lists

optimizing our process,” says Brodie. By using Google Analytics, he was in a position to determine the ads that were

functioning and how effective website design and newsletters worked to increase sales. “Our online sales

the volume has risen by 50 percent without anyone ever picking up the phone. This is a sign of respect

to BuildDirect’s ongoing development of its site and market testing in addition to the information that can be used to make decisions

Google Analytics provides.”

He continues, “With Google Analytics, we found that many the search engines we used weren’t offering the services they promised.

appropriately focused traffic that is targeted enough. A higher volume of visitors is fantastic but we had to concentrate on conversions – traffic that results in sales.”

Better results from search Advertising

BuildDirect targeted its advertising dollars on the most popular search engines, and noticed an increase in conversions of 37 percent, as it cut its overall marketing expenditure by 33

percent. In the meantime, it has increased its expenditure on sources that convert well, and

It continues to sustain the very high conversion rates.

More Effective Email Advertising Campaigns

Alongside enhancing the effectiveness of search ads, BuildDirect was able to assess the effectiveness of

mailer campaigns that aim to drive visitors to its website. Despite the fact that the company bought

emails that include “confi rmed-interest” potential home improvement prospects and sent 600,000-800,000 emails

At the moment at a time, at the time, ROI was low due to of the lower conversion rate. After using Google Analytics for

Monitoring and tracking campaigns, BuildDirect doubled its email marketing conversion rate. “Once

we started using Google Analytics cross-segment performance analytic tools to understand our customer characteristics, and we could design a specific C-specific creative that was that was specifically tailored to our customers,” says Brodie.


64CHAPTER 4: What GOES ON after you send your email #

Case Study BuildingDirect’s Sales Increased 50 percent Using Google Analytics

(Source: Google Business) (Continued)

Increased Customer Engagement

Through the use of Google Analytics’s Marketing Optimization Reports, BuildDirect found that sample purchases are a great way to boost sales. “Home buyers who buy samples have a chance to make a purchase of 60 percent.

percent chance of returning to the website within thirty days, and making a complete order,” adds

Brodie. Alongside tailoring the content to each client group, BuildDirect uses Google

Analytics uses A/B testing to improve its marketing strategy. “We test different versions

of original content on each newsletter and measure the of results using Google Analytics, so we have a good idea of what is open

rates, click-through rates and conversions for all the things we test.”

Website Design Streamlined

In the end, BuildDirect was able to improve its website’s design based upon Google Analytics report

data. “Using Google Analytics Site Overlay Google Analytics Site Overlay and the Defined Funnel Report, we discovered we

we lost almost half percent of customers through the three-stage process that runs between cart and payment

confirmation,” Brodie says. “We have reduced the process down in one simple step. Through simplifying it to one page,

we have increased the sample order by 100 % and anticipate that this will result in a substantial revenue

The number of visitors will increase in the next few weeks.” BuildDirect will continue to monitor and test the effectiveness of online marketing

software with websites that provide analytics.

Dominican Republic B2C Email Leads

“Before Google Analytics, we mostly guessed at how we could spend marketing dollars.

We know now how many campaigns are worth and how effective they perform,” Brodie says. “Google

Analytics had had significant positive impact on our company.”

We covered performance indicators in the previous chapter however it’s so vital that it’s worth repeating. Once you’ve got your analytics program in place then you’re

Are you ready to start your email marketing campaign. You’ll have a comprehensive perspective of

Who has the chance to view your opt-in email efforts and what qualifies they are really

are the most effective kinds of engagement programs, and the best phrases to utilize to kick-start your

your efforts and also how effective your strategies for conversion are effective in making someone buy or to convert.

Thank you for putting together your program in a well-thought out and efficient manner Congratulations on putting together a great program.

Ready to click Send and begin to see results.

What to do if There’s a problem

Yikes! Did you actually send your first campaign, but you were still on Chapter 4 of

This book? We don’t think so. Why? Because we’ve not been able to discuss with you

The most important element of an email campaignis what should you do if something goes wrong




An email marketer who is new to the field might believe that they could be an effective email marketing professional

Without anything going without anything going. This isn’t the case. You can ask anyone that has issued

an email message about what could go wrong and you will receive an incredible list of

Things that could have the potential to go wrong.

The things that could be off the rails with your email can range from minor flaws to huge errors.

which can lead to that could lead to legal problems. You don’t have to worry about when you’ll be able to

You could make the mistake. You should instead confident that you’ll be able to deal with the issue.

If it occurs to you.

We looked at all the stories that people have wrote to us over time about “email

Oops” that have happened and I wanted to share with you the below Email Experience

Council blog posting by Chad White and the resulting comments with you.

from the Arsenal of Oopses (Source: Email Experience Council)

Within one Email Experience Council newsletter, Jeanniey admitted to being no expert in deployment.

“I am known for sending out emails with mistakes or links that do not work or image hosting paths that fail to work.

Only work on my computer I only work on my PC, which can cause problems with segments and much more.” She also shared her top oopsy moments and shared

That the mistakes she’s made over the years have been a huge lesson for her. Then she inquired

If anyone had an “disastrous email account” to share, and many brave souls came forward

to share the lesson they to share what they have learned.

My two cents is that errors in emails can be difficult to avoid due to due to the complexity

The medium and the volume of work the volume and medium. The only thing you can do is do your best and take your lessons learned from your mistakesThe medium and volume are important.

and the mistakes made by and the mistakes of.

For your convenience We’ve compiled some of the “oops” moments that our subscribers have shared with us.

–Chad White Editor at Large

* * *

“You are certainly not just one of us! I’ve got a plethora of “oops,” but I’ll discuss my personal favorite.

time. I was adding the physical mail address as well as the contact information to the bottom of the

an email to promote an B2B campaign. The number I needed to include was written and, since I

I was translating the letters into numbers while using my phone, and then using my keyboard. I was unaware that the number layout is different. I inadvertently changed two numbers. The

The correct number should have directed an individual to an assist desk for product support. The incorrect number would have pointed someone to the help desk.

The number was pointing to a number that was a sex number that was a phone sex. The number was a phone sex line. handful of reports of people calling the number.

number. I’m assuming one was an executive.

“Naturally I took this knowledge and was able to physically dial all numbers for any phone I could think of.

The message was sent out! (And I found out that the phone sex lines aren’t only limited to numbers of 900! )”

Amy Gabriel