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This guide will give an extensive outline of Email

Marketing, and tips on how to successfully make use of

Email Marketing to achieve your goals for your business. The

crucial steps to execute Email Marketing Campaigns will

Be covered, including advice on how to finish each step


This guide will guide you to:

• Understand the role that email plays in your overall digital

Marketing Strategy and the key elements of

an Email Marketing Strategy

Choose the best Email Marketing platform

and the tools needed and tools to manage and manage an Email Marketing Campaign

* Integrate email campaigns with other forms of marketing


* Learn to develop and maintain a data base

relevant, high-quality subscribers who are likely

to take action and engage following your email


* Design effective Email Campaigns, and then get more

experienced in the delivery and planning process

* Analyze and measure the results to improve the future


Learn about the legal requirements for Email Marketing

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6. Email Marketing

Part 2: The Role Of Email in the framework of a Digital Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing can play a important role in your overall

marketing strategy.

In essence, Email Marketing allows you to reach different types of

sections of your audience on a 1:1 basis and with care

customized and personalized messages.

In the meantime, there are ephemeral media like Social newsfeeds

where content is visible only for a short period of time, Emails

are in the inboxes of recipients until they decide to act on it.

If you have read the email, then click the link(s) in the email to open it, and

going to your preferred webpage or site.

Key diferentiators/advantages of Email as a marketing

Channels include:

* Emails are the most direct way to connect with viewers via

1-2-1 basis

* Emails remain in effect until they are taken action on, therefore, they

Can be used to extend and enhance social media and

Content on websites

* Email campaigns are able to target different groups,

efficiently and effectively, using personalized


* Analytical data about Email performance is available

across all marketing endeavors

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Marketing Strategies

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7. Email Marketing

Section 3 – Email Marketing Strategy

When you are developing the Email Marketing Strategy, it is

it is important to devote a significant amount of time providing careful

Thought and consideration for 3 areas of importance:

1. Your Audience(s) is who are they and what are they?

Are you interested in knowing more?

2. Your Goals: What do you hope to achieve from your

audience(s)? What benefits would your company receive?

3. Your Email Content – What it says about you about

The audience is what they want to know. It also sets them up for success.

embarking on a quest to complete the first (or many) of

Your goals

The key for success Email Marketing are similar to the ones mentioned above.

of the other internet-based of other online. It is essential to

be aware of 1.) the person you’re trying to connect with and their requirements,

2.) the way you would like the customers to engage with you company,

(3) what content can fulfill their needs while

facilitating your desired interactions.

Your Audience

In the beginning, when you are planning the details of your Email Advertising Campaigns

determine who your recipients must determine who your recipients should.

The reason for differentiating characteristics may be quite simple

Demographic information such as gender, age, geographical

the location, and your areas of interest.

More detailed advanced demographic

details such as buying habitsor the preferences of an individual.

The buying process will significantly affect the buyers

businesses choose to the market they want to.

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8. Email Marketing

Section 3 – Email Marketing Strategy

For instance:

Online retailers like eBay typically select audiences according to

their shopping behavior. i.e. sending out promotions about car care

the products to people who have purchased cars previously

the products for care on their website.

Insurers typically select their target audiences for their Email marketing campaigns based on

at their respective stages of the purchasing cycle. i.e. the focus is on Emailing

those who have insurance renewal dates due to expire in the near future,

rather than those who have been enrolled for who are 4 months into a 12 month period, as

The latter are likely to consider purchasing a insurance policy.

in the near future, and the latter.


In addition, you should first ask “What action(s) should I need to take in order to receive to take with my Email

Marketing activities inspire my target audience?”

In the immediate future, you should be the visit to your website.

But, the ultimate final goal is to create something that is

Benefits to your company.

For instance:

* Product sales

* Service subscriptions and renewals

* Calls to the phone

* Attendance at an event or webinar

Contact Form submissions

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9 9 Email Marketing

Section 3 – Email Marketing Strategy


Once you have a clear understanding of the people who will be your target audience, and then what

actions you’d like to trigger by the email you send

marketing, it is essential to make an educated choice in relation to

the kind of content they would like to get.

Be aware of the kind of content your potential audience will be likely to find as

curiosity in and the way that this content can be leveraged to establish your

your audience to your site, and ultimately

to achieve one of your goals.

This is something which becomes more clear over time.

After you’ve tried the various types of content you can share for your target audience.

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The campaigns are likely to be conducted in more than one email.

using a mixture of different images and content.

Create Email Marketing Goals & Objectives

1. Define your email marketing goals What are they?

What do you hope to achieve? (increase the sales rate by 10 % ),

get a higher percentage of subscribers within a specified time e.g.)

2. Define any new services or products you wish to market

3. In detail any upcoming events you are planning to attend.

plans to promote

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10. Email Marketing

Section 4 – Marketing via Email Tools

4.1 IN-HOUSE Vs outsourcing

IN-HOUSE Vs outsourcing


* Cost efective

* Control

* Team that is knowledgeable of the

The company’s values and the brand

Full time team


* Time

* Cost to hire a marketing expert.



