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1. Introduction

Many things have changed over the past 20 years. Technology has come so far that it is now possible to do everything remotely.

This opened up new possibilities. This means that there are more business opportunities.

More ways to reach customers

Online marketing is now part of our reality. It’s always been included in the business plan as a medium.

It can be used to improve business performance and achieve goals. Its potential is so well-proven that it is now available to everyone.

Slowly, traditional marketing techniques are being replaced by newer technologies. It is believed that it will take over the world by 2020.

Nearly 40% of the world’s population uses the internet. With this in mind it is only natural that they do.

The internet is a great place to advertise your business.

There are many types of online marketing. Here are some examples:

* Search engine marketing

* Social media marketing

* Content marketing

* Affiliate marketing

* Email marketing

These types are distinguished by the media used to reach customers. Additionally,

Each type of business plan requires a different set of strategies. Best

When planning a strategy, it is important to keep in mind guidelines and practices.

Email marketing is the most effective type of online marketing.

It is widely used because of this.

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Email marketing

Email marketing is a modern method of communicating with customers.

Emails as a method of communication have existed for many decades.

email message back in 1971. The World Wide Web has grown and changed over the years.

Email marketing is now a part of the business world. Email messages are not only effective, but they also make it easy to communicate with customers.

Online messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook are a great way to communicate with friends.

WhatsApp, Viber, etc. This role has been taken over by Viber, WhatsApp, and others. Emails are still very important, despite this fact.

A large percentage of people check their email every day.

This allows you to reach a large number of online customers. Email marketing should be personal.

Approach, where you aim to communicate directly with online users to reach your goals.

Something like generate sales, get visitors, encourage downloadings, etc. Even though it is not a sale, getting visitors or encouraging downloads can help.

Email marketing campaigns are, at their core, promotional campaigns. But you need to go further

To reach and engage online users, you can use a subtler approach.

Email marketing has one goal: to communicate with consumers. However, it is not sufficient.

Simply send a message. Open rates must be encouraged and explored.

Your email is being used by consumers to interact with it.

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This ebook will teach you the basics of email marketing and how to optimize an email campaign.

How to grow your email list and implement email marketing within your business.

This online marketing strategy is designed to improve your business.

Email marketing statistics

Let’s take a look at some examples to understand how important and what role email marketing plays in today’s world.

Here are the most important statistics about email marketing:

* On average, a single person sends and receives over 200 emails per day. (Radicati)

* The global email user base was almost 2.6 billion in 2015. At the end of

In 2019, more than 2.9 billion people will use email worldwide.


* It is predicted that the global total number of email accounts will increase to more than 4.3 million.

By 2016, there will be billions of accounts (Radicati)

* 35% of email recipients open emails based solely on the subject line.


* Mobile market share is approximately 55% (Litmus 2016, 2016). Gmail accounts account for 75%.

Users open their email on mobile devices. (Techcrunch, 2015)

* 30% of subscribers change their email addresses each year. (Convince&Convert)

* 44% of email subscribers made at least 1 purchase last year on the basis of a promotional offer

email. (Convince&Convert)

* 82% of B2B companies and 82% of B2C businesses use email marketing technology. (Ascend2)

* 74% of marketers believe targeted personalization improves customer engagement.


* 58% of all revenue is generated by targeted and segmented emails (DMA)

* Email is 40x more effective than Facebook in acquiring new customers.

Twitter. (Campaign Monitor)

* Email marketing generates $38 ROI for every $1 spent (Campaign Monitor)

* 83% B2B marketers use email marketing newsletters to promote content. (Content

Marketing Institute


These statistics should support two things:

* Email marketing is the most popular type of online marketing

* Email marketing is the best way to increase your ROI

* Email segmentation and personalization are key to email success


* The mobile share of email marketing is rising

You will also need tools and analytics to improve your email marketing.

Strategy to complete the approach. With this knowledge, you will be able to understand the basics of email.

How marketing can benefit your online business.


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Email basics



2. Email Marketing Basics

Email marketing is a powerful tool that can be used to help your business.

To achieve your goals, it is important to understand the basics.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is an important part of online marketing that focuses on communication and establishing relationships.

Emails can be used to establish a connection with users online. No matter if your goal is promotional or not, you can still connect with online users through emails.

It doesn’t matter if you send emails weekly or monthly. The core of email marketing remains the same.

Communication with the recipient This communication serves to nurture the recipient.

relationships with existing and potential customers. To encourage action that is the

The goal of an email marketing campaign.

Your email message should contain the following:

* Relevant for the recipient

* A relevant and engaging subject line

* Concise and spot-on

* Planned

* Sent at just the right moment

* In the language that the recipient understands

* No spelling or grammatical errors

* No broken links

Communication between a business and a customer

It’s as easy as this. This is the message you want to share. This message can be promotional in nature.

You might be selling something in your online shop. You might be announcing the release of your latest ebook. It could be an

Announcement for the event that you will be hosting. This is a way to communicate your gratitude.

