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4. WHAT HAPPENS after you send your email #

Then, What Do You Do When Something happens to you?

As you can see, errors of all sizes and shapes occur with any email marketing campaign.

campaigns. The most important thing is knowing what you should do when this occurs to you. Similar to with many

Things that go wrong, the first rule of thumb is: Do not panic. Errors happen. Instead, be

Prepared to evaluate the situation and identify the cause and the next actions. In order to help you prepare for what steps to do when an error in marketing emails is made, we will guide you through the process of assessing the situation.

by a mistake that actually caused a mishap that really did happen.

(This is a true story, however the names were changed to protect innocent).

The Background

A marketing campaign via email was in operation for a couple of years. It was a relatively simple one: a customized email (fi first as well as last name) was delivered to the prospect within seven days.

days of requesting more information on the product and supplying their personal contact information

details, including a information about mailing addresses.

The False

A new user (on the side of the service provider) sorting the fi le prior to entering the file into the system using one column. They accidentally left out the first and last column.

Name columns are not part from the sorting. This caused email addresses to not match with

the names. If the recipient opens an email with”Your personal information” as the subject “Your personal

Follow-up” they came across another person’s name.

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The call from the client

The client was contacted to customer service requesting clarification on the email. The client immediately contacted the service provider in order to find out the root of the problem.

The Response

The provider’s response (and our suggestions for you) comprised of

Following steps:

1. Request details and an electronic copy to be delivered to you. Sometimes, the source of the issue will require the header data to find out the cause or fix it.

The issue. This information isn’t accessible if the email has been sent to you.

Figure 4.4 illustrates what header information appears like.

2. Assess the effect of your mistake from the email report you sent. If this is the case, you must investigate.

For instance, the email that was addressed to the recipient demonstrated that it was a genuine email that was in this case, it was a legitimate email.

The email provider’s system. The technical aspects are all checked by the email provider’s system. Only the names

They were not correct. A quick look in the database of email addresses revealed the problem with the formatting of columns. Following that, review the reports to determine the number of people who had opened the email.

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The email has been sent has been sent. The open rate was 40 percent. Normally an open rate is a normal one.

as a great thing as a great news for this client. This was 40 percent of the list is

exposed to incorrect data that could lead to them losing confidence in the client.




Figure 4.4 Header information for the full header

3. Create a suggestion for a responses. Marketing mistakes made via email that aren’t followed up with an appropriate response to the affected parties tend to cause more harm than the ones that are.

Who have just who have just with who have just made a statement. A silenced response can lead to blog posts

backlash. In this case the fact that 40% were affected was

crucial, as it allowed an service company to suggest not to send the blanket

Emails are sent, but only to people who have opened their email up to that point.

The most appropriate response for the client was to send an email with an subject line that

They referred to the email they received, and did not cause further anxiety.

4. Examine the outcomes of your response rates to emails in addition to your analysis. Of

those who received and received that email with the wrong information, only 25 % of them actually opened the email that followed. Interestingly, though,

25% of them were able to purchase the product. When compared to

The typical response to the programs, this one was actually able to perform on the same level with the usual programs. Averted crisis in this case!

While this tale had an end that was satisfying but there are some crucial lessons to be learned

in this portion of the section of the chapter. In addition, you have to adopt a practical and systematic approach to dealing with errors in email, but you must also have your “ducks in the same row”

prior to sending your campaign, ensure that you’re ready to meet the challenges before you send your campaign to ensure that you are prepared for the challenges

are dealt. An effective email strategy, solid analysis, as well as a sound budget can often yield

There are many benefits beyond the execution of the sending of a few emails.

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Reviewing Your Budget

Now you know the basics on the core elements required to set up your program and running.

running, have chosen an email provider or technology and have arranged your

4. WHAT HAPPENS after you send your email #

analysis efforts, and are aware of how to respond when something isn’t working, you are in a position to

send, right? But not so quickly. Before you run your plan, you must actually slow down and think about

Review your budget for your email once more. Are you sure you have enough cash?

In this section of the book, it is the perfect moment to start planning your budget

Check the list and ensure you’ve got all you’ll have to pay for.

In the last chapter, we talked about the cost average for sending emails and suggested the budgeting process based on an evaluation of the size of your list and the number of employees.

required to run the programs you want to run. They are vital numbers to run the programs you want however, they are not the only ones that are

could not contain all than you may have missed in

your budget and include items that could lead to problems for you down the future. This list of items

can help ensure that you’ve got everything you need:

Charges to replace lists Forrester discovers 30% of emails “go bad”

each year due to bounces, people moving addresses, people who start new jobs,

and opt-out. You should allocate sufficient funds to replace 50% of

Your email list (to account to block subscribers as well as non-responsive emails).

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Design Whatever you’re doing no matter how big your budget is, outsource design

The fees will be raising their heads in the coming year. It is a cost that must be paid is expected to be imposed.

A list rental service to edit design and the “crunch timing” project where the design won’t

can be handled in-house, a particular design fee that is paid through a partner program. These components

All of these factors can be considered. Even though this isn’t a huge budget, it’s still something that needs to be considered.

Testing frequently, the second most overlooked item in the budget plan is to test.

It’s hard to know how important it is until you begin an email marketing campaign that

just doesn’t work. Even though internal testing is excellent but make sure you have at least $5,000 available.

A $10,000 budget is set aside to improve the landing page and heatmaps, or a list rental sources

tests to verify certain theories.