Access to a vast selection of

Marketing experts

Cost of fixed monthly payment

* Reliable platform

* More affordable than

developing an email marketing strategy



* Inability to control

* Risks of selecting an organization

which doesn’t make sense.

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There are numerous advantages to employing an internal team and

there are benefits as well when you decide to outsource your

email marketing.

In-house refers to having your company handle your email

Marketing efforts are made within your organization.

Outsourcing is the process of outsourcing your email marketing efforts

The management is handled by a third party sender.

Third party email senders can help you develop your email marketing strategy.

to meet your needs to meet your goals, design and create your emails, and include

methods and analyze the emails you send to increase your reach.

Engagement as well as return on investment.

If you manage your own email marketing it’s cost efficient

and your company has total control over the emails you send

were created and who. The way your company is aware of this, you know who your

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11. Email Marketing

Section 4 – Marketing via Email Tools

Brands and values more than an outsourced staff, with an

internal team that creates emails increases the chance that

The correct brand values and voice are used. Your employees

could also make use of email marketing to integrate with the other aspects of their

marketing efforts.

The drawback of having an internal team to handle marketing via email

The problem is that it can be expensive and time-consuming to employ.

Marketing experts will help you carry out your email marketing campaigns.

The outsourcing of your email marketing efforts typically results in

annual costs that are ongoing, or a fixed monthly costthat is paid. It’s less

costlier than creating an email marketing department, but it’s usually

This means that you have less control over the marketing emails you send out.

Content, and you run the risk of picking a business that’s not the best

to match your brand.



* Lists

* Plan campaigns

* Connect to your store

• Email Templates for Campaigns

* Automation

* Advanced segmentation


* Beginning Up Free Plan

* Up to 2,000 subscribers , and 12,000 emails each month

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12- Email Marketing

Section 4 – Marketing via Email Tools


* Infinite lists

* Postcode Plotter

• Subscriber Management Systems

* Web forms for free


* Unlimited support

* Unlimited contacts and lists

• Pay to send the quantity of emails per month.


* Account manager dedicated to each account

* best-of-breed platforms

* Webinars for training

* Surveys and Forms


* Start at PS250 p/m


* Marketing Automation tool

* Personalize each email using rich data

* Test, track & optimise tools


* Start at PS9 p/m

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13 Email Marketing

Section 4 – Marketing via Email Tools


* Templates that can be customized

* Email Tracking

* Image Library

* Building Tools List


* Start at $20 p/m

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There are a variety of different Email marketing platforms. Each one has

diverse features to suit different needs in addition to a range of cost


MailChimp is easy to use, and offers hundreds of email marketing campaigns

templates, design options that are flexible advanced analytics

Automation and A/B testing options, in addition to hundreds of

of integrations to popular CRM systems such as Facebook

and Capsule. MailChimp offers various functions and Capsule.

eCommerce companies, such as the possibility of connecting your store’

and multi-user accounts that ensure your team is able to work

seamlessly integrates with effortlessly through. The MailChimp service seamlessly flows through your marketing efforts.

The plan is free and has a the limit of up to 2,000 subscribers.

12,000 emails per month. Prices can change based on the number of subscribers

increase, and the amount of emails you send each month increase, and the number of emails you send each month.

The packages start at $25 per month.

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Little Green Plane is also quite simple to utilize. It is compatible with Little

Green Plane you can have endless subscriber lists,

Other useful features include, do not send lists other useful features include, no-cost web

forms can export active and inactive contacts, and an email

code plotter. Little Green Plane accounts include no-cost support,

Unlimited lists and contacts, however the price of the platform is unlimited lists and contacts, but the cost of the

The amount you pay for email depends on the amount of emails you send out per

month. For instance: 1,000 emails will cost ~PS12.95 per month.

If 2,500 emails cost ~PS19.95 per message the cost of 25,000 emails.

Cost ~PS115.00 per day.

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14 14 Email Marketing

Section 4 – Marketing via Email Tools

dotMailer gives you an account manager who is dedicated to

Help you with the creation of your campaigns and

numerous templates and toolkits. Other advantages include the possibility of the ability to train

webinars, and easy-to-use. The cost of using dotMailer

The rate varies, but generally it starts at PS250 per minute.

Campaign Monitor concentrates more on the journey of the customer,

and optimising the emails for the customer’s specific needs. Various

functions as an automation tool for marketing to cause different

email messages based on the amount of money spent by customers and on the products

They can be extremely effective. Monitoring, testing, and

optimizing tools to gauge the success of your email campaigns and help you enhance your email performance.

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Performance over time is also offered. Prices vary from

PS9p/m for their base package, and PS129p/m for their premium package.