Encourage the recipient to take an action such as filling out a form or purchasing an item.

You have to offer something to your subscribers. Next, write an article

email. You should keep many things in mind. This will be the subject of one of the

The next chapters will follow. You send the message. Wait and then examine the results.

Find out the positive and negative effects of your email marketing campaign. This is the

The email marketing process in a nutshell

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Marketers face many challenges when trying to get their emails read and delivered. It is not easy.

It’s not an easy task, especially when you consider that more than 200 emails are sent each day.

each day. Email marketing can be lucrative, even if it is not able to get attention (with great results).

It is not an easy job. It is becoming a battle for users’ attention.

Real art can be put under the spotlight. This is how email deliveryability was introduced.

Analyzing and optimizing email marketing campaigns’ performance.

This is how email marketing developed to become a new segment.

Online marketing has its own best practices, strategies and tools.

Email marketing is an integral part of online marketing

Email marketing can be combined with other strategies to maximize its effectiveness.

Online marketing techniques include content creation, search engine optimization and social media.

media marketing, etc.

Email marketing is not enough to succeed on its own. This is the true potential of email marketing.

Marketing is most effective when it is part of the overall marketing strategy. This is an example:

You have a blog article (content marketing), and want to share it online with many people.

Users to increase traffic to your blog (SEO). Send out an email newsletter (email marketing).

You feature a summary of an article and invite your subscribers to visit your site to read the whole thing.

article. You can combine your efforts to make the most of it and get the best

Chances of achieving your goals

How do you start email marketing?

After you have mastered the basics of email marketing, it’s time to get started with email marketing. This is, in essence, a marketing method

A strategy that uses your own resources (e.g. a mailing list) is a great way to achieve your goals.

online performance.

Set goals

As with all successful campaigns, it is important to understand what success looks like.

is. The campaign settings, writing style, and target audience will be determined by the goals you are trying to achieve.

etc. These will determine how you measure success. Setting up is the first step.

goals. Sometimes, you may have multiple goals. Whatever your goals, you should start by identifying some.

them. These are just a few examples that will give you some ideas.

* I would like to sign up for new customers.

* I am looking for new leads


* I would like to invite people at an event

* I encourage people to give.

* I would like to sell my product

These goals are too vague and general. You should aim to

Make them quantifiable. Avoid, for example, saying “I want to drive new signingups for this service”.

Add the measurement “I want 100 new signups to the service” Or, you can use “I want” instead.

Sell my product” Try “I want to increase sales of 20%.”

Setting measurable goals will help determine how successful you are at achieving your goals.

Campaign is in line with your plans. This will not only determine

It doesn’t matter if your campaign was successful or not. This will help you to realize what you need.

Change to improve your performance

The sending speed

It is now time to start thinking about emailing. You will first need to establish a mailing list.

The pace. It is important to plan your sending. However, it can also help users stay organized.

They will feel more at ease knowing when you expect to receive an email.

To determine if the emails have performed well in the past, you should also examine the results of previous campaigns.

There was a particular day or period that displayed unusual rates, regardless of whether it was during the week.

The surprisingly high open rate or low one.

Studies have also been done to analyze the effectiveness of email marketing.

Campaigns to determine the best time to send emails. There are many types of

Research has shown that Tuesday is the best day to send emails.

Morning, particularly at 10 am, was highlighted as the best. (Source)

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You should not rely on statistics to run your business. What

While it might seem like a good general rule, it might not be the best solution for your company. Make sure you are ensuring that

You can compare the data from previous emails campaigns with the optimal times.

Sending emails. For those who don’t have any prior experience, it is a good idea to consider your target audience when you are thinking about sending emails.

second. Your opinion: When will they be able read the email? After work? On a coffee

break? What about the evening? Learn as much about your target audience and their behavior as you can.

habits, etc. These questions will allow you to answer them and determine the best time for you.

Send emails. These cases are the same regardless of whether you have previous experience.

Testing is key. Try different times to send emails and see how they compare.

To determine the best option.

Consider the number of emails that you send. Some people enjoy getting the scoop every day.

day. Some people prefer to be updated once a week, or monthly. All of this is to ensure that you are up-to-date.

If they are satisfied, you have two options:

* Users can choose how often they receive email messages.


* Only send emails if you have something to share.

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Establish a style/template

Now it is time to get down to the email. There is a whole chapter about how to create an email.

We will only highlight the most important points.

* Consistency

You should be consistent in styling your emails. This is important

This refers to both writing style (formal/informal), and visual style (using graphics or logos).

adding images, etc.). Things that work are just as important as fresh content in an email.

You do not need to change. This is the best way to write emails if your readers are used to it.

They would expect it, so don’t make drastic changes to your life that could affect them.


* Accuracy

Here’s another way to gain credibility. Your credibility

Email must be precise. Accuracy includes both correct grammar and accurate spelling.


