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The majority of businesses create content for their blog or to social media platforms like

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Once you’ve mastered these two, you can move on to Pinterest.

If you’re using content types, you’ll need to add some top-of-the-line material to your mix, such as an

Print newsletters or podcasts.

Remember, the main objective in the middle of your funnel is attract prospects

“problem conscious” as well as “solution mindful.”

Take note of the way Whole Foods, using their Whole Story blog, raises awareness about

Sea scallops are a great option in addition to providing valuable content (recipes and cooking recipes).


Content from TOFU helps to increase awareness of your offerings while offering valuable information.

Chapter 02: Designing Content

Marketing Strategy

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DigitalMarketer is a place where we provide that. DigitalMarketer we achieve this with educational material for for our clients

We are interested in utilizing this content to spread awareness about our training

Products and services.

(Shhhhh… do not reveal this to anyone else, but this chapter is going to teach you about

strategies and tactics covered strategies and tactics taught in our strategies and tactics that we teach in our Marketing Mastery certification.)

The best part is it is applicable to any industry , for any kind of product.

Take note of the way this company for kitchen remodeling makes use of photos of renovated kitchens

kitchens that make potential customers “problem conscient” as well as “solution alert”:

Through TOFU content, you wish to bring awareness to issues

and solutions.

However, the top of the funnel is also where many companies begin.

Stop their content marketing efforts.

Chapter 02: Designing Content

Marketing Strategy

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The smartest content marketers understand that with a little of effort achieve their goals.

potential customers from awareness to assessment at the mid-point at the bottom of the funnel.

Here’s how it’s done…

Middle of the Funnel (MOFU) Content Marketing

The primary objective in the middle of this funnel is make “problem conscious” and

“solution conscient” prospects to leads.

We use this free content to motivate prospective customers to fill out their details

details and to opt in to receive marketing communications in the future.

This kind of content an Lead Magnet.

Lead Magnets are a great way to attract attention…

• Educational Materials (Case Study, White Paper, etc.)

* Useful Resources (Swipe File, Checklist, etc.)

* Software Downloads

* Discount/Coupon Clubs

* Quizzes/Surveys

* Webinars/Events

This is the lead Magnet that DigitalMarketer makes use of to create leads for our

products surrounding Facebook advertising:

Chapter 02: Making Content

Marketing Strategy

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Lead magnets are a free resource that encourages potential customers to join

Your list will grow into leads.

If a user clicks on the “Download Now” button, they’re asked to sign in

Their email addresses to be notified of the article.

This document (a white sheet) is a result of Cloud Margin generates “solution

aware” leads…

Chapter 02: Designing Content

Marketing Strategy


The whitepaper or report can create “solution sensitive” leads.

But , you cannot make deposits in the bank.

A third type of content is needed in the middle of the funnel (BOFU) to convert

converts customers into leads…

Chapter 02: Making Content

Marketing Strategy

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Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU) Content Marketing

OK, it’s point sales time.

What kind of content do your potential buyer require to make an educated purchase


Here are some…

Demos/Free Trials

* Customer Stories

* Comparison/Spec Sheets

* Webinars/Events

* Mini-Classes

Your lead might be reading your blog or Downloading lead magnets (and it could be downloading lead magnets).

can help her convert) However, you’ll require material that will help her make the right choice between

both you and your competitor to allow her to buy.

Note the way Salesforce offers leads at the middle of the funnel.

many customer testimonials to prove their product is able to handle the lead’s


Chapter 02: Making Content

Marketing Strategy

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Stories of customer success are smart BOFU content. has an array of customer stories, including one for every important

products, and the size of the business.

Customer stories are the kind of content that converts and are the obligation of

The team responsible for content marketing.

Chapter 02: Making Content

Marketing Strategy


Take a look at this article created to help prospective Quickbooks

Customers in deciding on the best solution

In the middle of the funnel customers are comparing shopping, and so

Comparison sheets are smart BOFU content.

But they could earn points for comparing their software against their competitors.

other tools of competitors, too. For example the tool Google suggests to use is similar to the results of a Google search will show that there is a

Comparison sheet of Quickbooks and their rivals (such such as Xero)

This is yet another content piece that ought to be in the sights of the Intuit content

Marketing team.

Chapter 02: Designing Content

Marketing Strategy

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Google’s suggestions are an excellent source of content ideas.

While we’re at it check out all the bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFU) content that Xero has.

Content marketing team has developed:

Chapter 02: Making Content

Marketing Strategy


Brand comparisons are a good source of BOFU content.