Constant Contact is easy to use, and offers numerous features.

like the other email tools that are available. One of the most effective

One of the features that are part of Constant Contact is the fact that it is free image library

and list building tools, and customizable tools. Constant

Contact costs start at $20/m.

Which of these five tools will best suit your needs?

At this point?

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15 Email Marketing

Section 5 – Integration of Email


People love to consume content in different ways. Some prefer

to read blogs directly on websites, however others prefer to receive them

an overview of content direct to their email accounts and

other people stumble across other people stumble across. It’s

It is crucial to ensure that you have the ability to

Meet all your readers’ (and prospective readers’) requirements.

Your task is to ensure that it’s as simple for your viewers as is possible.

to check out your blogs and interact with to read your blogs and interact with. Email marketing

is a key element in this, and is a part of the overall marketing

plan, which could also involve sharing

Content on social media channels.

There are a variety of methods to accomplish this, including creating an RSS

feed to send your blog posts via email campaign

To your subscriber list who has signed to opt in.

What content would you like to publish via

an automated RSS campaign?

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16. Email Marketing

Section 5 – Integration of Email


* Add share/follow buttons in Email Campaigns

* Add a Subscribe call-to action to your web pages as well as

on Facebook Pages that are branded

* Include the option to ‘Retweet this’ to Email Campaigns to allow

recipients can easily post content to Twitter

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17. Email Marketing

The Section 6, Section 6. Database Growth & Management

6.1 Capturing Quality DATA

* Opt-In

* Information that is tailored to your needs

Make sure you update and cleanse your files

* EU Data Compliance

High-quality email marketing lists are a business’s no.1 asset. If you’re looking for

Customers opt-in to receiving email notifications they have shown a

dedication to your brand and an element of confidence.

The process of creating good lists can take time. You must provide

customized information for every list you own. What were they signing

What are they up to? What are they hoping to get? You must ensure that you adhere

by the promises you made to keep to

Keep in touch in your email correspondence.

The most frequent effects of poor email delivery

Are the inability to contact subscribers (41 percent).)

and inadequate and poor customer service (24 percent) and poor customer service (24). However, poor customer service (24 percent).

In addition, the delay in delivery results in missed opportunities due to lost

opens and impressions in addition to negative effects that cascade down

on reputation of the sender, on the health of the list and, ultimately, on the reputation of the sender, list health and ultimately. These

problems with delivery may suggest that an organisation is experiencing issues with deliverability.

difficulties in meeting consumer expectations.

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DATABASE Growth and


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18 Email Marketing

6. Section 6 Database Growth & Management

To ensure that your list is healthy and maximize delivery You must

Always manage your email database. Efective database

management can be achieved through:

1. Validating email addresses for new ones

2. Remove hard bounces regularly, as well as inspections

for duplicates and to honor the right to opt-outs

3. Monitoring and tracking delivery metrics to help address

any issues with databases or ISPs to be addressed immediately

4. The process of identifying a method to contact customers who have not been active for a while.

which includes data-driven reactivation campaigns.

5. In compliance with all local laws and regulations as well as CANSPAM’s best practices.

The emails you accumulate during the busy holiday season and all through the year.

this year offer new opportunities to connect and engage

with customers. A well-managed, healthy email database will be more effective

increase the delivery capability and consequent increase in the profitability of everything

your email marketing eforts. But, you must follow the laws governing

the information you gather is vital to know what information you have

What is collected and what is not in the EU is essential. MailChimp is US

Based on this, you should check the legality around the legality of this.


You can narrow your focus by making sure you send messages to the right people

categories within your lists your list recipients will see your

campaigns are more relevant and more relevant campaigns are improved


Sort your emails into categories so that you can make it easy to make your email lists more engaging

information that is pertinent to their needs, and to get the desired result

and the goals and goals. For instance,

sorting your lists by the type of business you are in, location or industry. You can also categorize your lists by job

title, past purchases etc. can ensure that the content you are using is designed specifically

This is targeted at the same audience.

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19 19 Email Marketing

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6. Section 6 Database Growth & Management

Create Email Marketing Goals & Objectives

1. Define who your clients are and what they need from you.

Do they would like to know?

2. Categorise your lists depending on your

Customers’ need

3. How can you motivate your audience members to

Are you a subscriber to your mailing list?

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20 — Email Marketing

Section 7 – Designing an Efective Campaign

Selecting the best format and design tools

7.1 Types OF EMAIL


Plain text emails contain only text, they do not have formatting, and no

hyperlinks, and if you wish to add images, they must to

Send attachments as attachments. One of the advantages is the ability to send attachments

Plain text emails mean likely to be read by my

SPAM detectors, unlike HTML emails. Another reason is that

The reason people can compose plain text emails. It is true that some email clients allow it.

does not display or support HTML correctly not properly, however plain email messages in text

The display will be correct. There are also individuals who

Do you prefer to receive plain text emails. When sending plain text emails

Within MailChimp within MailChimp, you can send an individual email that appears like

regular email for the mass market. It can be used for mass marketing.

