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Billy Beane, General Manager of the Oakland A’s (Source)

Beane’s strategy was to concentrate on particular metrics, like the number of runs and batting,

Find undervalued players that no one else noticed. The approach was a way to

Oakland A’s is one of the teams with the lowest cost in baseball. They carried them to the playoffs.

by winning 20 consecutive times through playoffs, 20 consecutive wins, and finally with the with 20 consecutive wins, playoffs and the.

In essence, the data made the A’s compete with larger clubs.

creating a budget of one-third in size.


Netflix’s fundamental belief is that personalization increases customer loyalty, a conviction that

Data is at the heart of their business strategy.

In the past, when they were a rental company for DVDs, Netflix invested heavily in data

mining technology is used to create an algorithm to recommend movies that is the most effective

how to use data to give a fantastic customer experience. It was successful.

Recommendations drove 50% their traffic.

After adopting a model of streaming and a data-first approach, this model was continued and now it’s

This has made them among the best streaming services that are available.

Chapter 07 The Application Process for the Website

Analytics for Your Digital Marketing

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It’s providing them with the information they need about their customers to build a massively successful business.

popular original content such as Daredevil, House of Cards and Orange is the norm.

New Black.

Netflix’s data offers them knowledge to build hugely

Content that is successful. (Source)

All of it wouldn’t be possible without information.


Data isn’t a new concept to us also. I’ll go into greater detail later in this chapter.

But here at DM we depend on data to help us make the right business decisions, which are the best for us.

However, it is guaranteed that it will work.

What is our assumption? Gut feelings might be good however, data is never a lie.

The difficulty, however is in your approach. How do you move from there?

spreadsheets to make strategic decisions to increase your company’s success? Take a look.

Chapter 07 The Application Process for the Website

Analytics for Your Digital Marketing

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The Processes of a Successfully Executed Analytics & Data


To master data analytics and analytics must be mastered. three fundamentals:

* Give data a job. This is the basis of analysis. Each and every piece

of the data you collect should aid you in answering of questions and help you make better decisions.


Utilize the hypothesis test to translate the questions to strategies. This is

What makes data valuable. It’s the process that transforms the raw data into

business decisions.

* Consider context in order to explain the intangible. Certain things are difficult to measure.

measure. In those situations it is necessary to understand the context of the data.

Data and analytics shouldn’t be stress-inducing. However, it’s easy to feel like that when

There are many sources available there are a myriad of sources to draw from, each one formatting data in a different way,

Sometimes, they even give various numbers to describe the exact measurement.

Where should you focus your focus? How do you compare the information from various


To start, give your data a job.

Principle #1: Give your Data a Job

One of the most effective methods to comprehend the data is to imagine the funnel for marketing.

Chapter 07 The Application Process for to the Website

Analytics for Your Digital Marketing

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The marketing funnel

This is a basic idea that allows you to imagine customers

Acquisition in marketing. Your brand marketing can create an awareness and draws attention to your brand.

new customers to your website. A few of these prospects may be interested in your site.

enough to judge your company and products. A proportion of these will

then become customers.

It’s an ideal model, but we’ll need to modify the funnel so that it works as

It is also a good choice for data analytics and data.

The model is an exemplary funnel metrics flowchart which is not just a map of the phases of the funnel but also shows the stages of

The customer’s journey. It includes the metrics that must be tracked at every step of the


Chapter 07 Application to the Website

Analytics for Your Digital Marketing

Funnel Metrics Flowchart

This way we follow the same 3 phases the funnel, however we rename them

Like this:

1. TOFU, also known as the top of funnel is the awareness phase.

2. MOFU, which is the middle of funnel is the phase of evaluation.

3. BOFU, which is the term used to describe the bottom of funnel is the stage of conversion.

Chapter 07 Application the Website

Analytics for Your Digital Marketing

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However, we shouldn’t end there. Also, we need to determine what happens next

A person becomes a customer.

Therefore, we also add another stage, the post-conversion phase. This concentrates on

how to turn customers into loyal customers, lifetime subscribers how customers can be turned into life-time subscribers, repeat customers

Your business’s advocates.

This is how you do your data a task. You don’t examine all of your data in one go.

You assign different metrics to each phase within the funnel.

Instead of measuring your company’s performance only through its bottom line figures,

You can measure the health of your funnel throughout the entire process, identifying the leaks within your funnel, and locating

creative ways to connect them in, and make the process easier for conversion.

Before we begin, let’s determine the metrics of your funnel that you require for each step of your

customers’ journey.

Categorizing Data using the Stage of the Funnel

ToFU (Top of the Funnel)

What is your goal at this point? New visitors.

Top-of-the-Funnel metrics

The most important question to consider when selecting the metrics to use in this stage is Do the metrics you choose meet your needs?

Give me an insight into the newest visitors?

Chapter 07 The Application Process for to the Website

Analytics for Your Digital Marketing

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A great example of a TOFU measurement direct new visitors to.

Direct new visitors refers to the amount of people who type your URL

directly directly Google? It is able to measure the efficacy of offline and online


If you’ve run awareness advertisements, you’ll notice an increase in the number of people

seeking to know more about yourself.

If your billboards contain your URL, you’ll notice a rise in traffic to your site.

geo-areas around the billboard when visitors visit your website.

MOFU (Middle of Funnel)

What is your goal at this point? Turning visitors into leads.

Middle-of-the-Funnel metrics

Chapter 07 The Application Process for the Website

Analytics for Your Digital Marketing

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The most important thing to consider is the best metric for you is the middle

The purpose of the funnel is of the funnel is this: Does this measure give me an insight into how I’m doing?