Data Support, irrespective of the services for email or the analytics engines that you are using it, you

You will have to be able to bring in “the major guns” every quarter or at least twice per year, to assist

detect trends in the movement of data. Even though your own team could likely manage

If you follow the steps correctly, you could finish with an idea that’s sitting in the book for up to five months

Waiting to receive high priority. While you wait your email marketing campaign may be harmed.

Save some thousand dollars per month in order to support data.

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Mad Money There isn’t really an appropriate term for this particular category, but our moms used to say it.

Best: “Stuff some money under your mattress to use it when you’ll need to use it.” Each year brings you get a brand new

Write This down: No matter the amount of money in your marketing budget for emails there are many

Marketers don’t believe they have enough funds to improve their marketing programs and draw new email marketing customers and combat loss of subscribers through loss of subscribers from the previous years. Many are searching for more money to pay for replacement

Email names and attrition.


# The EMAIL Marketing Database and Future MULTICHANNEL EFFORTS

hot new technology in email emerges that your business or service isn’t yet using.

are a part of or believe in. (In 2008, it’s social media email campaigns that are which were discussed in

Chapter 8.) However, you should still check it. It’s best to keep at least a couple of thousand.

Dollars saved for an emergency test to make sure that you’re still thinking rationally.

Make sure your budget is in place to allow for the growth of your business, focus on increasing

lessons and the process of accelerating progress are the key to success. Thanks for the time you used your highlighter in this chapter. Although the guidelines may appear to be small, they’ll

You can expect to pay a huge amount later on.

The Email Marketing Database and Future Multichannel Efforts

A large portion of this chapter has been devoted on what you must do to ensure

Your email marketing campaigns are a success and you appear to be an a-lister within your

company. From support for analytics to disaster recovery , to budgeting for unexpected events,

the main focus has been the support of direct-email marketing. However, your email is not the only thing you can use.

is the foundation of every other channel for marketing. In the future the market will be flooded with people.

receive emails from your business even though they’ve not sent them one before. This isn’t a new phenomenon to marketing, but it is dismissed as if it were. It’s referred to as multichannel

marketing. In conjunction with email multichannel marketing, you ought to think about

While you’re also putting your analysis and budget in the right. What are you doing

make sure that the initial database for marketing emails can allow you to build multichannel marketing efforts later on?

While there are numerous theories on how visitors can become customers

Any company and various graphic visual representations of these concepts, we are particularly

created into the same graphic. As shown in Figure 4.5 It is”the four stages of the consumer


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Awareness Engagement Consideration in the Buy


Figure 4.5 The four phases of consumer behavior

No matter if your business is small or large regardless of

whether your business is B2B or B2C regardless of the field you work in, your client will be going through four phases of their consumer experience to determine if

They must be associated with your business. The most interesting aspect is that each one of them

Phases is that email plays an important and distinct function based on the other media

Vehicles are on the market. Multichannel messaging impacts could completely alter the way that

the impact of your marketing email effect of your email marketing.

In order to make sure you’re achieving the greatest impact with your marketing via email, you need to make sure that you’re maximizing the impact of your

In your efforts, you must make sure that email is used in a way that is appropriate at every stage of the

70CHAPTER 4: WHAT GOES ON after you have sent your email #

buying cycle. In many instances this can indicate that email is a second influencer, or

Even plays a secondary role with other media. The specific function that marketing via email plays

doesn’t matter. What is important is the way in which it fulfills its role to increase ROI

and satisfaction of the customer.

Phase 1: Awareness

When a prospective or current client is becoming aware of a particular product or service, you

If you’re looking for an offer, in reality that it’s probably not happening via the email channel. One of two aspects

can make someone aware of your capability to meet your clients’ requirements:

* They got awake with an issue they wanted to address (for instance that the car won’t be able to


A friend mentioned something they had to look up or acquire because it was interesting.

could change their lives (for instance it is they would be able to make a difference in their lives (for example, George Foreman grill).

In each of these scenarios, the customer is likely to look online for information on this product or service, or visit a

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shop in which it is sold.

The most important media for consumers is likely not email. It’s not an email.

direct response element. Instead, the marketing strategies via email help other forms of marketing.

of media such as of television, online, or print, in order to bring the service or product to the top of the list.

of the mind of the potential customer. They can help establish the image of the service or product you’re providing.

2. Engagement

If someone is looking to “try but not purchase” the product you offer, they’d like to

interact with your brand. Making sure that an organization has the right people “right with them” is crucial

in order to get an individual to purchase. This stage in the human cycle is among the main areas

where email marketing could take over in the marketing space, but it is not sent to the inbox.

The multichannel function for email would be to assist the customer service on the website

the group’s efforts and stand there and ask permission to carry on a

dialogue. In this case, the purpose of an email is to convince people to sign up for future emails. It’s

extremely valuable for a business is that it allows for immediate and efficient messages. The primary function of email in this moment is to receive the data and then respond with

An email to welcome people can get people excited. Keep it simple and interesting and include

Something worth a lot of money. Anyone who has read this message are likely to want to know more about the various types of flowers you offer to celebrate the next occasion like.

Phase 3: Evaluation

While the first two phases actually serve as support the outbound email marketing The third phase is the one where email begins to play more of a leading function. The moment it does, email will become more prominent.

If you are considering buying If you are considering making a purchase, there is nothing more effective than an email that is timed to offer assistance

seal the purchase. Actually, Forrester reports that once somebody buys something by email, it is the best way to

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# The EMAIL Marketing Database and Future MULTICHANNEL EFFORTS

Marketing purchases and are more likely to invest 138 percent more with your business

more than those who chose to purchase through different channels.