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MailChimp, the familiarity of regular day-to-day email. To create

plain text emails are simpler to read, make use of whitespace extensively to

Avoid having a large gray blob of text. Make sure to leave space between

paragraphs after headings and paragraphs after them, and aim for paragraphs that are four paragraphs.

up to five to five. Make sure to use short URLs whenever possible. Again, longer

URLs may break and make it difficult to click or copy and paste.

paste. Make it easy to scan by cutting it using transparent

headings. Sometimes, a plain-text styleemail is acceptable, it may not have headings.

actually do more effectively. If you’re targeting a particular audience

and a brief, specific message that includes a strong call to take action

It is then a straightforward email that concentrates the reader’s attention on the content

(rather rather than instead of) and emphasizes the need to act

could have dramatic effects.

Rich text emails offer more freedom that plain text messages.

You can alter the color of text, making it bold, bold, or italic, and

Change the font and size. There are a few restrictions, such as URL

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21 — Email Marketing

Section 7 – Designing an Efective Campaign

Links must be integrated completely into the content and images must be included.

Send attachments as attachments. Rich text emails remove the limitations of plain text emails.

email messages, allowing your to get more imaginative in your design.

HTML E-mails

HTML emails are among the most innovative and flexible kinds of email, in every aspect

The email may be designed in a way that fits your brand it is possible to

Include a header, footeror background colours, logos and images.

Your emails will display HTML instead of attachments. HTML emails

will require a lot of code requires a significant amount of programming MailChimp offers templates that do not require coding.

Already coded, which you can modify. HTML emails aren’t an ideal idea

for emails that are conversational as it is often difficult to figure out the proper formatting

in your email server, and the conversation becomes quite complicated

after the email has been replied to. The most effective use for using HTML emails is

single use emails. It is possible to create powerful marketing emails that contain

Call to Action buttons or straplines, footers that have your information and could

It can be brandished.

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22 23 Email Marketing

Section 7 – Planning an Efective Campaign

Modern Henchman designed a HTML newsletter that is visually appealing

Engaging and simple to navigate.

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23. Email Marketing

Section 7 – Planning an Efective Campaign

Rip Curl is driving sales with emails that showcase surf lovers

Customers get are getting the content they want. It gives Bombshell Series email

Campaign highlights Rip Curl’s amazing surfers, in addition

as the top styles to have from their Bombshell Wetsuits line

Inviting subscribers for them to “shop right now”.

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24. Email Marketing

Section 7 – Designing an Efective Campaign

Birchbox makes use of HTML campaigns to promote their month-long

beauty box, interact with subscribers and advertise their online


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25 – Marketing by Email

Section 7 – Planning an Efective Campaign

Jaybird sends out email campaigns using lively, edge-to edge

images to assist Jaybird display the distinct appearance of

their earbuds and earphones, offering users a wider view of the way they use

The products are in use.

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26. Email Marketing

Section 7 – Planning an Efective Campaign

BuzzFeed has developed more than 20 email newsletters

are tailored to the specific needs of subscribers for example, Health and

Beauty. Email is among the top five referrers for web traffic and

users who are emailed spend an additional 3 minutes on their site

as compared to visitors from other channels.

HTML-based emails are extremely popular with large corporations and brands.

that require visual engagement with their viewers to create a narrative. But,

Many professionals utilize plain-text emails due to

They consider that images, not text are the most direct way to get to the issue

on the issue they’re addressing and their main


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27– Email Marketing

Section 7– Developing an Efective Campaign

Best Uses of HTML Emails:

Single use emails; Group emails; Marketing Emails;

Newsletters; Track opens/clicks; Clickable links


Multi- part MIME is emails that send both HTML and plain text

versions, once the email client receive the MIME it renders the

HTML version but if it can’t it will display the plain text version.

Sending both types of emails suggests you will reach your

maximum audience, by giving the email client receiver an

alternative if it can not render HTML.


There are lots of tools available to help you create and design

professional emails.

Canva: Canva is a free design tool, with various templates

including social media header’s. Simply edit a template within

Canva or upload your own images, the tool also allows you to

use your own brand colours. You can also use Canva to create

images to add into your campaigns too and throughout the

rest of your marketing eforts.

power up your business

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28– Email Marketing

Section 7– Developing an Efective Campaign Place It, allows you to upload your own images on

to mobile phones, desktop computers for example, it’s free and

will make a big diference in the design of your emails.

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29– Email Marketing

Section 7– Developing an Efective Campaign

It’s against the law to use images without your

permission, including within your emails, but by using Pixabay,

they provide royalty free images which you can include within

your email campaigns legally.

