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Check out the paid options

Many social networks offer paid options for reaching more people. Organic reach is important.

Usually, your followers are the only ones who will see it.

You can share your posts. Pay advertising can help you get more people to see your posts.

You can also try it out and see how it performs. If you are satisfied with the results, you may decide to make an investment.

Worth, If you can see real profit from social media ads, this is something that you should do.

Integrate it into your social media marketing strategy


Paid advertising on social media has the following major benefits:

* Reaching more people

* Increase brand awareness

* Advanced targeting options (target by location, gender, or based upon the

Interest, targeted members of certain groups, etc.

* Scheduling ads (choose when the ad will go live)

Analyse the performance

You can see the entire picture when you look at the performance of each account. This can be used to analyze the performance of your accounts.

This will help you decide if you are interested in being active on a network or not.

Change your approach to social media marketing. These are the things to pay attention to:

* Number of followers for each network

* Engagement level (comments, shares, likes)

* Negative statistics (unlikes marked as spam, reported mail, etc.)

* Click-through rate

* Organic reach vs. Paid Reach

* The number conversions (sales leads, etc.).

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It is crucial to remember that social media marketing is an entire segment of online.

Marketing is a complex subject that should be thoroughly studied. These are just a few suggestions.

How to use social media for your business profile, but also to maximize its potential

You should learn more about social media strategies and how to implement them.

This course in Social Media Marketing is a good place to start.

Email marketing

It is a great way to collect emails and build a list for people who are interested in your products.

business. You have people who are interested on one side, and those who aren’t.

They are already your customers. This means they have made at least one purchase.

Your website. This means you’ll need to use at most two strategies

To communicate effectively with these users

These strategies can be divided as follows:



This is the first group that subscribes to your blog updates and provides their email

Address so they can redeem any offer you’ve made, such as a coupon or a freebie

template. Your goal when you use email marketing is to get your subscribers interested in your products.

Your business will grow even further. Here’s what you can do.

* Don’t send promotional emails to subscribers until they are on the list.

Instead, build this relationship slowly.

* Provide even more content for subscribers

* Share useful content from your blog

* Take a personalized approach

* Personalize every email campaign

* Make sure that your email message is mobile-friendly

* Next, share a promotional email in which you feature your products

* Exclusive discounts available to subscribers or first-time customers only

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Customers are those who have made at least one purchase. This is a sign that they have been customers.

Your products will be tried by many. This does not mean that you have ended your relationship.

Nurture the subscribers in the same way as you nurture your relationship with them.

Relationship with customers

These tactics may prove to be useful:

* Get their opinion on the product or any feedback.


* Find out if the customer was happy with the purchase process, customer support, etc.

* Encourage them to share the experience (or link with) with friends

* Recurring customers receive exclusive discounts

* Create a customized email to offer product suggestions based upon the purchase history

* Make sure to share product ideas at the right time (e.g., if your printer ink is for sale).

You know the cartridges can last about a month so you could send them.

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Send a reminder email next month just in case the person needs it.

Buy a new one

Analyze abandoned cart

As we have mentioned, the astonishing amount of products that are placed in carts is unimaginable.

The cart was not actually purchased but it is abandoned. This can happen.

It can happen at any stage of the checkout process but most often it happens when it is unexpected

Shipping costs are calculated based on the studies.

Most e-commerce companies use email to get their first piece of information.

When the person begins the checkout process, they will need to create an account. Some may require you to create an account.

To speed up the process, more businesses are opting to skip this step.

The customer will be able to purchase faster and more easily. Early email addresses are required to receive guarantees

You will get valuable information that can be used to contact the person, even if they have abandoned the cart.


This situation calls for a totally new approach to email marketing.

You must decide how to address potential customers or customers. There was a way.

This is a reason to make the person abandon their cart. The shipping costs might surprise them, but

They might not be sure if they want to purchase the product from your company. Or

Perhaps they were in a hurry and needed to close the browser to get to their site.

Complete the purchase.

You can send an email to the email addresses in your abandoned cart list by sending an email


* Make sure to remind the person that the product is in their cart

* Request feedback on the purchase process (a survey with ready-made responses is

It is much faster than asking users to give feedback.