Accuracy of actual data If you share statistics or product prices,

Make sure they are accurate. You run the risk of recipients not subscribing or

Even spammers can be reported.

* Professionalism

It is difficult to build trust and a loyal readership. But here are some tips that will help you get there.

Maintaining a professional relationship with your email marketing campaign partners is a great way to go.

Professionalism is your whole approach. It includes accuracy, consistency and sending

You must ensure that you are sending the right emails and following up on your schedule. You are your company’s representative.

You need to consider the image that you want to project for your company by this.


Explore and make use of tools

You might find it difficult to choose from the many email marketing tools available.

Choosing which one to use. This chapter will be a completely different one in the ebook.

You will find actual suggestions about the available tools, but because this chapter is focused on you, we don’t want to divulge any details.

Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting an email address.

Marketing tool

* Usability

You don’t want to spend hours learning how to use the tool.

Manage a campaign. An interface for email campaign management must be available.

This makes it easy to use and is the reason that most tools are drag-and-drop.


So that you can concentrate on the most important features, you should first determine what you need.

tools. You might also want email automation functionality.

Media integration. A simple interface might be sufficient, but you may need an advanced interface.

Marketing solution

* Prices

Many tools have a free trial period. This is a great way for you to try them out first. Many platforms offer free trials.

The number of contacts that you have is what determines their pricing.

The maximum number of emails that you can send each month. You can use both paid and free tools.

Market, and which market you choose will depend on:


* Your company’s size – The more emails you send, the greater the chance that your company grows in size.

You can choose the payment plan that you prefer.

* Budget for the campaign – This budget will be needed to also plan for the

Campaign, therefore ensure that the payment plan you choose is within your budget.

You will encounter many challenges, but as with any strategy, there are some things you can do.

Be patient. It is important to ensure that you follow the best practices and use the correct terminology.

Recommendations to help you achieve your goals

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Types of emails


3. Types of emails

Many emails are sent daily by companies to cover a variety of topics. Some companies may share the emails.

Latest blog update. Some might announce massive discounts, etc. Each email is unique.

Each email has a different purpose. This is how we distinguish between various types of emails.

Emails can be classified in many ways. Some marketers may choose to group emails.

Emails are classified as transactional or non-transactional. Some people choose to go above that.

They may also be in smaller groups so they receive a welcome email and a notification email.

We could first highlight the division based on how many emails you send.

Campaign, so we have one to many and one-to one emails.

One-to-many emails

The first group of email is one-to-many and refers to all emails that were sent to the entire recipient.

Mailing list or to a specific targeted group on that list. These emails have one main benefit:

They have a large reach and therefore the potential to generate traffic, increase conversions, and so on.

You will still be designing one website, even though you reach a large number of subscribers.

email. It could also be a problem because your email may seem too general.

might lack personalization. A narrowing of the mailing list could be possible based on different criteria.

This will help you to avoid it.

There are many types of emails within this large group of one to many emails.


One of the most well-known types of email is a newsletter. These emails usually contain information.

You can also link to your website or blog that you recently published. They might also feature the latest news

Information about your company, events and announcements. By sending regular emails, you establish a

In an effort to build a relationship with your readers, you refer them to your website.

Convert them. A newsletter is one of the most useful types of email because it allows you to

You can combine different types content such as blog posts and announcements.

The upcoming event, etc. You basically share any news about your company. This can be done in a variety of ways, including by sharing news about your company.

Although it is a benefit, it could also be seen as an obstacle. This is because of the compilation of

Information, so your call to action button might be less prominent. Newsletter emails are usually

You have set a schedule.

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Digest email

Although it is similar to the newsletter’s design, this email has a simpler and more concise layout. This is a

Digest email allows you to share the most important content in the form of a list with links.

This will help you make it easy for your subscribers to find your content, which is particularly helpful for blogs.

You publish lots of content. You share the same goal as the newsletter.

Information is important to increase brand awareness and drive traffic. But design is what matters most.

These two are different. These digest emails are often automated to make it easier for the software to distinguish them.

Send the newsletter to your subscribers by picking up the scoop from the blog. This is a great way to keep your subscribers informed.

Subscribers will be notified if there is a lot of content being published each day. A schedule is a must.

Sending a digest email to your subscribers could prove to be beneficial as they will know what to expect.

The new digest.


Email address

This email, as the name suggests, is dedicated to a specific offer. Instead of accumulating content, you can like

As with the other types, you can only focus on one piece. It could be:

An announcement about a forthcoming sale and an invitation to your conference.

To fill out a survey etc. A dedicated email has the main advantage of being able to highlight one item.

You should be a part of any important event. A strong call to action button will be displayed on your website.

Your campaign will have a greater impact. Dedicated emails, unlike newsletters, are often sent.

Without any particular schedule.

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Email Sponsorship

Email marketing allows promotion, just like paid ads in search engine optimization.