Customer stories are excellent BOFU content.

Chapter 02: Making Content

Marketing Strategy



The most beneficial BOFU content is the one that answers questions at the last minute and provides

Prospects as a reason to buy.

Does creating top of the funnel (TOFU) content for your blog essential?


If you don’t create an entire content strategy will make you unhappy in

Your content marketing results.

2. The most effective content marketing is based on intent.

Certain marketers and businesses become hung up on wrong metrics.

especially when it comes to their particularly when it comes to their blog.

Watch this video to understand what I am talking about:

Chapter 02: Designing Content

Marketing Strategy

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The most important aspect of achieving the best content marketing is knowing the purpose and

anticipating the future intentions before generating new content “assets” required to

You can reach out to that person to that goal 24 hours a day, all week long.

In our Freshbooks example, a client who’s at the bottom of the funnel could be able to

The idea is to the purpose of comparing Freshbooks with Quickbooks.

This asset of content addresses that intention:

Chapter 02: Making Content

Marketing Strategy


To create important content assets, be aware of both future and current demands.

You’ll also need to use paid traffic to your website to increase your profits or

you could be leaving your money on the table. Molly says:

Chapter 02: Making Content

Marketing Strategy

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In reality, the most valuable content assets you’ll ever create (if you’re a creator) is a video.

current business) comprise assets and assets that fulfill expectations at the middle and bottom of the

funnel. It is important to optimize the funnel’s bottom and middle intention prior to

We will be working to generate awareness at the top of the funnel by using an

cost-intensive and time-consuming blog rollout.

This isn’t to deny the importance of a blog for business. In the past 24 months,

we’ve added Content sources (articles as well as podcasts) to the at the top of the page.

funnel and have increased site visitors (think the awareness) by the amount of 1053%.

The fastest results in the world of content marketing are located in the middle.

at the bottom of the funnel.

3. The most effective content marketing is ascension Specific

Inability to provide an ascension pathway for every piece of content that you create

isn’t just a bad experience for users, it’s also an experience that’s not good for users.

Content marketers who are smart anticipate the next rational intention and eliminate as

As much friction as is possible as is possible to make sure there is a clear path to convert.

For example, let’s say I’m out shopping for the supplies needed for repainting the cooking area…

Chapter 02: Making Content

Marketing Strategy

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On the Freshbooks pricing page look closely and you’ll be aware that Freshbooks has made an

an ascension pathway that is clear to “Risk-Free trial” of the program.

In blog posts, readers may be offered the opportunity to sign-up with their

Contact us via email to obtain more information on a subject.

Look over this ascension deal included in a blog post. By clicking on this

The banner ad will direct the potential customer to a landing site where they will fill in their email address.

and rise to lead:

Chapter 02: Designing Content

Marketing Strategy


Ascension offers can be included in blog posts.

They are provided with more information on the subject the person is interested. You get a


4. The best Content Marketing can be segmented

Surveys or polls till you’re blue on the face. However, you won’t know.

what they are really attracted to until they hand you money or their time.

Chapter 02: Designing Content

Marketing Strategy

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If a potential customer visits the website (spends the time) they have been able to raise their

Hand in hand and expressed hand and indicated. In addition, due to the magic of ads retargeting you can get your hands on and show interest.

It is possible to contact the prospects via a pertinent ascension proposal without

even getting their contact details.

Retargeting blog users can assist in creating segmentsed leads.

5. Perfect Content Marketing is Cross-Channel

Perfect content marketers produce content that is in line with the intent of any channel.

in which groups of potential customers are looking for and sharing content such as:

* Website/blog

* Facebook

* Twitter

* LinkedIn

* Pinterest

* YouTube

Chapter 02: Making Content

Marketing Strategy


There is a good chance that a single content asset might be distributed across a variety of

channels to get maximum exposure.

For example, could the video demonstration that you have created be published on your website?

YouTube channel similar to Cuisinart has created here?

Chapter 02: Making Content

Marketing Strategy

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(If you’re wondering “Who would be able to watch this boring video?” the

Answer: Anyone who is looking to purchase a coffee grinder , and specifically,

Anyone who is interested in purchasing this coffee grinder. It’s anecdotally… It was the first time I purchased the grinder.

the coffee maker after having watched the demonstration just a few weeks ago. The coffee grinder

Does a fantastic job grinding coffee. The video does an excellent job of cross-channel advertising content at the lower end of the funnel.)

Could the article you posted in your site be reused for an event? Could that podcast be used as a webinar?