* Share useful resources from your website or blog

* Special discount for those who complete their purchase within the timeframe.

Certain time limits

We must conclude by highlighting the importance of the customer in e-commerce. All of this

The goal of making the first sale is the focus of all your efforts.

You can attract new users or convert those who are interested to your customers. Users will be the

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Understanding users and their practices will be the core of your strategy.

To convert them into customers, the best way to do so is with your most powerful tools.

You will quickly realize that a large part of any e-commerce company is the development and maintenance of customer relationships.

Maintaining a business-to-customer relationship. Email marketing as well as social media marketing are both effective.

Marketing is a great way to achieve this. You should investigate them more.




E-commerce SEO


9. E-commerce SEO

SEO is essential if you want to build a profitable online business. Search engine

Optimizing your website can help you improve its performance.

It is easy to find in search engines and user-friendly. You can expect to make more sales as a result.

Through the SEO-friendly website because it is more likely that it will be found in search

engine result pages.

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Keyword research

The keyword research is the foundation of any SEO strategy or planning. Keywords are the foundation for SEO strategies.

Website optimization, content creation, and even paid search engine ads. This is why

They are an important part of the puzzle, so it is essential that you begin with keyword research.

Keywords can be described as words or phrases that you wish to rank for. This basically means that keywords are words or phrases you want to position for.

When a phrase or word is entered into the browser, you want to ensure that your site appears at the top of any search results

engine result page. Your website will be found by users when you are at the top of the search results page.

Click on the link. Numerous studies have shown that the top results get the most votes.

Visitors, rather than the results below, while results on the second and third are

The pages that followed the search result received very few visits.

The process of keyword research is as simple as this:

* List all words and phrases that you believe are related to your business.

* Add synonyms to related phrases

* Find out about the keywords used by competitors

* Check the popularity and competition of keywords using a tool

* Reduce the list based upon popularity and competition

* A tool can be used to find keyword phrases

* Select a number of keywords to make a final selection (e.g.

Between 10 and 30

Here are some suggestions for tools to assist you in keyword research:

* Google Keyword Planner

* Keyword Match Type Tool

* Keyword Explorer


* WordStream Keyword Tool

* SEMrush

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Site structure

Site architecture or site structure is how your website is constructed. You should ensure that your website structure is always in line with best practices.

When designing menus for websites, keep SEO in mind.

categories, etc. All of it should be well-organized, and have a logical structure.

Something that search engine crawlers can follow.


Many pages are common on e-commerce websites. These pages are usually product pages.

There could be many thousands of them. These pages can quickly become a mess if they are not properly organized.

In this case, it would be impossible for us to index the pages correctly and to determine the relationship.

They are interconnected. It is important to think about the site structure.

You can start with the domain, and work your way up. There will be a few pages that branch off, such as

home, about us, contact, products, etc. Each of these can be branched into other submenus.

If you’re selling products or services, it is important to keep your focus on those. If you have many products,

Organize your products in categories. If you are selling tennis equipment, for example, you might organize them in categories.

You will have three categories: clothes, footwear, and equipment. You will then find the appropriate category for each item.

Further, you can classify the products. You might have shorts, T-shirts, or socks when it comes to clothes.

accessories, etc.

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This structure makes pages easier to find and more organized for both users and the administrators.

The search engines.

Friendly URLs

Website structure is another element that can influence website ranking

Indexing is done by using friendly URL structures. Search engine crawlers can understand a URL.

These URLs should be properly indexed and contextualized. A well-designed URL is usually SEO-friendly.

* Can be read

* It is short

* Matches the title

* Content must contain keywords and words to describe it

* Do not use stop words (and or, but, and, etc. ).

You should not use numbers when creating URLs for an electronic-commerce website.

Abbreviations are used for the product page title. Use the product name instead and include it in your page.

Part of the URL.

So, following the example above, instead of:

You could use:


Links to internal resources

These links point to pages on your website that are internal. Internal links are important for SEO.