MailChimp provides hundreds of email

templates for you to use for various types of businesses and

events that you can edit and personalise

power up your business

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30– Email Marketing

Section 7– Developing an Efective Campaign


Templates: Email marketing tools have various options of

email templates for you to customise for the diferent types

of emails you could send, from events to newsletters. These

templates are usually very simple to customise and use a drag

and drop format, using these templates will ensure your email

campaigns are structured in the right way and they are very

simple to customise. Alternatively, most platforms have the

opportunity to add your own coded web page which you may

be able to get help from a web developer.

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31– Email Marketing

Section 7– Developing an Efective Campaign

Call to Action: keep the Call To Action above the fold. Your

subscriber shouldn’t have to scroll to see it. Use a diferent

colour to draw attention to it.

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32– Email Marketing

Section 7– Developing an Efective Campaign

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33– Email Marketing

Section 7– Developing an Efective Campaign


Once you begin sending email campaigns, you will understand

what works and what doesn’t depending on your audience.

An email may be extremely successful for one type of industry,

but it might completely fail for another. However, there are a.

few pointers to follow. People are extremely busy; whether.

it’s a B2B or B2C email, people want to know what the email.

entails quickly. They need to absorb the information as quickly.

as possible and to do this emails should have light content,.

your subject line must align with your email content and your.

email needs to be straight to the point.

So, three top tips for composing efective emails are:.

1. Get straight to the point– keep messaging.

concise and direct. Avoid lengthy messaging and unclear.

messaging that may leave the recipient trying to work out.

what the point of the email is and what to do next.

2. Use light content– limit the number of words use.

Generally speaking, the less words used the better,.

and as a rough guide anything > 400 words is likely too.

lengthy and few recipients will read the entire email.

Using too many calls-to-action (buttons or links) in.

an email, often referred to in Email Marketing as ‘click.

opportunities’, can reduce the efectiveness of an.

email too. As with the word count, the fewer click.

opportunities there is in an email, the more you are giving.

the recipient a clear indication of what they should do.

next i.e. one choice of button to click, rather than ten that.

each link to diferent places.

3. Align subject line & content– Get of on the right.

foot with your recipients. Make sure the messaging and.

expectations set by your email subject line matches.

up with the contents of the email. Subject lines that.

deceptive, or only relate very loosely to the content of the.

email are likely to confuse or even irritate recipients.

power up your business.

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34– Email Marketing.

Section 7– Developing an Efective Campaign.

Case Study:.

Hammock is a creative agency serving mainly B2B audience,.

which means they have their work cut out for them if they.

want to connect with subscribers via email. B2B clients already.

get a plethora of inbox-stufng material from other creatives,.

account managers, project managers, etc. Such targets need a.

pretty compelling reason to read more.

Despite that barrier, Hammock managed to increase open.

rates by 48%.

Traditionally, Hammock focused on providing helpful valuedriven content to their audience. They asked themselves.

every day, “is our email content authentically helping our.


They wanted to show clients and prospects how to use things.

to solve problems and then present them with the solution to.

do that. I 100% agree that’s the right approach.

However, Hammock admits that their newsletters were.

content heavy, and regular content-heavy emails will fatigue.

your contacts.

China Company Email Database

The team at Hammock wanted to continue that focus on.

helping subscribers solve problems while starting discussions,.

so they turned that content-heavy newsletter into what they.

called an “un-newsletter” and coined it their “! dea Email.”.

It would be super light on content with just one helpful.

marketing idea featuring suggestions on how to best utilize.

that idea.

The team simplified design and content and customized the.

preheader to make everything less crowded.

Additionally, the team at Hammock wrote 3 headlines for each.

newsletter and conducted A/B testing. Whichever headline.

had the highest open rate in the first hour was used for the.

remainder of their subscriber list.

power up your business.

35– Email Marketing.

Section 7– Developing an Efective Campaign.

The result was that 48% increase in open rates.

Giving people too much info can be a disservice, especially.

in an email. You’re almost drowning the prospect if you feed.

them 20+ ideas with links to take action.

Instead, cut it down. Reduce it to 1 or 3 ideas they can do.

something with. That makes it memorable, valuable and more.


China Company Email Lists

To help subscribers to solve problems while starting.

discussions, the team turned their traditional, content-heavy.

email newsletter into what they refer to as an “un-newsletter.”.

This provides subscribers with just one helpful marketing idea,.

alongside suggestions of how to best utilize that idea.

The team simplified email content and design, and customized.

the email preheader text in order to meet their goal of a more.

helpful, less crowded newsletter. To bring focus to these.

changes, they decided to rename it “The Idea Email.”.

36– Email Marketing.

Section 7– Developing an Efective Campaign.

In the previous newsletter, the standard.

was five to seven articles, a blurb and.

a small thumbnail image encouraging.

people to click to see more information.

The current version of the newsletter.

prominently features the new name,.

” The Idea Email,” and is made up of one.

landscaped image, a headline and the.

350 words of copy.

power up your business.