The marketing of email in this stage can increase sales. An earlier Ipsos study revealed that consumers tend to buy in response to email marketing offers from companies they

You can trust them and have previously purchased from. This is crucial in the selection process.

phase. Making your message visible to prospective customers should be in line with

at the moment when they’re thinking about buying within your product line. Because there isn’t any

A perfect predictor of time, constant important and valuable messages make email the preferred channel for messaging. choice.

4. Phase Four: Buy

Woo-hoo! It was a purchase! Marketing via email must start things in high gear

Make sure that you are ensuring that the excitement generated by the purchase is used to create an optimistic

experience. Sometimes referred to as transactional messages, these are the type of email message

It increases the worth of the purchase that the customer has just made and helps them feel happy

on about. However, remember that email marketing isn’t the only option at this stage in the buyer’s cycle. Multichannel marketing is a way to reach customers through sales representatives or word of mouth

Also, it plays a major role!

If it weren’t for our customers without them, we’d be nothing. In this day and age, email is has become a necessity.

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The lifespan cycle is vital. Inquiring for feedback with polls, surveys and making it easy to share your love for an item or service with others makes these messages an excellent source of future sales as well as lifetime value.

How to Make the most of your email in an environment that is multichannel

The emails you send out at various points during the life of a customer’s cycle can have an impact on a customer

or are affected by the variety of media the consumer is exposed to. The more media channels are in use,

the more powerful the potential response the higher the potential response.

Figure 4.6 is a graph that comes from the Email Experience Council that does well.

of showing how you can ensure that your email messages are protected by the most powerful types of


What does this mean when you are establishing your first Email Database

Now that you’re an expert in the field of multichannel marketing via email (and more

The discussion will take place in the following chapter) You must apply the concept to the database of email marketing that you have.

Most often similar to the missed chances with budgets, budgets are often missed.

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The most effective email marketers are those who limit their efforts due to the opportunities they miss with databases

integration. Ensure that your email marketing database is able to handle multiple marketing channels (for instance an update to indicate that a caller is a customer

Six times a year, the service) does not have to be costly or long-winded. It’s just a matter of getting it completed


A. 72CHAPTER 4. WHAT DO YOU DO When you send your email #

Messaging Impact

Brand Sensitivity Brand Impact

One Touch Point Multiple Touch Points

Amount of Email Vehicles for Messaging

Reading Email at

A computer

Create Push and Pull

Contact points (e.g., Handhelds

and SMS)

Extending Touch Points

(e.g., Social Networking, In-Mail

Apps and RSS Feeds)

Beyond Digital Beyond Digital

(e.g. (e.g. Integration, Scan and Reply,

Kiosk Messaging, Widgets)

Figure 4.6 Marketing by email in a multichannel setting

The Overnight Shipping Company’s Email Program

For a visual representation of the effects of multichannel effectiveness and email in its most effective form We’ll share this story with you.

If you visit the Overnight shipping company’s website and decide to place an order you will see a sequence of

multichannel strategies kick off which are extremely sophisticated.

This includes those following (not necessarily in that order):

* A real-time query to the database determine if you are an existing customer

* Check to determine whether the IP address or email address you’re entering is a bigger or a target

Customer (if so, you receive you a discount)

* A special deal for the kind of credit card that you are contemplating using (based on another real-time lookup and a partnership with creditors)

* An email that is sent to your account will decide how responsive you are.

in the near future

* A message to a sales representative in the event that you are able to represent the largest or most important account for a prospective client

* Retargeting banners to and off the website in relation to your purchase or non-purchase

* and more

It’s true the multichannel activities are in real time and requires very little human

intervention. This is the result an intelligently-planned strategy as well as an extremely flexible and effective set of

databases that communicate with each with each.

Your email marketing strategies could be as effective and impactful with some planning.

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# The top five ways you could make mistakes if You’re not really careful

Since we know that they have “done it the difficult way” several times, we know that ensuring that your database for email marketing can accommodate additional and custom-made field

headers are essential. Also, you should make sure that your email marketing database is properly formatted and has headers.

Service provider provides a solid FTP service and the capability to work with APIs. Many

In many cases, big companies can’t afford to keep all their customer information stored in a different location

Their firewalls must utilize secure APIs to send multichannel data between and back

in real-time to create the next stage of email campaigns.

By asking these questions now, you will make you more efficient and save money in the near future.

The Five Most Common Ways to Get Things Wrong If You’re Not Watchful

The bulk of this chapter focused on the advantages of crossing the i’s, and crossing the

It is important to think about a t’s before you launch your email marketing campaign. You’ll find these tips,

even though it appears a bit over the top even though it may seem a bit excessive, you can ensure that the program is running at its peak right from the beginning.

Cuba Telephone Number Lists

As you get into the tactical aspects of creating your real

Email strategy, content plan and messaging plan here’s a brief overview of the best five

ways you could turn all your hard work to disaster if you’re not careful:

* Undercutting your budget. You may get the best results in email, but you will be unable to meet your goals.

the capacity to expand without a budget. And, worse yet, you may have to run

to real issues with your email marketing campaign (deliverability problems or other data issues) and you aren’t able to solve the issues without having a budget in place to fund the project.

Write This down Budgeting for authors: The basic general rule is to first create your email budget, and then add

30 percent of that for “unknowns.”

It’s easy to forget to design the database for your emails. While several companies that provide email services or technology companies will tell you your database’s “standard” as well as “adequate,” don’t believe them. Don’t be deaf to and listen to your technology team

It tells you that they have your requirements for data they need. Check that your database supports

All exit and entrance points where customers can share their details with you at all times. all exit and entrance points for customers to share information.