Links allow website crawlers discover new content on your site. It’s like a giant spider.

web. The search engine crawler will first get to the homepage of your website.

crawls to other pages. The crawlers wouldn’t consider this page if it didn’t have the internal links.

Alternatively, you could ignore the other pages.

You can do a lot of work organizing your e-commerce site if you have a solid structure.

Internal links Navigation is built through the structure. Each product page link to

The other internal page that actually has a higher priority. The product page link is an example.

Back to the category pages, and the links to the menu from the category pages.

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Structured data markup tool

Search engine crawlers can see website content in a certain way. Google is an example.

must be able to comprehend the content better so it can present the content in the best way.

Search results are more effective. Google can present search results in addition to the search results.

Gmail also allows you to share useful content. Rich snippets are used to accomplish this. These snippets are

Enhance user experience by providing more information and presenting it in a way that is more appealing.

All you have to do to take advantage of this feature is to tell Google about your data.

website. You will use Product as your data type for e-commerce.



Once you have completed it, enter the URL or HTML for the page that you want to markup.

You will use markup to add the markup to your pages. You can also use the same process.

This is done for email so that Gmail presents data in a new way.

On-site SEO

SEO on-site refers to the optimization of website pages in order to make them more SEO-friendly.

This will increase its page performance in search engine results. This is the process

It takes a series actions to improve performance. These guidelines should be followed

Related to image optimization, content optimization, and so on. This is the most common practice for most.

Websites, however, e-commerce websites require that on-site SEO focus on product pages.

Their optimization.

Title tag

The title tag is the page’s title. It is marked by an H1 tag (heading 1) and has the following:

Search engine crawlers are of the utmost importance. You should typically use keywords in your

Title tag. Your goal when it comes to an online store should be to create more

A long-tail keyword is a keyword phrase that is specific to a keyword phrase. These words can include words such as buy online.

cheap, best, etc. These words can be used to create long-tail keywords which perform better.

You will get the right traffic. You can use keywords like “buy tennis equipment” as a title.

Tag, this page should be displayed when someone searches for the phrase. Someone else

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This type of query usually leads to a buyer. Naturally,

These do not apply for product pages. Instead, product names should be used.

Product pages

While product pages are an integral part of ecommerce, they are also what make e-commerce so powerful.

E-commerce SEO is different than the regular website optimization. Contrary to content articles

Provide a lot content that is optimized for search and therefore easily indexable and accessible by the search engine

Engines, product pages can be a challenge. They don’t have as much content.

These pages contain the main content, which is actually the product description.

Second, product pages are often focused on visual content such as images or videos. Visual

Content is more effective at grabbing the attention of visitors. The features are also important.

The visual content is a better way to show the usefulness and quality of the product.

It is more persuasive in convincing customers to buy.


Product description

Google uses content to determine the purpose of your page. This content is what Google uses to determine the page’s purpose.

Google can instruct you how to index your site and when it should be displayed in search results. This is why it

It is crucial that the content be relevant to the product. Also, you will need to use

Keywords are good, but make sure you include them in your text.

Synonymous phrases

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According to industry statistics, content length is over 1000.

Words receive more links and shares than content in shorter forms” (Source). Even

Even though it might seem difficult to accomplish this goal if there are thousands of product pages,

Could at most provide long content for the most important pages such as the main page.

page. To enrich these pages and make them SEO-friendly, create more content.

Images and videos of product products

Product images and videos are essential components of any e-commerce website.

Also, be SEO-friendly. The most important requirement for users is that they be satisfied with the

Visual content is highly relevant and high-quality. The search engine crawlers, on the other hand are

They are unable to see the content in this way. They instead try to understand the content.

How did they do it? They use HTML tags.

* Name – Start with file name. Make sure that the file name is clear and concise.

If possible, include keywords in the filename.

* Size – Large, high-resolution images make a great presentation for website visitors.

But they could cause optimization issues for your website such as decreased traffic.

Site speed. Use a tool to modify the format or to compress the site.

When uploading videos and images to your server, please file. These files will allow you to preserve your images and videos.

