Goostrey Parish Council raises money by precept (a mandatory demand) on Cheshire East Council. The precept required is then collected by the Borough Council as part of the Council Tax levied on tax payers in the parish.

At the December 2017 meeting the Parish Council approved its budget for 2018/19 at £44012 which represents a 1.12% increase on the budget for 2017/18.  View minutes of the Parish Council Meeting in December 2017 where the precept was approved

The affect on the monthly Council Tax payments for a Band D property is a very small decrease of 0.3%, from £41.40 per month in 2017/18 to £41.29 per month in 2018/19.

The Parish Council has to prepare a budget by January each year for the ensuing financial year which runs from 1 April to 31 March.  Every payment and receipt from/to the Council is listed on the Payment Schedule which forms part of the Parish Council Meeting Minutes and is published on this site with the minutes.    Council accounts are available for scrutiny by any resident by appointment with the Clerk/RFO of the Council.

The budget fixed in December 2017 for the year 2018 /19 is listed in the ‘Budget & Precept Documents’ panel to the right.

Previous years’ budgets and the annual plan can also be seen in the ‘Budget & Precept Documents’  panel to the right.

The budget and the annual plan are reviewed each during the budget setting process and formally agreed at a Full Council Meeting when the budget is set for the following year. All projects are reviewed continually at committee meetings.