37– Email Marketing.

Section 7– Developing an Efective Campaign.


Altering your email campaigns to maximise click through.

rates is a must, always create clear and relevant headlines to.

grab the reader’s attention, grabbing their attention as soon as.

possible is absolutely critical to ensure your reader keeps on.

reading your email.

China Company Email Leads

To keep your reader focused, paragraphs should be kept short.

to keep them interested but make sure you have included.

all the relevant information that they require. Try adding a.

deadline to your email. This will hurry your customers into.

buying and clicking through to your products/services, this.

could be a discount code for a limited time.

If your email contains lots of images, they may have trouble.

uploading. Keep images to a minimum and make sure you.

don’t include any essential copy on images in case they don’t.

load. Try to avoid over using spammy words and get more.

personal within your emails, you don’t want to be too sales.

orientated and put of your readers. Don’t over use copy.

that you have sent out in previous emails your readers will.

get bored of the same copy. Try to gain trust by including.

testimonials within your emails, keeping them close to the.

click can be an added bonus too. Reading emails on the go is.

China Corporate Email Database

how lots of people now read their emails, always check what.

your email campaigns looks like on a mobile device, your.

email might look clear and concise within a desktop but it may.

look completely diferent within a mobile device! Also, testing.

your email campaigns is essential! Test your subject lines,.

headers and content regularly to ensure your email campaigns.

are created to maximize click throughs.


” Companies who send automated emails are 133% more likely.

to send relevant messages that correspond with a customer’s.

38– Email Marketing.

Section 7– Developing an Efective Campaign.

An automated email campaign is created once, and.

automatically sends to the recipient when specific options are.

activated by that person. Once created, there is no need to do.

anything, the automated email will continue to send to those.

people meeting the specific requirements. Automated email.

campaigns ensure you don’t miss sending important emails to.

new subscribers for example, and they save you a lot of time.

MailChimp provides lots of various automations from welcome.

emails to new subscribers, appointment reminders, gaining.

customer feedback, blog feed there are lots of options available.

to reach out to new and existing clients without having to.

constantly create and send emails to each individual.


Automated emails should take into account what stage.

customers are at. They could be a new subscriber, they could.

have abandoned their shopping cart on your website, or they.

may already have purchased a product. The key is to provide.

power up your business.

39– Email Marketing.

Section 7– Developing an Efective Campaign.

your customers with relevant information to purchase or.

purchase again. You will need to target each customer within.

their specific journey and build a strategy to target each.


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You might use an automated email to … New Subscriber: Send personalised emails to your new.

subscribers, welcoming them and even send helpful blog posts.

and discounts to make them feel welcome, which may lead.

into purchasing your products/services.

You want to provide your new subscribers with the best.

opinion of your brand, they have already built trust with you.

by subscribing to you, but you will need to keep on building.

your relationship to turn your subscriber into a purchasing.


Cart: Send automated emails to remind customers of the.

products they’ve left in their cart and encourage them to.

complete their transaction.

Birthdays: Send automated emails to subscribers who have.

birthdays coming up, provide them with a birthday present in.

the form of a discount code for example to spend within your.


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Purchase: Automatically follow up with customers after a.

purchase and recommend other products that they’ll love.

Surprise your best customers with a coupon triggered by their.

shopping behavior. Once they have purchased a product, you.

want to persuade them to buy from you again and keep them.

interested in your products/services.

Consider automated campaigns your.

business could potentially send, and select.

two to add to your planned.

email activity.

power up your business.

40– Email Marketing.

Section 7– Developing an Efective Campaign.


Identify when the best time to post will be for your business,.

bearing in mind your ofering and customer base. The best.

practice is to use your analytics to determine the best times for.

your audience.

Seasonal Triggers:.

There are lots of diferent industry statistics for the best times.

to publish content. If your email contains actionable messages,.

the best time to send is at the end of the week or the weekend,.

people have time to read their emails as they have the lowest.

volume of emails coming through. The best time for people to.

open your emails is between 12pm- 4pm, the main reason for.

this is because they have less emails coming through on an.

afternoon, which suggests they have more time to read your.

power up your business.

41– Email Marketing.

Section 7– Developing an Efective Campaign.

emails. The best time to receive responses from your email.

marketing eforts is early morning and late evening, simply.

because people have less emails coming through at these.

times and more time to reply. BUT, the best practice is to use.

your analytics to determine the best times for your audience,.

all audiences are diferent for diferent industries and markets.

and just relying on industry statistics can be damaging.

The right timing is critical for B2B email marketing success.

China B2B Email Database

Look at the data to identify what makes sense for your.

customers. Data can help uncover the best day of the week or.

time of day that’s most efective. While there are diferences.

of opinion as to the best time to communicate through email.

with customers, relying on analytics and email operational.

reporting is the most accurate way to collect information to.

inform your campaign.