Reduce the file size and improve the quality

* Alt text – An alternative text, or Alt text, is a phrase or part of text that is displayed

If the image file is not available for upload, it will be shown to the viewer. Alt text enables

Search engines can help you understand the contents of the image file.

Engines cannot see images by themselves. This allows them to index the images.

Correctly organize visual files

Similar products

It is great because it shows related products. It shows products that are similar to the first.

Customers can find new products faster if they are satisfied with your site. The

Another reason to have this feature is that related products may actually be available.

Links to other product pages. For search, as mentioned in the section about the site structure.

Engine crawlers will appreciate the interlinking of pages and the creation of logical connections. This will allow you to crawl pages more efficiently.

Provide additional context for search engines to index product pages.

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E-commerce websites that sell many products may have thousands of product pages. Not

Not only is optimizing each page a tedious task, but there are also potential problems that could arise from the

Variation in products Having many products usually means you will get more.


New products will be introduced, while some old products may be discontinued. It all means that you will be able to purchase new products, discontinued ones, etc.

You will need to create a system that tracks all these pages and keeps an eye on any changes. Maintenance

It can be difficult to set up an e-commerce site. The best way to make it work well is to keep your customers happy.

Everything organized. You can start with a beautiful website structure.

You will need to assign product subcategories and categories.

Issues relating to product pages

We can distinguish between two types e-commerce websites when it comes to products. First,

There are some that only sell a small number of products. These are often pretty consistent. This is a good thing.

This means they are less likely to update product pages frequently. Sites that offer services may also be listed.

They do not often change their pages. The offer remains the same, and is rarely updated. These are the terms and conditions.

Website maintenance can be simplified in certain cases. Once you have created and optimized the website, it is easy to maintain it.

That’s all there is to it.

We also have dynamic websites. These sites have many visitors.

Hundreds or even thousands of products. This is not the only reason for such a large number of products.

You need to monitor product inventories (and product pages)

Some of the items may be out of stock, others might be seasonal so they can only be purchased during a specific time.

a particular time of the year, etc.

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These websites are dynamic and the information on product pages changes frequently.

This can lead to many product page issues that can cause broken pages.

incorrect or obsolete information, etc.

* New products

Think about how your website structure changes when you add a new product to your site. Your website structure is important.

You will need to add the product page in the correct category and optimize it according to the

These are the guidelines. A “New” sign could be added to the product page, or you could create a special

Category with the most recent items.

* Products that are out of stock

If the product is not in stock but will soon be back, you can simply leave those pages.

A message stating that the product is not available at this time. You can keep that page’s ranking.

It would be helpful for users if you could give the date at which the product will be released.

You can make it available by asking them to leave their email address. Or, you might offer other options.

Such as products that are in a different colour or similar models.

* Expired products


You have two options if the product has expired. You can

You can either delete the page or redirect users to the 404 error page.

Alternativly, you can use 301 redirects. If this is the case, users will be automatically redirect to 301.

You will be redirected to the correct page. 301 redirects are good for link juice.

The old page will be replaced by the new. If the old product page had a high ranking, it will be replaced.

Transfer to the new page. You can redirect to a different product page (for instance, a brand new model).

(of the product) or product category page.

* Product variations

You might have product variations such as different sizes or colors. You might have different

URLs to these pages. URLs for those pages should be used with the rel=canonical tag

product pages. Search engines will use this information to determine which pages are most important.

Avoid duplicate content by not allowing the description to be identical or possibly even the same.

Even the same.

* Seasonal Products

Seasonal products are only available for a short time so you might consider introducing these pages sooner.

With the “Coming Soon” label. This will allow you to give the product pages more time to go live.

site that allows search engines to index them quickly. You can use labels such as “Limited series”.

Show the users that products are only available for a limited time and encourage them to purchase.

If they are interested, buy. Use the URL to indicate the year you release new products each year.

Make a difference between pages. To redirect to the older product pages, you can use a redirect 301

Users to the product category.

You will need to update your website to keep up with the changing product pages.

Sitemap should be updated regularly. Sitemap contains all the files on the website, making it possible to search.