What if you wrote a piece of content to LinkedIn Pulse?

6. The most effective content marketing is based on avatars.

Not the last, but certainly not the last, top-quality marketing content is created

to meet the needs to satisfy the needs of your avatars for customers. Content assets can meet the requirements of avatars.

purpose of multiple avatars, or it can be released in order to focus on the single avatar.

At DigitalMarketer as an example we created an article to help spread awareness

(top at the top of funnel) to be used in (top of funnel) for. This article was

specifically targeted at specifically targeted to “Employee” avatar with the goal of acquiring

Skills that can lead to the job they want.

Chapter 02: Making Content

Marketing Strategy

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The purpose of this article was to increase awareness of our marketing certification.

Programs, and therefore it was specifically targeted at those who have our “Employee” persona.

Content Marketing Strategy The Content Campaign

For a successful the art of content marketing, require an action plan.

DigitalMarketer DigitalMarketer we create these plans on an offer stage using an excel spreadsheet

known as known as a Content Campaign Plan.

The document of planning contains fields to:

* Marketing Funnel – Does this item addressing intention from the bottom, mid or

The bottom part of funnel?

* Avatar What avatar(s) do you want this product to aim at?

Chapter 02: Making Content

Marketing Strategy


* Vehicle – Could this be a text video, image or audio file?

* Channel – – Where the asset will be released?

* Ascension Path What call-to-action will be utilized for this particular asset?

Content Campaign Plan Content Campaign Plan is used to link content marketing and business

goals like generating leads or goals like generating leads and.

It’s similar to it’s this (I am aware that this is difficult to understand however, you can access the template via

Click here).

the Content Campaign Plan

Do you want to create content that attracts customers throughout the funnel?

Create an Content Campaign Plan and execute on it. It’s successful.

Chapter 02: Designing Content

Marketing Strategy

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Measures of your Content Marketing’s Success

What is the best way to measure the effectiveness in your marketing content strategy?

Traffic via Channel

Then, at the top in the funnel plan your marketing strategies to create awareness of your

businesses, brands and products, brands, and. Monitor traffic from sources like Google,

Facebook as well as Twitter.

Net New MQL’s

Determine the amount of leads that are generated within the middle.

need to be nurtured further before they can buy.

Conversion Rate

If it is done properly, it can bring traffic to lead forms.

and the product pages. Determine and measure the rate of conversion (Page visits/Conversions) and product pages. Measure the conversion rate (Page Visits/Conversions)

leads forms and product page as well as other calls to action.

Net New SQL’s

The number of leads that consume content near the at the bottom of the funnel

(demos, customer stories, etc. ) (customer stories, demos, etc.) to indicate they’re ready to purchase.

Important Roles for Content Marketing

Chapter 02: Designing Content

Marketing Strategy

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Who in your company needs to be taught about email marketing?

Three distinct departments must be knowledgeable about and comprehend the importance of

email marketing.


Content marketing is a fundamental discipline that affects your social, search,

marketing, and email. Every marketer who is part of your digital strategy must be involved in

know the basics of the field of content marketing.


Based on Harvard Business Review, the average purchaser is 57 percent of the way

Through the selling process prior to when they meet with through the sales process before they engage with a sales rep.

Instead of reaching out to your sales team, your prospects are eating your

content. Salespeople who know about the value of content marketing are able to work

Together together with the marketing department, to create with your marketing team to create content that will close the deal.

Public Relations

The modern PR team needs to be aware of what they are producing will be incorporated into the overall strategy.

in the overall social, content, and into the larger strategy of search marketing.

The Language You’ll Use As a Content Marketer

Which terms do that you need to know as a marketer?

TOP-of-Funnel (TOFU) Content

Content created to increase the profile of your business and its products, brands and brands.

The content is made available via a variety of sources, such as blogs,

Podcasts or video sharing platforms such as YouTube.

Middle of-Funnel (MOFU) Content

Content created to bring leads and help move prospects through the

the evaluation stage. The content in between the two funnels usually appears in the form of an

Lead Magnet.

Chapter 02: Making Content

Marketing Strategy

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Lead Magnet

A tempting bribe, which offers an amount of money to a potential customer

In exchange, they will provide their contact information. The aim for the lead magnet is

Increase the amount of leads you’re able to get for an deal.

Bottom of the funnel (BOFU) Content

Content that is designed to turn potential customers into customers by providing

details needed for making an educated decision about a purchase. End of funnel

content include demonstrations of products, webinars, and stories from customers.


