Scams Awareness Bulletin – January 2021

We increasingly at risk of being scammed by unscrupulous people.  In order to protect yourself and family members please take a look at the resources below so you are aware of the latest scams and can get help if needed.

Age UK and Cheshire East produce Scams Awareness Bulletins for Older People

View the latest Scams Awareness bulletin

Cheshire East also produce a Little Book of Big Scams

View version 4 of the Little Book of Big Scams

More information on getting help if you have been the victim of a scam can be found on the Friends Against Scams website.


Dog Waste – Bag it and Bin it!

During the pandemic one of the great pleasures of living in Goostrey is being able to go for a walk  around the village or on one of the many public footpaths.  Families, individuals and dog walkers have been able to take advantage of the wonderful walks to exercise and feel the benefit of being in the fresh air.  Until now, we have not received any complaints about the issue of dog owners not clearing up after their pets.

However, in the last week we have received a number of complaints, as it seems that whilst the majority of dog owners/walkers do clean up after their pets, some appear not to be doing so, and others are bagging their dog’s waste and hanging it on a nearby bush or tree, leaving the owner of the land to clear it up. This is unacceptable behaviour.

If you own or walk a dog it is your responsibility to clean up after it and there are plenty of dog waste bins in the village (including outside the play area and opposite the Trading Post on Booth Bed Lane, at Dromedary Lodge Lane, Shearbrook, the Bogbean and Church Bank corner on Main Road) to accommodate the bagged waste.

It is worth remembering that if you are reported for not clearing up after a dog, a fine of up to £1000 can be levied by Cheshire East Council against you.

Please be a responsible pet owner/walker, consider others and save yourself a fine and clean up after your dog.

Thank you

Cheshire East Council to vote on 20mph Speed Limits on 16th December – Have Your Say!

At the full CE council meeting on Wednesday 16th Dec, there is a notice of motion to introduce a default 20mph speed limit in central urban and residential roads.  Your Cheshire East Councillors, Les Gilbert and Andrew Kolker will therefore have to vote For, Against or Abstain.  Before the vote, we would like to understand residents’ opinions and would be grateful if you could please complete a very quick survey on the issue. The link for which can be found at the end of this article.

The arguments For and Against, aren’t clear cut:

Congestion:  A 20mph speed limit may encourage motorists to use alternative forms of transport and so reduce congestion. On the other hand, cars will take longer to reach their destination and so congestion may increase.

Air Quality: At 20mph, it could be argued that drivers will need to brake and accelerate less, resulting in reduced pollution. However, cars run much less efficiently at 20mph, which could increase exhaust pollution.

Safety:  Injuries to pedestrians hit by cars are much less severe if the car is travelling slowly.  A speed limit of 20mph may lead to greater pedestrian and cyclist complacency, leading to more frequent accidents.

For comprehensive examination of the arguments, see the Government Atkins report at:


Join the Christmas Carol Singing in Goostrey

Hello everyone,

Hope you’re all managing a smile still.

Normally, at this point in the calendar, I am encouraging you all (gently, of course!) to join us for carol-singing in aid of the homeless in Manchester. You will be surprised to learn that this year is no exception! Unsurprisingly, however, we are having to do it differently.

There can be no door-to-door collection, but a group of 6 singers (or families) will be at a number of points around the village on 18th and 22nd. So are you missing being able to sing in church? If so, come and help us spread some Christmas joy to people as they hear carols sung ‘live’.

We are asking you to sign up for specific times and places, as indicated on the list below. You can sign up for as many or as few ‘slots’ as you wish and if any period is over-subscribed, we will be in touch to discuss arrangements with you. Timings will be as precise as we can make it, so that we can meet the safety requirements for groups of singers. So, please look at the schedule below and ring me on 535100 or 07919 684115 to let me know where and when you will be coming.

I look forward to seeing many of you at some point on 18th or 22nd.


Schedule for Friday, 18th December.

7.00 pm Shearbrook Lane

7.20 pm Fieldside Close

7.40 pm The Acreage

8.00 pm Southlands Road

8.20 pm Bank View

8.40 pm Crown Car Park (only outside, I’m afraid!)

Schedule for Tuesday, 22nd December.

7.00 pm Sandy Lane bungalows (as usual)

7.20 pm Swanwick Close

7.40 pm Lea Avenue

8.00 pm Forest Avenue

8.20 pm Boothbed Lane (grass crescent)

8.40 pm Netherlea.

Thank you all!

Road Closure – Hermitage Lane – Tuesday 15th December 2020




NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Cheshire East Borough Council in exercise of its powers under Section 14 (2) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and of all other enabling powers issues this notice temporarily to prohibit traffic in the following length of road:-

Hermitage LaneDane Valley WardHolmes ChapelCW4 8 for its full extent.

The alternative route will be via the following streets: – Twemlow Lane, Knutsford Road, Goostrey Lane

Location Map –

Pedestrian access to any premises situated within the temporary closure will be maintained at all times. Cyclists will be required to dismount in order for access to maintained. Vehicular access will be maintained for emergency vehicles and residents where possible.

The closure is necessary to enable Cheshire East Highways to carry out jetting works.

It is anticipated that the works will take place on the following date(s): Tuesday 15th December 2020.

This notice will become operative on Tuesday 15th December 2020 for a period of 5 days or for such less time as is necessary to enable the works to be completed.

If you have any enquiries relating to the works please contact Cheshire East Highways on telephone number 0300 123 5020.

Notice Date: 9th December 2020

Acting Director of Legal Services and Monitoring Officer


Middlewich Road


CW11 1HZ

Waste Recycling and Transport and Car Parking Consultations – We need as many people as possible to respond!

Household Waste Recycling Centre Review

Cheshire East Council’s approach to waste management is determined by its recently reviewed Municipal Waste Management Strategy. A component of waste management is the provision of household waste recycling centres and here the strategy states: ‘That the Council continues to ensure the household waste recycling centre service remains fit for purpose and follows industry best practice. The current contract comes to an end within 3 years and therefore the Council will review the future service provision through Ansa.’

We have carried out the review and now want to hear your views on the options.

Please submit your views by 5pm on 4 January 2021. 

If you would like to submit your response in a different way or to request a paper version or call 0300 123 5011.


Cheshire East Council launches consultations on transport and parking

Cheshire East Council has launched public consultations on local transport and parking plans across the borough.

The consultations, which begin today and end on 31 January 2021, will seek to engage with communities, towns, elected members and stakeholders.

The results of this exercise will inform the future direction of how to improve transport, walking and cycling in our towns. It will also inform proposals, which would be subject to further consultation, regarding changes to parking provision and potential changes to car parking charges in the borough.

The local transport plan consultations are based around the following themes:

  • Accessibility for all– considering all travel needs;
  • Sustainability– improving walking, cycling and public transport;
  • Quality of the public realm– managing traffic to support town centres and the visitor economy;
  • Better neighbourhoods– improving amenities where people live; and
  • Connectivity– the strategic links needed to access work, education and essential services, such as hospitals.

Councillor Craig Browne, deputy leader of Cheshire East Council, said: “This consultation is an opportunity for us to work together and get the right blend of local transport provision in the right places.

“Alongside these plans, we are also developing town centre vitality plans for our key service centres, helping us to better understand and respond to local needs.

“We must also consider the potential longer-term impacts of Covid-19. This may include using our spaces differently to enable social distancing, more reliance on active travel and public transport, as well as increased home working.”

The car parking consultation looks at:

  • The role of parking in accessing town centres (current and future);
  • The level of parking charges in Cheshire East and scope for harmonisation;
  • On-street parking restrictions; and
  • Improving parking services.

Councillor Laura Crane, Cheshire East Council cabinet members for highways and waste, said: “The local transport plan sets out a need for greater harmonisation of parking arrangements across Cheshire East, during the period 2020 to 2025.

“The parking consultation, alongside the development of town vitality plans, will engage many stakeholders to ensure we have a broad strategy moving forward, taking into account the economic, environmental and community elements that car parking brings.”

The responses to the consultations will be used to shape policies and proposals going forward.

To find our more and take part in the consultations visit the council’s web page at:

Village Hall Planting Project

The border at the front of the Village Hall is getting a makeover!  We have removed all of the old shrubs which were way past their best and we are looking to replant the border with a mixture of shrubs and flowers to provide an attractive display of colour and variety for our customers and guests.

We would like to make this a community project and we are inviting individual residents, groups, clubs and societies to sponsor a plant.  We estimate that each of the shrubs will cost around £10, but sponsors can donate as much or as little as they choose, and we will arrange for the planting and maintenance of the border.

We will endeavour to provide a mix of colourful and environmentally friendly plants.  If you would like to sponsor a plant, please contact the Clerk between 11th January and 3rd February 2021 on 01477 535 825 anytime and leave your name and phone number so she can call you back or send and e-mail to

Planning Consultation

Cheshire East Council are now consulting on their Revised Publication Draft of the SADPD (Site Allocations and Development Policies Document).  This document includes many planning policies which will apply to Local service Centres (LSC), including Goostrey.  There are updates from the previous version, the most significant being that there are no sites or housing numbers allocated for development to any of the 13 LSC’s.  This is because CE can meet their 5 year housing targets from existing permissions and strategic sites.  However, ‘windfall’ planning applications will still be considered.   If you have any comments you can submit them at this link

The consultation closes on Monday 7th December 2020 after which the final document and all consultation points will be submitted to the Inspector.