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Engine crawlers can access them to index them. You need to keep it up to date as the pages change.

Links on this site may change.

Content created by users

You can add unique content to your site by using user-generated content.

It is also good for future customers. This content is a great way to bring customers.

It adds freshness to your website and helps you achieve conversions. Two things are essential

Steps to assist you in user-generated content

* Get great testimonials and reviews by providing exceptional products and outstanding service



* Ask customers to leave reviews

These are some of the best ways to get reviews.

* This review markup allows you to earn stars on product pages

* Integrate social networks – Social media plugins allow for the integration of social media.

Feedback via social media accounts

* Install a plug-in – This plugin will allow customers to leave their accounts.

review. Review can include customer name or any other customer data, if desired.

Relevant, such as age. (a star review, and a written one). The date that the

A review could be useful for future customers.

* Facilitate review process – This will make it easy for customers.

Encourage more reviews

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Site search

Site search is a powerful tool that you should not underestimate. Site search is a very powerful tool in ecommerce. Many website visitors will use this option to find the products they are looking for. This means you can easily search for products online.

Optimize the internal site search results so that users who type synonyms are able to find the best possible results

Those who misspell the product name, or make mistakes in spacing are corrected and sent to the correct place.

product page. You can significantly lower the chance of losing sales because you have an incorrect product page.

Search results were not available and users couldn’t find the right product by using the internal search



Analyzing search results can help you determine what users are searching for on your site.

Website, what products are most popular and how users interact on your site in general (for

They might, for example, go to the category page first. This will help you to understand the


Your customer’s behavior will be better, and you can see if there are any areas you should optimize.

To improve their performance, adapt pages.

Link building for ecommerce

Link building is an important activity in off-site optimization. This involves a number of steps.

Activities that increase the number of links to your site. These links have one main advantage:

Increased exposure. You can increase your website’s exposure by placing a link to it on other sites.

Chance of people learning about your products online. Links are seen in search engines.

They are a vote of confidence and help to rank higher in search engine results.

pages. It is important to gain quality links (i.e. It is possible to get links from authoritative websites.

For your SEO.

Links in SEO are often rewarded with high quality and relevant links. These links are known as “links”.

These links are considered to be the most valuable and important links that a website can have. Ecommerce websites can have a slightly different situation. An editorial link is more difficult to obtain.

You can obtain, especially if it is all by itself. Product pages are not often viewed as quality content.

They are often considered to be commercial content. These are just a few ways you can get links to an ecommerce site.

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Influencer outreach

This strategy involves reaching out to industry influencers and asking them for their opinions.

Review or information about the product. You can create buzz about your products by doing this.

get exposure online. Let’s sum it all:

* Discover the influencers

* Select the influencer

* Send an email outreach with an offer to the influencer

* Create content together, organize giveaways, etc.

* Track social shares, visits, etc.

* Evaluate the campaign’s performance and determine its effectiveness in achieving the goals.



Partnerships can prove to be very profitable for businesses. This approach can be very lucrative.

To find another business that is related to you but not your competitor. For


If your website sells equipment for tennis, you can partner with a local tennis club.

club. You could also offer discounts or promotional opportunities for your brand.

Members receive special offers

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one segment of online marketing. This is how you can get started.

Type of online marketing: You become a merchant and create special offers to affiliates

Those who choose to join your affiliate program. Affiliates receive unique codes once they sign up.

Track sales that result from their campaigns. These links can be distributed in any way that they choose.

fit. They might, for example, share an article on their website. They may also share via social media.

They might send out a newsletter to their subscribers. They are responsible for

Promote your product by distributing links online and they will get a commission.

This is typically a percentage of the sale. This is a profitable strategy for merchants.

Because they don’t have to invest and still have so much to lose.

We can conclude that optimizing an online store has its advantages.

The optimization of elements such as product pages should be at the core website’s core.

user. This is where you can improve website performance for users. This is referred to as

The entire structure, including link building and mobile optimization. All this leads to better user experience.

This results in increased visits and greater interest in your brand. This is ultimately what it comes down to.

This leads to increased sales and exposure via recommendations.