Through paid methods. Sponsorship emails allow you to pay for inclusion in a newsletter

Another website or company. This opens up a whole new world of opportunities for leads, since you’ll be targeting other websites and companies.

Creating a new community. You must ensure you get quality leads to be sure.

Collaborate with companies who have the same target audience as you. This type of advertising is a great way to reach your target audience.

Be relevant to recipients so you can get visitors who are genuine.

You may be interested in the products and services that you offer.


One-to-one email

This group includes emails sent to one user. This is the focus of such emails.

Email campaigns are not very effective because you won’t be reaching the entire community.

You will instead be focused only on one subscriber. This approach aims to

Establish a relationship with your subscriber to strengthen the relationship and increase your chances of securing future business.

Your brand’s credibility. Automated emails account for a large percentage of all one-to-one correspondence. Obviously,

Businesses will have a difficult time handling a large number of emails per day. This is why this

The process can be automated in a large extent.

These emails have the main advantage of allowing you to focus on one person while you introduce them to another.

Your brand and your community. You will usually use existing content to accomplish this. It doesn’t matter what it is.

This is not the best way to share the content. In that case, a one-to-many email would be a better option.

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One-to-one email is the most popular type.

Lead nurture

This email is meant to establish a connection with your subscriber.

Sending out lead nurturing emails to people who sign up for your newsletter can be a great way to help them.

Find out more about your brand and get more resources.

on your blog, etc. Your company will reap the benefits of lead nurture emails, which are often automated.

Once you have a lead, you can easily access them with no extra effort. You will not receive emails like other emails.

Reach out to all subscribers or just a selected group. This is lead nurturing.

Email is less effective because it targets new leads. The reach isn’t even the

This is the goal. You will be able to build a deeper relationship with your subscriber.

This is possible by focusing on the needs of your children.


Notification emails

Also known as auto-responders and alerts, notification emails can also be called notifications. Each recipient is notified.

These actions are known as triggers. Sender must

Establish some criteria for an outgoing email message. This will serve as a trigger for notification

Email to be sent. An example of this is a confirmation email regarding a successful online order.

Congratulations on a subscription, a thank you email, a birthday message, etc. Many other

Types of emails that are triggered when a particular action occurs.

Social media emails

Social media allows you to reach your subscribers in a different way than the email campaigns.

You have the option to reach users’ mailboxes via the social media platform. LinkedIn is one example.

Group administrators can send LinkedIn announcements to their members, which will then be sent to them

members’ inboxes. Google+ is the same.

Even though you don’t have access to the email address of users, you could use software to help you.

This could be a great way to use the power of email customization or tracking conversions.

An email campaign. This opens up new avenues for growth. This approach opens up new opportunities to grow your business.

Reach people who may not be familiar with your brand.

It is a great way to get new leads and potential clients.

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The goal that you wish to accomplish will determine the type of email you choose.

Each type is unique and serves a specific purpose. Understanding the

You will be able to make better decisions for future campaigns if you can identify the differences between them.



Mailing List


4. Mailing List

We’ve already mentioned mailing lists several times, so it is time for us to get into the details.

While you may be familiar with the concept of a mailing list, there are many details to learn about it.

Your campaign could be helped by this.

Definition of a mailing-list

A mailing list is an email list that allows people to subscribe to receive updates via email about a specific topic.

Website or blog. You can also gather email addresses through lead pages, events, and seminars.

etc. Even in shops, you can collect email addresses. The main thing is that you can only use these email addresses to communicate with others.

Addresses are purchased in good faith with the assumption that users will provide their address


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Best practices

When collecting emails, there are some general guidelines you should follow. It is in the best interest of your company to

These guidelines will help you create a list that your company can benefit from.


It is difficult to gather emails, but it is worth the effort. Online visitors must be attracted to your site.

You can get their email address by giving them some value or quality.

They will appreciate and need their email address. There are

There are many ways to get users to sign up for your mailing list.

* Exclusive offer: Premium content only for subscribers

* Blog Update – Receive regular updates via a Newsletter

Get to know your subscribers

Knowing more about your subscribers will help you segment your list and increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

This allows for greater personalization and, ultimately, leads to better email marketing results.

campaign. A form that subscribers can fill out allows you to get to know them.

You can also ask for more information. You should make sure that the most important fields are mandatory.

You can also add a few optional fields.


Keep your subscribers informed regularly. You must nurture your relationship with them

Email communication is a great way to communicate, send updates, get feedback, and so on.

Update to the mailing list

Research shows that 20% to 20% of your mailing lists will be inactive by next year. This is a major problem.

Two things are important for you:

* It is important to immediately take advantage of your contacts

* To keep the pace at a constant rate, you will need to continue adding email addresses to your list.

The ones you’ve lost

This is why you should focus on regular mailing list updates, which include reviewing.

Contacts and removing any that are not needed

* Invalid, broken, or misspelled email addresses

* Inactive email addresses

* Domains that bounce

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This could be viewed as a digital spring cleaning. You can get rid of all your contacts

To reduce time wastage and to increase the open rate, it is unnecessary.