It is easy to share this information with all other databases in your business uses


Write this down Your email marketing database will allow you to determine the primary key, provide APIs and automated FTPs without any additional costs and, perhaps most importantly is that it allows for the simple import

Exporting custom-designed queries to help your business.

74CHAPTER 4: WHAT GOES ON after you have sent your email #

* Not planning for disasters. Everyone makes mistakes. At some point we all make mistakes.

I promise you that an electronic marketing system that you are accountable for can fail.

Be calm about yourself in the event of this happening. It could be the demise of

Your program could be an opportunity to demonstrate to your clients that you are real

also and earn your clients’ trust and loyalty at an even higher level than you could have imagined


• Not understanding that email is just one aspect of multichannel marketing.

campaign. Marketing via email is fantastic, but it isn’t the only method of that can influence your

customer. Ads on TV, in print advertisements on the internet, your site or search engine, and the word

The word of mouth can also play important in the role of word-of-mouth. The importance of emails play in relation to the various

Other elements that other elements that your marketing team have launched. Develop a strategy to support

The holistic approach is a good option, but you risk being considered to be”the “oddball in the field.”

* You should expect your email marketing efforts to pay off beginning from the first day. Marketing through email is

difficult. Now that you’ve got an understanding of all the top-level strategic thinking

it is important to think about you need to think about. In the next chapter you’ll dive into the tactical elements

essential to create success. Do not rely on the availability of email addresses for granted.

The low cost of deployment technology is taken to take for granted. You’ve read that email can generate significant profits when done right. In the same way, it can damage an organization’s image beyond

Repair for the ones you make the wrong answer. Contact email with care and pay attention to

detail. Study this book and you’ll be satisfied with the outcomes.

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Test Your Knowledge

Knowing what might and won’t occur when you send an email is crucial.

Be sure that you are prepared to press the Send button by asking yourself these questions.

A score of five out of five is a sure sign that you’re on the right track toward email marketing success.

It is important it is important to set up an Analytics software set up that is greater than your W

Reports of email marketing service providers? Choose a simple and free application

anyone can benefit from.

Write this down The highest open rates of email campaigns are actually found in email campaigns that

are mistakes. Fields with no subject line or fields that state, “This is a test,” typically garner open rates of over

75 percent.

Write This Down: Seventy-two per cent all the time. emails are templates for marketing and landing pages are the most effective.

are not updated when new branding campaigns for large scale launch and create a disconnect in communication.

(Source: Email Experience Council)



Does your email budget play a part in the growth plan of your business? D

* give two different suggestions for situations when something is not working with your camera- P

paigns go wrong.

D* define the four elements of a multichannel marketing campaign in which email plays an important part.

The top five ways to “mess your way through” in your marketing campaign, if aren’t cautious. N

Cuba Business Email Database



Eight Key Factors that Drive

Your Email Campaign

This chapter we’ll look at the main drivers that affect us to

creating a successful email marketing campaign. Be sure

It’s a good thing you have that highlighter on your hand, as we’ll

demonstrate how to apply common strategies for email to

Specific types of businesses and specific business models.

The foundation of all macro drivers is the overall approach to marketing via email. The strategy will be updated as we go on.

strengthen the strategic direction that we set out in

earlier chapters, but it’s time to

analyze the specifics of the strategies that will be used

the foundation for your marketing email campaign.

Chapter Contents

Key Driver 1. Acquisition of Email Addresses

Key Driver 2 Key Driver 2: Creative/Copy

Key Driver 3 The Data Work

Key Driver 4: Multichannel Integration

Key Driver 5: Technology (Delivery,

Design, Deployment and Design)

Key Driver 6 Key Driver 6: Analytical/Reporting

Key Driver 7 Key Driver 7: Privacy/Governmental Control

Key Driver 8 Reactivation

778CHAPTER 5: 8 Key Drivers of Your Email CAMPAIGN NUMBER

Key Driver 1. Acquisition of Email Addresses

An email address may be one of the easiest jobs as an email marketing professional However, it is important to ensure that you’re adhering to best practices to boost the traffic to your website its fullest potential.

the most effective way to acquire email addresses can take some trial and trial and. Besides your own website

Cuba Business Email Lists

If you’re a traffi C, you’re able to make use of a variety of sources and channels including list rental to increase your

email list of email addresses. In addition, it is important to determine the origin of the email address.

it is accessed through your website, through the call center you have, or other methods? You can

Capture this information with an easy-to-use code that is concealed from the user, but permits

You can measure the effectiveness of the various sources of acquisition. Paramount to

Your email marketing success depends on making sure you have enough email addresses you have.

You will be rewarded with the quality. By renting or purchasing an enormous list of email addresses

addresses may not yield the results you want if they are not compared to the methodological

building your own list as you go along. Both approaches serve a purpose in this section, and it will help you to continue

They will provide you with all the strategies you need to comprehend the process of acquisition.

Your Website

The registration of emails and site registration should be prominently displayed on the front of your site.

Cuba Business Email Leads

A lot of successful marketers, like Lands’ ‘ End (Figure 5.1) devote some of their

home pages that are “above the fold” (meaning the main page’s focus) on the web page)

that do not need the user to click) to highlight and promote the link

Formula to obtain form to collect email addresses. Other companies, like The Home Depot (Figure 5.2) will ensure

opt-in boxes for email addresses can be found on every page of the site. Both strategies can be utilized.

Be successful as long as you include those purchase links on the top of your website page, or on a

The prominence of the page of landing.

Figure 5.1 The Lands’ End website has an acquisition link at the top of the home page.

Write This down In April of 2008, 40%% of consumers who use the internet across the United States opt in to

receive email newsletters. (Source: JupiterResearch)



Figure 5.2 Figure 5.2 Home Depot site includes an opt-in form for email on each page.