Consider your potential customers. How would they browse the web and what type of information?

They would require, etc. This information will help you design and present your website.


Don’t forget search engines at the end. This phase is still important.

Marketing was the sole focus of search engine optimization marketers. It is still a primary focus.

It is essential that crawlers can access your website’s content so they can understand it.

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They could successfully index it and rank it. This user experience component is however believed to be important.

influence, as the crawlers are learning how to assess users.

How long they spend on your site, and how often. This information is supposed to demonstrate how they interact with your website.

Your website should be helpful. Providing a better user experience is the ultimate goal.

Websites will likely rank higher in the long-term.



Common Problems in Ecommerce SEO


10. Common Problems in E-commerce SEO

E-commerce websites can have many pages, making it difficult to manage.

Administration and maintenance are important, but mistakes here and there will happen. The best way to do it is

To be ready for them, you should learn about the most common problems that e-commerce websites experience

About SEO.

Duplicate content

This is the biggest problem that e-commerce websites face. You need to first understand that

Google doesn’t like duplicate content. This can result in penalties for your website.

you might lose ranking. Search engines may not be able to distinguish duplicate content. They cannot.

Determine which page is most relevant. Which page should appear first in search results

Because they are identical. Although they might have a different title or URL, the content is the same.

The page is identical. This is a problem for search engine crawlers. Duplicate content can be caused


* Product variations

* Copying short description similar for multiple products

* Use manufacturer’s description, as other sellers may do the same, so the search

Engines will find the exact same content on different websites.

This issue can be solved by creating unique content. Optimizing content is key to success

It is a great way to increase traffic and provide useful information for customers.

It can be difficult to produce the content required for large ecommerce websites. In this case, there are two other solutions.


Noindex tag

Noindex tag is used to indicate that pages have similar content.

A page that doesn’t bring in traffic does not need to appear in search results. This is how you can use it

Tag is a way to tell search engines not index a particular page. They will not see it.

The duplicate content.

Canonical tag

Rel=canonical tag is another way to fix the problem. This tells the search engine what you are looking for.

Search engines can detect if a page is missing or has been modified. However, search engines don’t know this.

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This page should be treated as unique. Search engines will recognize this page as unique, even if they have identical or similar content.

You will be able to identify what needs to be done and where to place them.


The content of a website can pose a problem. Duplicate content is not the only problem. Thin content can also be an issue.

content”. A page with very little content is called thin content. One of

This is due to the fact that e-commerce websites have to provide a service.

To create a lot of content for products with similar features.

properties. This can be quite challenging. In general, longer content (1000+ words) ranks better,

Another reason content on e-commerce websites can be considered thin is because it lacks depth.

It is rare that anyone can write as much content per product. Imagine 1000 words.

Written, or even 1500 for every product. You might be able to do it with three, four, or ten products.

products. E-commerce websites can contain hundreds of product pages.

This is how to fix it. First, identify the pages that have thin content. Next, determine how to fix it.

How to improve them. A template could be helpful. You will need to be careful.

You can avoid duplicate content issues by creating a type of template.

You can make things simpler.

* Introduction – Describe your product

* A list of features – Bullets are best.

* Product Description – Please describe the product and how it is used.

* Summary – A brief conclusion about who and what will benefit from this product

Your goal should not exceed 300 words. However, you can use this description whenever possible.

You should choose a longer length. You should aim to make more content for your most important audience.

Important pages (pages that drive traffic, rank well, etc.) ).


Although it does not have to be an issue for e-commerce, pagination is often a problem.

websites. If there are many products in a category, pagination is used to sort them.

The average number of products displayed on each page ranges between 20 and 70. For the smaller pages, it may be even lower.

Mobile version of these pages.

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To create a series, you can add the rel=next or rel=prev tags. Use

These tags allow the search engine to understand the relationship between the pages. These tags should be used to identify the connection between pages.

Use noindex tags for all pages so that the search engine only indexes the first page.

Learn more

This option displays a small number of products that have the “Load More” button. You don’t need to.

You can click on different pages but the products will be shown after the click. This

Because the products are not loaded at once, this solution reduces the page’s loading time

But in segments as users click on the button.