Timing also has to do with recognizing where in the customer.

journey the recipient happens to be to trigger appropriate.

follow-up email. For instance, if someone downloads a white.

paper or takes some action that shows interest, a timely.

follow-up phone call or email sent in response is a smart.


Identify when the best time to post will be.

for your business, bearing in mind your.

ofering and customer base.

power up your business.

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42– Email Marketing.

Section 8– Optimising Your Campaigns.

Once an Email Marketing Campaign has been composed,.

ensuring it is optimised for peak performance is essential.

Follow the processes outlined in this section as they apply to.

your Email Marketing to optimised your campaigns.


Check each item on this optimisation check list is either.

correct, set up correctly, or has been carried out:.

1. Spelling/Grammar– make sure your copy does not have.

any spelling or grammar mistakes.

2. Hyperlinks– hyperlinks links have been used in the correct.

place within the email, and all links used are active and will.

take recipients through to the intended website page (i.e. no.

broken links to 404 pages.) Before sending your campaign,.

ensure all of your hyperlinks and call-to-action buttons work.

on all devices.

3. Mobile Friendly – 53% of emails are opened on mobile.


China B2B Email Leads

email-marketing-new-rules/) and 23% of readers who open.

an email on a mobile device open it again later

Making sure your email campaigns.

are optimised for mobile devices is hugely advantageous.

Within your emails stay concise in both your content and.

design, mobile devices screens means content needs to be.

limited to focus on the essentials of the email. Use a simple.

one column template, so the user does not need to zoom in.

and out of content they can continually scroll through out.

your email. Add one clear call to action, this needs to be as.

China B2C Email Database




power up your business.

43– Email Marketing.

Section 8– Optimising Your Campaigns.

simple as possible to find. Strong contrasting colours are also a bonus to add,.

due to people changing their brightness within the phone, contrasting colours.

can easily be read. Always preview what your email looks like within a mobile.

device before sending.

4. Images – Images within your email campaigns need to be sized correctly.

to display within your emails, before sending ensure your images display.

correctly across all devices.

5. Appropriate Language – Ensure your language within your emails coheres.

with your emails goal, for example using persuasive language is appropriate.

for sales emails.


Testing email campaigns is vital for trying new layouts, content and techniques.

A/B testing options allow you to test numerous variables within your email.

campaigns, to ensure your campaigns are optimised efectively to reach your.


Before you start A/B Testing, it’s extremely important to understand what variable.

you will test and how you will measure it’s success.

For example, by testing your email subject line you could measure its success by.

how many people opened the email and the winner of your campaign would be.

the email with the most opens.

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You could also look back at your past campaigns open rate percentage and aim.

to increase your open rate by a certain percentage, this would be an indicator.

of how successful your campaign is compared to past campaigns. Test large.

number of recipients and one variable at a time for best results and test often!

The first step in setting up an efective A/B test is to decide what you’ll test. While.

you may want to test more than one thing, it’s important to only test one thing.

at a time to get accurate results. Things you might consider testing include:.

power up your business.

44– Email Marketing.

Section 8– Optimising Your Campaigns.

Call to action.

( Example: “Buy Now!” vs. “See Plans & Pricing”).

Subject line.

( Example: “Product XYZ on Sale” vs. “Discounts on Product XYZ”).

Testimonials to include.

( or whether to include them at all).

The layout of the message.

( Example: single column vs. two column, or diferent.

placement for diferent elements).


( Example: “Mr. Smith” vs. “Joe”).

Body text.


Closing text.


The specific ofer.

( Example: “Save 20%” vs. “Get free shipping”).

China B2C Email Leads


It’s extremely important to preview your email before sending,.

within marketing campaign managers, you are able to preview.

your campaign in desktop, mobile and inbox mode, to know.

how your email will appear within various formats.

This is essential, an email may look and read great within a.

desktop email but it might be hard to read within a mobile.

device, in this case you will need to edit your email so that the.

email works consistently throughout the diferent formats.

power up your business.

45– Email Marketing.

Section 8– Optimising Your Campaigns.

Always check each ‘Call to Action’ are they clear to the.

recipient, are they in the best place within the email, are they.

easy to locate? Check each link within the email to make sure.

they work, as well as making sure any image or video displays.

correctly within all the formats.

power up your business.

46– Email Marketing.

Section 9– Optimising Your Campaigns.

Measuring results & making improvements to Email Marketing.

Campaigns will allow you to ensure your Email Marketing becomes.

more efective over time, and your business is drawing the maximum.

benefit possible from Email as a marketing channel.


Tracking email campaigns is absolutely essential to know if your email.

marketing eforts are achieving your objectives and goals. There are.

lots of diferent options within email marketing tools to track your.


As an example, MailChimp provides each campaign with various.

options to include within your campaigns, and provides you with a.

report after the email campaign has been delivered.