When you’re building email marketing on your website, be sure to keep these tips in your head:

* Request and collect only the data you’ll be using for segmenting your subscriber list.

People are cautious about providing excessive personal information in particular.

for an organization with whom they are only getting started on forming a relationship. However,

Data such as location information could help multichannel retailers focus on the right audience for their email

Customers who live near their stores, but for others this information is not likely to be available.

It is important to use the information. Draw out three to five information pieces that will guide the

Email segmentation strategies over the next 12 months. Common data points

for the registration form is names, email addresses address, email address, and gender.

We suggest you adopt the incremental route to collect data. You should capture

the information you require upfront and not present more than five fields in the beginning without presenting more than five. Later you can

Utilize polls and surveys to collect additional data which can later be used to create a report.

It is used for more precise segmentation.

* Make sure your site registration is in line with The Children’s Online Privacy

Protection Act (COPPA). Sites which cater to children or an “online service”

targeted at that is directed at children.” COPPA requires that sites do not collect personal information from children under 13 years old. The Federal Trade

Commission is the body that enforces this law, and you must be aware with the guidelines, particularly in the case of businesses that cater to, or may be able to draw the attention of children.

For additional information, go to

80CHAPTER 5 8 key drivers of your email CAMPAIGN#

* Make use of traffic from the search engine and from dynamic landing page. When users utilize search engines to locate sites, they’re more and more being exposed to

outcomes that will lead them into dynamic pages which are pages specifically designed to show the product being analyzed. In these cases,

whether they’re static or dynamically generated landing pages are guaranteed to be safe, regardless of whether they’re dynamically generated or static

Cuba Consumer Email Database

The registration for email is a prominent part of the page. It is recommended to

Make use of the search term that is used to power the dynamic landing page as well as

Make use of that search phrase within the context of the promotion you are running for your email registration

form. For instance, if your keyword is flat-panel TVs as in Figure 5.3 form, you can use

the language suggests that visitors sign up to receive a newsletter when they click

and buying and buying flat-panel and flat-panel. This approach recognizes that it is possible to buy flat-panel TVs online

Consumers rarely make an impulse purchase but is more likely to return to a site on a regular basis.

before purchasing.

Search Engine Product Detail Page

The Search Word: Flat-Panel Television

Buy Flat-Panel TVs

Search Result 2

Search Result 3

Join our mailing list to receive information.

How to

Select the

flat-panel TV

the one that’s right for that’s right for.

Email Registration


Figure 5.3 Utilizing search engine traffic

Use the normal form field names. When you are building your email registration form

make sure you’re following the guidelines provided by Microsoft and the Microsoft standards

organizations, like bodies, such as HTML Writers Guild, for instance, to define the fields that are covered by the convention

names. This lets autocomplete functions work within Internet Explorer or the Google

Toolbar to fill out the form with ease, thus enhancing the user experience on the


Cuba Consumer Email Lists


* Request permission. When you combine the registration of email with shopping or a site

When filling out registration forms, make sure that you include a checkbox that allows visitors to

Choose to receive an mailing list or other marketing piece. A single check box is all you need to do

be left unchecked, which allows the person to grant consent to receiving the information.


* Provide expectations. This is the point where you start selling your subscriber on the

the idea that they should be signing up to your newsletter. Send them an email

general notion of the frequency they get emails from you.

* Give an example. To demonstrate to potential subscribers precisely what they’re getting, include an email address to your latest email newsletter, or a thumbnail

A snapshot of the newsletter. In Figure 5.4, National Geographic is

is a great example of a marketer who gives readers with an understanding of what they are getting into.

They will be receiving.

Figure 5.4 National Geographic provides links to various examples of subscription.

8 Key Drivers of Your Email CAMPAIGN NUMBER

* Link to your privacy statement. While research conducted by industry experts like JupiterResearch and others has shown that people are quite interested with privacy, a small percentage actually spend the time to review privacy policies. But, you should they can

Link to your complete privacy policies, and to address concerns, you should highlight the most important aspects of

the policy. For instance, say the policy that you will not share your data with third parties in

email subscription form.

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Create a list-scrubbing procedure to get rid of unsafe addresses. It’s not uncommon to hear it.

Of this type, malicious website visitors may attempt to sign-up with the abuse@ address or complainof that kind.

Email addresses that could be a email addresses, which will likely land you in the spam folder. Make sure to check with your

ESP is to be sure that it is equipped with the standard scrubbing procedure that is automatically

can block harmful names, or allow the user to include domain level control to

your email list to block your other email recipients from your list to prevent competitors from joining your email.

In addition your email provider should be cleaning your email list against

wireless email domains as stipulated from the FCC. (Note that this restriction applies to

This does do not cover domains consumers might pull down from their wireless

device, for example, one with an AOL account on device, such as an AOL account on a BlackBerry however, it doesn’t allow messages

to wireless email boxes, including domains such as

This clause does not prohibit transactions, but it does prohibit “sending unwanted

emails to wireless devices” is applicable to all “commercial messages to wireless devices” (which includes commercial.”)

In this chapter, we will give additional details on rules and regulations.

in relation to permissions and what you can do with email addresses once you’ve acquired

them. In certain instances, businesses use dual opt-in (see this glossary) to increase the effectiveness of

In the light of legal requirements, it is important to follow the best practices. Double opt-in isn’t a legal requirement.

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It is a requirement marketing professionals who utilized the requirement have stated in interviews that they have used it as much

up to 30 percent of first registrants fall off, that is, they don’t give their consent after the second time around. It could be beneficial for those who have experienced issues with their list hygiene

and delivery issues to consider double opt-in options to enhance the quality of your list as well as to be eligible for

Accreditation and reputation management services in the area of reputation management and accreditation. It is also essential to ensure that you have good

methods of delivery, like list seeding, in the Confrmation messages to make sure that

They’re not being blocked, and consumers still get these.

Other Channels

If you operate an office, location, call center the kiosk or you host events or other

Offline means of communicating with your clients and prospects an effective way to interact with your customers and prospects. If you have an email address, it

Acquisition must be a part of the strategy. Here are some useful examples of how

You can incorporate email into these channels:

Call Centers that ask to see an email can add five to ten seconds the length of a call, but the

The value of an email address can help offset the expense of a long phone call, and help justifies the

decision. Call center telephone agents must be taught and scripted to inquire about each customer



to get an email address and also to request permission to email messages. The majority of call centers

Client interaction systems are able to assist in adding the field, as well as extracting it.

The data from these systems do not require an integration with your marketing emails

software. Simply extract an unformatted text file of the data daily or weekly and combine it (while

blocking duplicates) to your house email to eliminate duplicates from your email house. In some call centers the call center representatives are checked and graded to confirm that they’re not soliciting the email address of the client

Address on every address on every.

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In-Person Email Acquisition It can take many forms such as when you purchase

at a self-service kiosk or even at an event for marketing like a trade show. With all of these

For forms, include a cost for the email address to the transaction duration or

infrastructure required to realize it. Multichannel retailers like Borders and

Office Depot do a good job at the point of sale soliciting or verifying the email address

address that they could have in their database for the address they already have for the. In these cases addresses, they could already have on file for the customer.

Email addresses are so valuable for these companies that they offer incentives to

the cashiers can ring up sales which are accompanied by the customer’s email. The cashiers ring up sales when the customer’s email address is provided.

In these cases in these instances, the email address is usually utilized as the primary identifier for customers to

manage loyalty and rewards programs that offer loyalty and rewards. Consider the cost, and don’t overlook the potential benefits.

opportunities that face-to-face interaction with potential clients and customers can provide the opportunity to increase your business

An email list.

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Advertisements in magazines and print helpful way to assess the impact of print advertisements is to make sure that they encourage registration via email. In Chapter 6 Sephora, the company that makes cosmetics Sephora has ads in the major fashion magazines to promote its newsletters.

provide a URL to the landing page (or create a microsite). This permits Sephora to maximize its marketing spending while at the same time it gives a directional measure of

The success of the print advertisement success is measured through the amount of emails that

These were generated by the advertisement.

Texting on banners for In-Stores “In-store” is any location that both of your customers could be

The banner will be found and it could be erected and a banner. For instance, US Airways puts the banner in the picture

in figure 5.5 in Figure 5.5. The bag collection area at the main airport, in which we were in the bag collection area of a major airport, where we were. It asks users to text their name as well as email address to the brief

code to earn miles from the trip they just completed to earn miles for the trip they just. Even though the camera is the only one

We had a cell phone. It was an excellent way to use text messages to help emails.

address acquisition we were able to record in this book.

Service-related email messages Consumers typically make use of email to reach the customer service department on

pre-sales and post-sales bases. While these email addresses may be gathered for the purpose of marketing outbound with the consent of the buyer (in the sense of opt-in),

the service’s outbound response must include a reminder on the footer to promote email

the registration process for marketing messages or newsletters.

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Figure 5.5 US Airways’ use of a banner with text for email address capture

Third-Party Sources

There are a variety of ways to get email addresses from various sources, including coregistration email appends, list rental and sponsorship. While these are not the only methods of email, they can be effective.

address collection could be effective, as evidenced by a JupiterResearch study was titled “E-mail

Acquiring: aligning budgets and Budgets to Effective Opportunities for Acquisition” discovered that these

types of acquisition were not as satisfactory as far terms of quality for marketers than

your own website registration on your site. In all of these forms of acquisition by email it is your responsibility to

Examine the source from which the service provider gets the email addresses, and the way in which they are obtaining them.

where they’re collecting information, and the time span of the information you are acquiring. The quality of the data can be a huge loss due to a large amount of old or bad emails

addresses can increase your bounce rate to a point that it could be a reason to block your email

messages to certain ISPs. To prevent this from happening it is recommended that you mail your messages from

an IP address that is different and, over time, move to email addresses that are in touch with

the primary IP that you use to send messages. In this case it is recommended to keep using

To keep the email addresses in an additional list to be able to track the performance and quality in the course of time. With that to keep in mind, below are a few alternatives to

obtain emails from sources that are third party.

Write This down The email service provider ExactTarget has reported the following results of co-registration on

The programs that clients of its had in 2004 and in the year 2005:

* Click and open rates are usually lower than half the rates for lists that are in-house.

* Recipients who have co-registered are able to unsubscribe from email programs quicker.

* The conversion rates for Co-registration are significantly lower than the rates for lists that are in-house.

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If your opt-in email box is located alongside an advertiser’s, typically on a publisher’s site this is known as co-registration. You can find examples on news and portal websites. The site for weather, as an example there is an opt-in box.

from an advertiser like an advertiser such as Weather Channel to get its forecasts sent to you via an email. The

Weather Channel is also a publisher. On its opt-in page, you can find relevant offers

from retail stores that offer products that depend on the weather from retailers that sell products dependent on the weather, like lawn maintenance products.

As you can see, it’s the recommended practice to select an co-registration partner that fits relevant to the context.

pertinent to the content of is relevant to what your newsletter or email marketing campaign offers. This is especially true for email marketing offers that are

co-registration may be beneficial. Based on our experiences it can cost as high as

up to 50 cents per name, which means that often, co-registration results are not able to give

the required return on investment to purchase the names since they typically do not perform as well as names that you get directly from your website. There are

There are many co-registration providers like Prospectiv is focused on co-registration between consumers and businesses and Return Path has a Postmaster Direct service that is geared towards toward co-registration for consumers.

towards business-to-business marketers.

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Write this down In April of 2008, 54 per cent customers within the United States have provided their

Email addresses are used as part of the sweepstakes. (Source: JupiterResearch)


This is a variant of co-registration, in which the publisher offers a sweepstakes for the

Advertisers to increase subscribers to email. Even though consumers are likely to be part of these,

They typically perform less well than other methods of winning. You must

Be cautious about making use of sweepstakes (for instance, “Free iPod”) to get subscribers to take part in your co-registration programs since people typically make use of secondary email

addresses for signing up for these types of programs. A study from 2006 by JupiterReseach study revealed

that sweepstakes contests did not perform as well as other types of email.


Emails are sent out

Appending email addresses is the method of adding the consumer’s email address to their

Consumer’s record on your system. This email is found through finding records that match

From the marketer’s database, it is compared to the third-party database in order to create an email address that is corresponding to the marketer’s database. the number of emails that correspond to your information is referred to as the match

cost and can be a source of negotiations with the vendor’s email. Vendors may cost

8 Key Drivers of Your Email CAMPAIGN NUMBER

Based on the number of these names sign up to your email list. The cost could be comparable to

the cost of co-registration, or up to the price of $4 for each email account, if the vendor is refreshed

it’s email list more often and this should result in more email addresses. Append programs, like co-registration typically do not perform as well as the email addresses you’d get

by your own methods. It is essential to be aware of the potential appends through the vendor’s

the source of the email addresses as well as the date of their acquisition. For customers

with the highest life-time value or for companies which do a lot of mail direct

mailing, like banks that issue credit cards, adding other customer data could be an issue.

A great strategy to use. You can consult your ESP to find vendors who provide this kind of service.

List of Rental

Third-party lists are an extremely commonly used methods to gain customers or

Create an in-house to create an in-house email list. This is one of the most common methods that

You could get into issues with spammers it is the case that the list you’re renting was created in a subpar manner

manner. It is essential to verify that any list you lease was constructed with either a confi rmed opt-in or a secure

or double opt-in.

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Names should only be rented of those who have specifically indicated this to

the source they wish for information from third-party. Similar to with other forms from third parties

If you are considering acquiring, make certain to find from the vendor you are considering of the email

addresses address, the length that the lists are, as well as how it handles bounces (how many times an email is bounced).

addresses bounce before being deleted from your list). Also, find out what level

Of course, targeting is possible through the selection of lists that correspond just the demographics of the target of the target group.

segments you wish to purchase. The price will depend on the quality of the

These addresses. The email to this list must be sent from a different IP address other than your

the primary list of houses. In the majority of cases this list supplier will forward the email on your behalf this a great way to get your

It is important to study its capabilities to report and reputation as an sender. You can

typically, you can find this information publically via tools like In recent times, it is possible to

In recent years, the rental of lists has been in decline due to the large amount of spam complaints

that are connected with practices. You should consult the ESP of your ESP to determine if the practice is included on your list. rental

is a great option to increase your collection and find the most appropriate

appends vendors.

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Email Newsletter Sponsorship

This is among the most popular strategies for acquiring emails, with email sponsorship

accounting for more than half of the billions of dollars spending on marketing via email across the United States over the next two years. The cost of advertising in an

Write This down Based on an estimate of the marketing potential for email in 2007 to 2012, there will be a significant increase in spending on sponsored

The value of email will exceed 600 million dollars in 2012. (Source: JupiterResearch)



The newsletters of the publisher vary greatly in proportion to the reach of the list as well as

the extent the extent to which it is targeted towards your intended audience. Newsletter sponsorship is typically charged on a performance basis, with contracts built around cost-per-open, costper-click, cost-per-registration, and cost-per-thousand emails sent. The registration

Models are the most effective method of determining the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

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Vendors like Datran Media offer a variety of performance-based sponsorship opportunities in a variety of newsletters from publishers. The advertisements you place in these

Newsletters must be engaging and informative, yet keep the reader guessing.

enough to attract attention enough to make them want enough to make them click. Pages that will attract attention and drive them to click through.

advertisements should highlight prominently emails that have been registered.

Welcom to our Campaign!

One of the most important aspects to acquiring emails is the subsequent email or set of mailers which occur

as soon as the subscriber has opted immediately following the subscription’s opt-in. In bricks-and-mortar retailing an store’s owner

A returning customer will be treated differently from a potential customer who enters their

store for the first time. You should follow the same procedure. This simple analogy will help you

the most important lesson you must follow when trying to acquire new subscribers through email. This is the first lesson to follow when acquiring new subscribers via.

One of the most common mistakes made by marketers is to instantly lump new subscribers with the old ones.

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subscribers and then sending subscribers the same weekly emails. It is a better idea to have a list of subscribers and send them the same weekly

It is the task of setting up an array of up to four messages to ease subscribers into the normal

mailing fl. This is also known in the “welcome” campaign. Here are some examples.

suggestions for how to design a welcoming campaign

Welcome Message This message must be sent as soon as the subscription has been completed.