Scroll down

Scrolling works in the same way as loading more, but is infinite. This means you can only view a small number of products.

The content of the page is displayed, but the user can scroll down to load it automatically. This is how it works.

Users cannot access the footer until all products have been loaded.

The type of products that you sell will determine the pagination type for your website.

Also, it is based on how many products you have in each product category. What do you need?

Pay attention to not slow down the loading process or impact your SEO.

Site speed

Site speed is another issue that could harm your SEO. Site speed is one of the most important factors in search engines.

Ranking websites is made easier by factors that are part of an algorithm.

Website optimization is only possible if you take care of this element. These are the most common reasons sites fail to rank.

Load slowly are:

* Large images

* Slow server or hosting

* Unsympathetic website code

Each of these issues can be addressed to improve website speed. A check of your website could be done.

Site to find more suggestions on how to speed up your website pages: PageSpeed


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These issues can be used to optimize your website. They are not necessary.

Despite being common issues, there are solutions that can be found to ensure your performance.

Your website remains unharmed. These are high-priority issues that you should address.

priority. You must not be slowed down by anything, or anything that could harm the user experience.

You should do your best to reach more users. It is important to reach more users.

These are the areas you need to be focusing on in order increase sales.

This is your goal.



Mobile SEO for Ecommerce


11. Mobile SEO for Ecommerce

Mobile is everywhere. Your e-commerce website should be mobile optimized. Mobile optimization is essential.

You should be focusing on your e-commerce in order to get the most from your online business.

performance. Customers are increasingly buying via their smartphones. Even

Although they use it mostly for browsing, there has been a substantial increase in the number and value of their purchases.


A mobile version of your website is one way to address the problem of mobile-friendly sites.

The website. The desktop version of the website would be the primary asset.

Version would be downloaded for mobile users. This is not a good practice for more than two users.

reasons. It gives preference to the desktop version. The search engines are now however

Mobile-friendliness is a key factor in ranking.

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Priority given to mobile-friendly websites in search results. This separate

Mobile version may not offer the same user experience as the desktop version.

Reproduced for mobile.

There are many strategies that can be used to optimize a website’s mobile-friendly design.

Mobile-friendly configurations are possible

Today, you will need to have the following information when creating an e-commerce website or any other website.

to use a responsive design. This means that you will only be creating one website. This is not the end of the story.

No matter what device you use, the site will adjust automatically. This is how you can make your site more user-friendly.

Responsive design adjusts the size of your website to make it mobile-friendly. You don’t need to zoom in

You will not be able to see the text as it will be reduced to a small size.

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Speed up your site

Your website is often accessed by a user via mobile devices that have a slower internet connection.

Because 3G network takes longer to load content, desktop users will experience slower loading speeds. Site speed is affected by this.

Mobile users are even more dependent on this feature. Mobile browsing and online shopping

This device is easier to use and can be completed quickly. Your device is more “on-the-go” and can be done quickly.

Website must load quickly to ensure a good user experience, and keep users on the right track.

They have completed the purchase.

These practices can help you optimize your site’s speed:

* Reduce the number redirects

* PageSpeed Insights is a tool that can detect problems that slow down the site’s speed

mobile site

* Optimize images

Video Format

When it comes to accessing and presenting content, mobile devices are limited in their ability

These limitations include flash videos and the internet. Most mobile devices won’t.

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This format is supported. This not only makes it difficult for users to use, but also impacts sales.


Keep in mind that videos are a popular type of content and can improve the performance

You should use them on your website. HTML5 video is the solution. It will.

Make sure that the video is correctly played on mobile devices. This will ensure that it does not cause any harm to the user.


Mobile users are at the forefront of design

Mobile users and their needs should be considered when creating a mobile-friendly site.

Interact with the site. Options should be tappable and not clickable. Mobile users tap with the fingers

These buttons are not as precise as a mouse cursor. Therefore, the buttons should be larger.

Mobile websites can be made more responsive by using a mobile web design.

It is also a good idea to keep the most important items centrally located. This will ensure the highest quality of life.