Visitors to commit a crime?

“Commitment” is defined as:

* Customers who subscribe

* The people who fill out webforms

* People who follow you on social media

It’s about giving people permission to contact them and provide more


A great example of a MOFU measurement: CTA clicks.

If you’ve got a blog, article with a banner, you can find out the details about one

products. It is essential to know the number of clicks a banner is generating and also what

A percentage of your blog’s visitors are clicking, allowing you to determine how well your blog is performing.

Content is turning visitors to leads.

BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel)

Your objective? Making prospects convert to customers.

Chapter 07 Application the Website

Analytics for Your Digital Marketing

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Bottom-of-the-Funnel metrics

The most important question to ask when selecting the metrics to use for this stage is What is the metric that you are considering?

Give me an insight into how prospects can be converted to customers?

This step is crucial since, after a person purchases something, they are able to return it.

to you, even if it’s small and cheap, the likelihood that they’ll

The number of times they buy from them increases by 10 fold and they are more willing to put money into the relationship increases by 10 times.

dramatically rises.

A great illustration of an BOFU measurement is the conversion percentage.

What percentage of people have clicked on or bought from a brand’s communication? This

This report will help you determine what offers are effective and the kind of deals you can make

New customers.

Chapter 07 Application the Website

Analytics for Your Digital Marketing

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Retention & Monetization (After Conversion)

Your aim for this moment? Customer satisfaction. You’d like to improve

Membership, traffic ROI, retention and customer life value.

Post-Conversion metrics

The most important question to consider in analyzing post-conversion performance measurements is: Does this

Metrics can give me an the insight into how content the customers of our company are?

You’re searching for measurements that demonstrate the real-world results of the use of your product.

Similar to this:

Post-sale metrics give you insight into customer satisfaction.

Chapter 07 The Application Process for the Website

Analytics for Your Digital Marketing

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The data doesn’t wait to be found on Google therefore it’s harder to locate however, it is available.

Happy customers are more likely to recommend their experiences. At DM We look for

Positive reviews from members of our members area. We have received positive reviews from members of our membership. We know how well

we help people achieve their targets.

Remember, these aren’t merely vanity metrics. They allow us to understand what we need to do.

Keep people in DM Lab and encourage them to tell their friends about the Lab.

An example of a post-conversion The Members On/Off report

This report will show the number of people we’re adding to our subscription service,

the number of people we’re losing, and the method we’re losing these people.

These indicators indicate how healthy the product is when they’re paired

With our other reporting, we are able to look at the actions we take that cause cancellations or

increase the number of members. This is vital for any membership product

because member retention drives profits.

Categorizing Data based on Type

We’ve recently reviewed TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU metrics of evaluating the effectiveness of

classifying metrics according to the various stages of your funnel. There are other ways of

define metrics according to the kind of data they offer.

There are two kinds of metrics:

The key metrics determine the overall health. They function as an osmo-thermometer for

your company. To make a metric important, you must be able to analyze it in the context of

Know immediately if your business is performing well or not.

Chapter 07 The Application Process for to the Website

Analytics for Your Digital Marketing

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Drill-down metrics address the big questions. They are also more specific.

and assist you in understanding how to deal with specific areas of your business.

Usually, you employ both types of metrics and not just one of them alone. If you are using key

The metrics indicate that things are doing well, so you utilize drill-down metrics to aid you.

Learn why, so that you can repeat your success.

For instance:

Improved on-site banner clickthrough

The Average Banner Click Rate is an important measurement. It will tell you, for the entire website,

how likely is it for the reader to click an advertisement in one of your posts.

Help us determine what the reason for the rate of clicks being 3.25 percent and what we can increase it.

This number, we require an analysis of the drill-down to determine how likely is the likelihood of a user clicking on an

Banner ads in a specific article?

In the past we conducted this exercise to promote our DM blog. After reviewing all of our blog posts

and drilling down to specific parameters and analyzing specific metrics, we were able find the elements that affect the metrics.

influence the rate of click. Following our analysis and analyzing the impact of clicks, we improved the quality of the banner ads

Clickthrough rates increase by around 2 percent across all blogs.

Chapter 07 The Application Process for the Website

Analytics for Your Digital Marketing

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Improved Search Traffic

In this instance the most important measure is the number of new visitors How many new visitors are

Are you able to connect with your site?

For more information the drill-down metric could be Share of Search: What is it?

The majority of traffic from search engines is owned by whom or brand?

In this case, you’ll look at the amount of search traffic you’re getting from the keyword you’re using to

what your competitors are earning the same keywords. This could

let you discover areas in which you could take on larger corporations.

since you own the term. In addition, it will inform you what terms to choose

you must make an effort to.

Improved Ecommerce

Chapter 07 Application the Website

Analytics for Your Digital Marketing

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In this instance the most important measure is the Average Order Value. To get to the bottom,

You’ll need to examine the actual orders.

You’d like to know where the majority of your revenue comes from. Average Order comes from.

Value comes from. This may indicate that you have to change things around

in your sales funnel , or in which you have to push one particular promotion over another

due to the fact that the average order value of its customers is more.

As you will observe, there are two ways to offer your metrics an assignment.

They can be assigned to a certain section in the funnel. TOFU, MOFU, OR


* You can make use of them to gauge the health of various areas within your company.

and then answer questions regarding the why and how.

Once you have a better understanding of the general performance of your company and the state of your business, you can determine where you are.