This should be used to confirm the subscription and to welcome the subscriber.

your email marketing program. It should also include the following components:

Add the address book to the address book For additional protection of their subscribers, ISPs and emails

Client software, like Microsoft Outlook, turn off the images embedded in emails with

default. Issues with image rendering affect the ability to precisely measure open

rate and definitely undermine the originality aspect of marketing via email. They can be very expensive and reduce creativity.

problems with image rendering and the incorrect classification on messages to be spam.

all email marketing. To avoid issues with rendering images make sure that you ask your subscriber to

Add your email address to your address book. This should be a feature of every

Email marketing messages, but with the welcome message at the beginning A greater emphasis on creativity should be given to this portion of the message. The most important thing to remember with this method is not to change the From address in your email

marketing campaigns due to the benefits of by registering their address

Access to their address book can be used only if you remain using the same address book.

address in all your mailings.

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Click to View Another method to overcome image rendering issues is to

Include an “View This Email within Your Web Browser” hyperlink in the upper right-hand corner of your email.

5 8 Key Drivers of Your Email CAMPAIGN NUMBER

This link will lead users to an online version of your newsletter. Your

ESP should provide this capability in the default configuration, usually as a link that could be

This is added before you publish the message. Like with it being added to the Address option, you can add it to your message just before you deploy it.

Book element, this component must be included in every message but it is best to highlight with an extra

More emphasis in the more prominence in the welcome message.

Remind and Set Expectations with the subscription page best practices should be used to remind

Your subscribers will be notified how often they will receive your emails.

Federal Compliance We will cover the requirements of CAN-SPAM in more detail in the future.

within this chapter. Your welcome message should include the federally authorized

opt-out provisions.

The Welcome Message is no. 2. This message should be an slight change from the email that the subscriber signed up for to receive. In a commercial or newsletter context, the message should stress the fact that

the subscriber is able to send this email to their friends and family members, thereby allowing them to be a conduit for further

grow your list. Some marketers play with giving new subscribers incentives to

this welcome message is a second one that includes free shipping on your first purchase or 10%

Off for new subscriptions for new. For businesses-to-business marketers you can find the call-to-action in the

The email’s creative could be for you to download white piece of paper or to request additional details from

a salesperson. This method helps make the business prospect to the extent that it is possible.

Engaged or “hot” as opposed to an unsubscriber who decides not to click.

Thank You Message. 3. At this point, you’ll need to integrate the new subscriber to the

The normal routine flow of marketing messages, but this message provides an alternative to your regular weekly flow of messages.

the opportunity to collect feedback. According to our best practices for registration the message will provide the subscriber with an opportunity to gather an additional piece of demographic or information about the subscriber’s segmentation. It’s easy to do so.

by embedding a polling query or an address to the subscriber’s preferences center

We would like to know more information.

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As you will see, there are a lot of aspects and ways to get the right email acquisition. You can try these ideas out with mailings like the welcome

Your email marketing strategy will ultimately determine the effectiveness of your marketing email campaign.

Key Driver 2 Key Driver 2

Beauty lies in the eye of the observer, and this notion is not more significant than

In a well-designed email, you can use creative and informative copy. There are many variables involved in creating emails, and the use of images, colors, and HTML are typically the most important things to consider

could frighten an email marketing company. The great thing is that you’ve got the ability to stop them.

the ability to think outside of the box and to work hard to stick out from the crowd ability to think outside the box, and to

Enhance and strengthen your brand’s enhance your brand’s image and strengthen its. The process of achieving this begins with the right branding strategy.

From fi the eld and the subject line.


# Key DRIVER 2. Creative/Copy

The From Line

We’ve discussed before how important it is to keep the From line, and the necessity to ensure that the

The address is the same for all of your mailers. It’s also important to include an address that is “friendly” address.

address. Make sure your From line does not look like acmeemailstore@bugs.servrctz04. is a site that will certainly cause difficulties with delivery. Make use of your name

name as well as in a business-to-business context , you can use personalization to insert the

the name of the salesperson into the From address, so that the email appears to be from the salesperson’s name. This will make it appear as if the email is coming

salesperson and not the corporation (for example, Once

If you’ve settled on an From line, you should stick with the line you have chosen.

Subject Lines

With the majority of images off automatically, mail recipients start to form their opinions

on the importance of your email based on the message’s subject line. Make use of this line to describe the content of the email. The goal is to communicate the contents of the email to the reader, not promote the email content.

Here are some topic line do’s and don’ts to bear in your mind:


* Limit. Limit your subject line at 50 characters or less. Make it easy Less is more.

with regards to what is being said in the line.

* Test. Examine the effectiveness of several subject lines splitting testing with A/B

techniques. For instance, retailers typically test subject lines by sending half

The subject line with the words”free shipping” and the second half the list is a

Subject line that includes the words”10% off. It is essential to test However, you must be aware

Be careful not to sound similar to a stereotypical used car salesperson. Be especially watchful with phrases like free, as they could make the content appear more appealing.

Score of spam.

* Use personalization. However, you should put the initials on the line of the email subject

It could result in a slight increase in the long run, but over time, it will diminish the effectiveness is diminished. This type of

Subject line personalization is usually reduced. Multichannel companies, for example

Retailers may wish to play around with alternative locations retail stores, like “One-day sale

this weekend this weekend in Albany.”

* Communicate urgency and importance. Airlines are more open for using

simple subjects, such as “Trip alert” for instance, or “Special Weather Advisory.”

* Personalize it. “Your confirmation of purchase” along with “Your May statement is here.”

readily available” are two subject lines that typically are open to high-level of participation.


* Make it memorable. “Be among the first ones to discover our latest autumn range” or “Must have styles.”

to spring” promises the reader, but creates a feel special.

Like the idea of an “email insider.”