Track opens by selecting the Track opens option, MailChimp will track.

how many of your subscribers have opened your email, this is a great.

indicator in knowing whether your subject line is engaging enough for.

your subscribers to open your email.




power up your business.

52– Email Marketing.

Section 11– Legal Requirements.

On a practical level, the key steps that must be fulfilled in order.

to conduct legally compliant Email Marketing activity are:.

• Must check if your customers want to be contacted by.


• Must receive permission if you want to send your.

clients other ofers or promotions.

• Must ask your customers if you want to share their.

information with other organisations.

• Must allow your customers to opt out easily.

• Emails must clearly state: Who you are, that you’re.

selling something, what the promotions are.

• Emails must give the option to opt out of further.

emails: Unsubscribe.

The law within email marketing is extremely strict. By law you.

must give the option to opt-out of further emails. MailChimp,.

DotMailer, and other Email Clients typically provide templates.

that include an unsubscribe button as default. If you create a.

custom template within an Email Client, you must include an.

unsubscribe option to stay within legal requirements.

Within your Email Campaigns you must clearly state who you.

are, that you’re selling something (if applicable), and what the.

promotions are (again, if applicable.) If using MailChimp, Lists.

also make it simple to state how you know the recipient, and.

why they receive your emails, as these fields are a requirement.

when creating a MailChimp list.

Finally, prior to any Email Campaigns you must have some.

stage asked your customer if they want to be contacted by.

Email, and only if they confirm should you send an email to.

them. Again, only sending Emails to customers who have.

opted-in to your Email list is best practice, and ensures you are.

within legal requirements.



power up your business.

53– Email Marketing.

Section 11– Legal Requirements.

A customer may sign-up to your Email list, but sending Email.

Campaigns that the user has not subscribed to is also illegal.

without their permission. Always gain permission first if you want.

to send your users other ofers and promotions.


Data protection is highly strict and you must ask your customers if.

you want to share their information with other organisations.

Privacy Shield: The new Privacy Shield framework introduced in.

July 2016, protects the fundamental rights of anyone in the EU.

whose personal data is transferred to the United States as well as.

bringing legal clarity for businesses relying on transatlantic data.

transfers. This new framework protects the fundamental rights of.

anyone in the EU whose personal data is transferred to the United.

States as well as bringing legal clarity for businesses relying on.

transatlantic data transfers.

The new Privacy Shield laws include:.

1. Strong obligations on companies handling data.

2. Clear safeguards and transparency obligations on U.S.

government access.

3. Efective protection of individual rights.

4. Annual joint review mechanisms.

Privacy Shield.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation has been adopted this.

year also, however it will not apply until May 2018. But preparing.

for the new legislation is recommended. You must …

1. Prepare for data security breaches.

2. Establish a framework for accountability.

3. Embrace privacy by design.

4. Analyse the legal basis on which you use personal data.

5. Check your privacy notices and policies.

6. Bear in mind the rights of data subjects.

7. If you are a supplier to others, consider whether you have.

new obligations as a processor.

8. Cross-border data transfers.

power up your business.

54– Email Marketing.

Section 11– Legal Requirements.

EU General Data Protection Regulation.


Emails are generally classed as spam if they containing.

advertisements and are sent on a large scale to receivers that.

have no interest in the email.

There are lots of diferent tools Email recipients can use to.

block spam, including Spam filters and automated spam.

detection within their Email servers.

Automated spam detectors, scan the emails before they.

reach the recipient and check numerous indicators and give.

each Email a score. If the score is too high, the Email will be.

flagged as spam. Email recipients can also flag Emails as spam.


However, this can be an issue for many Email Campaign.

managers as spam filters often detect non-spam Emails as.

spam by various variables, and then send the Email directly to.

the recipient’s Junk folder.

There are several techniques you can use to reduce the.

chances of your Emails landing in Junk folders. Building great.

lists is the most important, and knowing what content each.

list wants is essential in creating relevant content that your.

audience engages with.

Using white/light backgrounds, avoiding red fonts, using large.

headline sizes, including a large unsubscribe link (which is a.

legal requirement anyway), and using minimum images are all.

great ways to avoid being detected as spam.

Showing how you are connected to the recipient by including.

merge tags within your campaigns is also good practice.

Further ways to prevent your Emails automatically being sent.

to a recipient’s Junk folder are asking the recipients to add you.

to their address book, always including your mailing address,.

and never using misleading reply-to addresses.

power up your business.

55– Email Marketing.

Section 11– Legal Requirements.

An important factor to remember is that if anyone sharing.

the same IP address has been reported as spam before, some.

filters will automatically flag your campaign too.

Using lots of embed code will increase the likelihood of an.

Email being flagged as spam, as well as copy and pasted text.

from Microsoft Word. To avoid this, use Email templates that.

are already formatted in your chosen Email client.

Finally, always test your Emails. Check your content and.

formatting, questioning whether or not it is likely to achieve.

the best possible engagement and delivery.


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