Working (or working (or) and you are able to begin to utilize metrics in problem-solving.

Principle #2: Utilizing Metrics to solve problems

The data is collected in a dashboard, isn’t it? However, on the dashboard it’s not raw data.

Your role as a the data analyst is transform raw data into useful data.

To do this, you employ the decision-making process that is analytic.

Chapter 07 Application to the Website

Analytics for Your Digital Marketing

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This method functions a lot similar to the scientific method but it’s not founded on


The scientific approach is to begin with hypotheses and questions and

Then you can form predictions about what could occur if you tried various


Chapter 07 The Application Process for the Website

Analytics for Your Digital Marketing


The same is true for the data as well as analytics. You go through your data, and begin asking questions.

There are questions to ask about questions about. You form assumptions about what could take place in the event that you

can affect any of these figures. You then devise the test to determine the extent to which you


By simply looking over the results, you will easily see what needs to be done in order to

Improve your business. Making business decisions are no longer just about intuition.

But what data are telling you.

It’s the theory anyway.

In reality we don’t often know enough to be able to answer the we should be asking

You should be thinking about. In those instances it is often helpful to conduct a look at the data.

Examining the key metrics to inspire questions

If you don’t have the knowledge to be able to answer the questions you ought to be asking, it’s time to

Statistics can provide the information you require.

Step 1. Begin by reviewing your Key Metrics. Look for the areas in which your

Performance is higher than anticipated or perhaps the trend is downward. Many

instances, this could prompt the need to ask.

* The traffic for this blog post is twice that of others blog post. What was it that made it so?

Perform better?

* We’re adding new subscribers each day however, our total subscribers are

It’s the same. What’s happening? What is the reason we are losing subscribers?


* Every time a writer SM posts a blog the shares and traffic are greater than

normal. What makes her blog’s posts superior to others?

For instance in reviewing the member’s On/Off reports for the

DigitalMarketer Lab, we saw strange inconsistencies between the Members

A new column

Chapter 07 The Application Process for to the Website

Analytics for Your Digital Marketing

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The Member’s On/Off reports for DigitalMarketer Lab

Sometimes we’d add 131 112 or 106 members. Other weeks we’d add 131, 112, or 106 new members.

Only add the numbers 11 or only add 11 or. After looking at these numbers, certain questions came up.


* What’s the reason for these increases in the conversion of subscribers?

* What’s the reason for these periods that have lower conversion?

Step 2. Create a Hypothesis about the current situation. Create some

forecasts about what’s going to happen. In the event of a Member’s Added error we

I made three guesses:

* The trial at $1 is more beneficial because it converts visitors to all traffic


* The trial churn of $1 is greater than that of full-paying members, which means it is more expensive.

does not contribute to our aim of expanding the lab.

* Many people keep re-running the trial offer for $1 when their trial expires by expanding

conversion percentages.

Beware: Don’t settle for only one idea. It is best to think about multiple possibilities.

explanations–ideally 5 to 7 hypotheses–and test them all. If not, you

hinder your ability to comprehend how to understand.

Chapter 07 The Application Process for to the Website

Analytics for Your Digital Marketing

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In most cases, there’s not just one cause of the issue you’re

seeing. Many factors can contribute to the outcome you would like to achieve

to grasp. As many hypotheses as you are able to make the greater your chance of

separating all the variables in the equation.

Step 3. Utilize Drill-Down Metrics to test Hypotheses. In this case, you’ll require more

specific, precise information to determine the root of the problem you’re trying


The data isn’t typically scrutinized on a daily basis, however it is there and you’re aware of it.

Where can you find where to find it. The data also can help you to answer these types of questions.


In this particular case we employed group analyses in order to prove 3 hypotheses.

We created 7 cohorts or other ways to divide the participants in DM

Lab with a cancellation date and the percentage that was paid. how they

were involved, and much more.

After having a look at all the data, we realized the trial for $1 was more beneficial trial.

Front-end offers are more attractive in lieu of the full-pay deal.

Step 4. Make a decision based on your Results. The conclusion we draw from our research

Our analysis found this: the offer creates more customers who pay than

average. On average, for every 100 people we took in the DM Lab, 21 came from the study,

While 20 of them came from the full-pay deal.

Although it’s not a huge variation, over time it could add up. We

Our front-end offers have been changed. The trial offer of $1 is now our main offer, and as such

so far, it’s brought in additional more than 1,000 Lab members.

Principle #3 Contextualizing Data to reflect the


No matter how reliable the data you have, there are times it won’t be telling you the truth.

Everything you should be aware of.

Chapter 07 The Application Process for to the Website

Analytics for Your Digital Marketing

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Let’s take an example, for instance, you’re reviewing your data , and you notice a pattern. What is the reason?

Is this trend taking form? Perhaps you launched an event during that time.

Perhaps your competitors were doing something completely different. Maybe you came up with a

Technology issue that distorted the data.

If you do not take into consideration these elements when assessing the data you’ve collected, then you’ll be more likely to

You can make assumptions that is based on a flawed set of facts. Your conclusion will not be based on facts.


In these scenarios context is a way to make sense of the variations within your information. Also, context helps you account for variances in your data.

There are four contexts you must consider.

4 contexts help you interpret your data.

Chapter 07 Application to the Website

Analytics for Your Digital Marketing


Historical Contexts

What can history teach you to be expecting? Through a review of data historical

Through your lens, you can see the trends and patterns of behavior that are typical among your customers. With this lens, you can identify trends and typical behavior among your.

For example At DigitalMarketer we’ve observed that sales declines in summer.

Consistently. Every summer.

Instead of worrying about the lower numbers We’ve devised strategies

to boost sales in the for boosting sales in the late spring to boost sales in the late. We also decrease ad spending in summer.

since we are aware that we know that the ROI will not be as high.

External Contexts

What factors outside of our control have affected our measurements? Perhaps it was an external factor has influenced our metrics.

New competitors have come to market. Perhaps technology has evolved,

that requires major changes in the way you work.

Think about Google algorithm changes.

External factors could be beyond the control of you, however you must to ensure that they are not affecting your life.

The mind is always on the lookout for performance when you are evaluating it.

Internal Contexts

Have you made any changes to your strategy which have impacted your performance? Have you made any changes to your strategy that have impacted your performance?

You’ve made some modifications to your website or you launched an initiative?

The purpose of this is to do self-review. Consider the changes you’ve implemented internal to yourself.

which could be affecting your figures.

Contextual Contexts

It’s all about the method you’re using to pull the data. Are you comparing raw

percents or numbers? Are your numbers distorted by outliers? Do you have

Data that doesn’t make sense due to external or internal factors?

Together, these factors can help you understand the infinite

The things aren’t obvious or logical the data. They can help you.

Verify the accuracy of your information.

Chapter 07 The Application Process for the Website

Analytics for Your Digital Marketing

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Making Data actionable

As you will see, the 3 fundamentals of properly executed analytics and data could be beneficial.

Turn random numbers into tasks for your company.

It is essential to assign roles to your data to ensure you can determine the level of the funnel at which they

can be used to can help you understand the significance of something (key metrics) or provide you with

data to answer a question (drill-down the metrics).

Additionally, you must make use of data to make better choices for your business. Make use of

It’s a way to test your thoughts about the things that are working and not, and what you could do to improve it.

Improve your results. If you look over the numbers in order to help you answer a question to improve results, you

Be aware of what you’re trying prove or prove or.

Finally, you have to place your data in context by considering the factors

that could be driving figures which could cause them to go up that could be driving numbers up or that are driving them up or. by connecting numbers to real-world events,

The numbers will be more logical which will make it much easier to incorporate them into your

businesses to boost growth.

The Lingo Analysts Make Use of

There are five terms you need to know in order to speak effectively about analytics and


Analytical Decision Making

This is a reference to the method used by data scientists to study data. This is the method you’ll employ.

to determine the kind of best questions to be asking and the most efficient methods for

Answering them.

Analyst’s Toolkit for Analysts

These are the templates, tools and other resources you’ll need to transform ideas and

Ideas are transformed into reports and data. Your toolkit can assist you in answering the appropriate questions to turn your

and create a method that facilitates data analysis.

Chapter 07 The Application Process for the Website

Analytics for Your Digital Marketing

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Parameter UTM

This is the code that you can add to a URL that will give you additional information

regarding where your traffic is where it is.

How do you make use of UTM parameters

In this case the highlight on the yellow side indicates the actual link. Everything else after

which is it’s a UTM parameter that is a UTM. It’s this additional information that can help you keep track of your

traffic sources.

* Green indicates the source, telling the reader about the source or the referring website

(house list).

* Pink emphasizes the medium, that tells you the way this traffic was reached.


* Blue highlights the content that is your ad/content identifyr (data cert

Launch email1).

* Gray is the color that highlights your campaign that identifies your campaign’s or strategy

This traffic was sourced from (data certificate 1-1-2016).

If you add UTM parameter to the links you create, they will be visible to anyone who clicks those hyperlinks

They will be tracked by Google Analytics, and you can monitor the tags you’ve added are tracked by Google Analytics.

This will allow you to determine which sources and what communications provide you with the information.

the best traffic.

Chapter 07 Application the Website

Analytics for Your Digital Marketing

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Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

KPI is yet another method to define an metric generally and is typically used to refer to a metric.

about a measurement which someone thinks is an important metric for the business. KPI is an additional metric

approach to discuss an important measure.


The term dashboard refers to a webpage that collects your information from a specific source.

You’ll probably have a dashboard for every source of data: Google Analytics, your

Your email provider as well as your social media platform and many more.

The majority of dashboards offer graphs that convert your information into visuals.

it is easy to assess how you’re doing.

Dashboards offer a quick view of the things that are working.

Chapter 07 The Application Process for the Website

Analytics for Your Digital Marketing


Dashboards should be accessible to everyone in a group. They can help you quickly

know what’s happening in the business and assists team members to see the ways in which they can help.

their work impacts the growth of your company.

What Roles Do You Play? Who Has to be aware?

Who should be the owner of your business’s data? In what department does the information reside?

Analysis live?

Data & Analytics

Analytics team (or the individual) should be the one with primary responsibility for

collecting, vetting and then interpreting your data and analytics.

Teams with larger sizes may also include an implementation manager for data, who combines

all of this data and transforms it into a stunning dashboard that’s simple to



Every marketing professional worth their salt should have a basic understanding of the analytics process and how to use data.

No matter if you’re managing Facebook campaigns and tweeting 50 times a day and

publishing articles on your blog, you’ll need to be aware of what works and what’s not.

Chapter 07 Application the Website

Analytics for Your Digital Marketing

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

People who conduct tests to improve your marketing heavily rely on the data they collect to

formulate their hypotheses, put up tests, and then measure the results.


Analytics doesn’t need to be intimidating or frightening, even If you’re not an analyst.

numbers person. There is a simple procedure to deal with numbers, also known as a

method to determine which ones can assist you in identifying opportunities, and which ones are not.

those to avoid.

When you’ve got the system in place, you might even find that you like

analytics. There’s nothing better than knowing for certain that

Your marketing strategy is in place, and it’s the data that will provide you with the proof that


We’re getting close to the final chapter of our overview of digital marketing. This is the next (and final)

The lesson here is optimization of conversion rates that is a straightforward method to improve

Your marketing performance over time.

Actually conversion rate optimization which is also sometimes described it, is the term used to describe

the secret sauce to how to implement your strategy for digital advertising and you’ll be amazed at the way it targets

Your focus should be on the tasks you care about the most.

Chapter 07 The Application Process for the Website

Analytics for Your Digital Marketing

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Becoming the Analytical & Data Specialist

Analytics and data are crucial for a modern digital marketing strategy.

They are essential to grow your business.

For success today, you must learn the three principles discussed in this chapter.

Develop a method for organising all your information, evaluating it,

and transforming it into business-savvy decisions.

The DigitalMarketer Analytics & Data Specialist Mastery course provides you with the

Training is required to:

Create a competitor analytics dashboard that will reveal the health of your organization in general.

The company at a glance.

Transform raw numbers into actions that are meaningful using a 8-step flowchart that

The guide walks you through the steps.

Determine the traffic sources you believe are the most beneficial for your company, so that you

maximize the return through your business.

Click Here to Find Out More >>

Chapter 08: Leveraging Conversion Rate

Optimization to drive growth

Australia Company Email Leads

Do you know what’s sad?

Only a fifth of companies are content by their rates of conversion*.

One fifth!

This is the reason why smart companies are implementing conversion rate optimization

(CRO) is an integral component of their marketing strategy for digital channels.

However, conversion rate optimization may be an ambiguous term.

Conversion isn’t only an offer. It’s whatever you decide that it is. And

unless you know what you are referring to by “conversion,” you can’t enhance the


The bottom line is If you’re looking to boost your conversion rate then you must do the following:

They must be able to express issues better and enhance the quality of experience for people

They can take the task they’re asked to perform.

We’ve covered all the fundamentals of a successful digital

Marketing strategy, everything from advertising and content to social media

and marketing emails to SEO as well as analytics.

To be successful as a digital marketer you need to be aware of how to maximize your efforts.

your marketing over time by making minor changes that could result in the tables by 1%

into 10% or into higher returns.

This chapter will be able to help you to do that. We’ll go over the ways to optimize

method, a repeatable and repeatable process you can follow to increase your performance

Results on your site. We’ll also go over the terms you must be aware of to be able to publish the

optimizer and the metrics you’ll should be monitoring and the role of your

The organization accountable for the project.



Chapter 08: Leveraging Conversion Rate

Optimization to drive growth

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The Methods for Performing Effectively Performing Conversion Rate


Let’s get started with some basic information…

The principal purpose for optimization would be to boost conversion rates of website you

you already own, or in general already have, and generally already are able to access with the assets you already.

It’s important to remember the concept of optimization as a committed repeated process that can be replicated

process. This isn’t a one-time task. It’s a process that you’ll go through,

then begin again. You can always make improvements to your results, it doesn’t matter

no matter how much you improve them, you’ll be able to keep optimizing for throughout the time you’re


This is why we define this process of CRO as being a circular cycle

The CRO Cycle

Chapter 08: Leveraging Conversion Rate

Optimization to drive growth


It starts by defining your objectives. You collect relevant information then analyze it and

Create your hypothesis. You create your variations then implement the technology and conduct tests

Your hypothesis. You then analyze the your findings to provide new insight and

suggestions for tests to be developed.

The process then begins again. With the help of optimization and testing this cycle will never repeat itself.

ends. Not when you’re doing it correctly.

Let’s look at what you’ll be doing in each step during the course.

Set Your Goals

The process begins with a clear objective. Keep in mind that without a clear goal, you will fail.

Goals, you cannot improve anything. It is essential to know the goals you’re trying to achieve.


Let’s say that you’re trying to improve your homepage. Let’s use the

DigitalMarketer homepage for an illustration.

Remember, however homepages aren’t the most difficult pages, they’re one of the toughest pages to design.

to maximize their performance because they’ve been asked to complete a variety of tasks.

Everyone wants to be able to prioritize their goals. Sales is searching for

qualified leads that are qualified. The team in charge of acquisition is looking into how they can turn the leads into

traffic into emails.

You’re getting the picture. Everyone is trying to get shelves at the top of their homepage.

Chapter 08: Leveraging Conversion Rate

Optimization to drive growth

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The homepage of your website is the “you you are here” message

Here’s the bottom line The homepage is the “you have arrived here” message to

New visitors. They’re trying out whether your company is important to them.

If so, then what is their current location and where they must be.

To maximize your experience, it is necessary to choose at least one of the three kinds of goals:

1. The immediate goal is like clicks or completion of forms.

2. A goal for a campaign like leads that are generated or sales.

3. A long-term goal, like impacting your long-term value, net revenue,

Average order value, also known as lead quality.

When you look at the DM home page, you will discern that our main objective is to be the first that we can call

Our immediate goal. We’re trying to convince people to provide us with their email addresses.

However, we must optimize the whole experience Let’s take a look at the website that they

the page they land on after they click on the “Get Your Invitation” button.

You’ll find them at this web page…

Chapter 08: Leveraging Conversion Rate

Optimization to drive growth

Australia Corporate Email Leads

Optimizing for the long-term: identifying the best product

to find new opportunities.

This page reaches the 3rd kind of objective, which is a long-term one and helps us in

both the front and back-end as well as the front. The data we collect this way allows us to distinguish

People who are looking for the best product, whether DM Lab or HQ.

This is crucial because it allows us to assess the quality of leads

the product is generating this, and it’s helping us attract new customers to our product.

They are the best.

Collect the data

Once you’ve decided on your goal it’s time to establish the baseline for your measurements. To set a baseline, you must have a goal.

Each, record each time, your number currently in use and and your potential number (the number you’re

The goal is) the information about your users.

Collect the data prior to making assumptions.

That brings us to the rule #1 for optimizersto Don’t leave any assumptions to the side.

Chapter 08: Leveraging Conversion Rate

Optimization to drive growth

All of us working in your company has ideas about what is working, and what

isn’t working, what your visitors are searching for, and much more. However, those suggestions aren’t the only ones that work.

Simply an assumption.

It is not advisable to make decisions based upon assumptions. Try your theories and then let

Your guests will share with you what they appreciate about them.

Where do you find your information?

* To find site metrics go to Google Analytics.

* For metrics on user behavior you can use a tool such as TruConversion.

* To collect customer and email data, you can use the information that your email service provides:

ConvertKit, Infusionsoft, Aweber, etc.

* For payment data, look at your payment processor: Stripe, Paypal, etc.

Different types of information is shared by reports such as that from Google

Analytics, which provides information about the amount of traffic to the webpage you’re trying


Google Analytics is a good source of information.

Chapter 08: Leveraging Conversion Rate

Optimization to drive growth

Australia B2B Email Database

Reports on user behavior can appear similar to the one provided by TruConversion. It can be used to help us

that people click on when they’re on a pages, revealing areas that

We could enhance our user’s experience.

TruConversion behavior reports show the location of people

by clicking on the link.

Examine Data

The key to success for CROs is using relevant information (which you have just gathered) to

develop meaningful optimization campaigns.

Check your data And ask yourself some questions such as these:

* What’s the conversion rate I’m using? (And does it meet the standards?) Utilize CRM or analytics

Data to help you find the answers.

* What’s affecting the conversion rates of my customers? Make use of the data about user behavior to determine

Check this out.

Chapter 08: Leveraging Conversion Rate

Optimization to drive growth


* What’s the reason it affecting my conversion rate? In order to answer that question,

you’ll proceed onto the next stage in the CRO process, and create an idea.

Make Hypotheses

This is where optimization begins.

If you don’t have a hypothesis you won’t be able to optimize since you don’t have a hypothesis.

how you’re trying to enhance.

Australia B2B Email Lists

In this phase of the process, you’ve gathered the information you need and have identified the

factors that could be affecting the conversion rate of your business. You must now address

Some suggestions on what you can do to fix the problem you’ve identified.

How do you come up with an assumption?

It’s as easy as making an assertion that contains these three components:

1. The method or change you’re planning to test.

2. Who are you targeting by this new strategy.

3. The result you’d like to be able to.

The format must be similar to this:

We believe that substituting [12] to [1] will result in [3] happen.

Make sure that you are clear about your intention. It is essential to be specific.

about the end result you’re looking at. It is also important to make certain that you’re getting something

You can track and increase your performance by a certain method.

Design Variants

Then, you’ll apply your hypothesis together with your data to generate the various variations.

you’ll test.

Remember that testing is a time-consuming process. Not just to design the setup for and tests but also to

Run them.

Chapter 08: Leveraging Conversion Rate

Optimization to drive growth

Australia B2B Email Leads

There’s no limit on the number of tests you can conduct on a site

at any time even if your website doesn’t have a large amount of visitors it is necessary to limit the

The number of tests you take–it isn’t enough to conduct a test to obtain a valid

outcomes if your website isn’t big.

In this case in the event that you don’t see lots of traffic you should plan to only run more than

approximately 29 tests each year.

This means that you must choose the right tests to test. You’ll have to refine your

ability to recognize and justify the web page you’d like to improve.

Here’s a common timetable to set up and run an experiment:

A typical timetable for CRO tests

Take note of Step 6: keep track of the test. After a test is completed it is important to keep track of the test.

be sure to watch it carefully from the very first day it goes live. Particularly, you should look out for any sign of a problem.

It’s broken or doesn’t work in the way you expected.

If you’ve created a simple test and there’s nothing wrong the test will take between up to 9-11 days

to make it operational. There are always glitches and you should be prepared for technical issues

and other issues or other glitches that could add several days to the timetable.

Chapter 08: Leveraging Conversion Rate

Optimization to drive growth

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Let’s now consider how this could occur in real-world testing scenarios.

Modifying the Button Copy

The test is surprisingly easy. It is only a couple of copies, and it’s a breeze to make these changes.

It could be quickly set up. It’s just not very important which is why it’s not.

Scalability isn’t a problem to any extent. The lessons you gain from this test will not affect other tests within an

in a significant manner.

Test the button copy

The Tripwire Control page has been updated.

The test for the DigitalMarketer website is more difficult. Because it’s an

A major overhaul, it will be more difficult to setup and put into place. However, we’ll be able to discover

A lot more. Our results can be used across the other pages on tripwire as well, therefore

It’s extremely scalable.

Chapter 08: Leveraging Conversion Rate

Optimization to drive growth


Test a redesign of a website

TIP: If you’re planning to take a complex test such as this You’ll need to design an initial mockup.

create it in the website builder. Once your page’s variant is evaluated and

Once you’ve gotten the results, you’ll want to apply it to the other offers to ensure your results are consistent.

the results from this test can be applied to any of the information from this test could be applied to all the related pages. In this instance it was the result of the time to complete

month to do it.

Implement Testing Technology

Once you’ve created your model it is time to put in all the steps required

technology to implement the changes you’re trying.

Chapter 08: Leveraging Conversion Rate

Optimization to drive growth

Australia B2C Email Lists

It’s impossible to do this without the appropriate technology. You’ll need

Tools like Visual Website Optimizer, Google Analytics and TruConversion.

Run Your Test

It’s equally important to know when and how not to conduct tests. To do that, you’ll must

to qualify your test.

Then consider: can you complete the test?

The duration of your test will depend on the amount of variants examined and

Your conversions per day.

Each test should be run until it is statistically relevant, otherwise you

Don’t put your faith in what you find out from your tests. However, the amount of time required to get there

The statistical significance of a statistic is contingent on the number of variations you’re testing as well as the

the number of conversions you can make each day.

What exactly is “statistical significance”? It’s the way you prove mathematically your

Test results are accurate. If you take an exam too early it won’t be enough

information taken from the test to prove the validity of your hypothesis. The test may not be, and

If you’d run the test for a longer period and the results would have proved that.

Chapter 08: Leveraging Conversion Rate

Optimization to drive growth


However, statistical significance is difficult to obtain when you don’t have a lot of traffic. There isn’t any

traffic is not a data source traffic is not data, after all.

If you’re trying 2 variations in your test and you have five conversions per day,

You’ll have to take your test for a period of 49 days in order to believe the test’s results.

(See below for the graph.)

If you’re trying 3 different variants and you’re getting 3 conversions per day Guess what? It’s not true.

On the chart. It is important to consider what you think about running the test.

It’s not just that, not all tests must be passed.

Once you’ve completed your test, you should detect signs that it’s not working or

If it’s obvious that something is wrong, you can take the plug off. (It’s okay. Really.)

For example the day 1 If your performance starts to are sagging, there is a problem. You must stop the

Test and determine the cause. If, after day 12, the figures remain at 88%, then you must diagnose the problem.

down it’s not working. It is essential to take a practical strategy to figure out what to do.


As CROs, your aim is to minimize risk when conducting experiments with new concepts. Therefore, if a test is

If your website is not performing well and the source of traffic being organic, you could most likely afford to

Keep it running. If it’s a paid traffic source you’ll be losing cash the longer it takes to

Failures in test runs. It is probably best to stop it sooner rather than later.

Here’s the test to determine if you should take an examination:

Does this seem to be a practical issue that has no doubt about the solution? If not, it’s an issue of ambiguity, then it’s not.

Functional issue, don’t test for it.

* Does this page directly affect long-term goals, or campaign goals? If so, you should take action.

The test.

* Is there a different method you could test that can make a greater impact? If yes,

You can do it in place.

* Can these lessons be adapted to other areas on the website? If not, then tread carefully.

carefully. You’ll gain more value from a test that’s results are a factor in several

pages on your website rather and not rely on tests that will only reveal the same thing.

Chapter 08: Leveraging Conversion Rate

Optimization to drive growth

Australia B2C Email Leads

* Can I run the test (or the winner) within a reasonable amount of time? If so, how long?

You don’t have the funds to conduct the test or to implement the winner, you don’t have the resources to run the test or implement the winner,

You shouldn’t take the test, it’s unproductive.

Examine the Data

When you have completed a test it is important to look over the results. This will give you the “why”

and helps you plan your next campaign.

At this point in this process, will be required to perform five essential tasks:

* Share gains or lifts

* Determine “why”

* Write an outline

* Archive your data

• Share the results with the stakeholders

When you write your reports, it is important to mention the test’s name along with the date, time, and metrics,

visually, display the variations visually, then break down the longer-form numbers. Then

You can then apply what you have learned from the test and the things that is required to be done in the future


In the course of analysis, you have to ask the following questions during analysis:

* Did you notice the possibility of a loss, lift or null?

If the results were not in line with the hypothesis, then why?

* Is it worth repeating? Perhaps there were some uncharacteristic circumstances that led to the

tests that render the results in doubt.

* How can the results be utilized in future experiments?

Then, you can use the results to set new goals , and restart the process.

Chapter 08: Leveraging Conversion Rate

Optimization to drive growth


As stated above testing and optimization should be an integral part of the process

of your marketing strategy. Every test should result in another of your marketing plan, and each small

improvements will result in substantial growth.

The Lingo of Optimization and Testing

They are terms that you must to know in order to converse effectively about conversion

rate optimization.


The type of visitor interaction you’re hoping to increase through your promotion (e.g.,

registration for an online webinar and adding the item to your shopping cart etc. ).

Make sure you identify your conversion steps. Be clear about what

that you’re testing, the metric you’re testing, what the most important metric the context of

taking note of your results.


The experiment’s page that isn’t receiving the treatment. When conversion is involved.

Testing using the control one that converts the most efficiently. Any

The new variant is compared to the control.

In an A/B test The controlling variable is called A. The test version or variation (see below) will be



The experiment’s page which has been treated you’re conducting tests. To

For instance, the variation page could have a different lead form for example, than the control page. For instance, the variation page could have a shorter lead form than


TIP: Name your variations during the test to make it easy to determine the most important factor in

each. It could be something like:

* Control – full form

1. Variant 1: reduced form

Chapter 08: Leveraging Conversion Rate

Optimization to drive growth


* Variant 2 – Email only

* Variant 3 – form + survey

Quantitative Data

This includes any information you can measure numerically. It is the “number thing,” such


* Unique visits

* Sign-ups

* Purchases

* Order value

* Qualitative Data

The descriptive information. It’s the “people stuff” is harder to study

However, it is often used to explain the quantitative information. It also provides context to your data. This includes:

* Heatmaps

* Recordings of sessions

* Form analytics

The Metrics

Optimizers are governed in the numbers. What are the most important numbers?

the most often when you’re taking tests?

Conversion Rate

The calculation is done by dividing the amount of conversion (whatever you decided to define)

by the number of visitors by the total number of people who have visited the page you’re trying to test.

Chapter 08: Leveraging Conversion Rate

Optimization to drive growth


For instance:

Lift Percentage

The percentage difference between two versions (not an exact difference) between

Two numbers).

To determine lift percentage Use this formula:

In this example, although the difference is just 1 percent, the lift rate is 10 10%.

Confidence Rate

Technically speaking, this means: “The percentage of instances that is a set of

Similar tests that are constructed will reveal the actual value (accuracy) of the system.

The test is conducted within a defined interval of values that are within the accuracy of the measurement

the value of the test.”

In simple terminology, you’re trying keep away from false positives. Thus, the confidence rate.

It shows the degree to which you can be sure in the right direction to ensure that your test is correct.

Let’s take an example, say you have a confidence level of 95 percent. That means that

If you were to run your campaign 100 times over, 95 percent of the tests would reveal the effectiveness of your

A winning variant.

Chapter 08: Leveraging Conversion Rate

Optimization to drive growth


The most common error can be to take this information as “odds” of getting the same

results. If the 95% confidence level signified that there’s a 95% probability that you’ll be able to get results.

similar results to another test. The same results from another.

We’re not discussing odds. We’re looking at the precision. Every test you take, you’ll be able to see

slight differences. The confidence rate tells you that there is a slight difference, but it doesn’t mean

the extent of the differences.

Conversion Range

“Conversion rates” is a slang term. It implies that your tests will show you

A specific number you can refer to as”conversion rate” or “conversion rates.”

In actuality, you’ll observe conversions within a certain range but not as a specific number.

Thus, 30.86 percent to 36.38 percent and 33.59 as the median.

The rate of conversion (range) shouldn’t be in a overlapping fashion like it does in this case.

Chapter 08: Leveraging Conversion Rate

Optimization to drive growth


The two tests are slightly overlapped. The objective is to cut through the overlap, and so

Your winning option is a sure winner.

The Roles The Roles: Who on Your Team owns CRO?

They are the three roles which are usually responsible for optimizing the process and



Anyone in charge of the process of generating leads and acquiring customers needs to know how

Optimized for better conversion.

Even when the role of this one doesn’t perform the actual optimization it is essential that they are competent

to determine whether the lower-than-expected results may be due to inadequate targeting or issues with onpage.


Every marketing professional must understand the strategies that lies behind

Optimization of conversion rates at each step within the funnel.

They must be aware of the fundamentals of optimization (at at the very least) So, they

You can pinpoint the cause of any issues that arise, regardless of whether they’re an issue or not.

by optimizing, acquiring, or with the goal of obtaining.

Chapter 08: Leveraging Conversion Rate

Optimization to drive growth


Designer or IT/Web Developer

The process of optimizing conversion rates often includes technical aspects that require

Tech team members’ assistance members who design websites with the help of tech team members.

You must ensure that they know what the tests you are taking about. Sometimes, it is the

The changes you’re seeking aren’t the best practice from the perspective of a designer,

It helps them be aware of what they’re creating and the reason behind it.

Additionally, when you’re using optimization software that permit you to modify the parameters of

your own, be sure to give everyone in your group a heads-up about the test you’re conducting. Otherwise, they’ll

You can check out the latest modifications on the website, and then wonder what the reason is for the “approved” words or

The design has been modified.

Bottom Line

If you don’t want be among the many marketers who are dissatisfied with their

rate of conversion, you’ll need to alter your approach to digital marketing.

You shouldn’t just do it wing and hope to see results.

One way you can increase the conversion rate of your website is to start testing and adjusting.

They’re not one-time events also. They have to be an integral part of

the culture of your company is important if you’re serious about expanding your company.

This brings us to the full circle…

We have created The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing to help you comprehend

the techniques you’ll need to master in order to be successful as an online marketer.

What’s next?

Go to the last chapter, and we’ll show you the next steps.

*NOTE: The study revealed that 4 out of 5 companies are unhappy about their rate of conversion

You can find it on Econsultancy.

Chapter 08: Leveraging Conversion Rate

Optimization to drive growth


Becoming an Optimization and Testing Specialist

Through the DigitalMarketer’s training for Optimization Specialists You’ll acquire the necessary skills

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The pages that are crucial and require immediate optimization. Usually those that are performing well would be even more effective with small amount of optimization.

Three crucial aspects to consider when the best way to prioritize your optimization efforts.

The 3 most efficient instruments for collecting data from users (and how to make use of them).

How do you create an account of your findings, so that the test can be implemented

correctly and you will receive the credit you highly deserve.

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Chapter 09 Chapter 09: What’s the next chapter?



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Chapter 09 Chapter 09: What’s the next chapter?


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Chapter 09 The Next Chapter: What’s the next chapter?


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