The email campaign.

Things to Avoid

Your email campaign’s success depends on the quality of your mailing list.

There are many practices that can help you get the best out of it. But, we need to also highlight some.

List of things to avoid that could seriously harm your email marketing campaign

You could lose any chance of achieving the success you had hoped for. These practices can also be detrimental to your chances of success.

This can have a negative impact on subsequent email marketing campaigns.

Buy a mailing list

We have one mailing list that we created ourselves and keep it up to date.

We have pre-made mailing lists that you can easily access. This is not all.

It is a bad practice to engage in, and it can cause harm long-term.

Chile Business Email Database

You do not have permission to send emails to the contacts you purchase when you buy a list.

It is a good reason enough for people to mark your email spam, without even looking at it. And

The spam folder will receive more spam emails if they are more frequently marked spam.

Automatically in the future.

This second reason is why it is not recommended.

If this is the right list, it could be a potential contact that might be interested in your company. It sounds strange, but it is true.

Cool to have instant access to a list of 20 000 subscribers. But you won’t see any benefit.

If these are users that aren’t interested in your business, they are not your target audience.

This could lead to spam reports and unsubscriptions, which can be detrimental to your business.

Credibility as a sender

The mailing list is not updated

There are a limited number of emails that you can send, but they will not all be delivered.

These are bounced emails. Your mailing list’s quality is directly affected by the bounce rate.

A high bounce rate is a sign that your mailing list requires serious updating.

There are two types:

* Soft bounce

This is temporary delivery failure. This is a temporary delivery failure. The email address of the recipient will be recognized.

The message was not sent to the inbox of the recipient. There are many reasons why a soft message may not be delivered to the recipient’s inbox.

bounce, including the full mailbox of the recipient in case the receiving server goes down

The message is too big, etc.

* Hard bounce

A hard bounce, unlike a soft bounce which is temporary, is a permanent delivery failure. This

This means that the email address has been removed from use or is no longer valid. Also, invalid spelling could cause problems.

This issue could also be caused by the fact that delivery was blocked by the recipient’s email server.

Chile Business Email Lists

Both of these situations require you to keep an eye on your mailing list. If your mailing list is experiencing a hard bounce, it’s time to take action.

You should immediately remove the email address from your mailing list. You should immediately remove the email address from your list if you see a soft bounce.

There is a chance that your email may be delivered (for instance, once the inbox of the recipient is empty).

emptied). Addresses that bounce softly should be monitored. Temporary

Failure will result in several attempts to send the email again automatically. If after

After several attempts, the message has not been delivered. This soft bounce turns into a hard problem.

bounce means that you must remove this address from your mailing list.

List segmentation

Segmentation of the list is the process by which subscribers are divided into groups. You can narrow down your list.

You can increase your chances of reaching the right people by increasing the number of people you target.

This will lead to better results. Email marketing tools offer list segmentation as an option.

The tool is only a part of it. First, you will need to import all contacts.

After you have imported contacts, you can segment your list.

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The segment will be created. You might get a different result depending on which tools you use.

Layout or fields, but the most common criteria for segmentation are:

* Language

* Locate

* Date subscribed

* Campaign activity

* Age

* Gender

* Industry

* Previous purchases


Each criteria can be further segmented by choosing additional options. For example, if you choose

Campaign activity can be segmented to show subscribers who clicked, opened, or did not open a campaign.

You can segment subscribers based on their location.

Country, at a particular distance from a particular place, etc.

It is possible to include multiple criteria in one segment.

Why is it important to segment your list?

Performance improvements

Segmented lists are more effective in analyzing email performance, according to numerous studies.

Open and click rates, with lower bounce rate and unsubscribe rate. These metrics directly contribute to a

They improve the performance of your campaign and help you to build a trusting reputation.


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Subscribers may not be the same.

Keep in mind, that even though all subscribers have expressed interest in your company by subscribing,

Your newsletter will show that they are still not the same. They may have different needs.

They might be at different stages of the sales cycle. Or they might live in different places.

different language. These factors affect the type of emails that you send.

Segmenting email contacts allows you to target emails to a narrow, specific group.

Email campaigns become more engaging. This allows you to address users in a more personal way.

Personalized way, so they will respond in the most natural way, whether clicking, sharing, or other means.

Let’s be clear: When you think of mailing lists, think about quality and not quantity.

You can’t always have a large number of subscribers to prove that you are doing a good job. A mailing

List should only include people who are truly interested in your work.

These people could be your future customers. You want to get the best out of your customers.

Mailing list: Use the segmentation techniques to update your list


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How to Grow Your Business

Mailing List


5. How to grow your mailing list

Although managing a mailing list can be a tedious task, it is also a time-consuming process. Because of this, it is important to have a

Mailing list declines each year. It is important to continue growing your mailing list to maintain its value.

The optimal number of subscribers. If you’re just getting started,

It is crucial to look at different strategies for your business.

You can increase your mailing list.

Click here to subscribe

Subscribers are the best and most popular way to grow your mailing lists.

Add this button to your blog or website. This option gives you the opportunity to promote your website or blog.

Subscribers to the list to receive updates about blog updates and other news

promotions, etc. Two fields are required to subscribe: a name and an email.

Address, but you can add additional fields if they are relevant to your situation.


Pay attention to these things when designing a subscribe button on your website:


The button should be the correct size. It must be large enough to be easily seen.

But not so large as to interrupt the user experience. You can test the button on your website layout.

Then, choose the best option.

Chile Consumer Email Leads


Contrasting colors make the subscribe button stand out more. Think about what you want to do with your subscribe button.

Remember that the color of the button is an integral part of the website design.

Make sure that the style matches the website.


You would place a subscribe button at the top of your page. Some users may not be able to subscribe.

Never scroll down the page. The button should be at the top of the page to increase signups.

rate. It is also more noticeable when it is placed in front the text. Subscribe button

You will often find them in the sidebar next to the text. This is a great option for those who want to keep your site clean.

think about desktop users. Keep in mind, however, that roughly half (if you are lucky) of your users use desktops.

Visitors will now be able to access the site from their mobile devices. Subscribe buttons placed in sidebars will be viewed as if they were there.

It is unlikely that you will see it due to the mobile-optimized web design, which will display the sidebar below.


A popup can also be used to display a subscribe button. This can be added to the existing

Subscribe button on the website. Popup buttons are used to grab the attention of users.

site visitors to encourage them to sign up. Visitors might not be able to see it.

Subscribe button on the site, they will certainly notice a popup.

Chile Company Email Database

Give something back

This is a method to grow a mailing list.

Many website owners noticed that the subscriber rate has been declining over the years.

It has been a long-standing strategy to have a subscribe button on a website.

Low results. They came up with an idea to change this approach. The idea

It is when users sign up for a blog or website that they receive something in return. It must be.

Potential subscribers will find this worthy enough to leave an email address. Here are some examples.

Here are some ideas:

* Discount – This discount is especially useful for online shops.

* Free download – This is a common use by bloggers who offer free material such as

ebooks, audio or video downloads, templates, etc.

Chile Company Email Lists

* A coupon – This is a great option for restaurants, cafes, and other businesses.

* Early access – Your subscribers will be the first to see this special offer.

Your new product or service is ideal for software releases, subscription-based websites, and so on.


Ask subscribers to share

A second strategy to grow your mailing list is to make use of existing subscribers.

Reach out to their friends. You could politely request your subscribers to send you an email.

If they feel that one of their friends would be benefitted by the email, please share it. Be sure to not

Do not be intrusive.

It is also helpful if you can encourage sharing. Here’s one example.

Refer a friend and receive a bonus card from the company.

Chile Company Email Leads

Social media is a great way to communicate

You have two options to reach new subscribers through social networks:

* Get people to sign up for your newsletter

As a status update, share the opportunity to invite people to sign up in your newsletter. If you are interested in this newsletter, please let us know.

If you wish to increase the performance of your post, you can include a link on a page that leads to more information.

They would be able to exchange their email address for something. This could be a template for free.

Ebook, or coupon. This type of promotion can be done using all your social media accounts.

It helps you reach many users that you may not otherwise be able. To go

You could also use a paid promotion on this social media post to increase your reach.

Reach out beyond your social media followers. This gives you a tremendous reach potential.

It is a great way of growing a mailing list.

* Click the Signup button

Chile Corporate Email Database

A Signup button is available on some social media sites, like Facebook. Sign up buttons are available on some social media sites, such as Facebook.

Social media users can sign-up directly via your Facebook page for your blog. Once they click

Clicking it will redirect them to a landing page, where they can sign up. It is a good idea to subscribe if they do.

You have something to share such as a freebie.

To invite new subscribers, use paid ads

As with all marketing campaigns, the process for obtaining email addresses is possible.

Paid ads can be used to boost traffic. These are some steps you should keep in mind.

Step 1: Create an amazing landing page

It is extremely helpful to have landing pages in order to collect new subscribers for your email list.

Your website visitors will not be your target audience. Instead, your focus will be on new customers.

Visitors come to your site first time. You want them to be impressed by the presentation.

This includes beautiful images, flawless formatting, and custom landing pages.

A prominent subscribe button is also a good idea.

In the overall process of lead generation, landing page is crucial.

Additional suggestions and recommendations will be provided on how to make a landing page.

Converts (Chapter 11).

Step 2: Make an offer that your target audience will love

Create something your target will love to receive a subscription.

The audience will find it useful and enjoyable. It will take resources to invest, but it is worth it.

Chile Corporate Email Lists

This proven method significantly increases signup rates. This offer can be added to the landing page.