This is especially important for CTA buttons.

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HubSpot mobile homepage

They will tap more often if they scroll less to locate the button. Therefore,

To make sure they are easily visible, the most important options should appear at the top of the page.

As soon as the user reaches the page, scroll down to view the rest of it.

We can expect to soon be influenced by the trends and their direction.

You can see the rise in mobile-first websites. We will continue to design websites on mobile devices in the future.

Websites for mobile will be first. Then we will adapt them to a desktop version. It’s only natural that we would want to

As mobile users continue to increase, you can expect this.

It means that e-commerce businesses must optimize their mobile devices as well as their overall mobile experience.

Strategy includes promotion, content creation and mobile website analytics.

It is an integral part of ecommerce SEO.

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Explore Online



12. Explore Online Marketplaces

E-commerce is often associated with an online store. However, it is possible to do e-commerce in other ways.

More to the story. There are many sellers who create online shops hosted on the Internet.

Their websites. There is also the option to sell online via marketplaces

products. Some sellers even choose to sell exclusively on marketplaces.

Online shops and online marketplaces offer many benefits.

The online marketplaces offer many opportunities that can be very helpful.


What does an online marketplace look like?

An online marketplace or simply a market place is an e-commerce site that specializes in a specific area.

The sale of products or services that are provided by multiple third parties. This is a case where there is no

There is no single seller in the marketplaces. Instead, the marketplace becomes a platform.

This is supposed to bring together multiple buyers and sellers, often at the global level. This is how the

Marketplace is an intermediary between buyers and sellers (also known as merchants).


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Online marketplace vs. online e-commerce site

Although an online marketplace can be considered e-commerce, there are still some differences.

This type of business model, as well as an e-commerce website, is the subject of this ebook.



Hosting an online store is the first distinction. An online marketplace allows you to sell your products and services.

Register an account and you can sell online. You will often need to go.

You can verify your account by following a specific process.

Once you have all the details, you can begin creating product pages. You can now create product pages.

The pages will soon be published and the products or services will be made available to the public.

customers. It is not necessary to purchase a domain, a hosting package, or design a website.

Integrating payments. These payments are free, so there is no site maintenance cost

Online marketplaces are not as popular as e-commerce.



Online marketplaces have to make their money, despite the fact that there is no hosting cost.

They need income to offer this platform and charge fees. Each online

Marketplace has its own payment system. This collects a fee to use the service.

You can pay this fee in advance (as part of a membership) or by introducing fees.

Different services that include some of these features:

* Seller’s fee

* Buyer’s fee

* Bank transfer fee

* Chargeback/Return fee

* Currency conversion fee

* Technology support

These payments are charged by the marketplace for its use. These fees and rates are

Most often, the terms are available online so that you can verify them before you sign up for a marketplace.

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Direct competition is another important distinction between an online marketplace and an ecommerce site. E-commerce is always crowded.

Your business is a success, but your competition is selling the same thing on an online marketplace.

platform. The marketplace has the same product page design as you use, so it is identical.

Usually, they are part of the same system of payment.

Although it might be harder to distinguish yourself from your competitors, you can still do so.

You should try to do this. Start by following the best practices to optimize a product page. Even

Even though this is not your website’s product page guidelines, they are still relevant. Think about keywords

usage, elaborate description, competing images, etc. Make your product pages distinguished

You can make your brand easily recognizable by optimizing the images and using branding (add the logo or use

a unique seller’s name).


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There are differences between customers. Online marketplaces usually have a base of customers.

clients. Online users are more likely to be interested in a marketplace, and so it attracts them.

reputation. This means that you have already established a reputation when you sell through a marketplace.

a certain number of customers online that you can reach. They search the site’s search engine for information.

Browse for products by using the available filters.

Online shopping is a new way to reach customers.

Search engines can help consumers find the right product. Trust is harder to establish, especially when you have in mind.

Customers are required to give you sensitive information, such as credit card numbers.

information. They usually have an account when they purchase through a marketplace.

You will need one to make your first purchase. They trust in the entire payment

Due to the popularity of online marketplaces.