Latest Minutes Published on this site

The minutes of the following meetings have been published on this site:

  • Parish Council Meeting on 14th March 2017
  • Planning Committee Meeting on 14th March 2017
  • Finance Committee Meeting on 4th April 2017

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Road Works on Main Road 3-5 April 2017

United Utilities will be installing a new 25mm water supply between Manor Avenue and the Crown between the 3rd and 5th April.

The information says there will be two way traffic signals, however, if there is not sufficient room to maintain a safe carriageway for single file traffic the road may need to be closed for the works to be completed (as was the case at the works on 51 Main Road this week).

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If you have any enquiries relating to the works please contact Cheshire East Highways on telephone number 0300 123 5020

New Minutes and Agenda Published

The minutes and agenda of the following meetings are now published in the documents section of this website.

  • Amenities Committee Meeting Minutes 20th February 2017 – Draft
  • Planning Meeting Minutes 14th February 2017 – Draft
  • Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council 28th February 2017 – Draft
  • Planning Meeting Agenda 14th March 2017
  • Goostrey Parish Council Meeting Agenda 14th March 2017