Step 3: Create an advertising campaign

You now have a landing page, which is the first page that visitors will see. It also contains an offer.

page. Last, promote your landing page with any paid advertising options

These are all available to you:

* Google AdWords

* Bing Ads

* Facebook Ads

* Twitter Ads

* LinkedIn Ads

* YouTube Ads

* Pinboard Ads

* Advertising on other websites or blogs

You can get the best results by combining all approaches to some extent.

Depending on the resources available to you and your business, there are many options for building a mailing list.

You must create a strategy that produces great results over the long-term.

You could, if possible, determine the cost of an email. Based on your previous experience, for example.

If you’ve had enough experience to conclude that 10 email addresses equals at least one sale,

You could use this to calculate the value for a new contact. This could be helpful in determining the value of a new contact.


To ensure that the subscription rate remains at a set level, you should monitor the process.

It is impossible to have a negative effect on it (e.g. invalid download links on the

Landing page You can only improve your strategy by monitoring and analysing the process.

You will be even more successful as you learn more about your subscribers and how they interact with you

Your content and the channels they use to find you website. The more you know, the better.

The more subscribers you have, the easier it is for you to convert them.

Chile Corporate Email Leads


How to write an article



6. How do I write an email?

We now have the information you need about email marketing and how to create a mailing list.

Where you’ll go to write your email. You have many options.

There are many things to consider to ensure that your email is designed in a way that maximizes the effectiveness of your communication.

Rates for click-through and open rates

Email design

Email design is the overall layout of an email. This includes everything, from font size to

images. Once you have received the email, you only have a few seconds to grab their attention.

A stunning email design is the best way to open an email. What should you be focusing on?

Each element of your email should be optimized so that you get the best out of it.

Chile B2B Email Database

Element of a great email

Let’s start by analyzing every element of an email to help you design your first email.

How to optimize these so that campaigns yield the best results

For your business.

A relevant and effective subject line

All it takes is a subject line. It is the first thing users see. As the statistics prove, it is also the most important.

Based on the subject line, a significant percentage of recipients (more then 30%) will open the email.

This is a testament to the immense power of a few words. Subject lines can literally be described as:

Your campaign’s success is directly related to the subject line. Some words in your subject line can actually make or break your campaign.

Pre-define your email address to the spam folder

Here are some tips for creating a topic line that is effective:

* Keep it short and to the point

The subject line should be direct and to the point. Only a few words are required to draw the reader’s attention.

Attention to the user is important, so make sure you get the most out of them. Remember that only a small percentage of users have access to the internet.

Chile B2B Email Lists

Your subscribers will read the email via their mobile devices. Here you can preview the features

On average, between three and six words. Another reason to be concise is this.

* Be descriptive and pertinent

The subject line should describe the contents of the message. Give a hint of what you are going to say.

Subscribers can find the link to the article in their email, even if it’s a discount code.

etc. Avoid using vague titles.

Use metaphors and phrases. You should consider a time-sensitive message, such as an offer that is soon ending.

This information could be included in the subject line.

* Be personal

Subscribers can identify with the subject line by personalizing it. There are many ways to personalize

The subject line should include the subscriber’s name and address them directly using your and your.

adding localization attribute (e.g. Meet you at the London meetup, etc.

* Be engaging

Subject lines should encourage recipients to open emails. Engaging subject lines will make your email more interesting

You can combine the suggestions above to create a subject line. You might also consider adding a call-to-action.

Ask a question to increase open emails.

* Test

To test a subject line’s effectiveness, you can also do so. It is best to test it with

A/B testing provides information about the different versions of a subject matter.

You should not use any words in your subject line as they could trigger spam filters (Source).

* Get a Discount

* The best price

* Please check

* Passwords

* For life

* Success

* Click Here

* No Charge

Chile B2B Email Leads

Compelling copy

After you have created a catchy subject line, you’ll need to write the copy. Reaching the mailbox

It’s one thing to have subscribers, but it’s quite another to get them to read your email messages. Your email message


* Contact the subscriber directly

Write directly to your subscribers. Instead of writing to the entire group, imagine that you are writing directly to each individual.

entire list. These are your target audience, so you need to be able understand their way.

They communicate their needs, what they want, and the problems they need to solve. Addressing

It is possible to build a stronger relationship with them by getting to know them personally. This will ultimately lead to a happier relationship.

Conversion rate

* Be concise and relevant

Send an email if you have anything to say. Keep this in mind:

You don’t want to waste words or ramble on. Keep it short and to the point. An encapsulated and concise description.

Relevant messages are something subscribers will value, especially when they are in the midst of a busy season.

Every day, your inbox is flooded with emails.

* Pay close attention to formatting

Formatting can make your message stand out. Formatting is as important as the quality and style of your text.

Pay attention to how the text is presented. These are some things to be aware of

When formatting text:

* Separate text units with paragraphs

* Insert space between paragraphs

* Attention to capitalization

* Use proper punctuation

* Use a custom layout

Every email is different. The message you want to send is not the same for every email. This is why you should

Each email will have a unique layout. This can include formatting but also adding images.

Add a logo This grabs the attention and, what’s more, it is important.

makes your message recognizable.

Email marketing tools include many customization options and ready-made templates.

Features to allow you to design your own templates. You can unlock the full potential of your computer.

Chile B2C Email Database

Email marketing is a complex process and you will need to use one of these tools. Your email design can be customized to suit your needs.

Email messages will appear more professional and engaging.

Strong CTA

Your email should have a CTA (call-to-action) as its central point. It is the most important element in your email.

If you want recipients take action, include it in your email. If your campaign goal is to

To get your subscribers to subscribe to your blog, you will include a CTA inviting them to visit the article.

This is done by clicking on a CTA that takes you to the article that you wish to promote. If you wish to

Your CTA will link to a specific product when you promote it in your online shop.

A CTA should be considered as a bridge between your email recipient and your ultimate goal.

CTAs are designed to encourage subscribers to interact with each other by going beyond email.

You can watch your video, download a guide for free, or visit your website.

There are two options for designing email buttons. Either you can use HTML or insert predesigned buttons.

images. HTML allows you to display the button even if the recipient does not have HTML.

Emails can include disabled images. This is something that most email services allow.

default. HTML buttons load faster. Image buttons, on the other hand offer more functionality.

You have more options for customization and can access a wider variety of visual elements.

In general, a strong CTA is:

* Take Action

* Visible

* Relevant

Here are some examples of a CTA

CTAs to purchase-related emails

* Click here to show now

* Place your order now

* Yes! * Yes!

Take 50% off

Content-related CTAs

* Learn more

* Continue reading


* Click here to watch now

CTAs for Events:

* Book your ticket

* Please save me a spot

* Sign me up

Noticeable links

The links are often part of an email marketing campaign. You can place them in one of two places.

There are two ways to do this: as a button and as a hyperlink.

A button is a link that contains a link. This is essentially a CTA. It is prominent and easily visible

It is better to only have one button per email. A button should have the most important information.

a crucial link. Plain links can be used to link to less important information. You can also add a

Several links are included in an email. But, make sure they are all:

* Easy to see (use a different font, color, or underlined text).

* Clickable (make certain that the links do not break and lead to the correct landing page.


Links are less effective at grabbing attention than CTAs so instead of using one word, use links.

Link can have a longer anchor text which makes it more attractive. It will also make it easier

It is better to click on a link that contains multiple words than one, especially for mobile users.


Usually, the unsubscribe link is included at the bottom of every email message. You do not need to

It should be prominently highlighted. Unsubscribe link is often quite small and presented in a more casual manner.

color. It is important to have one.

choice. However, it is still their personal inbox.

You want to be able to unsubscribe from your email list. Otherwise,

They will likely report your email to you in an attempt to stop them from coming.

You can also get rid of people who are not interested in you, and you’ll stop wasting your time.

Your campaign will waste time and effort on subscribers who are not likely to be engaged or converted by it.

Chile B2C Email Lists

How do you write an email that is highly effective?

These tips focus on optimizing email content and body.

To maximize its performance. These are your guidelines for content.

These are the guidelines:

Personalize your email subject line and contents

You create an email template when you create an email campaign. It is not a template, but it is an email campaign.

Templates should not be used in emails that aren’t completely personalized. Personalize the email.

Your email campaign will be more successful if you use email. Write with your

target group in mind. What would you say to them if they were right in front of you?

With you?

Segmentation is an excellent way to personalize emails.

separate subscribers in different groups. This is particularly important if you have many subscribers.

subscribers. A narrower target audience allows you to be more specific.

You will be able to better understand your subscribers. Your communication will therefore be more relevant.

A great way to personalize your email is to address subscribers by their names. Use a

HTML option can be used to create an email campaign. This tool can be extremely helpful.

Directly take the subscriber’s name from the database, and add it into the email template.

You should also sign the email with your full name and a job title.

contact details. This improves personalization.

Chile B2C Email Leads


Consider localization

Source: More than 70% of internet users aren’t native English speakers. Other than that,

The language barrier and the location could also be relevant to your email campaign. For

For example, you may offer a discount in one place but not in another.

Other cities Prices for products can vary between countries.

You might see completely different websites that are tailored to different regions. It all

This means that considering location and other cultural aspects will have a positive impact.

Influence on your email marketing allows you to create fully customized campaigns.

When creating a strategy, it is important to keep your end users in view.

Because your goal is to get in touch with them. Knowing their preferences is the best way to connect with them.

interest, needs, etc.

* Organise a competition – Send an email to promote an online contest

Address would be required

* Exclusive access – Allow subscribers early or exclusive access

Get permission

It is not a good idea to be an uninvited guest in another’s email inbox. This will help you be at your best.

There is a high chance of being marked spam. Make sure you have permission from subscribers to send emails.

Contact them.