Content marketing isn’t limited to blogging. You’ll likely create lots of

blogs, and if smart, you’ll be using your blog as only one channel to

your content-related campaigns.

Remember that content marketing is a good fit in conjunction with other digital marketing strategies in an

A comprehensive marketing strategy that is designed to guide people through

Your Experience as a Customer Valuer.

Do not forget to save your Content Campaign Plan, which is your most effective strategy.

Resource for planning content at each stage on the channel: TOFU, MOFU, and


After you’ve gotten your content assets compiled and you’re ready to master how to

Digital advertising is used to increase visitors and converts.

Chapter 02: Designing Content

Marketing Strategy

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Becoming an expert in Content Marketing

Marketing content is an integral component of any modern-day digital marketing

strategy. In this training course, you’ll discover how the best way to implement an “full funnel” strategy for content

strategy that turns cold prospects in high of the funnel (TOFU) to

loyal customers of your most expensive items and services, even at the lowest price

that is that channel (BOFU).

You’ll learn:

* How do you create your Customer Avatar so that you can design an online content

method that draws buyers and leads.

* Select from twelve goals, sixteen metrics and 21 various kinds of content

Create a content strategy that is laser-focused on getting the needle moving

Your company. (Building the content plan for your organization is easy with our Content

Marketing Plan worksheets.)

*The “GC = A” Content Marketing Formula that connects the dots between

Content and sales and.

Click Here to Find Out More >>

Chapter 03: Creating a Digital

Advertising Plan

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One of the biggest issues we face for us as online marketers, is the flow of traffic.

How do we quickly and effectively draw attention of people, and then bring them towards our

websites can be converted into customers and subscribers?

The secret lies in digital advertising. If you can figure out how to implement it then it will be successful.

You will have complete control over the flow of traffic and make it easier to sell more.

The chapter in this section will discover how to plan the setup, setting up, and optimizing

your ads, which includes the metrics you must observe, as well as the language you’ll use for

media buyer, and all the employees in your company who are accountable for

digital advertising.

Before we get started, let’s look at the reason why paying traffic is better option.

Investments are more expensive rather than organic.

What is the difference between paid Traffic and Organic Traffic

The goal is to have traffic that is free. aim, isn’t it? This is the reason why businesses strive to get free traffic.

Organic traffic is the organic traffic is the first. In the end, if you are able to maintain a constant flow of traffic that is free, you’ll

Save the money.

Canada Consumer Email Lists

As with everything else in the world you pay for what you spend for.

The most straightforward way to explain this is by a simple analogy with the water hose

against the rain.

Paid traffic is similar to water hose. You are in complete control of the direction of travel

it’s pointed, the quantity of water flowing from it the point, and the length of time you allow it sit.

the flow of water. It is possible to switch it off and on whenever you’d like.

If you’re getting more visitors than you’re able to handle, including the help of paid advertising, it may slow down the

flow. You control the direction it’s heading as well as the speed and at what time.



Chapter 03: Creating a Digital

Advertising Plan


Organic traffic however tends to be more like rain. It’s not clear what time or

If it happens in a consistent manner, how long it will be and what time frame it’s going to be. Pay attention to the

You can watch the weather channel however you want. You are in no way in control.

If you have the organic nature of your traffic, it could lose visitors when Google modifies their algorithm. If you are a

If your competitor launches a massive campaign and you may lose customers to the competitor. There is also the possibility that your

control over where traffic is directed. Simple things such as changing the URL

Your landing page may make things difficult.

Canada Consumer Email Leads

You can take advantage of all the benefits of paid traffic, without actually costing you money.

anything. This is accomplished by creating funnels that pay for your advertising expenditure.

In essence, you can gain customers for free, but only after you have

advertising expenses have been reimbursed Use simple methods to create loyalty

maximize your customer’s lifetime value.

Even better It’s not an either/or choice.

The higher your traffic from paid advertising is, the more effective it will rank for organic traffic,

Because good advertising generates traffic. the pages that draw a lot of visitors

tend to be higher on search engines.

It creates an upwards downward spiral in traffic acquisition. Win-win you say.

However, it’s essential to be practical. It’s impossible to run a single traffic marketing campaign and then another.

Expect it to miraculously put a million dollars in your account at the bank.

If you are looking for a continuous stream of leads and customers for your company it is essential to

Consider this as consider this as a system.

Top 3 sources for Paid Traffic

The most effective sites for paying traffic are Facebook, Google, YouTube,

Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter.